Thursday, May 30, 2024

Police raid UPND offices and pick up 10 party volunteers


UPND leader Halainde Hichilema addresses Bauleni residents
UPND leader Halainde Hichilema addresses Bauleni residents

Police in Lusaka in the early hours of this morning raided UPND Head Office and forcibly entered the offices and picked up staff and volunteers for questioning.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka confirmed that the raid is part of the PF Government’s persecution and abuse of the UPND.

Mr Katuka said entry to the offices was forcibly obtained and that UPND staff and volunteers at the centre were roughed up and taken in for questioning by police.

“It is unclear to us on what grounds this assault was conducted. This office is a regular party campaign centre, coordinating some of our outreach efforts to new and existing members in Lusaka and beyond. What was the suspicion and where is the evidence to suggest that there was any legitimate reason for the offensive? There must be clear grounds for such an assault, or can we no longer call ourselves a functioning democracy,” Mr Katuka said.

He said the PF’s destruction of Zambia’s political stability and the escalating violation of the basic rights of Zambians continue as it struggles to hold on to power at all costs.

“We will not be intimidated by such moves. We will continue to speak out against such injustices.”


    • Iwe Edgar Vodka Cockroach Chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu please we are tired of your stupidity and ba kolwe bakapokola why have you become so clueless and idI0tic.

    • lungu was looking for two things in that office, the 10 points plan by HH & GBM and the 10 points plan in 10mins by @Nostradamus for Canicus Banda,,,,
      Me, I advised Edgar Lungu to just humbly ask, instead robbing people, its a sin

    • Never leave any stone unturned in the name of political correctness. Smoke them out of their holes if need be

    • They had to take the staff away so that they could bug the premises. Mind what you say whilst in the building.

    • There are no sanctuary cities in Zambia for marauders. The blood of innocent Zambian murderera including GBV who did the despicable to the girl in Kafue will not find refuge anywhere from pursuit. Democracy does not insulate from criminal acts. The horrible video of the abused lady that hit the social media preciselt show that it was posted from this dungeon by someone on wanted list.

    • Who ever taught these thugs that democracy and freedom of political activism are insulators of criminality must have taken UPND for miserably desperate souls ready for any thing.

    • What is lungu playing at? We have a dictator in the making! He will be just like Mugabe if we don’t vote him out… Power in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing. It’s like give a five year old a loaded gun to play with… He must be stopped at all costs

    • The current PF administration is increasing losing credibility, even from people who may have been sympathetic to their cause in the beginning. Some of us wanted to be fair towards them, but the evidence is mounting supporting the accusation that they’re running a dirt campaign, aimed at intimidating the opposition. Obviously they’re behind these illegal raids, and secretive police operations, and that’s not good for a democracy. Did the police even have a probable cause, or a warrant to enter UPND offices? What did these 10 people do? And why do the police actions seem so one sided? We haven’t heard anything of them raiding any PF offices. That compels us to conclude that, most likely, they’re acting under direct orders from someone whose intent is to disadvantage, persecute and…

    • (Continued)… frustrate the opposition. And remember, not all of us who are condemning these actions are automatic supporters of UPND. Rather, we’re are patriotic Zambians who are concerned about the future of democracy in our country. We want to see peace in our country, and a free and fair election, so the will of the people can be allowed to prevail. Every concerned Zambian must put country first above partisan politics, endeavor to promote true democracy, and condemn any appearance of undemocratic practices.

