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Zambia’s voters roll is seriously compromised-UPND

Headlines Zambia’s voters roll is seriously compromised-UPND

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katunka(c) having an interview with the Journalists immediately after the briefing of Aspiring Presidential Candidates,Running mates and their Agents at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka
UPND Secretary General Stephen Katunka(c) having an interview with
the Journalists immediately after the briefing of Aspiring
Presidential Candidates,Running mates and their Agents at
Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka

The opposition UPND has charged that revelations in the Post Newspaper concerning the registration of foreign nationals as voters clears shows that the voters register is seriously compromised.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Kakuta said the evidence presented in the exposé shows that that there is little doubt remaining that serious attempts to manipulate the outcome of the upcoming 11th August elections are underway.
Mr Kakuta said the Electoral Commission of Zambia must now take quick and urgent action to remedy this abuse if elections are to go ahead with any shred of legitimacy.

“We call on all well-meaning citizens, civil society groups, the Church and the international community to press the ECZ for action and to support them in resolving the gross distortions that have been revealed to reside within the Register of Voters,” Mr Kakuta said.

He said the Post article clearly shows how countless foreign nationals, residing along the border areas, have been found in possession of green Zambian National Registration Cards (NRCs) and Voters Cards issued in the recent registration process.

He said investigations by agents along the Malawian and Tanzanian borders have uncovered hundreds of cards already.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is clear that the voter registration process has been very seriously undermined. This is the kind of outright attempt to alter the result of the elections that we have been raising concerns about for some time now, but no action has been taken,” he said.

“Following the recent voter verification phase, in which a number of specific concerns were raised, it became clear that the prospects for free, fair and credible elections would depend heavily on the so-called independent audit of the Voters’ Register.”

He added, “Yet, as we have alluded to before, there are grave concerns regarding the credibility of the two Kenyan consultants that have been contracted to conduct the audit, with reports in the Kenyan media alleging that one of the consultants had previously been fired from his role at the Kenyan Electoral Commission for gross indiscipline and impropriety.”
Mr Kakuta said the UPND has been attending all the ECZ stakeholders meetings where the issue of foreign voters has been consistently brought up saying that at every stage the ECZ has pushed back and asked those with evidence to provide proof.

“At the recent ECZ stakeholders meeting by the “independent auditors” tasked to audit the Voters’ Register we were assured that there were no foreign voters registered. The ECZ is expected to hold another stakeholders meeting to present the final independent auditors report shortly.”

He said the integrity of the independent auditors is now completely undermined, and by extension the integrity of ECZ.
“With little over five weeks to go, the ECZ together with the Department of Passports, Citizens and National Registration must take urgent and comprehensive action to rid the Register of Voters of these distortions, or face the prospect of highly dubious elections on 11th August, the outcome of which will be disputed on the basis of these same unreliable documents.”

More alleged foreign voters as published by the Post  Newspapers
More alleged foreign voters as published by the Post Newspapers

A copy of alleged foreign voters released by the Post  Newspapers
A copy of alleged foreign voters released by the Post Newspapers

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  1. This is really sad. On one hand Mr Lungu says he worships God very much on the other hand he does under hand deals to steal from Zambians the ability to have a free election. This is wrong and every Zambian should condemn this action.
    Sometimes we act as though on this earth we will live for every yet in no time soon or near soon we will all die. Please let our generation leave a good legacy behind.

    • Who do you expect to wake up on election day and go vote when you have been daily telling them that you are just wasting your money and time as opponents have already won. This is must be politics of the Amateur in Chief synonymous with the under age. President Sata though you called him brainless Ukwa, he was very right about the under age in politics.

    • Ba senior citizen,
      You should shut up. You are one of the political prostitutes we have on Lusaka times. We know that somehow you are benefiting in some embassy in USA. You used to denounce Sata and PF before 2011 elections together with your fellow prostitute MMD chief bootlicker. today PF policies are nice. You fulish man without a proper mind. glow up

    • You just campaign baba those tricks of crying for sympathy will not work. Those friend of yours if they were serious they should have just taken those names to ECZ and ask them to remove the names and the process of legal and formal way of removing them was going to start.

      In any case it does not mean that everybody living along the border is not foreign, what sort of thinking is this?

