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A 32-YEAR-OLD man has begged the Chawama Local Court to dissolve his two-year old marriage, accusing his wife of being in relationship with a pastor.

This is in a case which Mbozi Mwando sued his wife, Mercy Mwikatazo , 26, of Misis compound for divorce. The couple has been married since 2014 and together they have no child. Bride price was not paid.

Mwando told the court that he has never enjoyed his marriage because sometimes a month elapsed without making love to his wife. The pair had been on separation for five months.

Mwando told the court that on March 11, 2015, he caught his wife having an affair in the pastor’s house whom he described as Pastor Banda.

However, he explained that his wife was also in the habit of washing and cooking for the single pastor.
He said after stopping her from doing house chores for the said pastor, his wife immediately packed her belongings and went to live with her parents.

Mwando claimed that the pastor has again started visiting Mwikatazo at her mother’s place.

“I think my wife, your honour, will never change her behaviour; I am just fade up with her lies because I fear that at some point she may infect me with HIV or STDs. The other major reason why I want to divorce my wife is because she trusts her church pastor more than me her husband.

But in her defense, Mwikatazo said that her husband abandoned her after getting a job at Zambian Breweries.

She explained that Mwando was a suspicious man. “How can you even suspect a man of God ‘monga ba pastor Banda ‘our pastor your honour knows that I am a married woman,” she wondered.

However, Mwikatazo who did not seem to be moved much with her husband plea for divorce, she told the court to go ahead and dissolve marriage.

Passing judgement, Magistrate Gaston Kalala upheld claim for divorce without compensation and that property acquired during the subsistence of the marriage would be shared equally.


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  1. Zambian women are all brain washed by their Pastors and they give these men of evil their bodies and souls. We are all people of God. A pastor is not a special person.


    • There is a maraunding pastor called Chika causing havoc to marriages of women in Chawama and surrounding areas. I recently heard of his escapades on a tape recording that went viral. Christian Council arrest this wolve in skirts of married women.


    • Pastors are biggest group that buy my CONGO DUST and use it to the women in their congregations. Ba fi ka la….are really pounding our women in the “mighty name of Jesus”.


    • Never do the work of a wife to a man who is not your husband period! whether pastor olo not!


  2. Sorry, I think the couple needs to sit down and iorn out issues. The woman must set limits to her obligations. The pastor must be mature enough too. How does ones wife come to your house to cook for you?? wired thinking.
    The lady has blown away her husbands love by her actions.



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