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Ballot Papers Printing making Progress, PF Representative Still Absent to witness the Printing

Headlines Ballot Papers Printing making Progress, PF Representative Still Absent to witness...

The template of the presidential ballot paper for the August 11, 2016 elections
The template of the presidential ballot paper for the August 11, 2016 elections

Political parties and the civil society observing the printing of ballot papers in Dubai have described the process as transparent and professional.

And the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has disclosed that the printing of referendum ballot papers is progressing well and was at 61 per cent as at today morning.

ZANIS reports that George Phiri, who is representing the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD), spoke on behalf of other political parties and said the printing process was transparent.

Mr Phiri said political parties were happy with security features which Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing has imprinted on the ballot papers.

“I can assure the people at home that in terms of security standards in the printing process, it is secure enough and that this election will not be tampered with in as far as security features are concerned,” he said.

He said the company profile of Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing was impressive and showed that the printer was capable of doing a very satisfactory job using high quality paper, a situation which should not raise any suspicions.

He further said the quality control measures were high at the Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing.

And civil society organisations have said there was nothing suspicious in the on-going ballot paper printing process because everything was done openly.

Julien Mwape from the Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD), who represented other stakeholders, said everything was going on well.

Ms Mwape, who is living with a disability herself, said fears that were raised in Zambia over having ballot papers printed in Dubai should now be allayed.

She also expressed happiness with the ability of the Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing Company to print braille ballot papers.

Meanwhile, the printing of referendum ballot papers is progressing well with 61 per cent done as at today morning.

ECZ Commissioner, Emily Sikazwe, told journalists in Dubai today that the numbering of the referendum ballot papers was at 35 per cent while the pad-making of the same was at 19 per cent.

Dr Sikazwe said the printing was progressing well and on schedule.

The printing of referendum ballot papers, which was earlier scheduled to be completed yesterday, has been delayed because of the EID holiday which has just ended here in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E).

The political parties that are observing the printing of ballot papers in Dubai are FDD, United Party for National Development (UPND), United National Independence Party (UNIP), and the United People’s
Progressive (UPP) party.

Other political parties are the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC), the Democratic Alliance (DA), Rainbow, Green party.

The Patriotic Front (PF) representative is expected in Dubai on Saturday this week.

The other stakeholders represented in Dubai are the Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia (ISCZ), the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Zambia Police.


    • We all know the reason PF doesnt have to be there..Dont we?

    • The other 50% of the ballots have already been taken by Lungu sympathisers and are now busy marking them lik Museveni the Dictator…That’s why he went to see Museveni again a few days ago, the Post issue is hard, the ballot approach is not

    • This report must be the most bitter concoction to a legion of sole losers. The Chief amateur must be sinking in shame under rage and disillusionment. Blessed are the peace makers and Democrats who understand that in plural democratic elections, only one team can carry the day and citizens have the right to reject anyone. Doing so is not a call for mayhem against them. There is still 2021 to try again.

    • Senior citizen, there is no such phrase as sole loser in the context of this article. Chizungu cha mivuta

    • Even when the printing is done at HH’s house in New Kasama, still UPND is going to loose.

      I once had so much respect for HH. Saw him as the future for Zambia.

      The minute he sold his soul to Mmembe, I made a big U-Turn on him. And there are many UPND sons and daughters who are questioning.

      Now he has gone as far as respecting crookedness.


    • Elections in Zambia are a waste of time. Zambia is messed up country, where on earth have you heard of a country registering foreigners to vote? Not even in Somalia do you hear of such things. Glad my children are not Zambians.

    • This LT is looking a Chain-letter. first they remove the voting thing, now numbers are decapitated from comments.
      After August 11th I will also close this LT like Lungu did to The Post.

    • All those different political parties representative will come back from Dubai smiling as each has received a cool US$225,000. They are already rich that is why now they busy broadcasting that the whole process is transparent. Not na ba Mwenya ba ku Dubai. Bacaabe sana..!!! And it is good that PF is not deliberately representative at this stage. Under 5 politician leaders azalila again..!!

