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Government Transforms Robert Makasa into CBU faculty


 Robert Makasa University in Chinsali District of Muchinga Province
Robert Makasa University in Chinsali District of Muchinga Province

Government has announced that it has transformed the recently constructed Robert Kapasa Makasa in Chinsali into a faculty of the Copperbelt University.
In a statement, Ministry of Higher Education Spokesperson Chiselwa Kawanda said the decision is meant to reduce operational overheads of setting up a new university by placing it under CBU Management and address the lecturer availability concerns for the new university by using an already established faculty without necessary increasing the wage bill of the University.

Ms. Kawanda added that the decision will also help operationalize the University without necessary incurring the full costs of establishing a new University and also help decongest the Copperbelt University.

“This University has now been completed at the total cost of K107 million and the Ministry of Higher Education has decided to establish it as a faculty of the Copperbelt University. This decision was arrived at after exhaustive consultations by the Ministry as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the bids from the two Public Universities (UNZA and CBU) that were vying to take up RKM University,” she said.

Ms. Kawanda revealed that the Ministry of Higher Education gave both universities time to visit and inspect the Robert Makasa University then made proposals on how best they could run the new institution.

The Robert Makasa University is comprised of 15 housing units, 4 student hostels, 2 lecture theatres, 8 lecture rooms, and a library.


    • Lol…CBU is already a failed management project under PF, and that’s an extention arm of failure, heaped upon failure. Thats should just be made into a medical arm of UTH (under UNZA) maybe…Not the the mediocrity of CBU with rotten structures coupled with unqualified management and some of its lecturers.

    • I dont understand this nonsense….when Sata created new names for ministries by combining… pipo said its a good idea.when Lungu divided the education ministry that is higher and general…. pipo said yes its a good idea.Now Robert Makasa turned into a CBU faculty again pipo are saying good idea.My very Zambnians think.Dont just support things.The idea above is just running away from cost implications.Paying a full flagged university is not simple.thats what happens when you do things to please pipo. THink before you start something you government fools

    • This is what happens when you let politicians plan for you. How did they think they’d run the new universities when they are struggling with UNZA, CBU and Mulungushi? You don’t expand on confusion and madness. The best they could have done is renovate and expand the existing universities or also probably move some faculties to colleges that already existed. Even the statement that “the Ministry of Higher Education gave both universities time to visit and inspect the Robert Makasa University” is a joke because RMU doesn’t really have staff.

    • PURE CHIMBWI-NO-PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      More like “AMAFI”, never had any PLAN!!!!!

      So you think lecturers will be “going bush” just to appease ba PamaFi te????????????????
      They have spent MILLIONS if not BILLIONS to put up some buildings & a Poster reading “fyonono UNIVERSITY”, & simply think, that will transform that bit of bush into a university – Forgive Sata, at least he never went to Uni to understand what it all meant – so a man with such simple education & background, AT LEAST HAD A VISION FOR BIGGER THINGS & RECOGNISED EDUCATION WAS IMPORTANT, but for our chakolwa, his Uni education – seems to HAVE BEEN WASTED YEARS AS WELL AS TAXPAYERS MONEY!!

      Vote WISELY 11/8/2016!! Vote ZAMBIA FORWARD!! VOTE UPND!! Abantu…

    • …Vote WISELY 11/8/2016!! Vote ZAMBIA FORWARD!! VOTE UPND!! Abantu baya!!

      #chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  1. Very good move indeed. Where are the up and down back door qualification holders to contribute on real issues

  2. CBU is already a failed management project under PF, and that’s an extention arm of failure, heaped upon failure. Thats should just be made into a medical arm of UTH (under UNZA) maybe…Not the the mediocrity of CBU with rotten structures coupled with unqualified management and some of its lecturers.

