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Kalaba refutes reports that President Edgar Lungu snubbed a US envoy

Headlines Kalaba refutes reports that President Edgar Lungu snubbed a US envoy

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba

Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba has refuted reports that President Edgar Lungu has snubbed an envoy of United States of America President Barrack Obama.

Mr. Kalaba also says his Ministry has not received any formal complaint from the United States Embassy that President Lungu has snubbed the American envoy.

Mr. Kalaba was speaking in an interview with journalists at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport shortly before President Lungu’s departure for Uganda.

He said any diplomat who fails to access President Lungu is free to approach the Ministry of Foreign affairs to be scheduled to fit into the President’s programme.

Meanwhile Mr Kalaba says Zambia’s International Image is still intact despite the closure of the Post Newspaper.

He has reiterated that government did not influence the closure of the daily tabloid as the Zambia Revenue Authority -ZRA acted independently to enforce its obligation of collecting tax.


    • damn! kalaba has the hardest job in the world,,,, defending edgar, awe shuwa impossible!, Edgar is my friend or lets say my ex-friend, Edgar can say or do things you have never heard or seen when he is drunk, even insulting people who just bought him beer,,,,
      Kalaba should just say that he `ran` away from the US envoy because he was nursing a hangover on the day, that’s fair to say, he didn’t mean any harm,,, i know for sure that Edgar wants to check-in a rehab in USA after 11th august,,,, he cant do that to US people,,, please forgive him,,, it was the beers` fault

    • Why do foreign embassies (especially American and European) in Zambia think that any Govt official from their particular Country who shows up in Zambia has the right to meet the republican President? They all seem to have this annoying and condescending attitude towards other countries’ (especially poor ones) governing structures and systems.

      WAS THIE AMERICAN ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE SPECIFICALLY SENT BY PRESIDENT OBAMA TO DELIVER A MESSAGE TO PRESIDENT LUNGU? If not, why does the American Ambassador feel the President was supposed to drop everything on his schedule so he can meet this woman? Didn’t she meet her counterpart at the Foreign Ministry, Mr. Kalaba? And if Mr. Schultz felt the need for his visiting Govt official to meet the President for specific reasons, he should…

    • Continue….

      And if Mr. Schultz felt the need for his visiting Govt official to meet the President for specific reasons, he should have made arrangements for that, just like what Mr. Kalaba has advised here. I am sure this wasn’t an emergency visit, Mr. Schultz must have known in advance she was coming and should have made arrangements in order for the President’s own schedule handlers to factor her in. It is very DISRESPECTFUL to expect a whole President (third world Country or not) to BEND THEIR SCHEDULE just so they can meet some JUNIOR Western Country’s Govt official on a routine visit. The way of doing things these same diplomats can’t tolerate in their own countries!

    • Kikikikikikikiki. America could have acted against the government a long time ago………CIA knows Membe is just acting up.

    • khikikiki…[email protected] Ba Sebenza….Kalaba is such a wanker….He should just go and wank his azz instead of supporting such a mediocre guy like drunkmaster one giraffe Lungu

    • A month to elections and these clowns are stick clinging on illegally to ministrial posts and stealing from taxpayers!!

    • @Ndobo, to me Edgar will always be friend even if we vote him out next month.
      I don’t see anything wrong about Edgar when is drunk. But when sober maweeee… Remember in Kawambwa he was saying contrary to that TP mazembe’s Kalaba is defending him.Kalaba is now a defender.

    • As usual lol, it is not surprising that Kalaba & PF have refuted the facts of the same, as always visionless PF bandits breath, talk & walk lies!
      PF is allergic to reality & very addicted to lies. Violence is their food, even the word economy is non existent in PF vocabulary of slogans.
      PF’s short legged Donchi Kubeba maladies now turned into Dununa syndrome of pathological lies have been caught!
      35 days left for visionless Lungu & PF violent bandits to be kicked out of power. Come what may, on 11~8 its Forsake PF & Forward UPND.
      Viva HH, Viva!
      The Skeleton Key
      Dununa PF & Dununa Lungu.

    • The issue of Closing ‘THE POST’ is depressing to every meaningful Zambia. How would GOVT champion to close the POST just because they are behind in tax payments. The POST is owned by a Zambian who has created employment to so many. can’t the PF GOVT see that surely? Can’t they give room for the POST to start making payments in instalments than resorting to closure of the POST?. GOVT itself is a failure in a lot of things, who has resorted to closing them. they owe loads to suppliers such as ZESCO, TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICE PROVIDERS ,etc etc….the list is far beyond the expectations. This is why the international agencies are finding this to be dirty politics from the failing PF GOVT. Please the GOVT should know that it is their duty to encourage the locals to invest in their own…


  1. US Ambassador Shultz – is campaigning for HH.

    There was no need for Shultz to make that statement that she was snubbed. It was cheap.