    • @ House Fly, no wonder you are a house bug. Lungu is a consensus leader of choice even sole losers like you if with common sense and liberated mind from your sectarian courses would rally behind him. Tell me who is a unifying, consensus leader, a grassroot leader of women rights children and the common man in trenches of life? It’s Lungu not the GBV Chiefs. Mine my blogging since September 2014, you will see a trove of my pitch for Lungu from acrimony time to his candidacy in Decision 2015. Rational actors have the conscious to identify a true leader.


    • @ Senior fimofimo
      You are a FOOOOl and stupidy *****Y. You are just so full of yourself. What consensus leader of choice can Lungu be? When he has failed to tame his cadres who have terrorized innocent citizens ever since Sata died. It seems without PF you can not survive. Get a life and stop depending on politics. Govts come and go and this is the end of Lungu.

    • I think its time to put up or shut up by UPND. You can not go on crying about the election process throughout the campaigns and still participate. if the system is that rigged then either ask for a postponement to sort out those problems or participate and stop creating unnecessary tension in the country. Its going to be difficult to legitimise UPND if they win based on a system they have called compromised.

    • Iwe Fullish senior Citizen,
      I am not voting so I am non partisan. You supported Rupiah tooth and nail, and despised the policies of PF. Posting every bad cannon of words against PF. Today you are singing songs of praise for the PF, just shows how an as’s you are honestly. You are of unstable mind, a typical Zambian politician behavior a political b!tch

    • Is UPND assuming that all these so called foreigners on voters roll (if at all they even exist) will all Vote for PF/Lungu? I do understand the fact that even one foreigner on the voters roll is one foreigner too many. But to insinuate that the PF/Edgar is somehow responsible for this and therefore these people/”foreigners” are all inclined to vote for PF/Edgar, is really the worst kind of electoral DESPERATION and DEFEATISM!!

      And one thing UPND/The Post have to be careful about is NOT to try and label Zambian citizens who happen to come from or live in any of the border areas of Zambia but temporary residing in the neighbouring country, as foreigners. We have to be mindful of the fact that there is a lot of fluidity in the movement and living situations of people/citizens in these…

    • Under 5 politicians, when are you going to grow up? The ECZ does not issue NRC’s. It registers people with NRCs to be voters. And the Post is a discredited newspaper…that cannot be relied upon. If UPND is not confident in these elections, they should just quit instead of raising false alarms at every opportunity.

    • Under 5 politics…ilyashi lya mutolo webo HH na UPND…wapona ama electioni 17 times/hr…5 times ukupona cabe, kwati ni Sailoshi. …Bola naikosa… UPND ili mu cibe…! Kalusa tenga ikwele…duduna reverse!

  2. You boycott since your inconsistency has already deflated the hope of your followers that you are losers. You will neither be the first nor last ones to boycott and wait for 2021 as UNIP long set a good precedence in 1996. As it were, we will still have Zambia. The country’s democracy cannot and should never be held at ransom by sole losers daily whinnying.

    • Just shut up! You have no personal morals. What a flibbertigibbet character.

      When you were eating with MMD you praised them and that now you are eating with PF from the USA embassy like a straw you are in character you are praising PF.

      You principle-less and spineless character.

  3. UPND is running out of ideas for sure. During voter verification you were asked to forward to ECZ all those names that you suspected to be fake did you do that? You sat quietly and now three weeks after the programme finished you start crying? Dununa Reverse or what?

    By the way are you saying that people in border areas are only found in Eastern and Northern parts of Zambia? Yet there were reports of suspected UPND officials enlisting people in Western Province did others cry? They just reported the matter to Police, but you are busy just making noise. Just campaign bwana, the ground is turning green all over I think that is why you are full of fear of the lost game.

    • It is on record that UPND was challenged by ECZ to produce evidence on this issue. Time after time they have failed.

      Now that Mmembe has fabricated these names – we have a national cry.

      UPND has run out of ideas. They are just fishing to find excuses to blame for their loss in August.

      1. On record !
      Siakalima said we will win even if the constitution needs ( 80 + 1)

      2. On record!
      HH said I DON’T win because UPND (talk the talk) but don’t turn up on election day.

      3. On record!
      GBM said UPND cannot win on its own. It needs to merge with another political party. He has assessed and seen the reality.

      4. On record!
      UPND cried and accused Lungu to be behind the Dubai Ballot Printing. They cried the RIGGING GAME. Only to make a U-Turn and on Dubai.

