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Luapula University renamed after the Late President Frederick Chiluba

Headlines Luapula University renamed after the Late President Frederick Chiluba

Late Frederick Chiluba
Late Frederick Chiluba

President Edgar Lungu has re-named Luapula University whose procurement process has commenced after the late second republican president Fredrick Titus Jacob Chiluba.

Addressing multitudes of people at Musangu village during his ongoing tour of Luapula Province the Head of State said the memory of Dr Chiluba needed to be honoured because he made great contributions to reintroduce plural politics in Zambia.

This is according to a statement released by State House Press Aide Amos Chanda.

President Lungu address Rally at In Kawambwa at St Mary Parish on Thursday
President Lungu address Rally at In Kawambwa at St Mary Parish on Thursday


  1. This sounds good. Sometimes I get the impression that as a nation we deliberately want to wipe Chiluba out of the history books. We want to pretend he did nothing, yet he brought us a lot of things including freedom of speech which we even abuse sometimes.

    • Its ok, after we grabbed the Fred Chiluba Democracy Intitute structure with Levy in 2004, where ECO Bank Arcardes is located today. This will remind as one of the most useless, very opportunistic leader in Zambian Political History.

    • This a great one for our province, makes alot of sense.
      But that what HH planned to announce in September this year. Edgar start copying again just like in last year elections.

    • @Nostradamus
      great to see you kingdom or sorry your province has a UNZA,,,,, I hope Edgar was not drank when he made the announcement pantu, tomorrow you will hear that its in fact a college,

    • This is the zenith of ignorance. FTJ did not bring you freedom of speech. You always had it but it was being violated with impunity both by the colonialists and the administration in the first republic. You always have your rights, but somebody violates them. Now listen, they ought not be violated in the first place.

    • Finally common sense is now working. Had it not been for Dr Chiluba kicking KKs behind, we could’ve on being feed ROLLER MEAL by stupid KK.

    • @nkana kitwe – And you without realising dont know that roller meal is a 100 times better than breakfast meal. If you only knew, then you would not be so misled. At times i feel the platform here on LT is so small that i cant educate you my brothers and sisters. Its just not enough to talk about us as a people, as african people. from food, to politics, to education, to history, to law. But i understand, it aint your fault, you are just as misled as i was. but for today, know that roller meal is a million times better for your health than white rice, white corn meal, better than your spaghetti etc. Also know that KK was better as an african than FTJ, no disrespect to FTJ, but KK saw farther into the future than most today. Further studies into KK should be instituted at our higher…

    • Great news…… if corrupt and cabbage president we have had before can be honored, how about our father of democracy and freedoms we enjoy today?

    • Yes….it time to honor those guys who privatized our mines, FTJ, HH and others……ECL has know all along that they deserve credit hence gave that honor to FTJ and Zambia should do the same on 11/08/16 by voting HH…


  2. chiluba didn’t do anything to be honored,especially in luapula.bloggers here have claimed luapula is pf stronghold but looking at the pic at its closet most of the attendancee are below 15 or so,they don’t qualify to vote.eliko tricky.cvt.

    • This Country went down to its knees during KK’s reign. Chiluba started the process of resurrecting it the fruits of which are sustaining us. Much should be done though like supporting local industries. So I support Lungu’s directive to promote local contruactors and local materials

    • To be a father of something, you ought to have originated it. I believe the freedom fighters such as KK, Zulu, Siplao, Katilungu, Chona, Nkumbula, Kapwepwe, Mulundika, Kankasa, to name a few, bore Zambian democracy. But Kaunda starved it to death.

  3. @planzo, even children love Edgar Lungu. You should see the smiles on their tiny happy faces when they see Edgar. Did you see how that kid embraced Edgar’s neck with his arms at Nchanga Golf club recently? Love mwana, love, Lungu is loved. The people of Zambia have struck a love affair with Lungu. HH nows looks like a man who wants to grab someone’s girlfriend.

    • @terrible.love is meangless if its not translated into care.i personally like lungu as a person but not Lungu as president bcz the man is a weak,visionless and has not offered any economic recovery plan;according to him everything is fine,violence etc.we need leadership to steer our country to tranlate the lives of our people into long life or standard of living.i wud vote for someone who i think can offer policies that we prolong my life n those of my children and not a visionless and weak leader based on my love for him.

