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Anderson Mazoka remembered

General News Anderson Mazoka remembered

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Accompanied by his wife Mutinta, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema went to lay wreaths at the tombstone of the founding President of UPND, the late Anderson Kambela Mazoka, at his Kumalende residence in Lusaka yesterday afternoon.This was after the memorial church service held at Cathedral of the Child Jesus.There were several senior party officials including party Vice-President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba in attendance.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema decribed the late Mr.Mazoka as a humble, charismatic and hard-working man who showed what could be achieved with vision and planning.

‘It has been 10 years since Anderson Kambela Mazoka passed; yet his words are still on our lips, his ideas continue to resonate and his legacy endures. This man was a true leader, not just in politics but across many walks of life.During his time among us I was often struck by his dedication and his drive. His readiness to take on a challenge, even if it would be far from easy but believing it the right thing to do, was inspirational,’Mr.Hichilema said

Mr.Hichilema reiterated calls for unity and peace within the party and across the country.

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  1. Andy Mazoka was the worst drunkard ever on hard spirits and the official Chief Mansonist Grand Master in Zambia with late Dr. Patrick Chikusu, Bob Shinono Sichinga, Depark Patel and HH at the Mansonic lodge as ushers. His quest and covenant were outrightly rejected by Zambians in and beyond our borders. Even though HH has taken over as mansonist Grand Master at the Lodge, it’s being naive for him to take pride in Mazoka’s dark world practices, and faith whose agenda remains rejected across Zambian divideds.

    • HH is now a Master Mason at the Lodge and he will receive his promotion award at tonight’s ceremony. It is expected that the young man Miles and Nevers Mumba will be initiated as freemasons in the field of atheist and christian respectively. They will be advised to work hard and cause confusion just as the new member GBM is doing.

    • @chundu chaitwa and @zillioni, go and suck your mothers’ pussies! you idi.ots are bent on constantly misleading the majority of Zambians by attacking noble men for no reason.

    • @ Pwanya ninies, why are you so aggressive in your response to our comments – me and chundu? Is it because you have found a wrong outlet for your stress so that you can find comfort in insulting innocent people on this platform? Anyway you are not worthy of my consideration.

    • Oh please give us a break with your rhetoric! What does it benefit you to attack a dead man? You sound like you know so much about Andy and his dealings or secret life (private) after all, if indeed what you are claiming here is the truth then you were in the same team and did everything together. Otherwise keep that rhetoric to yourself and come back to present!

    • Do not rest not until you have avenged against those who planned, poisoned and killed you kambela. hit them in form of stroke two gone three more to go

    • @Chundu and Zillion. And you have all these facts due to?!? You guys are a credit to Zambia! Help the country get rid of those lacking the leadership qualities you two so aspire for.

    • I would rather have a freemason in statehouse looking after a prosperous country than a so called humble christian who kills, steals and opens the country to moslems whilst keeping the country poor!

    • @Chuundu chaitwa enough is enough.This insults you keep pouling on Tongas who are part of God,s creations will fall as case on those perpetrating them.My hand of God strike on those sponsoring tribalism in zambia.To mazoka i say we in the UPND we are more than ready to die for your vision of a better zambia ,which is united ,strong and developed were all Zambians will treated the same regardless of tribe.On 11th Augast,2016 it will be “KAHUWA LIBUNGEBUNGE” in all corners of zambia to liberate all those oppressed and marginalized by economic plunder,nepotism and tribal segregation.

    • Andy was a true politician, not this HH joker who has kept on masquerading as a good leader. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. True, the late Mazoka was a leader and all embracing not as tribalist as you are. I wish this man was around this time. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

    • I didn’t know much of Anderson, that time I was hard-core Chiluba-crook supporter. I never liked Mwanawasa too, he went against Chiluba. I still don’t like RB at all.
      Today: the real politicians are HH, Nawakwi and Sinkamba.
      HH only lucks charisma, he tries through dancing.
      Sinkamba has charisma, but he selling illegal product. His green should have been vegetation, not weed. His symbol should have been a branch, but that is taken by
      Nawakwi, the solid one. I love Nawakwi mwee.

  3. If Andy resurrected today and see how Upnd has turned to be a violent grouping he would definitely die again

  4. @HH Techilema and your group of sponsored PF tribalists today i curse you and those connected to you that you shall know no peace,for insulting a dead Tonga man who worked hard to develop this country in his personal capacity.You insult people because they are Tonga to make matters worse even in their Grave when they are defensiless. You blood thirst tribalists.Mazoka was for all zambians and yet you hate him for bieng Tonga.May god give a potion of rath.

