Kalusha Bwalya Endorses President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu with Kalusha Bwalya Celebrates Zambia First Goal in Ndola -/Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/statehouse.
President Edgar Lungu with Kalusha Bwalya Celebrates Zambia First Goal in Ndola -/Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/statehouse.
FILE: President Edgar Lungu with Kalusha Bwalya Celebrates Zambia First Goal in Ndola -/Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/statehouse.

The Patriotic Front Media Team has released a statement saying that Kalusha Bwalya also known as “The Great Kalu” has placed his full weight behind President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his Patriotic Front (PF) ticket which he has described as “The Winning Team” ahead of the crucial polls set for August 11.

The African Footballer of the Year of the year also fondly known for wining Zambia its first and only ever grandiose Africa Cup Title in 2012 has appealed to Zambians to support President Lungu by turning up in huge numbers to vote for him.

“In soccer we say ‘you do not change the winning team,” Mr Bwalya said, “President Edgar Lungu has shown true leadership qualities, his humility for instance is too humbling and it makes him approachable to many Zambians…that is what we need in a leader instead of arrogance and contempt towards ordinary people. President Lungu ‘walks the walk and talks the talk’.”

Mr Bwalya said, as a soccer administrator, he has “never worked with a better President than President Edgar Lungu and I mean no disrespect for his predecessor. President Lungu is just special in the way he treated and continues to treat the boys. He is their greatest confidence booster.”

This is the first time Bwalya, the long serving former Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President, Chipolopolo Captain and probably the most prolific goal thief Zambia has ever had has openly made what can ostensibly be called a political statement.

“I (Kalusha Bwalya) like to steer clear off politics completely but my personal knowledge of President Lungu has made it extremely easy for me to publicly state that I support him and I beseech all right thinking Zambians to back him fully because he is a tested leader, a humble leader and a tenacious President who means good for this country. Please vote for him,” Mr Bwalya said.

The Presidential race ticket, on a national level, is crowded with about a dozen aspirants including President Edgar Lungu but Mr Bwalya said, “I humbly think I know how to pick a Winner and out of that crowded space, President Lungu makes the most sense President Lungu makes it beyond the finish line without a foul in my experienced view is a person who has been privileged enough to pick a winning team before.”

The Great Kalu endorsement has been welcomed by others such as Mr Given Lubinda, the Agriculture Minister who is also a key member of the PF Campaign Team,
“Mr Kalusha Bwalya, the most known person outside Zambia aside from probably Dr Kenneth Kaunda and President Lungu himself has a huge and massive constituency as a man who won Zambia its first ever Africa Cup,” Mr Lubinda said, “his decision to back the Lungu candidature is a decision that must be taken seriously by all Zambians because The Great Kalu has a history of winning and picking Winners.”
Mr Lubinda said what makes the Kalusha endorsement doubly important is the fact that the soccer maestro—Soccer is probably the biggest ‘religion’ in Zambia after Christianity—is an independent person not looking for a job in government or indeed seeking government favour.

Mr Bwalya said President Lungu and his PF team have embarked on a path of development that shall help create jobs as they roll out roads, hospitals, schools and railway lines.

“The infrastructure roll out in my view is a winner for President Lungu because the results benefit everyone including those opposed to him because they have to drive on roads in order to do their campaigns…President Lungu means well.”

Mr Bwalya joins a growing list of heavy weights backing President Lungu including people like former vice President Enock Kavindele, the Rev Dan Pule, billionaire business man Captain Austin Chewe, President Rupiah Banda and many more.

President Lungu has on the other hand continued his call for peace and a violence free election, a decision opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has arrogantly refused.


    • Kalusha seems to have sensed that Zambians are ST..U.PID & easy to CHEAT – this is CERTAINLY OBVIOUS AFTER HAVING A DUNDER HEAD LIKE LUNGU AS PRESIDENT!!

      Kalusha’s expertise is certainly in kicking a leather ball – of which we are all proud for him!!
      His other expertise, is playing as a “chola-boy” to big thieves such as Sepp blatter, who gave him a few crumbs, now that Blatter is gone, “Galu” has to find someone else to be a”chola-boy” to, obviously abena Chagwa fit the bill!!

