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UPND condemns recent Namwala party violence against FDD members

General News UPND condemns recent Namwala party violence against FDD members

Ms Moono Lubezhi being whisked away after court appearance
Ms Moono Lubezhi being whisked away after court appearance

The United Party for National Development (UPND) in Namwala has condemned the recent clash between its members and the Forum for Development and Democracy (FDD) supporters which happened in the district recently in which the FDD Parliamentary candidate’s arm was fractured and her vehicle extensively damaged.

Speaking in a telephone interview, UPND Constituency Secretary, Boyd Makhondo, told ZANIS that the party has condemned the violence and hoped that the police will come up with a comprehensive report as soon as investigations are concluded so that culprits are brought to book.

Mr Makondo appealed to members of his party and other parties in the district to conduct issue-based campaigns and that elections should not divide people of Namwala because people in the area believe in the spirit of unity regardless of political affiliations.

He added that the party in the district will issue a comprehensive statement after police finishes a report for investigations.

Meanwhile the nine UPND suspects, including the UPND aspiring Member of Parliament, appeared on Monday before a Namwala Magistrate’s court.

The nine were even detained but later released on a K1,500 bail each with two securities.

The nine suspects are expected to appear for mention before Namwala Magistrate’s court on June 30, 2016.


  1. It’s good Makondo you’re now maturing in UPND. Keep it up. We can vote for you in 2021 when you reach full maturity. Condemn all sorts of thuggery whether PF or UPND

    • Iwe chimbwi

      UPND has always condemned violence. But Lungu has failed to condemn the attacks on innocent children attacked at their school.

      I think Zambia is at the tipping point where we need to rely on the barrel of the gun to correct all the social ills done by Lungu and his PF.

  2. She looks like banyina kudos any she is beautiful to resemble that woman who gave birth to ichip.uba of the century Kudos.

  3. Zambia’s Mujahadeen followers. These Tongas are a curse to the unit of this country

    • Just by the wording of your name shows that you have an inferiority complex with some degree of retardation.Have you been reading what has been happening in Lusaka.How many pf supporters have been killed?Who is perpertuating vilonece in the country?
      You pf retards seem to be taking all this violence as joke but when violence engulfs this nations ,it will not spare anyone .The only winner will be the devil and guess who will be the big losers?

  4. UPND those were not clashes but the UPND attacked FDD. It is good you have taken a step to address the violence, next discipline the UPND members involved and enforce zero tolerance to violence.

  5. Thank you Mr Makhondo that is maturity. But tor crime as heinous as this one bteaking your opponents arm, I expected Mr Stephen Katuka to rise to the occasion and condemn his party’s shameful act. Well, even HH, otherwise we will think that he condones this. Or he is busy in a crisis meeting sorting out the Post tax issues maybe? Well I hope that HH can arrange a bail out package without delay so that his campaigns can proceed smoothly. Remember the first thing is that Mmembe pays the tax and the arrears, there is really no option but to pay. Forget Amnesty International, he is just yapping from a luxury hotel withourt any single fact.

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