    • I like the Post. A paper that indeed digs deeper.

      It is because of the Post’s investigative and data journalism that Lungu closed the Post but in vain as more bombshell are expected.

      I like the way the Post engages in the process of researching and telling factual stories of PF electoral fraud.

      Well done to the Post the voice of the voiceless. Whether you like it or not the Post has been and will be in forefront in facilitating change through its investigative reporters are behind many of the reforms that we see today in Zambia.

      We thank the Post for the knowledge and well-documented resource of compromised voters’ register made widely available for all Zambians to see. Good investigative and research skills, determination, and a keen sense of skepticism are all…

    • The Post, the paper that lies all the time. They are fraudsters, haven’t paid taxes over the years and you expect them to exhibit any form of integrity in their reporting?

    • Iwe Dr. Choolwe Beyani (aka Sara),

      You can hallucinate as much as you want, UPND is destined to the dustbin of history. I now understand why it took you so many years to complete your PhD.

  4. There is no doubt that as soon as Lungu became President he started planning on how to win re-election in 2016. One of the rigging ways was to register foreigners in the border areas on the Zambian Voters Roll. With 5wks to go b4 Polling Day what can be done to delete names of foreigners from the Voters Roll? If names cannot be deleted what can be done to stop suspected foreigners from voting? Have these foreigners been bought by PF? Will sending messages to foreigners warning them not to vote be sufficient to discourage them from voting? Genuine Zambian voters in border areas should perform a policing role to stop suspected foreign voters from voting. ECZ should put up posters and radio messages discouraging such foreigners from voting. PF want these foreigners to vote for Lungu so that…

    • Indeed Zambia has been Dununad Reverse. Everything Under Lungu Is in reverse Gear. That song really fits Lungu. Dununa reverse!!!

  5. So it is only eastern part of Zambia which has borders so that they can register as Zambians and voters? What about southern? Western? If this post news guys where to be truthful about there reports they could have checked all the corners of Zambia not only one part of the country. Do not trust them and opposition parties are just cry babies looking for excuses shame on you who only wish for bad things in our country.

    • I totally agree with you. In todays Post, UPND claims that civil servants are being recruited to rig polls. It is common knowledge that elections are run by civil servants like Teachers.

  6. Well there is information from UPND cadres that UPND has also been facilitating the registration of Zimbabweans in Southern Province and Angolans in Northwestern Province so that they vote. The same cadres have actually been saying UPND is the one that started this with the 2015 elections. It is indeed sad for our country!!!

  7. In an election like ours marred with accusations and counter-accusations, it is interesting to note that from the time The Post has been submitting proof of illegal voters, neither the Police nor Dept of Home Affairs, have proved conclusively that the voters cards from Mwami in Eastern Province, nor the current list provided, including the allegations of foreign voters in Western province, are either false or valid claims. The best that ECZ keeps blurting out is “We are not the responsible authority to issue or verify NRCs”. If these are under five cry baby claims, well then, it should be so simple to disprove and shut up the UPND toddlers, shouldn’t it? These disclosures will keep being supplied by many civil servants who believe in our country. Thanks Post and Forward ever HH!

  8. As soon as Lungu rigged the Presidential by-election in Jan 2015 he embarked on a mission to win main elections in 2016. Lungu knew he couldn’t win thru clean elections. He set out to rig the upcoming elections at various levels. These are voter registration, ballot printing, voters roll manipulation , counting and tabulation and announcing the election results. Lungu is rigging these elections at all these levels. So we have to remain vigilant. We have just learnt that to sabotage country wide shutdown and stay away strike, the Zimbabwe govt has switched off WhatsUp application. We should expect Lungu to do the same on the Polling Day. Lungu will cook a win and quickly declare himself a winner and sworn in as new President. That is the reason why Lungu has kept his illegal Ministers in…

  9. Desperate times for under five UPND. Balenya shiki elyo tabala vota. Kikkkkkki. It is interesting to know that UPND is now brainwashed and have completely run out of ideas. You are losing baba!!!!

  10. We shall not continue with kind of mediocrity in Zambia.We in UPND security team we shall insure that the named person listed by the post are traced and that non of them will vote.If it means instant justice we shall pounce on them.The rule of the law in Zambia is dead it will be the rule of the jangle now.Enough is enough this is not Zimbabwe.