  1. Look all these *****s we sent there to monitor on our behalf,trying to cool down our hearts,when infact they ve been bought by PF to speak nonsense to us.First of all-do you all morons there know how a fake Voters cards looks like?if no,then what are you monitoring?That technology being used there is meant for rigging,its very high technology,you need technorats there and not these chimbwis singing hallelujah to a PF chorus.Printing premarked papers was already done,and those papers are in Zambia already or they will be brought in after.This is why a PF observer is not there.That is the person to monitor,becos wherever he is-thats where the premarked ballot papers are.He will just join there for formality & to eat Arabic food.

  2. We all know the reason PF doesnt have to be there..Dont we?

  3. The pamafi representative is in Dununa reverse. TOGETHER WE SAY NO TO DUNUNA REVERSE ZAMBIA HAS TO MOVE FORWARD.

  4. Meanwhile imwe ninshi namukolwa na vima Chips n Chips vaku Dubai.Saying hahaha,but ifi fisuma sana ayi,we havent had such nice looking & quality voters cards before.That is meant to attract your attention while you wont see the premarked parts cos they ve blinded you already with good looks.To catch the Mambalas we needed EU observers there who ve experience of how a quality voters card can be premarked.I dont think our observers will be good enough.Bachepa maningi.The people making our voters cards are Top Notch Computer Scientists and Lab Techs,then ifwe we sent even disabled people to monitor the work of these experts.Odds are that,we wont find any single mistake,simply becos,we dont know!

    • Point of correction. Even a disabled person can also be an intellectual. He/She can be a Computer Scientist or a Lab Tech you are talking about.

    • They are busy singing ati “quality quality paper. It is quality paper don’t worry.”

    • @Redbull,while I have no objections to your personal concerns I take issue with you demeaning disabled persons! Like @5.2 Spaka .. has said,physical disability does not mean mental inability! And by please what they are printing in Dubai are BALLOT PAPERS,NOT Voters’ Cards as you are putting it! You seem not to even fully understand the things you are worrying about!!

  5. Here am I looking at that template and wondering how we can be awarding a foreign company $3 million to print that …when a newspaper printing firm in Zambia can easily do it with tightened secruity.

    • It’s all about sales commission and the expense account for the observers. It’s all about racking up the highest possible bill for ECZ. It is much easier to steal then.

      If these papers were printed in zambia there would be no overseas allowances and expenses.

    • @6 Jay Jay, Govt Printers would have been the most ideal. They got new equipment from China not too long ago but here we are wasting money abroad while crying to create employment at home. The problem is that we have no confidence in our own institutions due to politicization of everything! Even the Newspapers you are suggesting are all partisan so only foreigners seem to be neutral in this game!

  6. Ok ba observer, I can’t wait to make my cross. So that Pf can continue with its development programs

  7. @Bangwe PF Naviley:::Please give me a single name of a Disabled Computer Scientist in Zambia that you know.

    • I wish I had permission from them to publish their names here. I know at least three. One of them just graduated. What makes you think a disabled person can’t study computers?

    • @9,Red Bull… when you go to Zambia go to UNZA,CBU and ZICAS and ask they will show a few that have made with results in Computer Science. I know one who was even a Lecturer at UNZA but like @9.1 Spaka… has said we cannot start naming names here!!

  8. One of the best lecturers in the Department of Computer Studies at UNZA only has one arm. And boy, is he brilliant!

  9. It was good a lot of noise about printing ballots in Dubai was made and the Printer, Al Ghurair is now compelled to do a professional job that will restore the company’s image and reputation. After the rigging was exposed the printing of extra and premarked Presidential Ballot papers has now shifted to Entebbe, Uganda. The Ugandan Printer is printing the extra and premarked ballots. All eyes on this set of ballots. Lungu’s rigging scheme will be exposed and derailed at the right time. The UPND Anti-Rigging Team is monitoring the printing and the distribution of these ballots. PF representatives have not gone to Dubai to oversee the printing there becoz there is no longer PF rigging interests in Dubai. The smoking gun is now coming fro Uganda and Mu7. Watch out and stay vigilant.

  10. Impressionism and gullibility is praising something at face value. Looking at machines printing must be the lowest of tasks that a sane and normal human being should be expected to perform. It is like watching grass grow. How anybody can draw conclusions on transparency, professionalism , blah, blah, for a competitive election purpose, beats me.