      Lets put Chagwa & Galu where they belong!! Happy that the FAZ fraternity have already put this into effect for Galu!!All that remains now, is to put Galu & Chagwa in the same PIT-LATERINE, that is where AMAFI BELONG!!!

      Vote WISELY 11/8/2016!!
      VOTE UPND!!

    • ….All that remains now, is to put Galu & Chagwa in the same PIT-LATERINE, that is where AMAFI BELONG!!!

      Vote WISELY 11/8/2016!!
      VOTE UPND!!
      Abantu baya!!

      #chagwamustfall!! #PamaFIkuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

    • @Nubian Princess:
      There is nothing special about being South African – in fact being Zambian is even greater!! I was born in the UK but I am Zambian first and British second! My Zambian Heritage is far more important that anything else and that’s why I will not marry anyone else but a good Zambian girl. Let us put things in perspective and value being Zambian with esteem.

    • The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise are choosing ECL and in three weeks will retire most politicians for good. What A Sweet Life!!! Bye bye HH … the 5 time loser!!! Sorry Badala … The Winner is ECL, we know how to pick winners, we are Zambians for crying out loud!!

      Go Great Kulu … Need We Say More?!!!

  1. RB said ikakunyokola njala UKAWELE , this is KALUSHA NOW THAT NJALA YAMICHITA HE IS SINGING showers of praise to ECL and Team, he is looking for a Job as a NOMINATED MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT TO BE MINISTER OF SPORTS.. WATCH THE SPACE

    • I beseech all right thinking Zambians to back him fully (am not backing him and so are many others….and if we be not right thinking, so be it)

      because he is a tested leader, (he is tested in borrowing and stealing at least K15 million in one year, extreme violence and murder) a humble leader (say a drunkard beset with dupery, a con job) and a tenacious President who means good for this country (he has collapsed the economy and like Mugabe he still thinks he is the best for the nation).

    • Feathers of the same bird………….what do you expect from this Kalu boy, he is a corrupt chap who only thinks of his own tummy at the expense of the masses. Its this selfishness and corruption which costed him the job to little known Kamanga.

      We pray to the Almighty that ECL loses so that hii munyokole njala uyu corrupt mwana the more!!


    • Everyone knows that He is being kept by his wife, and thus expected to support Lungu for a few pieces of silver.

    • Every zambian has a right to belong to political Party of his or her choice and also support a condidate he or she wants. Kalusha has chosen to support ECL. That is his choice, his right and no one should insult him for doing so.

      You who are insulting him have freely chosen to support HH and that is your right. The truth is that you just feeling bad because of the quality of endorsements ECL is getting. The reason is simple: ECL is the better candidate. How can I support a candidate who behaves like he wants to fight everyone. Just check HH’s behaviour at Mulungushi last week. Out of all candidates, he is the only who disrespected everyone, the police, press, ECZ, and receptionists. What kind of man is this? Is this the presidency he wants to bring to Zambia? Zambia needs better…

    • Kalusha should sue PF for all these insults people are showing him? Kalusha should show up on TV and kick those Emmanuel Mwamba in balls.

    • We know why they are insulting him. Thats is how they were brought up. The are so uncivilised because most of their time was spent herding cattle and do not have proper social manners. They think every one is a cow. Just look how your HH behaves in public, like a cadre. At Mulugushi he displayed the worst character. You should kick Depak in the balls for not correctly helping HH to behave civilly.

      Kalusha is intelligent enough to write his own articles. He is an educated footballer and administrator.

    • Really laughable…what can Great Galu administer? He is only good at adminstering sortcodes and bank accounts.

  2. Everyone knows how corrupt KALWISHA BOOLYA is – so it is NOT a big DEAL when one Thief endorses another convicted Thief!!
    We are ALL aware that New FIFA has NOT yet completed their investigations into the plunder of people’s resources in the Sepp Blater era and the only known corrupt Zambian beneficiary and participant in that SCUM is Kalusha Bwalya.
    So Kalusha who is inherently corrupt endorses an ex convict Lungu – is there any deal? NO – because thieves always go with other thieves and that is why we need a new UPND Govt! VOTE WISELY, VOTE UPND.

    • It does not matter what you call him, he has made a choice and you will not change it. Kalusha is still respected by many Zambians who will equally respect and be influenced by his endorsement of Lungu. No amount of insults will change this fact. If anything you are just wasting your energies on something you have no control of and cannot change.

