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Lusaka prepares for the launch of luxury solar-powered housing development-Inseko Park(Updated)



A new luxury residential estate development in Lusaka is set to offer a fresh new lifestyle choice for the discerning resident in Zambia.

Inseko Park, the flagship property development by Lusaka-based Sishima Property Ltd, is a gated community located in the trendy and fashionable neighbourhood of New Kasama, in eastern Lusaka, with the city centre, schools, shopping malls, airports and Lusaka National Park all a short drive away.

Inseko Park offers a unique real estate opportunity in a dynamic and exciting market. The development has been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, with homes being powered largely by solar power. Award-winning South African architects Bentel Associates International have created the upscale, modern designs.

Inseko Park recently launched off plan sales, with a view to start construction in late-2016.

A spokesperson for Sishima Property Ltd, the developers behind Inseko Park, said:

“The sun is an incredible resource, and it’s one that we should be making the most of when it comes to powering our homes. The properties that we are developing at Inseko Park are unique, as they are able to provide many families with luxury housing whilst also taking environmentalism into account.”

Located in the south of Zambia, and with a population of approximately 1.8 million, Lusaka is one the fastest growing metropolitan centres in the world – UN forecasts suggest that the population of Lusaka will double between 2010 and 2025. Continued investment in infrastructure, especially in roads and power generation, has encouraged the growth of the real estate market, and the movement of employment to the eastern part of Lusaka will continue to have a significant impact on the direction of growth. Property in Zambia is entering an interesting phase, with demand for 300,000 new homes per year but a delivery schedule not yet reaching 30,000.


  • New Kasama lies:
    Approximately 20km from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
  • 10km from Lusaka city centre.
  • The American International School is just 2km away.

Recently opened by President Edgar Lungu, Lusaka National Park is directly behind the location.
The new Lusaka Multi Facility Economic Zone lies nearby.
The nearest shopping mall is Crossroads Mall, approximately 5km away.



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    • Some Zambians will vote for PF, thinking this fantasy is yet another PF project, another dream Mongu stadium.
      I know so many foolish Zambians who even go to embassy to pay for land in Zambia.
      Dream on in Utopia New Kasama.
      $300.000 you can buy big farm in Mumba.
      Imagine if you had $300,000 and want to do business with GBM…
      $300,000 you can be 2nd best customer of HH beef.
      Dreamers will want to give a RB crook’ a $300,000 to buy an utopia flat.

  1. Ati going prices range from $300,000? Only the elite in our society especially those corrupt leaders like the GBMs of this world can afford such prices.

  2. Imwe naimwe,Inseko kwisa?This is a dead project.Wait untill after Aug 11,then you ll know what i meant.These are PF cadres based in South Africa dreaming together with Emmanuel Mwamba.These guys have no Money but instead depend on government stealing & corruption.They are hoping the PF wins and then they ll be rewarded heavily to channel their profits into this project.Its South African based Zambian thieves just day dreaming.Such a multi-million dollar project is not as easy to construct as it is to draw.Any technique drawer from high school can draw such a painting,you dont need an architect to charge you K100,000 just for a drawing.These are pure PF cadres who want to create their own city.

    • Why are you releasing confidential information? When MMD was in power, you people made money and we watched. Now, you can’t let us make money. Why? Leave us alone.

  3. And who can afford those prices in Zambia? Who are we catering to because it’s not the average Zambian. South Africa has seen how Zambians love to show off and targeting the rich who have stolen government money. Take the very project and higher your own Zambian engineers and architectures to do the same. Is there not a solar project which is to come in effect? Don’t be wowed that easily because this being used to show development before the elections. It will be a thing of the past after August 11, 2016. Don’t be lied to and don’t be duped so easily. Would we not have the airport they once advertised before this project?

  4. Kaunda Square marketeers are still waiting for their shelter to be built before the rain season.. people buy food from threwn garbage heaps.

  5. It will never happen in the near future that Zambians can live in such accomodations only protected by picket fences, that is a far dream!!!!!!!!

  6. Mwenya****** is a Medical Doctor by profession,How she abandoned saving people’s lives in medicine-i dont know.From Medicine to Civil engineering-building houses.The two are way too wide apart and dont meet or agree in at all.Not in any form.Human body and Bricks?She seems to have be been an opportunistic PF cadre jumped from one ship to another.She thinks Esther Lungu will reward her with Solar Power generation tenders that we expect from the World Bank and then claim to be wellwisher to Esther Lungu,when infact they are Business Partners.These Inseko park belongs to her and Esther Lungu and they will use government money to fund this project.These are the assets Lungu added when filing in nominations.

  7. Has National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) or GRZ invested in this..if this is a Private sector investment I hope LT is getting paid for advertising!!

  8. With $300000, I would rather buy a beach house in Balitos on the northern coast of Durban than waste it in an area with no running water, no sewer lines, no paved roads, no street lights, the list in endless

  9. It is too expensive for the
    Poor Zambians. I can’t buy such an expensive house with people living above or below me. Also there is no yard. Where are my kids going to play? Where is my garden going to be?

  10. For those who can afford , fine.

    Solar power needs be introduced in our rural areas. It should every district commissioners and Mayor’s dream for their locals.

  11. The company Sishima Property Ltd is co-owned by Ester Lungu and Mwenya *****.I exposed them yesterday and they have removed the web page on their site which had this Mwenya and Esther Lungu pictured together.And Lusaka Times has removed my messages here i wrote about the same where i even provided the link to exactly that site.This is a PF cadre property site,by Die-hard PF cadres.Only PF cadres will be alllowed to buy land here.They wont have to buy it anyway because they ll just use Government funds to develop this site.Cos clearly this pure day dreaming,in a country like Zambia,to build a property like this?Where is the money coming from?Road contracts,Zesco,Eurobond money,etc you name it.

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