  3. More PF flip flops. They embarked on a construction project without knowing what they will do with it once its finished. Who does that? oh oh I have got the answer. Its the PF

  4. “…..15 housing units, 4 student hostels, 2 lecture theatres, 8 lecture rooms, and a library.”. What a small university! how many students are expected to enrol? No wander it are a branchi of Cbu. Anotha chimbwi no pln

    • nichibwi no plan zoona..but anyway you most zambians are uneducated to know the stardand of higher learning..this project will only be used to wooo uninformed voters

  5. It is no better institution than a primary school in London where I live. Is this biggest dream the Zambia under PF can afford? Shame

    • What is London you hopeless foreigner, you have run away from your own country boasting about things which do not belong to you. Learn to appreciate small beginnings rather than pulling down a little hope.What are you learning from London, i guess you are not even from London but from mandevu in Lusaka, because you do not even sound in any way professional but a witch.

  6. Zambians never cease to amaze. Everything that comes up is condemned. Please condemn and give solutions in that way we will be making progress, otherwise we will continue lagging behind because we pull in different directions we need to pull in one direction.

    • GRZ is struggling to fund the two public varsities and worse if you include Mulungushi.This is a white elephant because no lecturer or researcher will agree to be posted to Chinsali. Waste of Euro-bond money idio.ts.

  7. In my opinion that so called university should not have been built in the first place. We know very well that we are struggling to run the two existing universities and why build another one at such a great cost? And the tertiary education of nowadays is so pathetic in the sense that they no longer consider good results but one’s pocket. This is the same as the creation of more districts. Existing districts are begging for development but why create some more? More problems? What a Country!!

  8. Why don’t you invite public-private initiatives so that we can have some innovation in teaching and learning? Why does this government not incentivise what the citizens are already trying. See there are a lot of private individuals who have brilliant ideas but no infrastructure. This is where such buildings come in. PLEASE LISTEN!

  9. @Peter Njobvu, it is time you attended anger management classes especially on how to keep your temper under control when the thief you desire to be in office cannot ever be!

  10. @Beira, don’t worry please some people are just pinheads! They never appreciate. Zambia is experiencing unprecedented development across the board but some guys want to keep on yapping because their choice is not in office. They will be disappointed the more, come August!

  11. Its important for us Zambians to appreciate some of these government efforts in improving our education facilities. The design of the university is very good and even the contractor, Arab Contractors did a very nice job. Thanks for placing it under CBU, that is the way to go!

  12. Hmmm I remember Dr Chunga commenting in one of the budget analysis meeting that Government more preoccupied in finding the names of the University than the courses they would be offering, so this has turned to be true, no proper planning in the first place.

  13. Hi, lately my life was way so bad that the only thing I kept thinking about is ending it. Yes I thought death would be better. Was tired of struggling & being underemployed. I have been looking for a job for a while & God had not opened any doors for me. It felt like he was punishing me for something. I needed to make more money not less. My family was falling apart nothing was working out, also my love life was not good, my husband left me for another woman saying i was cursed, there is nothing bad than seeing your kids starving and you can not do anything or buy them what they want. That is the life have been living for the last 6 years till i saw this powerful lady prof hiba on the internet, she performed a strong spiritual prayer, believe me my dear when everything seems to be…

  14. Just pay the contractors as well. This is why you say local contractors fail to do good work, its because the cash flow has been pathetic and do not have financial muscles.

  15. Now they have realised that universities are not just empty buildings. They have to recruit professors and other teaching and reaearch staff. So they want to share the already inadequate staff at CBU. They should have built it on CBU grounds. This political location of infrastructure is a waste. Probably the local kids wont even meet the grade requirements and the successful applicants will come from CB or LSK provinces.

  16. They dont have money to recruit professors. This is what will happen to the so-called 650 health centres, no doctors, no nurses and no drugs.

  17. Politics aside. Why cant you just appreciate such a beautiful structure for the education of future generations. In fact we need more universities in Zambia so that every grade 12 school leaver with a full certificate should access university education like in Singapore. dont condemn everything you see and hear. leave the running of such institutions to experts. am a lecturer l cant work in any part of this country–education provision is not for town dwellers.

  18. Ungrateful zedians condemning this new school u know nothing yet u kip toking . this school has been built for local people nd o requirement are in there favour. Cbu natural resources dept has moved to dis school with everyone in its dept.

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