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Just stop arming and sponsoring cadres for violence instead of calling for prayers-FDD

Headlines Just stop arming and sponsoring cadres for violence instead of calling for...

Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza

The FDD says they have received the call by President Edgar Lungu for the country to have national prayers over political violence with a pinch of salt.

Antonio Mwanza who is the Party’s Spokesperson explained that last October the country gathered for prayers which he said turned out to be an endorsement gathering for Republican President.

Mr Mwanza who quoted several Bible verses said it is not God who is providing the pangas and other weapons being used to perpetrate violence in the country but the politicians.

Below is a statement issued by Mr Mwanza.

In Exodus 20:7 The Lord God Almighty warns that thou shall not use His name in vain. In Proverbs 29:2 scripture tells us that when good men are in authority the people rejoice but when evil men are in power the people cry. James 2:14-26 teaches us that faith without action is dead. My brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?

Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead? A man is justified by works, and not by faith only. Likewise, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way? For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

Therefore we have received the call by President Edgar Lungu for us to have national prayers over political violence with a pinch of salt. Isn’t Mr Lungu the same man that called for prayers on the 18th of October that turned out to be a political gathering were some clergy used God’s name to endorse President Lungu for political office? What have we seen after those prayers: more violence and more police brutality.

We all need to be honest enough and ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. Who is arming cadres with guns, pangas, military fatigue, money and beer? Is it God or it’s us politicians?
  2. Who is in charge of the police and all armed forces?
  3. Who is preaching hatred and abusing state power? Is it God or it is us politicians?
  4. Who is abetting and tolerating violence? Is it God or it is us politicians?

Brethren, tulayangasha Lesa. Lesa alakanda. Just stop arming and sponsoring cadres for violence. Allow the police to do their job professionally. And allow us all to enjoy our fundamental rights and liberties to campaign and assemble freely. Don’t use God’s name for political expediency.

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    • Young man, you are making a lot of sense. Your future is bright as long as you don’t change. FDD should consider merging with NAREP.

    • 1john 3.18.dear children lets not just say we love our brothers in words or speeches but with our deeds and action.lungu does exactly what this bible chapter warns.

    • Walasa mwaice, too much hypocricy in PF and ECL himself is the champion pretender!!

      I wonder why HH has not poached this young man to be spokesman in UPND!! hE IS MORE REASONABLE AND PREDICTABLE THAN HIS president herself!!

    • That is the solution. We always pray for Zambia and what profit will it make if the same cadres are not stopped even after prayers. Lung is a hypocrite.

    • “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven” Mathew 7:21 (NIV)

      We won’t be fooled by Ba “POLE-POLE”ba PF, we know their evil wicked deeds.

    • This day of parayer is a PF rally called by corrupt Bishops. Anyway, God can never be mocked and they (Joshua Banda and other fake pastors) will realise that soon.


    • PF is all about Dununa Reverse, now even national prayers do not make sense under this government as they have been dununaed into reverse.

    • What is sad is that pastors who are supposed to guiding people are in the forefront of scamming people. You don`t hear people like Joshua Banda condemning violence killings by police but the guy is always organizing sham national prayers for his economic gain.

  1. Chagwa is too drunk to work this simple fact out.
    Best Zambians can do for themselves is get rid of clueless, whisky swilling Chagwa in August Chapwa!!

    • These Pente pastors just need to pray to their Lungu so that he withdraws his death squads under Kanganja and Max Chongo. God does not need to get involved with [email protected] Lungu is Zambia’s mass murderer. His hands are dripping with Mapenzi’s blood.

  2. quiet correct. The October 18 day of prayers is now part of the PF campaign videos on television, what a shame and disrespect and using the name of God in Vain.

  3. All fair minded people can see that, this is just a second political prayer gathering to endorse president Lungu. Its a PF strategy to blind people that they are God fearing when in fact not. If you fear God you would be acting fairly and allowing the police to do their job without Presidential Directives of using force. police are well trained in crowd control, so let them do what they are trained to do .

    • Antonio Mwanza, this is your downfall. You can’t reject God and expect him to do wonders for you. Bululu wa sila iwe

  4. And iwe ka Joshua Banda make sure you baptise Edgar chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu using sulphuric acid because that’s the only way he will be come a born again.

    • Not a single police officer was shot or hurt. There’s no proof that anybody from the crowd was armed. And definitely Mapenzi was not armed. This is just PF and Chakolwa Chagwa propaganda. There is no justification for killing Zambians.

