The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says it is concerned with the manner in which the Public Order Act is being applied by the police.

LAZ Council Member, Chishimba Kaela, says the Public Order Act is been applied unfairly by the police infringing upon those in opposition.

ZANIS reports that Mr Kaela said LAZ is, however, happy with the high court’s verdict on the Public Order Act, adding that the police have now been mandated to give proper reasons before denying anyone permission to hold public meetings.

Mr Kaela said this during a public discussion held in Ndola yesterday to sensitise people on the implementation of the Public Order Act.

He also urged all those who are 18 and holders of National Registration Cards to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum.

Mr Kaela said Zambians have been given a chance to enhance the Bill of Rights by voting ‘yes’ in the referendum.

And speaking at the same function, Human Rights Commission (HRC) Chief Officer – Information Education and Training – Mweelwa Muleya, revealed that his organisation organised the public forum calling all stakeholders in the electoral process following complaints by the stakeholders over the unfair application of the Public Order Act by the police.

Mr Muleya said HRC is also concerned with the manner in which stakeholders have been failing to abide by the Public Order Act.

He said there is need to strike a balance between maintaining law and order and the protection of human rights.

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  1. vogka chakolwa rungu must fall come august 11.He is a murderer,a liar a thief and a drunkard.That’s why pf police cadres are behaving like that…VIVA UPND,VIVA HH 2016



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