    • Yes Kaunda killed democracy and Chiluba resurrected. KK was a dictator who killed a lot of those who opposed him

  4. The University is not even at foundation stage, why creating a useless impression by changing names for a university not yet in existence? – after all, the incoming government will trash out this useless idea intended to cheat cadres.

    • @ analyst even if its pa ground level u and I know it will come to completion under the PATRIOTIC FRONT,for example look at what the have just finished building the ROBERT MAKASA UNIVERSITY,it all started from hear say now its solid on the ground built at a price of 107 million,almost half of what membe owes zambians,im sure immediately those assets obtained from post r sold,that other university will commence and u shall have more things to sonta upon, thats my analysis whats yours
      im Breaker and this message has just been approved

  5. Chiluba did a lot for Zambia, only to be sent to his early grave by Post and Mmembe. The ghosts of Mwanawasa, Chiluba and Sata have joined hands and are now haunting Mmembe, you can him ukusabaila. He cannot even sleep in his house at night and goes to the office at 01:00hours. Ifibanda fikali bane, dont kill innocent people whether by gun, panga or press.

    • We should appreciate what Chiluba did.The clean ones evade Tax what a shame. Chiluba made Hakainde and Velintine chitalu rich otherwise they could have been nowhere in business.

    • The bones of Frederick Chiluba will rise up this year to defend themselves and fight Mmembe and his cartel. Mmembe has seen nothing yet.

  6. So when is Mmembe suing the police for wrongful arrest? After his case of forgery of court order is dispised of?
    And have you seen the hulk of GBV in red overalls at UPND rallies? Looks like a sack of cotton wool. In contrast HH does not wear the same red dress but civilian shirt. Is GBV now more Upnd than hechi hechi? Wonders never end!!

    • Membe killed Chiluba. Membe was obsessed with Chiluba, it was every day Chiluba this Chiluba that Chiluba that. He found it the easiest way to sell his post and make lots of money even when people got tired and could see that it was a sickness Membe was going on with Chiluba until it downed on him that people were no longer interested in his ranting on Chiluba

  7. Good move my President!!!Zambia loves you,,,only one province have no love for any other leader,,,Vote ECL all the nine provinces!

  8. Chiluba brought a lot of misery to this nation. Think of institutional houses he sold, the Zambia is a Christian nation slogan (a well articulated and welcome slogan) but used for ill intentions! He does not deserve anything as a former president, maybe as an individual!

    • David Livingstone brought colonialism in one hand while holding a bible in the other, the biggest root cause of Zambia’s many economic and social miseries, yet we have entire city named after him. And I can bet you have no problems with that!

      We also have one of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, named after the “mother” of imperialism (queen Victoria), and we don’t seem to have any qualms about that either.

      Yet we name something after our own (and no one claims these people were Angels,) and you have a PROBLEM with it? You need some serious mental liberation, bro!!

    • You lie that Chiluba brought miseries in this nation. To the centrally he brought development and only that we had to sacrifice to come out of the bondage of Kaunda. I am sure you where not born by then and all you know about Chiluba is what Post says. Ask your old relatives if given an option to choose between life under Kaunda or under Chiluba? If they are sincere they will choose Chiluba. Today people are not becoming vagabonds after retirement because of chiluba. If you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, shelter is one of the most important things. With the revelations of today of how Mmembe acquired the planes from Roan air and what they did to the assets their task force grabbed from Chiluba and post tax evasions, its clear that Mmembe wanted business favours which Chiluba…


  10. But the university does not exist and Lungu is busy packing his blankets and underpants which are stained and stinking of corruption and violence. So there wont be such a university, which if by mistake will exist will only offer lectures on public theft, plunder and crookedness. By the Chiluba’s international criminal Katumbi and Katebe Katoto are facing jail in Congo

  11. A convicted thief named after an Institution of Higher Education in Zambia! We are now glorifying greed, theft and corruption expecting other young Zambians to emulate Chiluba in thieving!

    • Ka Chilyata, you were 16 years when Chiluba was the president of our nation. Just shut up young man and grow up.

    • The bones of Frederick Chiluba will rise up this year to defend themselves and fight Mmembe, HH and his cartel. Mmembe and HH have seen nothing yet.

