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UPND and Rainbow Urges Zambians to Vote NO in the upcoming Referendum

General News UPND and Rainbow Urges Zambians to Vote NO in the upcoming Referendum

RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba speaks to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his vice president Godfrey Bwalya at joint press conference by various opposition Political Parties among them Rainbow Party,UPND, ADD, Peoples Party, Green Party, UPP and NDP.
FILE: RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba speaks to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his vice president Godfrey Bwalya at joint press conference by various opposition Political Parties among them Rainbow Party,UPND, ADD, Peoples Party, Green Party, UPP and NDP.

Two Opposition Political Parties, Rainbow Party and United Party for National Development(UPND), have urged Zambians to vote NO in the upcoming Referendum.

The opposition Rainbow Party urged Zambians to vote ‘No’ in the August referendum because the constitution upon which the Bill of Rights is anchored is discriminatory.

Rainbow party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba says the amended republican constitution gives the people of Zambia rights on one hand and takes them away on the other hand.

Mr. Kabimba has cited the Grade 12 certificate requirement for elective office as once such provision that discriminates against Zambian citizens.

He tells QFM News via telephone from the Copperbelt that Zambians should therefore wait for a new government that will ensure they have genuine rights enshrined in the constitution.

Mr Kabimba says his party is gaining ground and competing favorably with major political parties ahead of the August general election.

He says people are responding well to the Rainbow party’s ideals and policies.

The Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has is urging its members to vote no in the referendum on the Bill of Rights.

UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo says it will be suicidal to subject the Bill of Rights to the referendum in its current form.

Mr Lifwekelo says this is especially that people know very little about the contents of the Bill of Rights.

Mr. Lifwekelo says the party is therefore advising its supporters to vote no in the referendum.

He says the UPND wants to avoid what happened with amended constitution by passing a law which will disadvantage the majority Zambians.


  1. What’s your road map after your supporters vote no? How are you going to achieve coming up with the constitution that you want and at what cost?

    • The road map surely is to put the whole constitution, that the Constitution Review Committee came up with three years ago, to a referendum. The PF/Lungu Constitution is a mish-mash of what Lungu wanted, including Ministers staying on after the dissolution of Parliament. Remember that Lungu chose his so-called non-controversial provisions, including the Grade 12 requirement, for signing into law but left out a lot of other things that Zambians wanted, such as Ministers from outside Parliament and devolution of power. Zambians deserve to get what they want, not what Lungu wants.

  2. A little confusing. What is it in the Bill of Rights that makes us vote NO? Anchoring on the constitution? Grade 12 qualification? Is that it? Either LT has not given us more info or these guys don’t understand the Bill of Rights either. I am a little unsettled about what Gen Miyanda revealed not too long ago about an Article 79 that is a ‘hidden poison chalice’ as it seeks to transfer referendum decisions on the Bill of Rights to parliament. That is a BIG reason to vote NO.

    • Almost 4 weeks to go before the referendum and PF have not explained why the Bill of Rights needs to be changed and what the new provisions are and why they are necessary. This is a most unusual position for a party sponsoring such fundamental changes not to explain what is in their new laws.

  3. These chaps from the opposition are not serious. When you vote no and then what? Do they really understand the implications?

    • The status quo remains. That means there will be no changes to current law. All changes under PF are not desirable. The PF/Lungu constitution has brought two major controversies that Zambians did not expect – the need for a grade 12 certificate to qualify for public office, and ministers continuing after dissolution of Parliament. These have shown how deceptive PF and Lungu are.

  4. I do not believe that the constitution should be voted on party lines. That is highly erroneous. Rainbow and UPND as usual are confusing people. The bill of rights issue can never be a party issue. Kabimba should say he himself as an individual will vote no, same with Lifwekelo. The way Kabimba and Lifwekelo are debating is wrong. I hope PF does not fall into the trap of saying this is a PF affair. The constitution is beyond a party. So I hope Simbyakula, Chama, Kambwili or even Mumbi Phiri will not make a statement following the statements from Kabimba and Lifwekelo. In myopinion the issue of bill of rights should be left to such organizations like Oasis, LAZ, Economic Association, Churches etc to debate and not parties.

  5. The attitude towards the Constitution & Bill of Rights is a true test of which party has the interests of ordinary Zambians. These are the only documents that protect ordinary people against GRZ. A Zambian can sue for failure by GRZ to provide health care, decent housing, education, etc. A party that is not ready to give people more rights is not desirable for this country. Rainbow & UPND are simply confirming they are insincere with their promises. How can you vote no just because UPND has failed to explain to is members benefits of Bill of Rights. How selfish!

