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Taxi Driver Shot dead by his Passengers


zambiaPolicelogoA TAXI driver operating in Monze, Aron Katowa, has been shot dead by his passengers who also went away with his car, Southern Province Commissioner of Police Godwin Phiri has said.

Mr Phiri said yesterday that the murder and aggravated robbery took place on Wednesday (July 20, 2016) between 16 hours and 17hrs in Luyaba area in Chief Choongo in Monze district.

“The Police received a telephone call from Amose Kawana, a taxi driver of Nakambala Township to the effect that his fellow taxi driver Aaron Katowa aged between 27 and 33 years of Highlanders who was booked by unknown persons at Embassy station.

“The deceased, who was driving a Toyota Corolla with registration number ALD 8074 silver in colour, was shot at by the same occupants using a suspected short gun.

“He sustained some wounds in the stomach and later died from Monze Mission Hospital where he was rushed by to a good Samaritan,” Mr Phiri said.

He said the body had since been deposited in Monze mission hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem.

Mr Phiri said the stolen motor vehicle had not yet recovered while no arrests had been made and that the relatives to the deceased have been informed.

Meanwhile, Mr Phiri has named a female pedestrian was died from a hit and run fatal road accident in Pemba on Tuesday night as Gladys Choosa, 40, of Chonga in Monze.


  1. The driver was a PF supporter and the passenger who has murdered him a hardworking citizen was our fellow UPND member and 1st cousin to President HH. I have told HH that this primitive politics of psyching people that Southern is only for Chuundu Chaitwa will not win us election unless we change or hide what Miles Sampa said that we must go into more polygamy and register all cows as voters, we are doomed. Its like sacrificing Mapenzi was not enough. How much blood are we going to spell?

  2. Ba LT really? Did you fire your editor or something? My word!! “short gun”???, “said the stolen motor vehicle had not yet recovered”???, “has named a female pedestrian was died” ???

  3. @ Awe Shuwa: LOLEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ati ” it must be hell living in your skin”. You have cracked my rib cage! kekekekekekekekekekeke! Meaning, Chundu suffers from a ‘complaining syndrome’ i suppose.

  4. LT, you need to moderate some of the comments here. @Chundu Chaitwa is clearly divisive, and seemingly an ***** who is peddling what seems to be falsehoods. He offers no evidence at all to substantiate his pro-PF allegations on a every serious and tragic matter. @Chundu Chaitwa is US-based and he should be very ashamed, and you, LT, can do a little bit of investigative work to determine @Chundu Chaitwa IP’s Address—which is not difficult at all–and ultimately his home address. Being an *****, he thinks his posting has no cordinates/address. His address could help the Zambian law enforcement to link up with US authorities to seek “Uchundu Chaitwa” and put him on cuffs in a chattered flight to Zambia so he can help with investigations since he seems to know much about what…

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