      We fee sorry for you that his choice has hurt you so much in UPND, but thats how the cookie crumbles.

  3. This is the guy who spent 10 years as head of FAZ, a 10 years of bailiffs and corruption at FAZ. Him and his gang made sure sales from FAZ kit went to their pockets.
    Right now grass roots football and football is a mess in zambia with no stars produced, and after wining Africa cup we went straight to the bottom again.

    He made sure ticket sales for matches were printed in SA not zambia for reasons only known to him. He oversaw Nike cancel the chipolopolo sponsor ship deal because of corruption.

  4. Twatotela Ba Great Kalu. We are ever grateful for raising Zambian flag abroad. Your name is every where in Africa and beyond. Lesa alekupala Mwana wesu. People that have inborn inferiority will always be with us as you will read their insults starting from this morning…just wait they are as asleep now. Bye Great Kalu

  5. Spot on Great Kalu!! I always say it is suicide to substitute a winning team with an unknown group. Let the winning team PF continue scoring the goals. We are used to seeing good things. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  6. Kalusha is free to endorse anyone. But he is a corrupt chap and am glad he is no longer FaZ president. In an case, my village does not know him and they will not vote for Changwa because he has blood on his hands

    • Kwena UPND is really giving shiki polomya to PF cadres how come anything written against your choice is by UPNDwhy not anyother interested party.

    • @K Bwalya: Like yourself I am struggling with this endorsement. I fully acknowledge that it is The Great Kalu’s democratic right to endorse whoever he wants and even run for office should he choose to. The Great Kalu is a national treasure who we all take pride in for the joy he brought into our hearts as a nation. He should never put us in a situation where we should have to say bad things about him.
      How refreshing and noble would it have been of him instead to call for that press conference and preach peace, unity and NO VIOLENCE. I think quite a number of us would have listened to his counsel.

      Like you say above “WHAT A SHAME”.

  7. Politics of deceit and manipulation! Kalusha Bwalya can endorse anyone, but his claims about Lungu’s competences are laughable. He may be the only one who doesn’t know that Lungu is utterly incompetent!

  8. Those who have been eating PF money will vote for their stomachs and for Lungu. Of course they want to continue eating with Lungu in power. The majority of Zambians are suffering from high cost of living, no jobs,loss of jobs, inflation,load shedding, violence etc. These will vote for change and that change is for the sober and hard working HH and UPND Team. Kalu has been benefitting from Lungu and PF Partronage system for a long time so he is putting his vote where his mouth is. It doesnt matter what Kalu thinks becoz people have already decided to vote out Lungu and PF.Even with rigging Lungu and PF are going. HH welcome to state house.

  9. Endorsements are only good if they result in your favor. It’s a pity that some people don’t want to be realistic in their endorsement. Surely supporting someone because they are humble and approachable is sinking too low. How I wish EL was being endorsed on economic development issues and not this humble rhetoric people are singing. Someone remind Kalu, this is not football but a serious issue that affects the entire population!

  10. He says he is endorsing chagwa because he knows him at a personal level, that’s all, nothing else. This means he has not taken time to know other presidential candidates, he so lazy to do that, that’s Zambian politics for you.

  11. But why make the statement on behalf of Kalu… I see some desperation in the PF media team.. Let him make the statement himself. I would not be surprised if Kalu denies or distances himself from this like the Kalulushi MP bid hoax!!

  12. Kalusha Bwalya’s backing of Edgar Lungu is as a result of his current cases before ACC. I have no doubt in my mind that his bait is that once he is found guilty ( which is most likely) he will receive presidential pardon like General Kanene, Dandy Krazy, Austin Liato. So don’t be fooled. Kalusha knows that HH and team will not protect corrupt Individuals. Remember this is the guy who received $80,000 (K800 Million old currency) in his PERSONAL ACCOUNT on behalf of FAZ.

  13. This is not surprising at all. Its true birds of the same feathers flock together. This is a case of a corrupt & thief Kalu endorsing another thief and corrupt thug President. What Kalu thinks does not matter anymore. Kalu has been blinded by PF money and see he is endorsing a losing Team. Kalu is hoping to join the Lungu and PF gravy train but on 11th August the train will be brought to a hault. We are voting for HH & Team UPND. This is the winning Team. Lungu and his illegal Ministers better start packing. Lungu can try and rig the vote but he can’t rig our minds and the economy. Viva HH,GBM & UPND.