  11. @senior citizen your hatred has blinded your thinking. Why don’t you articulate the issues raised by the post? Your personal attacks makes you lose respect from many. I am sure you can do better than this.

  12. we push the elections to another time then and allow UPND to verify the voters register… isn’t it that we can access the votes register? if it is then interested parties should obtain a copy and visit each individual door to door so that their fears can be removed….

  13. post newspapers & mmembe are frustrated creatures & that’s the only way they can remain relevant by cooking stories

  14. As the Electoral Commission of Zambia verify those purported “foreigners “on the voter’s register they can also verify those purported “underage children “on the voter’s register so that we can have a holistic approach to this “perceived problem “…But in my opinion the best is for each party to campaign and sell it’s message to the electorates by appealing to them and not forcing them to vote for either party…

  15. And these fools have the audacity to ask for evidence. What more evidence are you *****s asking for? Is not the list of names of Malawians and Tanzanians registered with ECZ not enough evidence of rigging? If you are popular as you claim, why not let the Zambians elect you? Why even hire image builders and Timor “insultants?”

  16. What Lungu is doing has all the hallmarks of Zimbabwe. If we Zambians don’t stop Lungu in his rigging tracks Zambia with Lungu at the helm will become a failed state like Zimbabwe. Lungu has borrowed election rigging tactics from Uganda and Zimbabwe. That is why Zambia is experiencing such unprecedented levels of violence and lawlessness. If we don’t stop Lungu in stealing our votes then our future is doomed. The only way for us is to turn out in massive numbers to vote for HH and get rid of this thug President. There is no way Lungu can rig a 75% Voter turn out.

  17. I find it difficult to accept such allegations. The Zambian citizen should be to blame for allowing such in the first place. Concentrate on campaigns and not on this frivolous issue. How many are they compared to the citizens? Worse still visit them and buy them off. In short this is not an excuse worth my ear.


  19. The capital crime of treason extends to any action intended to compromise the integrity and normal administration of the nation. Importing foreigners to influence the course of elections is one such act which qualifies as trason.
    Asking an individual to provide proof of a crime is infantile. The State and Government have adequate institutions and machinery to deal with threats to its integrity. It is sufficient for a citizen to raise an alarm to the the authorities. The army, airforce, police, intelligence, executive , judiciary and parliament should all have been moved by the reports of the invasion by aliens to influence the course of governance in Zambia. Their reaction clearly shows complicity in the commission of this very serious crime.

  20. The under 5 HH UPND at it again. Cry babes they are. How come borders are only in Eastern and Northern provinces? What about those in Western , Southern and Northwestern? Really time of desperation call for desperate cries from the under 5s. Shame on you all shaaa.


  22. Do not just campaign but also check the valid of these voters. What I know is that these guys are campaigning. But managing an election is not just about campaigning you also need to check on other things. Please keep it up checking. ECZ is also denying responsibility. But home affairs who issue NRCS are not helping. It is so difficult for a Zambian to obtain or replace an NRC but so easy for such a big number of foreigners to obtain NRCS. This means some one is facilitating – if some one is facilitating then those with power should be involved. Otherwise if it were the opposition, they would have easily nabbed them.

  23. Did the lying POST visit and talk to people in border areas to find out when these individuals obtained their NRCs?

  24. I can see that the majority of the people commenting here don’t understand the damage colonialism has done to the world and Africa in particular. If you have lived in any of our border towns, some residents have identity papers for both countries for convenience and you will find one family that had some family members citizens on one country while the other family members were citizens of the other country. In villages border towns, there are no passport controls. Your village could be in Zambia, the health centre is in Congo, school in Zambia, market in no mans lands etc. The post are just been simplistic.

  25. We also have Chiefs whose chiefdoms span two or three countries like Mwata Kazembe, Chietainess Nawaitwika, Chief Mberwa of the Tumbuka in Malawi. How do the Chiefs and Retainers criss-cross the borders? Do they have residency papers for both/all the countries?? Besides, are all “foreigners” going to vote for the ruling party?? When I was in Lubumbashi Congo, I met a young man who lives there but frequents comes to do business in Zambia. The boy’s mother lives in Lusaka and is Zambian while the boy is Congolese but also has Zambian papers easy movement. And now dual citizenship is allowed. Do you consider a dual citizen a foreigner???

