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UPND Complains to ECZ that PF has continued to harass the party and its supporters


PF banners calling HH a satanist
PF banners calling HH a satanist

United party for National Development (UPND) has complained that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has continued to harass UPND and its supporters.

According to the statement released to the media today, UPND said that President Lungu was greeted in Kasama with banners claiming that HH is a Satanist and while campaigning in Northern Province the PF paraded coffins covered in UPND regalia and displaying images of the Party presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema.

The party said that such acts revealed the truth about their pretence to condemn the use of hate speech and derogatory language.

Below is the full statement


PF Continue To Harass UPND and Our Supporters

As preparations for national prayers are underway, we appeal to the ECZ to address the fact that despite last weeks meeting between parties it is clear that the PF is not serious about taking the necessary action to secure peace.

This week the opposition has continued to face harassment and provocation at every turn. President Lungu was greeted in Kasama with banners claiming that HH is a Satanist and while campaigning in Northern Province the PF paraded coffins covered in UPND regalia and displaying images of our presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema. Such acts reveal the truth about their pretence to condemn the use of hate speech and derogatory language.

This is the difference between PF and UPND. The PF is happy to sign any document but they have little intention of following through, as with their manifesto promises.

The UPND on the other hand is considered and thinks ahead to implementation. We asked for the addendum on rights and obligations to the proposed peace treaty at the ECZ meeting precisely because we have seen how those in power have abused such agreements in the past. While it was agreed that such an addendum would be drafted we are still awaiting notice from the ECZ on this matter.

Stephen Katuka
UPND Secretary General

PF supporters carrying an HH coffin
PF supporters carrying an HH coffin


  1. The PF is just innovative in the way they go about their campaign while the UPND goes about crying….You just have to listen to the campaign songs from both camps….UPND is mediocre….Does it mean HH is dead when a mock coffin is displayed….What about HH calling EL Chakolwa at every rally…Why not just sue if HH is not Shonongo.
    HALEYA HALENYA mashina HH.

    • But I saw on Muvi TV at one rally women were having a mock funeral (with a coffin and serious wailing) and HH was on the stage. Chiwamila galu?

      _____ “He is not ready for any debate neither is he ready to rule this country. Mr. Hichilema and his party have fallen short of the minimum requirements. Ever since I indicated that Iam ready to debate with him, there has been so much talk amongst UPND members with some of them indicating I disrespected him. On what basis does this translate into disrespecting him? Is it age? If that is the case then all youths in politics are disrespecting elders. Is it because he is the leader of an opposition political party? Well, that does not hold either. In fact it is Mr. Hichilema who does not meet the minimum requirements for a meaningful political debate. To the people organizing these debates, my advice is that…

    • These PFs, they start reverse again with coffins. They never come up with anything clean. I remember how to almost ate Kabimba in public.

    • Sounds like villagers seeing the inside of a plane for the first time. Seeing a tarred road is heaven on earth! Come on, life is bigger than that. Don’t simplify life to a road that you do not even know the cost of. This level of shallowness is uncalled for and you better off keeping it to yourself.

    • ulichipuba iwe, is there anything peaceful and heavenly in parading a coffin around and calling for the death of a person who is still alive. had it been UPND carrying a coffin you could have said ‘Ni satanist.’ christian nation my ass!

  2. PF will burn its own hands while trying to eliminate their perceived enemies. I continue to wonder who will be the actual losers in this election. Will it be the PF/UPND or the ordinary citizen? Time will tell.

  3. You don’t think and you are very evil. I dont even have words to say! Are you an human or Animal? All those people spending time to carry the coffin come September they will be languishing in their home without food and Lungu will be at State house enjoying himself.

    Lungu should tell him people the behave and dont to put a blind eye . Why are you even going to gather and pray if you cant even respond to common moral issues? You can not mock God. No wonder UPND didnt want to attend because people are hypocrites. Who is a Satanist HH or you people. I guess even the Devil is saying I am not that evil!

  4. I think its ordinary citizens because they dont think. I have lived abroad for a while I dont see such behavior. To be poor is really bad because you dont think with your head.

    • Kevin, what do you say to people rejoicing at Margaret Thatcher’s death?

      Simply politics of bad taste or poor description of what the electorates want to express. This includes some music which sing about individual leaders and not the values of their Parties.

      Campaign managers and their publicity secretaries need to educate their artists as well as the people at grassroot level.