    • Indictive 2016 Presidential elections results:

      Lusaka – UPND 65% ; PF 25% ; Other 10%
      Southern – UPND 80%; PF 18%; ;Other 2%
      Eastern – UPND 40%; PF 50%; Other 10 %
      Northern /Muchinga- UPND 55%; PF 30 %; Other 15 %
      Central – UPND 65 %; PF 25%; Other 10%
      Western – UPND 80%; PF 18%; Other 2%
      Luapula – UPND 75%; PF 20%; Other 5?
      North Western – UPND 50%; PF 50%
      Copperbelt – UPND 60%; PF 30%; Other 5%

      (Please note the poll is based on performance, good governance;, literacy level, poverty and wako ni wako)

  1. This election unless the USA, EU, AU, SADC, RUSSIA intervene is a sham ab initio.

    How can you campaign with state


    1. Central
    PF – 53, 462 | UPND – 68, 074

    2. Copperbelt
    PF – 201, 852 | UPND – 66, 666

    3. Lusaka
    PF – 178, 977 | UPND – 104, 178

    4. Western
    PF – 18, 265 | UPND – 93, 674

    5. North-Western
    PF – 13, 275 | UPND – 102, 292

    6. Northern
    PF – 94, 169 | UPND – 21, 287

    7. Luapula
    PF – 81, 289 | UPND – 10, 493

    8. Muchinga
    PF – 57, 291 | UPND – 7, 440

    9. Eastern
    PF – 88, 408 | UPND – 33, 882

    10. Southern
    PF – 20, 937 | UPND – 272,182

  3. Mr Katuka don’t think that by speaking first to the media then you are innocent…The President has no time for you cry babies who think the police cannot work independently…The Police had some information you are pretending not to know…

    • It is you criminals who are abetting criminality in your party by hiding in silly police searches. Zambians wake up and resist the devil otherwise this pf will finish you.

  4. Lungu is coward. I hope you read this – you are a coward. Why can’t you just tell the Zambians what you can do for them instead of busy fighting the political opponents. At this point, you should be focused on the problems of Zambia not HH, GBM or Fred. Please all well meaning Zambians remove this incompetent president.

    • Its you,CHE COWard,heading behind a false name in a suburb in foreign land,whats wise about you?in fact you wont even vote,SONTA.

  5. Invasion of privacy law: is the intrusion into the personal life of another, without just cause, which can give the person whose privacy has been invaded a right to bring a lawsuit for damages against the person or entity that intruded. Search warrant: a legal document authorizing a police officer or other official to enter and search premises, in this case if the police officers unlawfully invaded the property without probable cause or a search warrant then they are in the wrong. Right to private property: is the social-political principle that adult human beings may not be prohibited or prevented by anyone from acquiring, holding and trading (with willing parties) valued items not already owned by others. Such a right is, thus, unalienable and, if in fact justified, is supposed to enjoy…

  6. Such a right is, thus, unalienable and, if in fact justified, is supposed to enjoy respect and legal protection in a just human community. If our president thought things through at the time of planning, as a lawyer he should know this. In some places the law is, if someone breaks into your house/property with a gun: you can shoot them if you feel you are in danger of being killed or hurt because they are trespassing. The police need to be mindful of this including our lawyer president (if he’s a real lawyer that it).

  7. Lets not talk from without. Why is Lungu refusing an independent accounting firm to reconcile the figures? If more than one independent organizations says that the post owes that much then I would believe but this is not the case. The numbers are cooked and a ploy to stop the Post after they exposed him of trying to rig. This is what this is all about. You mean ZRA didn’t know the Post owed this much in 2015 or the begging of 2016? and Just suddenly decided to know 2 months before elections? or after Lungu was exposed trying to steal votes. Why refuse to get an independent opinion by KPMG. LUNGU IS EVIL AND MAY THE LORD ALMIGHTY PROTECT ZAMBIA AND REMOVE THIS INCOMPETENT PERSON. LUNGU IS SCARED OF LOSING AND KNOWS HE DOES NOT HAVE THE SUPPORT SO A COWARD WILL ALWAYS TRY TO USE INHUMANE…

    • Ignorance. This case was in court. The Supreme Court gave a ruling last month in favour of ZRA. This is what triggered this action. Research before you show your ignorance and partisan stand.

    • @ John Chinena

      Read relevant statutory provisions in relation to the appeal to TAT before, as usual, showing your inbred partisan 1mbecility

  8. This Tea car ra Kangaja got no integrity why been used like a condom mind you leaders come and go but the police profession will always be there, where is RB,Chiluba and Sata.

