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Zambian Backyard innovation comes out third at Africa Business Idea Competition



A Small Zambian Backyard innovation company has been awarded third place in the Africa Business Idea Competition held in Tanzania.

The innovation titled cash to trash involves creating value from the day to day waste we generate in our communities.

Speaking in an interview Castrol Shanobe who is the general manager and founder of Newtech recycling company said his innovation will help reduce the problem of indiscriminate disposal of waste by adding value to waste generated in communities.

“Through my innovation we will be able to manufacture high quality construction materials like paving stones. we will reduce the problem of indiscriminate disposal of waste by creating value from the waste we generate in our communities thereby reducing incidences of flooding, water borne related illnesses,” he said.

He said the competition was sponsored by DMM Africa, a Japanese firm interested in investing in Africa and had participation from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe with each country providing two representatives.

He also called on youths to be more action oriented as opposed to complaining about lack of employment when they can be employers.

He said its only Zambians who will create the desired jobs in the country and that youths should be in the forefront of innovations that will create jobs and contribute to the country’s economy.

“I believe it is only Zambians that will develop Zambia and create the employment we need. Rather than investing our energies in drinking beer and complaining. we should do something to make our lives better.

Research shows that over 95% of the people who say they need money would actually misuse the money if they are given because they have not done any background work. As the saying goes “its better to be prepared and not having an opportunity than having an opportunity and not being prepared,” he said.

He said “let us be more of doers than just talkers.”


  1. Good advice and congratulations. I wish you every success. Your idea fits in with the modern trend of saving the environment.

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