Government launches US$30 million skills project for women, youths

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe with Permanent secretary Siazongo Sikalenge at SADC 35th Council Of Ministers meeting in Botswana on Friday Picture By EDDIE MWANALEZA.
Mrs Mwanakatwe
Mrs Mwanakatwe

Government says it has prioritised economic diversification as one measure of increasing revenue generation and reduce the country’s vulnerability to external shocks.

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe said value addition to the country’s abundant natural resources for both domestic and export market is at the core of economic diversification.

“Zambia has prioritised economic diversification away from mining in order to increase revenue generation and reduce the country’s vulnerability to external shocks which is triggered by shifts in the performance of global commodity prices”, Mrs. Mwanakatwe said.

She cited agricultural and agro processing value addition as one of government’s priority areas to maximise the potential and generate more income, create jobs and enhance rural industrialisation.

ZANIS reports that the Minister was speaking in Lusaka today when she launched the US$30 million worth “Skills Development and Entrepreneurship Project-Supporting Women and Youth (SDEP-SWY)” funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The US$30 million project will be implemented by the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).

Mrs. Mwanakatwe thanked the AfDB for supporting government projects aimed at creating wealth and employment opportunities for the Zambian people especially for women and youths.

She disclosed that the project will create a total of 17,000 employment opportunities for youths and women while 4, 000 sustainable jobs will also be created for Micro Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSME)

Mrs. Mwanakatwe further urged the CEEC and all stakeholders to put efforts together to ensure that the project achieves its intended objective.

And AfDB Country Representative Damoni Kitabire said his Bank remains committed to supporting government initiatives aimed at improving entrepreneurship skills among women and youths in the country.

Mr. Kitabire further said the project will support the improvement of competiveness and bridge the entrepreneurial skills gap among women and youths and further promote export diversification.

Meanwhile, CEEC Board Chairperson Kasuka Mutuku said the commission has put relevant structures to ensure that the project is prudently implemented in line with the commission’s corporate governance

Dr. Mutuku expressed happiness that the project will facilitate the participation of more women and youths in the country’s social and economic development.


    • Which government will implement, that Ilunda Chalo project? It is too late for those projects..
      Ballot printing is done, its time to vote out PF.

    • Even if this were true (which I doubt why only now that Zambia is appearing like heaven on earth the power of elections ka) She is probably one of the recipient’s like she did at CEEC by the way has she paid back CEEC?


  1. “The US$30 million project will be implemented by the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).”

    Only in Zambia can a minister whose company owes that organisation money can be officiating and launching that organisation’s scheme without any shame whatsoever as corruption has been legalized by this people.

  2. Open your eyes people! This is damage control after real Zambians with a passion and love for their country and fellow citizens criticized the government and Lungu over the killing of Mapenzi and the police brutality, terrorism and invasion of women and children at GBM’s residence. Now they are trying to bribe people like giving children candy, when trying to make them do something. Keep in mind this very woman in the picture swindled money from CEEC which she has not paid back, money for the most vulnerable in society. They all make me sick to my stomach. No women or youth will see this money, it will go in the pockets of PF ministers.

    • Even of they did pay out who pays back this money as there is no due diligence…they just hand out without no secruity or guarantor.

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