  12. Chiluba did not do anything different from his predecessor or successor. Yes thieves should not be honoured but why Levy who stole more. What about the greatest thief called HH. FTJ inherited empty coffers so where was the money he stole. Remember his successor sold mines for a song,

    • Mwanawasa was a big thief, he sold Zanaco even after people pleaded with him, convinced him that the Bank was doing just fine. After assuring the marchers that he wasn’t going to sell, behind everyones back Mwanawasa went ahead and sold ZANACO. Reason was that He and Maureen especially Maureen were getting something out of it. Fact is Mwanwasa was a thief, only difference is that he was a darling of Membe as they were business partners.
      And RB is the greatest thief and most corrupt president Zambia has had
      Leave Chiluba alone mwe mbwa mwe

  13. The manner and timing of the Announcement show its all vote buying. That will not win Lungu any votes. The struggling economy and the HH/GBM rallies in that Province did the damage. Its too late for Lungu to change people’s minds. Lungu and PF rule is a disaster which should be discarded forthwith. Forward with Team HH & UPND.

    • Very true. Suddenly politicians are seeing good about dead foes. Emphasise DEAD foes. I don’t think Lungu would see anything good in hh or vice versa. They think we don’t think

  14. All the negative comments above reflect the negative attitude we ve as Zambians (and Africans). We tend to b very vengeful own our own black pipo. 1st we luv a person & vote them to president. Next we turn & r full of hate, to the point were we want them in prison o dead. All bcoz o the negative coverage they get from those who just want to take ova. In Zambia oposition can just allege “corruption” without proof. Mmembe can allege anythng. Fine, some allegation cld b tru, but do we then end up wanting a person dead? Lets compare to our western pipo (from whom we copy anythng), Bush messed up the mid-east just to enrich himself & friends. He is a very unpopular figure. But were is he? Free! So its only Black pipo that hate other Black pipo. That’s why to avoid being arrested African…

    • @ wiltz

      You are forgeting two tiny issues:
      1. Chiluba was CONVICTED for stealing from Zambian People US Dollars 46 Million. Therefore he died as CONVICTED THIEF;
      2. ECL was CONVICTED for embezzling money from his client (a poor widow).

      This two instances are FACTS and no blabbing can overrule those CONVICTIONS.

      Bottom line, One CONVICTED CONMAN rename University with the name of another CONVICTED CONMAN!!!

  15. Why do we name every national monument after politicians as if they are our only heroes? Levy Mwanawasa stadium should be renamed Samuel Zoom Ndlovu or Ucar Chitalu stadium. After all Its a football stadium not a political conference center..
    Luapula university is a better name than Chiluba. Both Chiluba and Mwanawasa stole a lot of Zambian taxpayers’ money and this is documented. We cant be honouring them for theft.
    A politician is just a more visible worker he is not more special than us. Dont forget he is only more visible becaise he commands deadnbc times and daily mail to cover him. These are institutions that use taxpayers money to sing politicians praises. The people not the president should bestow names on national monuments

    • I agree with the substance you presented on DeadNBC and the football grounds. I have been making the same argument about [mass media] since the internet was born. These government controlled news outlets turned into a liability after the first republic. They need to be offloaded onto private hands. They serve as divisive elements especially in election seasons like now: Insulting the very people that fund it.

      On the issue of football, you are spot on! Adding anything to it would be unjust.

      The Chiluba issue:
      -Stealing money from the public coffers was only a small portion.
      -The bulk of Chiluba’s money, and I think you all should know, came from 2 sources:
      : unholly alliances with dirty rotten scoundrels such as arms and bloody gem runner David Torkoff of Chicago and Angolan…

    • I would love Sauzande to complete his response above because I strongly agree with both of you. Why do we allow our monuments to be named after people who are being turned into heroes only because they are manipulating us through DeadNBC Times and Daily Mail ? They are not genuine heroes but we think its okay to be reminded of them by naming a stadium after them. Who do politicians think they are? Gods? No politician should have the sole authority of naming a taxpayer built monument. He should build it from his own party funds if he wants to name it.

  16. Really laughable…naming an institution after a little corrupt murdering sly smooth talking thief…who obtained his doctorate on taxpayers time and money in Europe.