  5. Zambia has gone Dogs.A country which once a haven of peace now has become a country divided in tribal regions.KK is watching seeping tea at his his house built by Mwanawasa(lenje)when Chiluba treated him like pig.Lungu has turned this country in banana republic were thugs are being handed police uniforms and Guns to kill Tongas in there land were they have been existing for more than 100 years.Lungu a drunkard and convicted lawyer from Chawama has hit again by killing a poor Tonga girl un armed and defenseless in Chawama.A man who never achieved anything in his person capacity but now in one year has more than 23billion kwacha worthy. surounded by criminals in the name of tribe he wants to continue ruling a poor country leading it to more poverty.Shame God remove this man form earth.

  6. God in heaven we kneel before offering sucrifice for son Mazoka and HH.I pray for Hh to forgive those tribalists who have been blocking his presidence ,by passing judgments in fovour of Lungu in 2015 by stopping RB from contesting so that Lungu can go through.Those at ECZ who rigged 2015 election by allowing people in kanyama and Muchinga province vote when vote counting had stated in all corners of zambia.That ECZ individual in the totaling center who changed figures in favor of ECL and now the killing of UPND surpoters. HH please when you become president forgive them show them like Mandela did that YOU ARE GREATER THAN THEM. Develop zambia that all can see that with a vision everything is possible. God give a heart strong like a lion to face the enemies of progress this year.lets…

    • Keep on hallucinating, HH will not rule Zambia period. Time is slowly ticking tick, tack before you die of heart attack. I can only advise you to slow down a little bit. The problem is, you have been so brainwashed with the dark world forces which the Master Mason manifests everytime he enters the lodge. Right now he is at the lodge preparing to go for the funeral, believe it or not.

  7. HH with his qualities would have been president a long time ago.The reason is not president is simple its because so cowards fear that when a Tongas rules they will suffer.This myth is not true lets take for example Obama a blackman ruled America he has not avenged the killings of Blacks in USA.Mandela when he took power he never killed whites but continued to preaching peace and equal treatment of human beings regardles of race.Zambia has become a country ruled on tribal lines which is very dangerous. I can imagine if HH was Bemba or Nyanja all these killings would have not occurred .Fellow zambians lets through politics of the stone age and embrace one another to fight the common enemy poverty and hunger.

  8. Kambela ! Come and see how your beloved UPND has been invaded and literally taken over by the Bemba Cartel ! HH has even caused Muntanga to die after wanting to dribble him in favour of GBM’s choice !

  9. May his soul rest in eternal peace. It is good that the man is honoured and remembered. It is a pity that the government was not involved. The man is a national hero, not just a UPND one. The UPND have done a great job in remembering this great man. The nation as a whole without regard to political affiliation should participate in this. If the state did not send any representatives it is a shame.

  10. Kumalende….. what does it mean???? Ummmmm someone. Something things are better left alone. Dear heavenly Father, have mercy?

  11. Mwanamubotu, I don’t understand why you want to be blind to HH’s tribalistic demeanor. This fool ascended to the Up n Down Presidency on the backdrop of “ONLY A TONGA CAN BE UPND PRESIDENT” and he never censured those tribal campaingers. When it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, then it is a duck. You Tongas are a very tribal bunch and I only wish you could be wiped from the face of Zambia.

  12. It is so gratifying that most of our tonga brothers and sisters have learnt that not all of us fellow Zambians are so tribalist and filled with hate speech. Our tonga comrades now realise that there is more love for them than there is hate. Continue to ignore some very shallow minds that still live in a world of hate and meaningless phobia. We are proudly supporting HH and his winning team next month. The stolen election of ba Anderson is being redeemed finally:-). Then his soul will truly rest in peace.

  13. Anderson Mazoka was a free mason. That one is an undeniable truth. If you are delusional do a little research.

  14. First of all I like to pass my heartfelt condolences to the nation at large on the loss of life at the hands of the “police”. As election time draws near, I would like us Zambians to analyse the individual abilities of the two leading candidates UPND’s HH and (perhaps) ECL for PF, analysing their perceived abilities to enable the country surmount the various hurdles that we face today and in future. These are primarily economic/ managerial in nature; of course not limited to the aforementioned. It is very important that we exhibit a high level of sobriety in our analysis bearing in mind that whatever one says or insinuates should be for the good of our country and ALL its people. What we say may have some influence on voters’ choice of course that’s a fact and what would be…

  15. HH has a propensity for shooting himself in the foot and exposing himself at critical times, just wait for the fatal shot!

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