    • @Kevin. Which abroad have you lived in? Trump’s supporters were chanting to have Clinton imprisoned over the emails. Trump had to restrain them by saying “Let us just defeat her”. Although some human beings claim to be superior to others the basic animal instinct is in all of us and sometimes even more when some white supremacists dragged an African American with a light truck over several kilometres.

  5. If Lungu is a Christian he should have told him follows not to disrespect other Leaders. The kind of behavior is not good. Do put blind eye to evil deeds. If want to win at all cost and you forget basic moral responsibilities you will fail.

    • UPND calls Lungu chakolwa and all sorts of names. Why are they complaining if their heads are functioning properly. Those PF Cadres are just doing what you do and don’t cry

  6. This is political period let people do and say everything they opt to.the people u say they don’t think ve voters they know themselves better than you think for them.

    • Because Jesus was a Satanist!
      He has his followers drink his blood and eat his flesh. He also commanded them to continue sucking blood and feeding on human flesh in remembrance of him.

      When one confesses to have joined the Christian cult, they become zombified. Watch them pray and watch them engage in evil acts afterwards. Satanist!
      And Zambia is now full of them.

  7. Primitive campaign tactics only taking the country to 18th century. PF should Market themselves to the voters how they’ll fix load-shedding, bleeding kwacha, youth unemployment, press freedom, corruption, UNZA/CBU, what IMF will implement etc.

    I remember the last days of KK when they said he was a satanist & there was a foto where his eyes were turning blue. Today they say KK was a good man & pray with him at cathedral of holy cross.

    • Where do you leave…Loadshedding has been dealt with….that’s why HH is crying…his campaign strong points have been pulverized and he is only left with INSHIMA ne NAMA…that’s all he is selling from his 10 point plan…Gone are the days when people would riot on account of UBUNGA….BOLA NAIKOSA!

    • @haleya,,,
      Ulabeja! Bufi bobe!
      Loadshedding yalipwa? Kwisa?
      Sometimes it starts as early as 9am.

      Kabepeko bambi.

    • PF have always been dirty in their campaigns remember even within themselves they used to run around on cairo road with coffins for their opponents its normal for these retards with abusolutely no plan for the country apart from stealing which they are prepaired to defend to death.


  9. HH is just not loved…you are out there in the diaspora and making comments on things you do not see or hear…on the ground HH is busy scandalizing EL and when EL’s supporters react you blame EL…no no no….HH, Miles, and GBM have been uttering insults and you guys want to side with the always crying UPND…they will cry the loudest come 12th Aug…mark my words…most of you guys will be writing in the comfort of your homes and they will be in hiding…or HH will send them out on the streets to cause Armaggedon…at least that’s what HH has promised….watch this space!

    • When HH scandalizes EL why doesn’t EL respond? Instead his supporters, the ZP and the Air force respond. Are you telling me Inonge and EL can’t fight their own battles?

      There’s never been so much blood shed in Zambia during elections until EL surfaced. Satanist!

    • The truth is that there are no standards to follow…Haleya Halenya period….tell us the bench mark so we can also assess what HH is saying…He has called Police Officers Morons because he perceived one to be PF and the entire Police Service was considered compromised… unless you missed that buddy! His party is complaining to the same ECZ who they accuse of rigging the elections…Doesn’t it surprise you that HH is a flip flop…He cries out all the time…He even wants to put an addendum to a committment to end the violence so he doesn’t sign so that he is not tied when he loses…UPND must cause Amarggedon! So why sign and then you rush to the same body you snubbed…Tell me what bench mark that is.

    • Morals…what do you and HH know about morality? HH was telling women on the CB to deny their husbands sex just because they support PF…What morals? You are debased in your understanding of morals with your medulla oblangata warped with your egoistic chauvinist HH ideologies!

  10. Rafael….even though it election period it doesn’t mean you forget you morals in order to win the election. Who is evil HH, PF or you?

  11. How does UPND complain to toothless ECZ?ECZ makes party presidents sign peace accords when the party presidents for PF and UPND are so weak to command their cadres.

  12. State House is silent as usual when these things even threaten peace. Next he will say these are UPND cadres and he “walks with God”. Maybe he even “drinks with God”

  13. you ve been harassing your opponents in southern province. FDD complained bitterly to ECZ when you beat up their mp in namwala. but if its you being hammered you are quick to cry foul.

