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GBM is promoting violence because has a second home in SA to run to-Kambwili

Headlines GBM is promoting violence because has a second home in SA to...

Mr Kambwili during a radio programme at Radio Mano with Provincial Chairman Felix Mfula
Mr Kambwili during a radio programme at Radio Mano with Provincial Chairman Felix Mfula

Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili has charged that UPND presidential running mate Geoffrey Mwamba is a violent man who does not care about the peace of the nation.

Mr Kambwili alleged that Mr Mwamba does not care what happens to Zambia because he apparently has a second home in South Africa where his Grand Mother lives.

He said GBM’s South African heritage makes him promote violence in Zambian politics because he has somewhere else to run to.

Mr Kambwili was speaking Monday morning when he featured on a special radio programme on Kasama’s Radio Mano.

He said Mr Mwamba’s family hails from Kwazulu Natal and that his daughter Sibongile is named after Mr Mwamba’s grandmother.

Mr Kambwili who is also recontesting the Roan parliamentary seat on the PF ticket accused the UPND of being a tribal and violent party.

He has since urged Northern Province to appreciate the development initiatives that government has embarked on.

Mr Kambwili said Government has supported farmers by bringing inputs early and paying farmers upon delivery of maize.

He has cited the construction of roads as a way to open up the country and improve market opportunities for farmers.

Mr Kambwili cited Kasama-Mbala- Mpulungu, Kasama- Mbesuma, Kasama- Luwingu- Mansa, Kasama-Mporokoso.

He also stated that government has awarded contracts to build Mbesuma-Isoka, Mporokoso-Nsama- Kaputa and Luwingu- Chaba- Chilubi.

And Mr Kambwili who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister said alarmed by the partisan nature of some community radio stations accusing them of conducting themselves in a partisan manner.

He has warned community radio not to abuse their elevated positions to spread political propaganda but that they should stick to broadcasting ethics.


  1. He is a minister yet on campaign. What time does he spend in the office?
    That is why the minister should have cease to exist as minister the moment the Parliament was disolved.
    We need issue based campaign. You too your family is in UK. At least Mr Mwamba family is in zed.

    • Kambwili is a loner now, after all his PF members left to rejoin the UPND alliance .
      When GBM had issues with Kabimba, it was Kambwili walking with GBM. When Frank Bwalya was calling Sata Chumbu, it was Kambwili threatened the former priest.

    • Iwe Chikambwili, GBM’s family is in Zambia living with us, there is nothing wrong with having a second property in another country….. As for you, your family is in the UK away from your stu.pid and incompetent government. Do you have any British heritage?

      And we are tired of your tribal talk, UPND is full of people from all parts of Zambia. Talk about policy issues.

    • Infwiti ni Lungu!

      Why do these Bembas specialise in insults and violence? Before they dominated Zambian politics, there was no political violence and xenophobic attacks in Zambia like Burundi or Zulu-infested South Africa. All the road developments Chimbwili is talking about is in Bembaland. That’s what Chikwanda has been concentrating on.

    • Kambwili is an idddiot. His campaign is talking shiiit about people. Will Zambians eat his rantings?

    • Buck Teeth donkey
      Kaonde nincompoop. Tribal as usual but pointing a finger at Kambwili. You are just as dull as Kambwil.

    • @1.3 Buck Teeth Lungu you’re so Bemba obsessed that you have lost your ability to reason. Maybe that’s how you were born – too d.ull to see beyond your hatred.

    • Edgar Chakolwa Vodka cockroach Kaloba Wrungu Chishimbi Hippo crocodile ape-man Kambwili = to incompetent and I0ditic.

  2. Very dull,explain how you will fix the economy ,Everytime GBM blablabla..we are tired of such mediocre campaigh.

  3. if Kambwili can attract all those people who attended the rally, what will the President”s rally be like- people numbers are an endorsement of popularity and no one should cry foul come August 11. Our Southern friends have taught us nega nega and as Karma is a b!tch, thou shall get what they started- It will be a landslide victory for PF and retirement for kalusa hurt hate!

  4. Kambwili himself already has a second home in the UK. His wife and children are not even experiencing the effects of his govt’s incompetence. Let him talk about something else.

  5. As far as Dr. C.k is concerned UPND = Tribal. Tribal is defined as Bantu Botatwe. The rest are not tribe but ethnic.

  6. Kambwili had a successful rally compared to hh and his bandwagon of tenderpreneurs,mukamfilwas,dog traders, geriatric federal man and kilometre man- why should we chase for another leadership- nkanga ndiija ilimumanja- Umuntu NiLUNGU

  7. This is a case of a PF violent party accussing another party for violence. We all know that most of the violence is perpetrated by PF thugs directed by a violent Lungu. Lungu became President of PF thru violence and he is now trying to use violence to steal the 2016 election result. Lungu and his fellow thugs in PF have no campaign message hence Kambwili waffling about irrelevant issues. PF wants to use tribalism,regionalism and racism as a tool to gain votes for Lungu and himself. This wont work for Lungu and PF. Viva HH,GBM &UPND.