  17. @4.1 Planzo, my understanding of love is that one of its elements is care. Those kids who lovingly embrace Edgar then do care for him. And I honestly think that he cares for others too. I particularly admire his courage to face the economic challenges head on, others would simply raise their hands high in defeat but here is a leader who says that we shall perservere and marshalls his fellow citizens not to despair but to have hope for tomorrow. If you did not know, hope is the thing that you need to face tomorrow. Without it the heart soul spirit simply die off before tomorrow. For the avoidance of doubt, I do not think the underfives of this country are a viable alternative to Edgar Lungu otherwise I would have considered them positively.

  18. Selecting GBV as running mate, how can one ever even begin to think that Hh is a viable alternative to Lungu? How can you ever think that Hh loves Zambia when he has given us the possibility of “president GBV”?

  19. Great example for our kids and grand kids bwana Lungu – rename a university after a leader who spent years defending against accusations of grand corruption.

    • @Mzambia, if yu are talking about Levy plz give us a break. Tha fight against corruption Levy was purpoted to be doing was so selective. He only fought those he chose to. The fight against corruption was just political strategy to gain political mileage and we all know that.
      Further Membe hated Chiluba because he was not given a polical position he wanted and therefore was bent on destroying him.
      Moreover that London Judge its been reported that he is a corrupt feck and discredited

  20. This is just a ploy to get votes from Luapula. Leave Luapula university as as Luapula university. Just change your so called Jubilee city which may not take off and rename it after Kafupi or rename Simon Mwansa airport to Kafupi airport because that is really where Kafupi is known. But this business of renaming is not bringing any progress to Zambia. @Politicians must not monopolise society, I agree with your comments for both stadia and uni

  21. Chiliuba had disappointed me at so many levels despite his mult-party politics he brought to Zambia. Chiluba neglected Luapula a place we are all told he came from. the man never did any thing tangible in Luapula to leave his legacy, the only thing he did was to enrich his friends and HH as one of the beneficiary mafias. To me chiluba was useless with a lot of mafia scandals and he doesn’t need recognition.

  22. It is sad to notice that bloggers are hypocrites and propaganda supporters. Chiluba never brought democracy to Zambia. The true heroes of plural politics are the WINAS, Akashambatwa who whole handedly formed MMD while in Free State South Africa. Stop ignoring people who have made deserving contributions such as Baldwin Nkumbula, Emmanuel Kasonde, Mwanawasa who fought to remove the one part clause in the constitution. After the clause was removed that is when chiluba agreed to be part of the band wagon. What hypocrisy??? My Goodness.

  23. But they feared to face KK head on. You may create a penalty in the ninetieth minute of a cup final,but if you fear to kick the ball from the spot thinking of what may befall you if you miss it, the person who steps up to score the penalty will be the hero to be remembered in history books for helping the team lift the trophy.

  24. FTJ stands as the most corrupt president in Zambia’s history who was rightly found guilty for stealing from his people(See Panama Papers).It’s Rupiah Banda who has shielded him from facing justice in Zambia.We all know that RB and ECL are in bed together.It’s not surprising that “CRIMINALS ARE HONOURING CRIMINALS”

  25. Sakala- nyongo Jameson Chakolwa, honours another King of plunder.
    Taxpayers cash, & power is,really sweet!

  26. This University is being named after somebody who never even saw the inside of a University classroom. He only got a honorary degree which most people of honour are not granted.

  27. @Dominion. The fact that they formed a movement to challenge the one party constitution was an indication of substance and defiance to face Kaunda. Chiluba was not chairman of MMD. Neither did he come to join before the removal of the clause. He accepted the offer after knowing it was safe to do so. Be realistic. That is why Zambia is a state governed all along on lies and propaganda because you fail to appreciate the role that other people have made in the political circles. What a disgrace!!! Twisting history for the benefit of self glorification and alienating deserving citizens does not help. Lies and propaganda always backfire. Just like it has backfired in the face of your leaders upon hearing that Jacob Zuma and the Mandela family honoured King Lewanika for being a tactful…

  28. Zambians surprise me so much. The truth is Chiluba did more good than harm. Good move to honor him. Truth be told, i was always happy to watch my president speak at any international podium. I am sorry I do not feel the same with Lungu apart from some sense of feeling like i want to hide my nationality.

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