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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Some residents of Ngombe Compound want Jean Kapata voted out

General News Some residents of Ngombe Compound want Jean Kapata voted out

Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata and Gender Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale at the 60th Session of the Commission on the Status on Women at UN Headquarters 14 March, 2016. PHOTO | Chibaula D. Silwamba | Zambia UN Mission
Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata and Gender Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale at the 60th Session of the Commission on the Status on Women at UN Headquarters 14 March, 2016. PHOTO | Chibaula D. Silwamba | Zambia UN Mission

Some residents of Ngombe Compound in Mandevu constituency have expressed disappointment with their former area member of parliament Jean Kapata for not bringing development in their area.

Speaking when the MMD Mandevu constituency candidate Marry Phiri and Independent Mayoral Candidate Fisho Mwale introduced themselves to the women of Reformed Church of Zambia (RCZ), the women said the immediate past MP had failed to bring meaningful development in the area.

They said Ms Kapata had failed to deliver on any of her promises which she made during her re-election campaigns in 2011.

The cautioned the candidates to stop taking voters for granted by making promises and disappearing once they are voted for.

The women said it was not the first time that candidates were coming to ask for votes and that politicians should now start delivering on what they promise the voters.

“I have been voting since the time of UNIP but I don’t see any change. Ba Jean Kapata came here when she was campaigning in 2011 before this church had even roofs asked for a vote from us and we gave her but she has never returned to work on the challenges she promised she promised to work on. What assurances are you giving us that you will not do the same? We know you come from this same constituency but that is not a guarantee that you will not be closing your car windows on us,” said Mrs Maggie Daka.

“We voted for Ms Kapata but we don’t see any benefits in voting for her again because she has forgotten about us. Our roads are in a bad condition, she has failed to put even a short stretch to the clinic so that the ambulance can move quickly. We are asking you to use the old tarmac so that you see for yourselves the condition of the road, and we also have a challenge with bridges. A number of young lives have been lost during rainy season due to the lack of proper bridges all these things put together makes us feel that ba MP is a let down,” another RCZ congregant Sanforosa Musonda said.

In reply Marry Phiri the MMD candidate said when elected, she would not impose development projects without consulting the people in the constituency.

She said despite being the constituency with the highest number of registered voters in the country,Mandevu has remained behind in terms of development.

She said with such a high number of people, the constituency just has one secondary school, has no referral hospital or a skills training centre for youths.

She said the constituency needs someone who can be able to address the said challenges but that it was not for her to say which ones should be a priority because her job would be to listen and push their agenda of development.

She also advised the voters to choose a leader who would represent them effectively as opposed to people who disappear after being declared winner.

And Fisho Mwale the independent Mayoral candidate for Lusaka city council said he was a proven leader whose work he did during his time as Mayor of Lusaka speaks for itself.

He said when elected he would prioritise the access to clean drinking water and water born toilets so as to avoid the out break of diseases in the city.

He also said he will ensure that the people who own land but do not have title to the land are given title so that they can use the title in businesses.

He said land without title is as good as having nothing as it can not be used to borrow money or used as collateral in any business transaction.

He also said as a business man he would like to empower the women of Lusaka through the creation of business cooperatives.

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  1. Its true “Some” Mandevu residents dont want her. BUT most of them do. So those who dont want her wont vote for her and vice versa. Ni normal imwe

    • That other candidate, Ms Nawa, was a fantastic mayor who cleaned up Lusaka. She was much better than Fisho Mwale who now wants another bite at the cherry as mayor. The Mandevu residents should vote for Ms Nawa as MP.

    • it is time to show these recycled politicians the door!Just look how fat these jean kapata is now

      time for change!

    • It seems the Almighty Bemba Cartel a.ka. Sata Family Forest has taken over our once powerful Party. S its the same difference with PF. Meanwhile Sonta

  2. Some Ng’ombe residents… some indeed! In an election you cannot get 100% however popular one may be! This article does not therefore constitute real news!

  3. Continue conforting yourself while us voters have already made our decisions. Those who were in power we will asses them on the basis of their works. Yes some few PF cadres will vote for her no doubt about that, but generally most mps may not come back that I can assure you.

  4. What we people fail to realize is we cannot hire someone who is not capable of doing their job. Why pay her for doing absolutely nothing while she is parading half way across the world enjoying tax payers money? She makes decisions on her own and fails to recognize in order to implement sustainable development she has to recognize that it is with people where initiatives will be most effective and initiatives will only be effective if all stakeholders are involved. She has also failed to manage and run the tourism sector too and needs to go.

  5. The Brundtland Report in tourism links the concept of economic envelopment with the notion of environmental and social sustainability, concluding it is impossible to separate them.
    Development – here the issue is with compatibility of sustainable development with economic growth;
    Needs – focusing around issues of equity and distribution of resources; and
    Future Generations – where the issue is that the income of future generations should not be less than the current generations and that the current generations have a responsibility of stewardship for both social and natural ‘capital’. But this is something the Minister of Tourism and Arts has no concept of. A result of hiring a grade 7 to do the work of a degree or masters student and produces such results.

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