  5. This is so amazing. President Lungu supports and sponsors violence and after that he calls people to pray.
    The police have been disarmed and the cadres are in control. They threatened to attack the opposition if they held their rally and all the police could do is stop opposition from holding a rally because PF cadres have threatened them with violence. All this is ignored and you say lets pray. It is a prayer of a righteous man which has power in it effect, and a righteous man does not allow his followers to murder without arresting or condemning them. What kind of advisers has our President?

  6. Welcome to Zambia the real Africa where a Chakolwa,a thief,a crook and a violence president is mistaken for a bible believer yet his vices are of that evil.

  7. The reply from FDD makes sense. Its not worthy going for prayers when you know the answer. God helps those who help themselves. No matter how many times these politicians meet to impress the people that they prayed, there will be violence and killing each other as long as they don’t act wisely and stop their cadres from acting foolishly.

  8. SINKAMBA WISDOM – ECL & PF thugs should stop window dressing the nation. When you kill people then you say Zambians letnus go to church and pray. This is the biggest insult to our god I have never seen. I am order than Zambia. Its only through ECL where I have seen when orders to kill are executed some one tomorrow says I am a god fairing man and humble, let us go to church to pray. this is being deceitful. I am also disappointed with Zambians. We know its pf killing people and causing violence. Now because we are peaceful cowards, we go off the mark to blame UPNd and yet you know pf a behind violence. Please grow up. Videos are there to view – look at Shiwangandu, incident, Ndola airport,Kanyama, chawama, isoka , incidents, etc. PF cadres are seen clearly. The President says “I have…

  9. @HH Techilema . NO one was armed on last week Friday. Wait one day it will hit you where it pains as well. May God deliver you .

  10. Yes, FDD is right. The bible says when you have issues, dont rush to the alter to offer your prayers. Instead go and make peace, then come and offer your sacrifices.

    We are aware of the partial application of law by police, imbalanced coverage of news by both private and public media, killing of innocent people by cadres. Before we pray, why not do a postmortem discussion of issues fueling political violence?

    We have held prayers before and despite being very powerful, it did not stop politicians from sponsoring cadres to harm each other and general public who merely express a conflicting view.

    Yet you keep asking why we keep having voter apathy?? Voting is becoming nonsense. I dont think its safe to go out and cast a vote if nothing is done about this violence.

    • Dear Lord smite these hyported hiding in your name so they will learn to fear your name. Your goodness must always be uplifted and every creature should know that you are a just God.

  11. Mr Mwanza u are spot on. We know who is training the thugs, arming them, financing them ,deploying them and giving orders to shoot and kill. The Commander-in-Chief is responsible for the violence in Zambia. The blood of Mapenzi Chibulo is dripping from ECL’s hands and instead of calling for futile prayers Lungu should take action and give orders to ZRP and his PF militias to stop this violence. Lungu should stop this hypocrisy and take action to stop the violence in our land.

  12. @antoniomwanza, point of correction I quote “Brethren, tulayangasha Lesa” …….. the Bible is clear in Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked “. So brethren Antonio no one can “angasha Lesa”.

  13. Rubbish, You UPND cadres don’t know want you are talking about. Last time UPND cadres beat up police in Lusaka, ZP held a grudge and see the results of your i.d.o.c.y!!!!!

  14. Let the so called men of God and their colleagues remember the words of David when being pursued by Saul the king……”As saith the proverb of the ancients, Wickedness proceedeth from the wicked: but mine hand shall not be upon thee” (1 Sam 24:13); ……and also take note of the counsel of Zopher the Namathite to Job: “If iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacles” (Job 11:14)…… and rather pray alongside the Psalmist: “My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up. For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee. The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.Thou shalt destroy them…


  16. HH is not capable of following simple instructions. He was told not to go to Mulungushi with cadres but the mighty hh had to defy that-why? He even starts insulting the policemen, mwe bantu, is this the kind of leadership that we want? We do need prayers!

  17. This is what you should have been saying and not attacking your fellow opposition.

    The national day of prayer can be there in people’s respective churches. The moment you start transporting people to the the show ground then it becomes political because as a national program
    people in power will have an upper hand.

    Please just encourage people to pray in their own churches on this day, while one pastor can be assigned to make one sermon which will be broad cast on ZNBC and other medias.

  18. The pangas, the stones, the machetes, the gun in wrong hands are provided by the devil. Mr. Mwanza understand that no known man on earth can disarm the devil without GOD’s intervention. So if you deny GOD’s involvement in this evil, then you do not know the power of GOD. Mr. Mwanza, please do not mislead the children of GOD. If you don’t want to attend; don’t. Let those who believe in the power of GOD do. That is all

  19. Bishop Banda is an embarrassment even for his own Church. The issue here is simple Police if you exist do your work. Kaganja is a failure in terms of policing he is a compromised man.