    Shultz must know that there is a protocol used to make an appointment with a president. You don’t just turn up on a 24 hrs notice.

    Can the USA prove that she was a nabbed.

    • These people are not dull like kalaba, that’s being very cheap by trying to say the US ambassador was lying these guys are just creating problems for us by behaving unprofessional

    • @Jack, shut up please! How is Kaaba lying if he does not have the purported complaint letter Schulz was talking about? If this letter was directly sent to State House, this show again the arrogance of some of these foreign Ambassadors accredit to Zambia. Because the right protocol was for the for the American foreign embassy in Zambia, through ambassador Schultz, to get in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which Mr. Kalaba heads, and resolve this issue at that level. This issue should even rise to the level of Vice President, let alone the Republican President. What’s up with your inferiority complexes be mammals I’m? She was ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE, not the President of America, please!!!

    • @yambayamba if kalaba is not lying then the american ambassador is lying? Somebody has to be lying and without any proof either way its 50/50 so dont claim to know it all please.

    • @gogo, neither of them need not be lying. The most likely scenario is that the ambassador sent his complaint letter directly to State House which, like I have already pointed out, is the wrong protocol to follow. In this situation the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was supposed to be the right starting point.

      So you can’t fault Mr. Kalaba and call him a liar if intact ambassador Schultz never addressed the letter to his Ministry. And this is where these foreign ambassadors get it all wrong and in the process appear arrogant and condescending. NOTHING ABOUT KNOWING IT ALL, BUT THIS IS JUST COMMON SENSE!

    • @yamba yes if its true that the letter was indeed sent to the state house directly instead of ministry, then I agree that its not proper protocol.

    • Let Chagwa ask what happened to Idi Amin and Gadafi if he thinks he is too porwerful with outdated jets and military tanks.Chagwa si ziko yanyoko Zambia.Sela we fix the economy insala temunobe.

    • @ all PF 1mbeciles above

      Before making partisan comments, inform yourself about diplomatic protocol.

  2. Excellent work Kalaba and Lungu. The US is nothing but just a country that thrives on causing confusion and wars around the world. To hell with US, we don’t need your advice you terrorists.

    • What is The Beast, Scarface Kalaba, sabailaling about? Chakolwa should have shown solidarity with the first, and probably last, African – American President’s envoy to him. The envoy also happened to be a lady African – American. We may not like Americans but some racial solidarity and respect is necessary (Mandela gave a whole lecture to George Bush and Tony Blair on this when they disregarded the UN when it was led by Kofi Annan). Knowing easterners and their muzungu anikonde attitude, Chakolwa would have gotten out of bed in the middle of the night if the envoy was white and from a white American President.

  3. She mate the Foreign Affairs Minister. It was good enough in her capacity.

    Worse more she jumped on the band wagon to preach that Mmembe was beaten. When it’s not true.

    We are waiting for Mmembe to sue the police for beating him up and his estranged ex wife.

    • @xfactor,
      LOL- mune iwe leka walatukana ba mukabene. How does mating with the Foreign Affairs Minister become “good enough in her capacity”?

  4. Just wait for the consequences when we stop feeding you with our Dollar, Muzanya manzi.
    Since when did you beggars begin to be arrogant?

    • Then we shall learn how to depends on ourselves! What is so difficult for African to learn to be self-dependent?

    • @ Kabu,

      Talk is cheap. Song of self-independence has been played for more than 50 years, and yet, even production of toothpicks is beyond our industrial capacity.

  5. If Mmembe was beaten, by this time he could have sued the police for $ million of dollars. To counter claim his case.

    He just needs to pay. Enough of this crying game, looking for Global Sympathisers

    Sata wrote off K16m of taxes owed without due diligence. That K16m too he must paid back

    This is why Mmembe is pompous. He has failed to buy Edgar’soul.

    If Lungu was to write off the taxes. Today Mmembe would be praising Lungu and calling HH a tribalist

  6. What do you expect Kalaba to say? I thot that is his job to do damage control on any diplomatic mishap by his superiors and team or else a tonne of bricks might just fall on him. Epo aliilanao bane.

  7. Which court can accept his suing and rule in his favour in this day when we have stooges in court? Time will tell, balekeni nabo baliile. But you know how impunity has cript into all government wings just to please one ‘god’?