  12. The fact is that Lungu knows he cannot win this Presidential vote without stealing the votes. There is nothing to steal in Dubai so PF has deployed its rigging experts elsewhere. Lungu was recently in Uganda to get an update on the progress being made at this stage of rigging. Lungu is going for broke and relying on his rigging machine to retain power. Lungu is so confident of his rigging plans and does not see the need for a vigorous campaign. Time will tell!

  13. Where are the premarked ballots going to be counted from since we use transparent ballot boxes? People talking about premarked ballots don’t understand the electoral process period. Am not bothered by you losers. Uwawa tabula kabepesho.

  14. Transparency? Quality? Good Security features? So are we going to get an apology from Fididi and Up& down parties for the empty loud noises that they made regarding this printer? And Mmembe where are you, are you representing the press?…oh sorry you are under siege back.home…kikikikikikikiko….awe mwe!!!

  15. Just as Fididi has admitted in Dubai that what they thought was rigging is not actually true, the same with the stupiid list of “foreign voters” being peffled by the Post Mmembe. Same as the UPND searching a truck carrying lamps and other election materials in 2015 presidential last year remember guys? Imagine how much time these guys with their Mmembe wasted for everybody misleafing peopke about rigging? And they are at it again no rest no lessons learnt.
    So you see guys, UPND is a party.of empty tin noises, empty pots, empty leadership, just about empty everything! Topped up with siding with tax fraudsters, criminals in the name of democracy.

  16. @Zambia is ours and Bangwe:Thats all you can tell me “” They are there at UNZA,CBU & ZIKAS”.Doing what?and tell me,what have they built.Nothing right?not even a catridge to a printer right,thats the reason why they are useless,because if they were not,ballots wud ve been printed back home.And this is exactly the difference here.Zambian Computer Scientists are infact Computer Historians.They study the history of computers.While these Dubai people printing yo Ballots are infact Computer makers,printer makers,Ballot paper designers & Makers.So tell me bane,me i dont understand.How is a Computer Historian from CBU or UNZA going to monitor work done by a Computer & Printer Designer in Dubai?

  17. Juwawa tabula kabepesho (one who falls will always find an excuse for falling).
    The UPND know that they are losing this election and have decided to make rigging their excuse number one.

  18. When will Zambians wake up and do there own thing. You print your school results in Zambia right. Why not print ballot papers there also. You mean there are no private firms who can do this and avoid suspicion. I have never seen a husband or wife allowing another man or woman sleep with their partner in the master bedroom. People are making money on top of your heads by creating employment for their on people. That is what it means printing ballot papers outside Zambia.

  19. Sata anointed Lungu….Hence the jealousy by kabimba,scot,kilometer,dog seller,etc……..When God has given you,no man will change things no matter how many cows you may have.What are cows which are there just for admiring……when people where you come from can not benefit….later on even the school you went to for your education ?

  20. ECL is just marvelous and unstoppable ’cause the President is a genius jealous down! Just see how he has handled the challenges the country has faced and NOT because of his making but various factors at play including the global melt down! I truly thank God to have put President Lungu in charge of Zambia otherwise, if it well some other kolyokolyo, like the Under 5, this country could have been sold like privatisation program.
    Just imagine, in the midst of the worst drought Southern Africa has experienced, Zambia has surplus food for itself and people are able to switch on their lights at night!
    Viva President Lungu, we shall rise up early like INSEBA on 11 August 2016 and give you a resounding victory that you honestly deserve and let the haters in the names of HH, GBM, Scott, Miles,…

  21. contd
    Viva President Lungu, we shall rise up early like INSEBA on 11 August 2016 and give you a resounding victory that you honestly deserve and let the haters in the names of HH, GBM, Scott, Miles, Deepak go hang themselves….

  22. Ala poverty bwafya! What are these buffoons doing in Dubai at tax payer’s expense. All they needed was a sample of the ballot paper in Zambia and after reviewing give the printersame the go-ahead. There is no added benefit to camp in Dubai ‘monitoring’ printing of the ballots.

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