  26. When corruption has grown to alarming levels, those that practice it become so twisted minded & debased to extent that their ability to distinguish between right & wrong collapses. They not only publicly practice corruption but they vehemently defend it, just as prostitutes do, they used to hide themselves when they started, but when the priotitution as grown they be come mentally damaged that they begin to behave publicly like dogs. Corruption like prostitution they all need deliverance from Jesus. The likes of @ sinior citizen, tend to act like junior & stupid citizens like kudos

  27. Since it been proved that those voters are foreigners they should be erased from our voters roll,period

  28. I have looked at the purported list of voters in the Post. The Post (Mmembe) is known for manipulating presidents, twisting the truth, fraud including tax evasion involving K53m, telling lies and many other white collar crimes. Not forgetting the infamous defrauding DBZ of K15bn over Zambian airways and later claiming that its their company which borrowed not themselves, can a company borrow money without the indivodual owners plamning and signing the fraud papers? Is a company a human being to negotiate loans? Coming back to the so calked foreigners, does UPND know the country that it wants to rule? Have they gone to Nakonde and other border villages? Do they know that Chieftainness Nawaitwika rules over Zambias and Tanzanians at Nakonde? Do they know that Gawa Undi rules citizens of…

  29. Do they know that Chieftainness Nawaitwika rules over Zambians and Tanzanians at Nakonde? Do they know that Gawa Undi rules citizens of Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique and thay he does not even know how many are citizens if which country? Looking at the names on the list those are pure Zambians: Nachilima, Banda, Phiri, Simukoko, Nampungwe, Nambeya, Mavuto. Does the Post and UPND want to disenfranchise those poor villagers by calling them foreigners? The only crime they have committed is that they live along the border but do they deserve such evil and calous punishment by satanic Mmembe and HH for being born in border areas? Even if rigging was true which it is not, how do you know whom they will vote for since UPND claims that Zambians are fed up of hunger brought by PF? So according to…

  30. So according to UPND those citizens are not feeling the hunger? There are millions of citizens who have registered to vote, how many does one need to rig an election? Look here genuine Zambians cannot be misled by hallucinations of a known fraudster Mmembe who.has not hidden his desire to set Zambia on fire and has called for riots and war because he has failed to run his businesses or because HH must become presodent of Zambia. If UPND and HH were genuinely for peace and unity in Zambia, they would not allow themselves to be deceived by a known fraudster. Barely a few months ago before campaigns started, your very own HH called Mmembe a fraudster and criminal remember? What has now changed? Because now they have agreed to share the spoils of state power and cheat their way to riches…

  31. What has now changed? Because now they have agreed to share the spoils of state power and cheat their way to riches using our national resources including tax revenues? Genuine Zambians dont be cheated by these sakalanyongos.
    What Mmembe is using is the fact you cannot go to Nakonde and Malawi border to verify the truth because he believes that you are gullible enough to believe whatever he wants you to believe. He has chosen the “truth” for you to consume. But can you beieve a known thief and fraudster? Go back to.my earlier description of Mmembe and DBZ if you want proof that you are dealing with a criminal scum posing as a journalist and champion of press freedom. Here is an ***** pretending to.propound socialism when he.himself is a known capitalist. Ask yourself what kind of…

  32. Ask yourself what kind of socialist Mmembe when he owned the failed Zambian airways, admitted to defrauding DBZ and NACL, and even owned haulage trucks except that he has failed in all his businesses and everything else he has attempted in his life. Did he tell you that he wanted to share the wealrh of those busonesses with the poor Zambians? Ati socialist!!Idioot, selela uko watubepa pafula!!

  33. upnd claims to hve tsken eastern and other pf strong hold now why cry armature unda 5 in chama he told s rally that he demolish new toen ship roads and do new ones what type ecomomics is that h h is veru dull

  34. This government will only lead us to a Mugabe regime replica in Zambia. look at what misery the Zimbabweans are undergoing just because of their gullibility for allowing one tinpot dictator who cannot reason properly due to old age to continue ruling them for ever.

    Allowing PF to get another term is like committing suicide by jumping form the top of a drum only to die slowly. PF are terrorizing markets, car parks and bus stations and you are there shouting against your will saying “Sonta”! Poverty has devastated your homes you still shout “dununa reverse”….what kind of people are you Zambians?

    This country is going nowhere if most of the Zambian illiterates will not be guided by the elite on how to vote responsibly. Look at the right minded Zambians who were the cream of the PF, Guy…

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