  8. Kambwili, the roads in Zambia have been done at a cost US$2 000 000 per km instead of US$470 000 per km. The difference of US$1 530 000 per km has been shared by PF top leaders. That’s why they have become stinking “rich” in 15 months! We know how we will vote on 11 August 2016!

    • The whole of PF were busy enriching themselves with those contracts so much so they forgot everything else.

      Tourism industry is a mess with dropping tourists year on year.

      As for agriculture , the maize you see is because of MMD polices 5 years ago reaping benifits

  9. This ***** Kambwili is the one with the family who lives the UK we tired of doing your wife for you we all know that you are foolish for letting your wife be kind to us

  10. Mr Kambwili alleged that Mr Mwamba does not care what happens to Zambia because he apparently has a second home in South Africa where his Grand Mother lives.
    He said Mr Mwamba’s family hails from Kwazulu Natal and that his daughter Sibongile is named after Mr Mwamba’s grandmother.

  11. Mr or is it Dr Kambwili, calling UPND tribal and GBM violent is like calling the sky blue. We already know the sky is blue and Tongaz are UPND. The few tribes being in UPND are just a means to an end. If ever UPND got into power all Ministries and Parastatals will be headed by Ha this and Ha that. Can you focus on telling us who vote what we do not know.

  12. GBM and his family are in Zambia. GBMs wife is even campaigning for UPND. GBMs daughter is even standing as MP. Now Kambwili, show us where your wife is and where your children are

  13. $tupidity is voting for rich leaders hoping that you will also become rich instantly the moment they get into office.

    * Alex Mulyokela

  14. Have a huge crowd does not guarantee votes, the crowd wanted to hear what he had to say!! And guess what…he was talking about GBM!!!!what a waste of time…talking about second home…really….

  15. Kambwili is obsessed with GBM, He’s been overshadowed by GBM and is having sleepless nights.
    Instead of articulating his parties economic and social plans for the future, he’s busy launching immature personal attacks on GBM.
    Kambwili grow up and bring up mature conversation

    • Chishimba Kambwili articulated the roads in the link Zambia for Northern province, early payment of farmers for the maize and early provision of fertiliser and other agriculture inputs, but UPND cadres only read what they want!
      No wonder these UPND buffoons are claiming they cannot eat roads, when we all know that they are able to put up a spirited campaign because most of the country has become accessible due to these same roads.
      It is !diotic for UPND cardes to be in denial by always assuming the crowds at PF meetings are simply their to listen. PF supporters are hyped and know that HH is desperate to win this election. They understand the importance of all of them turning up to vote to stop the hoodlums of tenderpreneur!
      PF will have all the votes this year, unlike in 2015 when we…

  16. Kambwili stop talking about Mbala. Sweswe yakachema, just like all villagers in Mongu, Lusaka, Kabwe, Chipata, Isoka, Choma, Lundazi Lwangwa, North Western, Mumbwa etc. We want to work hard on our farming abilities now chapwa. Chiza uli nawe?

  17. Why Chimbwili looks uluse luse so? This year bambo kuzwaa bebele, you can go back to Katanga ku buLuba kumyenu Kasai iwe, you troubled us too much with your verbal diarrhea!

  18. GMB has already warned Chimbwili that he will have to account for all the government contracts he got, was paid and never delivered on. Like Ben Mwila, he should get prepared to pay back the money before dying in a Katangese hospice.

  19. Kambwili grow up these are childish comments when your wife and children lives abroad. It seems you have no campaign message just finger pointing at opponents. Are these leaders just riffraff no wonder things are not working for them at all.

  20. IWE CHIMBWILI, its you who is promoting violence, a NORMAL person would not sink this low so as to SPY or gather intelligence on someone family.

    “He said Mr Mwamba’s family hails from Kwazulu Natal and that his daughter Sibongile is named after Mr Mwamba’s grandmother.”

    This is unacceptable people, he is dragging GBM daughter why? PF people, even you just to be objective, I am sure you agree this off track for Chimbwili to drag into politics someone`s children.

  21. The devil in the details. Vampires HH and GBM are on rampage trying to set mother Zambia on Fire. You shall know them by their fruits. They do not have mother Zambia’s interest at heart. Behold they have managed to convince the fainthearted goons. God is bigger that these little devils combined. Behold God’s grace is upon us. We shall prevail. ECL is the next president period.

  22. Amafifye yekayeka. Bushe, uyu afyalwa shani? Umwaume mukanwa so sure. Why cant we learn a civil way of campaigning kanshi? I thot being a Dr now you’ll show intellect, but alas shallow, hollow and no substance. Just tell people what you intend to do period.

  23. Who is Kambwili the thief to talk when he constructed a home on illegal land in Luanshya. From what we are told it is built on a sewer line and if it exploded due to pressure the the whole Wistaria Avenue and Luanshya are doomed. An ignorant so.n of a bi.tch with a lack of understanding on how this is illegal construction can and will affect many. This is a man who claims to have a PhD. Fake illiterate doctor and the reason people need to go to a real school to acquire a real PhD so they can actual earn a real education rather than through short cuts.

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