  20. simple! even a sunday school drop out should understand this. I hope they will take heed and not call for prayers over things we can prevent and avoid. Observe all traffic rules, you will minimise the chances to cause an accident, once you do your part (human responsibility) then ask God to take care of the other part which is beyond your control like a tree falling on your car as you drive.

  21. Church, we lost a lady who was brutally killed by Police. Can we sort out this dastardly act by the state before we converge for these prayers

  22. of all the human races only the African will conduct country wide prayers and hope prayers will fix a country’s problems.

  23. My humble prayer is that genuine Churches and Men and Women of God will not allow themselves to be used by these cheap hypocrites claiming to be men of God when in actual sense they are receiving brown envelopes to campaign for the PF and Edgar Chakolwa Lungu. People must shun this useless gathering which will be turned into a PF rally. Please Edgar stop using God’s name in vein. You are the one arming these thugs and commanding them to kill innocent souls. God will punish you for you cannot fool God. Be warned and desist from fooling people. Antonio Mwanza is on point. We know what must be done to stop the violence; we don’t need prayers at all. Killings are being ordered by Lungu and now he wants to hide in the so called prayers. What idio.cy.

  24. Useless!!! Good points Antonio. First let them tell us if its god who buys pangas and beer for these cadres then we can pray for the supply to stop. A fake man of gold in the forefront of organising what is tantamount to blasphemous behaviour. Have they also invited these cadres including that former big brother character to the prayers?

  25. #Steve…”even a Sunday school drop out should understand this”lol….we doubt the genuineness of this call for national prayers; the so called men of God, to my recollection, they were, and still remain, dead silent on Mapenzi’s cold blooded murder! Not even ba kateka has dared mentioned this poor girl’s name…..they all speak in generic terms…”the violence must be condemned….it is sad a life was lost…..etc” Mapenzi is lying silent in the grave (although at rest with her Maker)…but we with mouths will continue to speak about her death until the culprits are brought to book! We owe it to her and many others hacked to death for merely supporting the ever growing popular party, the UPND! Thanks young Mr Mwanza, such profound wisdom and maturity you show!

  26. Bwana Lungu lets treat the sickly Zambian’s symptoms while feeding the toxic contaminant to the PF masses .Hypocrisy proudly made by PF Industries Ltd.

  27. Grty words from a grty leader lungu thinks he can play with God after killing someone you call for prayers bupuba

  28. All right thinking Opposition Political Leaders should boycott this fake National Prayer and to their own respective churches. They should a jointy Statement condemning Lungu’s role in promoting violence in Zambia. They should not sanitize Lungu’s Satanic prayers with his Angels of death. Let Lungu attend this fake National Prayer. Lungu should just denounce all acts of violence by his PF thugs. Period.

  29. Spot on. This is a very intelligent analysis. Lungu wants to hide behind prayers and pretend that the he is innocent over the killing of that girl. You know who killed the girl just arrest him instead of pretending to be praying.

  30. I hope Lungu and his cronies especially Frank Bwalya have read this message. We always say leave god alone and do what you are expected to do as a normal breed of animals. Even wild animals have some morals regardless of their status in the jungle. I hope that Antonio will not be called names for saying the truth and what is expected from the politicians. It feels sad that we have so many problems in the country and the only hope is that we pray and all shall be well. Zambians, we need to start thing and making informed decisions otherwise we are the ones who will end up as sufferers!

  31. We are a group from Europe called research international. We have just concluded our study in Zambia, and the following are the findings.
    1. PF is very violent
    2. UPND violence is retaliatory
    3. PF is intolerant and everybody wearing opposition regalia is beaten and sometimes to death
    4. Failure by each opposition leader to acknowledge violence in their camps means chances of sorting out the issue is remote
    5. Police is very weak.How can you tell one party not to have a rally because there is likely hood to be attacked when the Police’s job is to stop the same attacks.

  32. Pastor for rent: Along great east road . Call me when you at Total filling station Northmead.
    Price negotiable
    phone: Joshua Banda – Northmead Assemblies

  33. My former party UPND is a very violent party. They kniw they are losing and this one chance for HH will go just like that as before. UPND bane should not be trusted.

  34. Just imagine how HH caused trouble at a Political Party presidents’ meeting today. HH is his own enemy and a sadist. No wonder I have left UPND. We lost Mapenzi through such unruly behaviour.

  35. The man even refused to sign the peace accord. Shame. A sign that he is not ready to go the peace way. Why did he go there in the first place?