  14. Umuntu ni Lungu elyo akantu ni HH. The death of UPND is drawing nearer. My only worry is with the prodigal son Mulenga Sata who never thought wisely to leave PF. The consequences for him after elections will not be ok because no one in UPND will help him to sustain his living!!!!

  15. UPND don’t worry about all kinds of evil PF is doing to you, they are the ones who will buried after 11 th Augudt. They are cursing themselves by calling for prayer and fasting whilst there are busy planting seeds of hate. They can’t mock God. What goes around comes around. God is always on the side of the oppressed he has heard your prayers. Who has a final say? Jehovah has a final say.

  16. But UPND you refused to sign peace accord, so what are you complaining about?
    You must be disappointed that despite what you thought was the GBM factor the north and other areas still continue to reject HH, confining his popularity to his traditional area no change. Look UPND, HH is just not lovable. Asdto that his desperate but costly strategy of threats and cheap lies which no one buys.

  17. Even where UPND thought they would win due to job losses for miners, the same miners have rejected HH and he retaliates by discussing with their wives. Mwalichimonako imwe ba ngwele? Ukutuka ba muka bene nga abalume babo bamikana?

  18. It does not matter how bad ECL can be, the fact is that he will always be far much better choice than HH. That is what the people in the pictures are telling you ba UPND.

  19. Lungu is a Satan masquerading as an Angel of light. He preaches peace during the day but at night arms his PF thugs to go and harass, beat and kill Opposition supporters. These PF people are hypocrites who abuse and mock God. Even the MMD who have entered into an Alliance with PF are complaining of PF violence. PF behaves like a hungry hyena which accuses its children that they are smelling like goats b4 eating them. Everbody knows that most of the violent acts in Zambia are committed by PF thugs on orders from the Commander-in-Chief, Lungu himself. Forward with HH & UPND.

  20. In Bemba we say ” FILALUKA IMONO”. Don’t mock GOD ALMIGHTY. GOD will turn that coffin to be for Lungu on 11 August. For your own Information tu PF you actually buried your Lungu in Kasama. That was a curse!!

  21. We are voting for Edgar Lungu, who has respect for Zambians. He works well with all tribes. He loves all Zambians regardless. Not Ka HH, spoilt, cry baby, immature, dull, boastful and a user. GBM, Miles Sampa and Mulenga Sata, you are being used by the selfish HH, he called you names like dog sellers Mulenga Sata, corrupt GBM and Ruth Mbandu killer miles Sampa through his watchdog website. HH insulted Micheal Sata until his death. He is now insulting Edgar Lungu and Bo Inonge Wina. We in PF are more than ready to vote EDGAR LUNGU. Wait and see, you proud HH, you will cry again, don’t be deceived by your so called rallies, where you speak like a broken record.

  22. Somebody will hang himself after 11th August, 2016. Isumbu likatenta that will be the end of UPND. We are saying NO to pompous leaders in Zambia. Chikabipa ku ba kapona! GBM, Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa and Mwaliteta are NOT factors in the political field. GBM is just good for insulting, HH pomposity, Miles Sampa does not sand on firm ground, Mulenga Sata is just a novice in the political arena.

  23. You don’t understand my point. I don’t Support Lungu or HH, what’s important is having a leader who has morals. I don’t want HH to put a blind eye to evil deeds neither do I expect Lungu to do so. You know what at the end of the day it’s you and I who will suffer. Just like USA; I have interest in Zambia even though I live abroad. I have family and friends…not only blood related family but people like you. We need to stand together and make good choices. If you cant vote educate your family and friends. What will Lungu give you when he wins and what will HH give you? You don’t know! All you know he will continue Sata’s vision. HH will give you what he has promised you. So decide who you want to trust.

    • Kevin, you are talking so much about morality, I personally questioned HH’s morals when just a day after losing Request Muntanga and that young woman MTSRIP, he was on the Copperbelt taking advantage of the situation proclaiming that Lungu was busy killing his own people even before anyone of them was put to rest! Is there any morality in doing that?

  24. UPND are worst at provocation. They have produced a song that says they cant be ruled by chakolwas. They call ECL as Chakolwa or Jamerson. They call pf cadres as ruffians. Its a fight and only the fittest shall survive

    • You think telling the TRUTH is provocation?

      STEALING K23 MILLION in one year is PROVOCATION!