  14. With the scandals Kalusha has of course he needs money. He sees this as an opportunity to get free handouts. Did we already forgive the alleged $80,000 he received from former FIFA Vice President Mohammed? This even led to an FBI probe imagine! Instead of having a clean name Ba Kalusha has been reduced to ama scandals. He also gave his wife K1billion the awarded contract to Brand and market the Zambia versus Ghana game. Remember when lost his house in Woodlands after his appeal in the Supreme Court was dismissed following a US$26, 250 debt he contracted in October, 2008. This man is a waste of a product. He is finished and nothing to glorify. Chabipa what insala can do.


  16. What do you expect from a corrupt entity like Galu…his gravy train FAZ has been cut off now he is looking for another as he simply has not got the brains to make money work for him – only stealing is the best option. Very soon his musungu wife will start to ask questions about lack of business heading to her Sports company.

  17. EL just bought a Toyota Hilux for Kalu about 2 months ago. The chap was called by Chilubanama to get the Hilux from a business man in Chilanga. He was called upon arrival from SA to book a cub and get to Chilanga where he the vehicle was handed to him. So if this is a true statement it would not come as a surprise to someone like me who knows all this. Infact what he was told was that he should not bother fighting Kamanga because ‘there is a lot of other things for him’

  18. Kalu is one guy who made a lot of man abroad and has nothing to show for it…It does not surprise me that He sees no failure is PF leadership. Stay away from this Kalu and you will keep your ‘greatness’

    • His friends like Kanu have built football academies..him he only thinks of how to steal to take to his nest to RSA. FAZ now is saving money that was being wasted on his air tickets to RSA.

    • Ba Musune, batila ati never argue with a fool, because no-one will tell the difference. Ba PF are wise people.

    • we are busy doing a door to door, kind thing you know, let them spend time on their phones. PF is wining !!!

  19. If Kalu had endorsed HH, he was going to be a saint. Look at GBM, Tekere Banda, and Muzungu Opusa is now clever muzungu.

  20. Cool down cadres, it is just one selfsame vote.I know what you could have said if the lazy bu3m endorsed ‘?’. It is Monday bane.Good day empty tins

    I thank you very much

  21. Welcome Mr. Kalusha Bwalya to the world of political endorsements and counter-endorsements. At the risk of being accused of being jealous I wonder why Zambians still call Mr Bwalya, “Great Kalu”. If Godfrey Ucar Chitalu, Mesi, Ronaldo, Alex Chola, Zoon Njobvu, the Traore brothers and Drogba are not commonly referred to in the same line with the word GREAT! maybe it’s time to move on from 1988 and realize that the event occurred in the 20th century and that we are now in the 21st century.

    • Naimwe, dont you know that he is known to be “Great Kalu” for other good reasons i.e. Stealing!! The fella thought he was stealing smartly nabena Blatter but everything has its day and even that has rebounded on this broke Ar.se!!

  22. no stable income and married to a white,sounds like life of a conman….what do i do…run fast to ecl and call him all sorts of good names…not knowing i am scoring an own goal because one hh and gbm will be in office come august 15th,2016.

    • No Oscar, we are not ready for fights in State House between HH and GBM. Aba abalumendo bamakofi. Tatulefwaya umusebanya!

    • Galu is now spending his own money and feeling the pinch like everyone….he wants an empowerment loan from GRZ.

  23. Endorsement of one person doesn’t change anything. He is looking for a job while majority are living in poverty.God is in control not Kalu or Lungu.

  24. by the way mr kalusha bwalya its: walking the talk and not the mumble-jumble u write in yo craving ululation of chagwa ( LOL) !!

  25. Lest we distort history. Kalusha never lifted the Afcon 2012! NEVER! It was gallant Katongo and the boys. Please get it right. The last humiliation we got from Kalu was when he missed a penalty in our own and only Independence Stadium against Angola. Remember Danny Ft Difikoti ‘Ka Lasti’????

    • @Alfred Mapiki
      And in that 1988 event when the penalty was missed, one police officer died of myocardial infarction, a heart attack. So much for GREAT! Katongo yes, Mayuka yes, Renard, maybe but GREAT! uhm! Those of us who knew the team of the late 1980s know the man called Charles Musonda and the Malitoli brothers, the Gentiles of the yonder years..oh my God, how the heroes have fallen.