  8. Iwe Edgar Hangover Chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu knew he will be quizzed with difficulty question and he decided to hide.

  9. He has gone to Uganada to promote the export of some of the hot selling libido boosters he uses such as Mwana Apeluke, Pwanya Chinena, Pwanya Nini, Kafupa and Congo Dust

  10. Kalaba’s body language confirms he is lying. There is no reason why the Americans would lodge an official complaint if they were not snubbed. Lungu’s govt and his illegal Ministers is thoroughly discredited and the Zambian public knows Lungu has a lot to hide. We know that violence is being instigated and financed from State House. All the election plans are being spearheaded and executed from State House. Lungu is a hypocrite who knows that he cant win a clean election in August 2016. Lungu is not effectively campaigning and relying on his rigging machinery. If Lungu’s rigging manoeuvres fail he will be dead meat. It is difficult to rig this election 100% and assume Zambians will accept the result. If Lungu is not careful he is on his way to the Hague for committing crimes against…

  11. Assistant secretary should just meet one of the deputy directors @ MoFA. If the ka same woman meets H.E then Obama will meet who?

  12. UPND thrive on bad news. Unfortunately there is not enough of it lately so they have to.manufucture the bad news even by breaking a lady’s arm.


  14. All those who believe that a US Assistant Secretary of State can commence a tour or visit without prior notifications and appointments should not be ashamed to repeat Grade 7 so that they may be better citizens in future.

  15. He has gone to Uganada to promote the export of some of the hot selling libido boosters he uses such as Mwana Apeluke, Pwanya Chinena, Pwanya Nini, Kafupa and Congo Dust

  16. How can there be free elections when Lungu militia is killing, maiming and brutalising opposition?

    Today places like Chawama are death traps for opposition under command of Lungu militia thugs. Police cannot rescue any opposition being beaten and killed in Kanyama or Matero.

    Why hold a sham election?? Zambia under Lungu is same as Mugabe and Mu7 dictatorship


    • Thats a UPND POLITICAL WETDREAM my friend. This election has just been lost by UPND again !

  18. Diplomatic Protocol required the USA official meets Lungu on request and this meeting was denied. Mr Schultz Ambassador of USA to Zambia confirmed this much and lodged an official complaint in terms of diplomatic protocol. Lungu refused to meet Linda Thomas becoz he knew she was going to raise issues to do with violence and suspected rigging of elections. Lungu refused to meet her confirming that his office is perpetrating violence at night while preaching peace during the day. Lungu did not want to discuss rigging of elections becoz that is what he is doing. Lungu forgets that Zambia will need the USA after the Polls. Lungu is not only a hypocrite but a shortsighted liar. Kalaba is lying thru his teeth on behalf of Lungu. Lungu must fall. Viva HH,GBM andUPND.

  19. Dont cheapen our Presidency imwe fi UPND ( Under The Cartel Rule). African presidents go to the US and rarely get lucky to even meet the Mayor of New York. So you want our President to jump simply because some clerk has come from the US ? Get real you Tongas thats why Bembas have been tasked to pump sense in your cattleheads !

    • Dununa reverse Zambia is a weak country very poor with sick drunkard as its president ,but endowed with rich soils , minerals and water which HH wants to fix.For its DUNUNA FOWARD.Mpaka litente litulike.Alaisa Alaisa driver

    • Some people live in a bubble thinking that we are all equal, thats the furthest thing from the truth. If a millionaire with a fat bank account shows up at the bank, the bank president waits for him and offers him lunch or tea etc. You and I we wait in line and meet a teller who maybe having a bad day and throws us our little change. Thats how society works. No the us president has no time to wait for the arrival of the president of togo but the same can’t be said vice versa.

    • @ Dununa Reverse

      “…our Presidency…” has been “…cheapen…” the moment CONVICTED EMBEZZLER was sworn!!!
      You do not fill ashamed to say that your president has been CONVICTED?

  20. We need a mask to mask Kalaba’s scary face!! It’s like he wants to act Dracula and the chap is as dull as his face shows it.

  21. Kalaba alalaba.
    Forgive him. But it is too late for his face saver.
    Should have responded just there.

  22. The Clerk man from USA should have made an appointment to meet president Lungu as we do in USA when we go there. Further, I get surprised at him complaining that ECL did not meet him when she was busy poking her nose in the Zambian internal affairs. Shame on him. Kalaba well said man, these guys must start knowing that in the same way they want us to follow protocol even them they have to follow it whenever they are in Zambia.

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