    • Nobody has explained what is in the Bill of Rights. As far as I know, no printed copies have been distributed to Zambians. The content thereof is a complete mystery. Zambians have a right to block changes they do not understand or want. Most people I have talked to think that the Bill of Rights is a way for PF to allow open gay rights and homosexual practices and also to change Zambia from a Christian country into a country that moslems and their militants can target to conquer. PF have not tried to explain why such changes are good for Zambia.

  6. “Mr Lifwekelo says this is especially that people know very little about the contents of the Bill of Rights.”
    “……it will be suicidal to subject the Bill of Rights to the referendum in its current form.”

    So can you tell the people what is in the Bill of Rights so they know why they should vote “NO”?

  7. I am not casting a vote on the Referendum question becoz there is no voter education on it. I don’t understand the full question and I don’t know what is in the Bill of Rights.

    • That’s a good reason why you should vote NO until somebody convinces you what the proposed changes are about and why the change is necessary. Not voting allows the YESers to win.

  8. these two parties’ stand on the constitution only typifies a lack of philosophy,shallow principle and dented strategies. simply no direction

  9. People should learn from what is happening in Britain with it’s BREXIT. Be serious with national issues. This is not about Party Politics. This is not a PF instrument, its anational instrument that will take time to amend. A referendum is not that easy to arrange and is costly. They should inform the people/nation about the real contents of the bill.

  10. Bring up some TV debats about pros and cons of the contents of the bill that is coming for a referendum, so that people may learn more and understand. Let scholars and people that understand the bill debate and explain to the people. Not politicians.

  11. The Bill of Rights is a LIST of things that YOU are GUARANTEED under the CONSTITUTION! How simple is it to READ a LIST y’all?? Let these hapless politicians read out that section and the attendant paragraphs which are not as hard as your Grade 5 homework! While we are on it, let’s strengthen the Grade 12 clause with something else because it is clear that those who passed that clause actually didn’t know how much better the country WILL BE without their unqualified as.ses!!!

  12. @SHAKA wandepaula. It’s one reason why Africa is behind in development. We oppose even sensible issues just to pull somebody down….Opposition in Zambia is very embarrassing….I am afraid if these guys won election they can even demolish Kalabo-Mongu bridges and Two Universities in Muchinga…. Grow up bane

    • Can you and PF explain what is good about your proposed Bill of Rights? Why cannot you explain the significance of your proposals? Why are you spending stupendous sums of money on Sonta but not even one ngwee on the contents of the PF bill of rights?

  13. Now you see the quality of governmemt that UPND and Rainbow are offering the people of Zambia. These guys seem to have their own alphabet where the letters are written upside down.
    Nga niba Kabimba bena, he ahould just shut up. The bastardo had everything in his power (time, money, goodwill etc) to give us a good constitution. What did he do? Its all history now but dont forget how evil the bastardo was, still is and will always be.

    • I agree with you about evil Kabimba. However, Lungu has produced a completely bastardised Constitution, completely different from what Zambians wanted. On that basis, I don’t believe whatever PF put in the public domain as being good for Zambians. Lungu and PF are the most useless, most selfish, most savage bunch of evil politicians this country will ever see. Don’t believe their hype or, in the case of Bill of Rights, their silence. These are full of evil intentions.

  14. Back Teeth Lungu; my brother you have a lot to defend. The grade 12 clause was not inserted by PF in this constitution. It was proposed by the Zambian people. This means, you guys do not want the constitution by the people but by the party. Secondly, if you have read the extended bill of rights well, then you would not say all this. This is a progressive bill which any democracy will crave for. My brother, if you are a patriotic Zambian, pray for better Zambia not the confusion you want to bring. Again i do not think you are arrive to the proposed constitution amendments by Mvunga, Mwanakatwe and Mung’omba commissions and seen the similarities in the Zambian people’s concerns. This will make you understand how intelligent the Zambians have been. Please read them

  15. People please learn to read. The bill of rights has been put in the print media several times surprising to know that people chose not to read.

  16. UPND that Bill of Rights will be your saviour after the 11th Aug 2016 elections. So just vote Yes. Buck no Teeth your leaders shd have been discussing the contents of the BoR (pros and cons) then telling their followers why they shd vote no. All PF can do is to state that the rights contained are better because of … and that is it. Whereas Upnd has more work to do arguing against a good document.

  17. Simbyakula, Kambwili and Lungu meets selects what they want from the draft, throws away clauses which they don’t like, and decides that article79 and part 3 of the draft are the contentious clauses to be decided in the referendum which is not explained to people, then it is forcefully taken to Parliament, within a limited time without even the MP’s understanding it voted yes,whereby the MPs themselves suffer the consequences, then Lungu signs it and calls it a people driven constitution….my foot…. Kuwayawayafye pa Zed..

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