  26. Why are you jelousy, imwe fi kachema, Great Kalu has endorsed the winning Team, you will remain in opposition for ever.

  27. I wonder when our country will ever have real GREAT people. Kalu had chance to be a great national symbol but alas, he reduces himself to a political party cadre!

  28. “President Lungu has on the other hand continued his call for peace and a violence free election, a decision opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has arrogantly refused.”

    Reaaaaaaaaaaally …. Edgar Lungu is the biggest hypocrite Zambia has ever found, He state-sponsors violence and turns around with a Peace Accord, my foot, the accord he is going to break himself after unleashing the Panga Family “PF” on the people of Zambia.

    • You mean to say Zambians are *****s not to know that this violence is coming from one William Tekela Banda the special advise to Mr. Hichilema the UPND president?
      The vigilante is behind the arming of UPND cadres and you think you are smarter than the Zambians.

  29. the magitude of the response from UPND cadres (bloggers) goes to show that they are really hurt by kalu’s decision . in bemba we say bakolwe basekana ifipato ichilema is a thief under privatization & the most corrupt political party leader who has been at the helm of upnd for the past 15 years by imposing himself as if there are no other people in that party who can take over from him

    • Who cares what kalu endorses, and most bloggers don’t care or like him because of the corruption and mess he left at faz not that they are UPND, but thank for noting UPND bloggers don’t like the corrupt.

  30. Which Kalu is this? The guy who missed a penalty. And the guy he is endorsing is missing the economy kick.Freedom of endorsements

  31. Kalusa bwalya also known as dead beat father his endorsement of Lungu does change or take away anything from HH. Kalusa Bwalya proved himself to be very unpopular among many zambians during his tenure at FAZ where he converted the football house into his own monopoly game until he was clobbered and devalued by an unknown businessman Andrew Kamanga. The lesson here is that Kalusa is officially unemployed and he needs some kind of survival and so the only way is to align himself with PF for now. Andrew Kamanga managed to devalue Kalusa and so his endorsement of Lungu has no political clout. RIP Kalusa.

  32. which heavy weights naimwe wat has Kavindele done Rupiah and chewe why do u cheat yourself Kalusha was kicked out of office by Kamanga and we know how he messed up Faz

  33. Kalusha has no weight at all, if he had any he would not have tumbled to Kamanga, so let him shut up, nobody can be swayed by his foolish support of the Huge Kaloba Government.

  34. This endorsement is another filled up Heroes Stadium to the brim! Well done great Kalu and let the likes of Bob Sichinga, Masebo, Scott, Kabondo and the RED LINSO, (HH) d1e of the pressure from ECL. This RED LINSO, KACHEMA, UNDER 5 DOES even acknowledge, God our creator, and as a people, we are annoyed with him and shall see our wrath on 11 August……….

  35. This endorsement is another filled up Heroes Stadium to the brim! Well done great Kalu and let the likes of Bob Sichinga, Masebo, Scott, Kabondo and the RED LINSO, (HH) d1e of the pressure from ECL. This RED LINSO, KACHEMA, UNDER 5 DOES NOT even acknowledge, God our creator, and as a people, we are annoyed with him and shall see our wrath on 11 August……….

  36. Let them bark haven’t you seen the way their boss was rubbishing everyone at Mulungushi behaving like he is the almighty. The truth hates, they are now releasing the truth that they won’t win come 11 august, and so those are last kicks of a dying horse. Sorry Kalu just ignore them who does not know them like father like son. MORONS LIKE HH & GBM. What is wrong for Kalu endorse ECL?
    Wapya munzi mukose.

  37. A Great endorsement. Don’t worry about people who spew hatred when they hear that someone has won a lottery. We can’t all see things through the eyes of haters.


  38. This is Kalusha’s personal opinion. But to say that Lungu is a humble and tested president is really being naive. The fact that the man holds his 2 hands together when walking does not mean he is humble. Tested for what? Zambia dropped from being the 5th rising economy in Africa in December 2014 to the hungriest country in Africa. Is this the tested president. Kalusha better stick with you new found job at supers port than analysing politics

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