  36. Test yourself:
    You’re returning from a journey and it is very late in the night. Families are in their homes sleeping.
    As you pass by, you see a house on fire. You are sure there are people inside the house…..sleeping.
    What do you do? You are a committed Christian. Go home and pray for these souls so God can save them?

  37. Jesus come for the sinners. Righteous have no time for prayers. Lungu is calling for the church to call for prayers .Now is being accused of a lot of things. Jesus was also accessed ofThere are at least thirty-three instances of accusations and criticisms brought against Christ found in the gospel records. Nineteen are found in Matthew, sixteen of which are found also in Mark or Luke. Six are found only in Luke and eight are found only in John. None are found only in Mark.

    Matthew (Mark, Luke)

    Matt.4:1-10 (Mk.1:12,13; Lk.4:1-12) Challenged (tempted) to prove he was God’s son
    Matt.8:34 (Mk.5:17; Lk.8:37) Asked to leave this area
    Matt.9:2,3 (Mk.2:7; Lk.5:21) Accused of falsely claiming to forgive sins
    Matt.9:11 (Mk.2:16; Lk.5:21) Accused of eating with publicans and sinners

  38. The last time we the Christians prayed God answered. We will pray again and God will answer us. No ordinary man can have the audacity to call on God every time (regardless of whether it is in politics or at war)
    The devil also quotes; ecsay, he does it very well. I would rather go to pray than to a political rally. Antonious either you stfu by taming your tongue or you join the fellaz in prayer. Chiluba was considered a devil but he made one crucial declaration for Zambia. I beseech you to search your soul carefully young man.

  39. The last time we the Christians prayed God answered. We will pray again and God will answer us. No ordinary man can have the audacity to call on God every time (regardless of whether it is in politics or at war)
    The devil also quotes; ecsay, he does it very well. I would rather go to pray than to a political rally. Antonious either your trump by taming your tongue or you join the fellaz in prayer. Chiluba was considered a devil but he made one crucial declaration for Zambia. I beseech you to search your soul carefully young man. Just listen to the tuna little devils blogging.

  40. Antonio Mwanza has raised very pertinent questions which Lungu and the Bishops calling for a fake National Prayer should answer. Clearly we Zambians made a grave mistake of electing a thief and violent thug as State President in 2015. We now know that Lungu is a Satan masquerading as an Angel of light. Over the last 18 months Lungu has shown his true colours. Lungu is the source of our problems and violence in Zambia today. All opposition parties and their supporters and right thinking Zambians should stayaway from this treacherous National Prayer. Let Satanic Lungu and his Satanic Bishops host the Election Rigging Prayers on their own. On 11th August lets vote out this Satanic Lungu and his Panga Family.

  41. Religion. The Opium of the poor… Get off your behinds, disarm the dangerous, return those funds you have tucked away and widen roads and extend more piped water around the country. Build more municipality homes for first-time workers to rent before they get their own. Allow a devolved economy and reintroduce local municipality security for community policing. THEN get down on your knees and thank GOD for his guidance. This non.sense of praying to cover your incompetence is now tired. Trust me.

  42. Rev Dr Clement Mwanza, the Running Mate for Nawakwi and supposedly the elder brother to Antonio would not have supported this stance by FDD. If he did, then am worried about our clergymen. Prayer is very cardinal, doesn’t matter who calls for it. In Christianity there’s nothing like we have prayed enough. And God answers by the way. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  43. In the shadow of Zambia, this cadre is making sense.He knows that the gathering will be an endorsement gathering.A more practical approach is to carry out a disarmament excise like what UN did with the rebels of Congo Dr although there are still pockets of armed lazy bu3ms.All armed lazy bu3m cadres should surrender the selfsame weapons because prayer is bouncing on the empty tins.Meanwhile I am sipping brand and will hit the strip joint in one hour time

    I thank you

  44. Yes, the call for the prayers is a farse, blasphemy, and hypocricy! A PF rally!

    Lungu wants more endorsements by his hired goons!

    He is in charge of all the armed forces in Zambia, why doesn’t he stop them from harrasing innocent Zambians?

  45. The last time we the Christians prayed, God answered. We will pray again and God will answer us. No ordinary man can have the audacity to call on God every time (regardless of whether it is in politics or at war)
    The devil also quotes; ecsay, he does it very well. I would rather go to pray than to a political rally. Antonious either you stfu by taming your tongue or you join the fellaz in prayer. Chiluba was considered a devil but he made one crucial declaration for Zambia. I beseech you to search your soul carefully young man. The devil is always worried when people pray.

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