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Kaingu did not ditch MMD, but was invited to join PF by President Lungu

Headlines Kaingu did not ditch MMD, but was invited to join PF by...

Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu
Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu

MMD Deputy National Secretary and MMD Mongu Central aspiring candidate Mr. Kamwendo Kamuti has charged that former MMD Vice-President Michael Kaingu should not mislead the nation that he ditched the MMD and defected to PF, but that he was invited by President Lungu to be a minister while still a member of the MMD.

Responding to an article carried in the Daily Nation of Thursday 30 June, 2016, headed ‘WHY I DITCHED MMD’ in which Dr. Kaingu claimed to have defected to the PF because Dr. Nevers Mumba was power-hungry, Mr. Kamuti expressed shock and embarrassment at the remarks by Dr. Kaingu. Mr Kamuti said Dr.Kaingu was exhibiting a ‘short memory’ when the correct position was that he had initially been removed as Vice-President by NEC due to gross indiscipline and reverted to being an ordinary member of the party.

Dr.Kaingu demanded K50 million (un-rebased) before he could consider being part of the campaign team

He explained that when Dr. Kaingu and Mr. Vincent Mwale were invited to be ministers in Mr. Edgar Lungu’s administration, they were members of the MMD and the first thing they both did was contact Dr. Mumba for his approval and thanked him for allowing them to be appointed as Ministers.

He said this matter was widely publicised because Mr. Lungu had publicly explained that he had first contacted Dr. Mumba on the matter before making the announcement. He said that some members of the public may also recall that later Dr. Kaingu was one of the people filmed on ZNBC joyfully embracing Dr. Mumba at the Day of Fasting and Prayers at the Showgrounds in Lusaka, showing that there was peace between the two.

Mr Kamuti wished the nation to know that Dr. Kaingu had exhibited a lot of indiscipline during his tenure as Vice-President, warranting his demotion to ordinary member and had even refused to campaign in the Mangango by-election in Western Province, demanding to be given K50 million (un-rebased) before he could consider being part of the campaign team.

Mr. Kamuti said it was therefore most unfortunate that Dr. Kaingu could now turn around and claim that he had ditched the MMD because Dr. Mumba was power-hungry, which is very regrettable. He said these are the types of immoral politicians who are denting the image of politicians.


    • what my uncle is saying here is that, if you are married or committed to one woman and another woman invites you, its okay to go and `test` if it feels better, leave your home, move to the other woman, ,,,,,,,any more questions people, direct them to me, I will answer on my uncle`s behalf

    • When I did my PhD I wrote a Thesis… At MSc it was expressly called a Dissertation… @Zagaze, are you talking about the context of where you are?

    • I wrote a thesis during my high school papers. Check Skyline High School. We do that in all our papers be it english, history, economics, and or government.

    • I wrote a composition at Masters level and an essay for my PHD…what am trying to say is that it doesn’t freaking matter guys what you wrote.You are digressing from the matter at hand which is Kaingu’s fibs.

  1. This kaingu is very dull i wonder why they call him DR. MALABISHI YABANTHU WE CANT HAVE SUCH LEADERS.

  2. Well explained ,point by point.50 billion (ord.cu)this is prove that most of our politicians are after serving their bellies.Most of our politicians dont have any idealogy in which the believe,no morals but very selfish.its time for the true patriots to take over.

  3. President Edgar Lungu himself is a good man but the people he has surrounded himself with might cost him his Presidency and a case in point is this same Kaingu.How can a Cabinet minister tell students that he’s not interested in creating jobs.Very useless. How can a nation progress when such uterrances are coming from a senior government official? A country can never develop with such leaders.

    • “…President Edgar Lungu himself is a good man but the people he has surrounded himself with might cost him his Presidency and a case in point is this same Kaingu…”???

      You are saying that the person who ask to be leader of the Nation cannot be trusted to appoint his own Cabinet???

      Or, Lungu and PF are two separate entities?

      According to you, “Flight ECL 2016” is ready to fly to unknown destination???

      So much about “vision” and “prosperous future” !!!

      What is it policy? State House and any cost, preferably paid by the people?

      That explains 13 million Kwacha in 15 months!!!

    • @Flight ECL 2016….thats agony my friend, you are at a university only to be told there will be no job for you even if you graduate….hahahahahahahahaha……………………….

  4. Letter to the ICC, EU, USA, SADC, AU, COMESA:

    How can there be free and fair elections in Zambia when Lungu:
    1. is killing opposition supporters
    2. campaigns on and promotes the unprecedented PF violence and killing machine
    3. is preventing opposition campaigning by brutality
    4. ordering Police not to protect opposition who are killed by PF
    5. ordering public media not to cover the opposition
    6. using State resources and media to lie to the majority illiterate and ignorant Zambians that PF are the ones funding infrastructure projects
    7. invades business trading areas by allocating cadres stall spaces by force (just like Mugabe)

  5. Inviting him by mouse tooth Chinangwa was the most sensible thing ba Pa Fimafi did so that he can help decampaign them and show them the exit door.

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