      LYING about the state of the Nations finances is PROVOCATION!

      Shooting UPND supporters by the PF Police is PROVOCATION!

      Wake up man, these PF thieves will do their utmost to provoke anyone that wants to end their corruption. THAT is PROVOCATION!

  25. Kumwesu, load shading yalipwa kale,,, only two hrs or less, ninshi yaisa, which is normal for a developing country…


  26. This afternoon UPND cadres were seen distributing party campaign leaflets in Kabulonga next to PF camp at Crossroads Shopping Mall. I found it quite provocative! Others were standing next to Ms. Mwanakatwe’s residence in full party regalia. The chaps were looking for a fight!

    • What kind of mentality is this. I see all sorts of party cadres near my residence. Why don’t I get provoked? What is provoking you? Ignorance at its best indeed.

  27. Kevin July 22, 2016 at 12:14 pm
    Kelvin you are lying to say “I have lived abroad for a while I dont see such behavior. To be poor is really bad because you dont think with your head” In America such things start happening within intra party campaigns. During the time of Obama vs Hilary. Hilary Cliton was painted being depicted naked and picture pasted in a drinking place

  28. Lungs is the most evil president Zambia has ever known. He is hiding in the name Christian yet he is evil. PF are the satanists themselves.

  29. That is how the game or drama can be in politics in Zambia. However the outcome will be reviewed on 13th August 2016. Someone will cry louder like a baby immediately after birth. It will definitely be between the HH a satanist and ECL drunken master.


  31. Cry babies party. No wonder why you are called under 5 party, always complaining. You have run of ideas on how to campaign. Ama politics teyabana. Mulimbe chabe. August 11 is approaching fast and you are becoming desperate. Keep on selling your 10 point plan while others are selling their manifesto. Kikiki!

  32. mr x ,thats how it should be,campaigning side by side without provacation.We easily forget normal situations at times.Those two camps should be congratulated not demonised..

  33. The UPNDestruction is now panicking. This call of distress is in panick mode. Failure to campaign in your opponent’s so called strongholds is due to failure to uphold a peaceful and reasonable campaign messages. Whereas other parties are free to hold campaigns what’s your own now? What’s your problem? Use civil language and the people will accept you. Not Armageddon like messages.

    • I grew up during favourable governments of KK for free education and equal opportunity, FTJ for democracy and free markets, LPM for debt cancellation and economic stability. Therein I flourished, worked hard and became rich.

      Neither HH nor Lungu will make me move from richville to komboni. A Lungu presidency favours we the rich to getter richer and conversely for the poor.

      However, this is not about the few lords getting fatter in body and pockets! This year for sake of a bright and corrupt free future for my grandchildren, I am voting PF out and voting in UPND and HH. Zambia must not go down as Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

      Lungu is from Mugabe template. An unmitigated disaster for future generations to come. He has burdened posterity with irredeemable Euro bond debt and poverty…

  34. The UPND is trying frantically to not face the PF in the coming elections. That will not happen. HH must prepare for defeat and concede.

  35. The roads in our entire neighborhood are all tarred with BLACK TARMAC, PAINTED AND HUMPS in place, something I never expected in my entire life but President Lungu and the PF have done it and when driving, home I now feel my Government, PF Government, is really a serious. My tax money is at work, thanks to Edgar Chagwa Lungu and in the next five years under his rule, this is what every town, District, even villages will be looking.
    Dubai started like this and see where it is today and I see Zambia being the centre of Commerce in the next 10 years! Movements of people, goods and services is eased and those with innovative minds, the sky is the limit. To this end, President Lungu will receive over 70% of the cast votes because the man is a true leader and thats why the cartel are jealous…

    • It’s not your tax money that funds these expensive roads but kaloba money. PF has done what failures do….they borrow and spend lavishly and then slave under debt to bankruptcy. Chagwa specialty.

      And right here in Kanyama, chazanga, George, misisi the roads remain deplorable. Chawama and Muchinga are exceptions….lol

  36. Very right @Kopala For ECL, I can start off from my house all the way to my big man in the village on tarmac. Never expected things would turn out like this. I and my clan are fully geared to retain ECL into power. Starting afresh with a new party in government will be suicide. Vote for continuity. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  37. When they are called under 5 it is true they are. Is this the reason for them even to complain to ECZ, this is a campaign period only the fittest will remain standing. Mukose

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