Lusaka July: a Cosmopolitan Touch to the City


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Lusaka’s socialites and fashion enthusiasts are looking forward to Zambia’s very first social polo event that marries glamour with the sport of polo. Lusaka July at The Retreat in Roma on the 31st of July will be an opportunity for Lusaka residents to familiarize themselves with the leading international polo tournaments. Like the original “Durban July”, guests at the event are encouraged to dress in stylish outfits. Following in the footsteps of events based on equestrian sports events like the Australian Melbourne Cup; the Lusaka July is an event that will be held annually every July during the Zambian polo season.

The event is based on the concept of experiencing the social culture of the sport of polo. As one of the oldest team sports in history, Polo has spread around the world. In Zambia, the polo season is between the months of February and September where Polo clubs across the country organize local and international tournaments. Recently, an International Men’s Polo tournament between Chile and Zambia was held in Lusaka.

“We are calling it the ‘Lusaka July’ as a spin-off the ‘Durban July’. We are focused on emphasizing the elegance, fashion and polo at this event. Ladies should come in their most fashionable dresses and fascinators, and gentlemen can dapper-up in their best outfits. Polo is in season and we will be tapping into polo matches happening across the globe so get ready to enjoy the beautiful game of polo while you socialize in style”, said Ms Monde Nyambe who is the Event Co-ordinator at PR Girl Media, the agency responsible for the organization of this event.

The infusion of fashion into the event was inevitable and with the growing fashion industry in Zambia. Lusaka July promises to be a display of trendy designs by some of the most talented fashion designers. Namibian designer, Nikola of Nikola Conradie Fashions will showcase at the event alongside leading Zambian designers Debbie Chu, Mwenge of Lace and Chisoma Lombe of Chizo Designs. “The Zambian community has definitely warmed up to the idea of fashion shows and we are encouraged to see more social events involving fashion as an entertainment option” said Chisoma Lombe of Chizo Designs.

Lusaka July promises to be a spectacle of Lusaka’s evolving cosmopolitan culture. We should expect to see some of the city’s celebrities, TV and radio personalities present at the event. For more information on Lusaka July, a Facebook page has been published for latest news and updates on the event.

Tickets can be bought from The Retreat at Roma International Resturant at K350 per person .

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