  9. One thing which is emerging is that instead of campaigning for votes Lungu has decided to frustrate and undermine HH’s popular campaigns. Lungu is now relying on his rigging machinery to steal the vote and retain power.Given that Lungu’s rigging script has been exposed he now desperate to put his rigging plans back on the rails. Time is probably not on Lungu’s side

  10. This entire election process is becoming a sham. The ‘free and fair’ elections isn’t only about the actual act of casting a vote. Rather it is in the process itself leading to the actual voting. So far we are witnessing a process riddled with intimidation, manipulation, violence and uneven playing field.

    Meanwhile here in Australia we are voting tomorrow in a civilised process where we have seen key players debate why their ideas are the best for the future of the country. And we just saw the Brits successfully conducting a referendum which led to the resignation announcement of a Prime Minister, again in civilised manner (bar one isolated incident).

    We are indeed a failed state!

  11. How i wish election were tomorow so that we kick out this drunkard of a man,i m tired of hearing this and that.God save us from this moron who has brought misery in our beautiful nation

    • Who are the “we”? If the elections were tomorrow, you would still lose you bunch of criminals. You have no shame to support criminals such as GBM, Mmembe, Miles, etc.

    • @12.1
      Ati Miles is a criminal lelo? Have some decency in you. just because he’s notnon your side doesn’t make him a rigue like PF. I’m not his fun, but he’s a great mind!

  12. The US,EU and UK intelligence are already on the ground PF watch out your end is near. Lungu must be arrested come August 15 ,2016 mark my word.

  13. Chivote vote chamu Zambia has brought problems. We should learn from this dictator not every person is suitable to be a kateka wachalo mwamona nomba mwema Zambians. We have brought problems upon ourselves. It is only God who can help us now.

  14. Is it really difficulty to understand this is the work of EL? Remember he summoned them to state house and warned them to take care of the opposition. He has already forgotten we are a democratic country. Indeed brutality should not be entertained regardless of the perpetrator. Lungu is just brewing something he will not be able to drink even if he is a chakolwa. I hope Zambians will not have to learn the hard way through this PF. PF and EL ar behaving like we are at war, I would not be surprised if these chaps declare a state of emergence in the country just to quash the election under the pretext of unconducive environment to hold elections.

  15. UPND must immediately relocate their party HQ to a secret place.Ensure that they don’t pass confidential information by cell phones.If need be,use secret codes.As the elections drwa closer,EH will become more desperate and desperation will lead him to do desperate things.

  16. Ecl he napoleon in animal farm n his dog police. Remember the wishes of the pipo will prevail

  17. I hurt this dirty game by police. Remember u r a professional body these come n go en when they go i am coming for ur ass kanganja n all ur minions

  18. Lungu has decided to take a high risk strategy which could backfire badly on him. U cannot rig openly and hope to get away with it. To attain legitimacy Lungu needs to rig these elections smartly and without alienating the International community. After elections the new govt will need some serious financial assistance from the likes of IMF

  19. Murderers now that the police is work you foul, you are hiding criminals at your offices just like the other criminal did who hide a rapist. Boma is working let them work do you think you are untouchable? That is why you have become so silly that you do not even respect the Govt. who do you think you are? Police keep it up, well done. Whether it is PF or UPND cage them the stupid *****s.

  20. HH sold mines what next if voted into power – he will sell the entire country, can’t you see he has already started negotiations with the donors that is why they are supporting him and Mumembe – Watch out, Zambia is on auction sale. Tafichila pali nali kwebele, before the entire Zambians becomes street adults.

    • Lungu is a convicted thief.
      We rather have someone who privatised then someone who is a convicted fraudster.

  21. In own your own demented mind your the clueless, constantly drunk Ecl has been an excellent president for your country than a better educated, economist Hh will make?
    You need Psychotherapy badly!

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