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Fisho Mwale pledges to deal with the Katondo Street unfinished building

General News Fisho Mwale pledges to deal with the Katondo Street unfinished building

building in freedom way many years of non completion

Independent Lusaka Mayoral candidate Fisho Mwale has pledged to deal with the issues surrounding the Katondo Street unfinished building known as Mususu Kalenga which he says must be a source of concern to Lusaka residents. Mr Mwale has charged that successive governments have neglected the structure for too long.

Mr Mwale who visited the site said the building had been a hiding place for thieves for a long time.

He noted with concern the high levels of negligence by successive governments regarding the infamous building belonging to Royal Lutanda Company.

H e said Over the general public has continuously expressed concern and discomfort over the state of the building and the activities it attracts as a result.

Mr Mwale said the building is not only a danger in terms of security, but that it has for a long time made Lusaka city look filthy.

He said the overflowing garbage outside the building are a breeding ground for flies and rats which pose a great health risk to residents that conduct their business in the CBD.

He stated that It is worrying that the structure has become a den for those engaging in illicit activities such as robbers and underage sex.

He said street kids on the other hand have continued using the building as shelter a situation he said poses high risk on their lives and put them at the risk of also falling into a life of crime.

Mr Mwale said it is hard to comprehend why for almost 30 years the concerned parties have failed to deal with the issues surrounding the structure.

He said this shows lack of seriousness and commitment to dealing with the matter by concerned parties.

Mr. Mwale said he will take on this matter with the urgency and seriousness required once voted into office as Lusaka mayor.

He charged that leaving matters such as this one unattended is very dangerous for the city adding that it will be difficult to deal with theft given the circumstances.

Mr Mwale further argued that high levels of theft in the different communities must be dealt with in order make the city of Lusaka safe for the residents. He said this is a matter that requires urgent attention.

Meanwhile former First Lady and UPND candidate for the same position Maureen Mwanawasa said she will work towards removing Street vendors from the streets of Lusaka.

Ms Mwanawasa said the people working on the streets of Lusaka are doing so because the country’s economy is shrinking something she said has created a deficit in jobs hence people rushing to earn ends meat from the streets.

She said people can be moved out the streets by voting for a government that will prioritise value addition to the farm products and the creation of manufacturing industries in the country.

She said the UPND will ensure that it creates industries which will in turn help in removing the people from the streets through the creation of jobs.

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  1. Big Fish was once upon a time mayor of Lusaka…..I am sure the building was invisible then

    • Politicians are so short sighted. That building is as bad as Simoson except one is finished while the other is not. The real challenge is Kulima tower car park the drainage is bad and small for Lusaka. Vendors need to be controlled you can’t just sell anywhere. Give these traders vendor’s licences and areas to trade and particular days. Next look at the chaotic parking in Lusaka CBD and stop that nonsense of double parking in Cairo road by enforcing by laws. Then look at the transport network to restrict traffic to certain parts of the city at peak times through congestion charging otherwise stop hallucinating!

    • You are very right. He was Lusaka Mayor from from 1993 to 1998. Maybe we give him a benefit of doubt. Maybe he had other priorities then. Maybe he was still learning then. Lets see how it goes!!

    • The only source of concern to Lusaka residents are the street vendors who are overflowing onto Lumumba and Cauro Roads, and the resultant garbage in back streets from these vendors. About the unfinished building, does he have the title deeds and the money to finish the build? If he is not the owner then he cannot do anything about it.

    • Last I checked the building was owned by the Findlays or Autoworld. They use it as collateral to get huge bank loans.

    • Those of you asking and speculating on who owns the building, pleae read the whole article word for word. The answer is not even so far down.

  2. Voting for poopoo mwale and Maureen is like voting for HH who did otherwise when they had influential potions before. We know these people by what they did.

    • his powers were limited by than,,now its executive and if i can recall that building wasn’t their in 1998

  3. yes he was mayor once before but than the position of mayor wasn’t executive,,and for a matter of fact he as been the best and longest serving mayor who implemented so much

    • When did you move from your village to Lusaka? That building has been standing since the 80’s…. ask ZISC about that building….

    • It is not about Fisho wining. all we are saying is the lack of consistence……that building has been standing since the 80’s. Fisho served as mayor from 93 to 98

    • Yes it not a matter of winning. People should not thinks others are f00lz whenever they are campaigning. He should start by explaining why he did not act when he was Mayor before.Just like HH should explain and ask for forgiveness from Zambians when he sold the country for a song.

  4. Other building was not a problem when Fisho was Mayor. It was just coming up. So how could he have fixed it? You people should think. Anyways we don’t have another candidate apart from him. He is winning I know.

    • Don’t defend the indefensible……I have prior knowledge of that building. A piece of metal fell from that building hitting a woman who was carrying a baby on her back. She lost the baby in that accident. All this under Fishos watch Mayor

  5. Last I checked the building was owned by the Findlays or Autoworld. They use it as collateral to get huge bank loans.

  6. The council should have the authority to demolish that building for the sake of health and safety…the costs will be passed on the owner….no one has the will to follow up. That is prime real estate..you can not leave a building half developed for 25 years

  7. lacking of reading by most bloggers has been exposed here,the article says the building is owned by royal lutanda company,and mr mwale said why it has taken more than 30 years for the parties involved to resolve,the building has changed hands over the years.zambians lets learn to read and grasp what we are reading.

  8. Lusaka is the headquarters of the country ,the CBD-CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT is suppose to represent the best of what a city has to offer but as usual chaotic,kaponya,it seems no one is in charge of what is suppose to be business engine of the city.

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