Australia based Zambian artiste , Portia Clark , releases new single



Zambian pop sensation Portia Clark, who is based in Perth, Australia, has released a single titled “So The World May Hear”, which is available on all major online stores including iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.
The single was released to raise awareness on the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which was founded by William F. Austin in 1984 in Minnesota, USA to provide hearing aids and care to people in need.
Portia’s management team released a statement following the release of the single last week.

“Zambian born pop princess Portia is going from strength to strength, after a 30-hour flight from Perth, Australia to Minneapolis, USA, Portia spent the weekend in the States to release her new single “So The World May Hear”, produced by an Australian leading producer that was based in the USA and produced for Cher,” the statement reads.
“During the weekend, Portia spent her time with the likes of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Tony Blair, even Ice Cube and to top it off and jamming with the legendary Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley who now represents the Marley family and its business interest.”
“During the weekend, Portia was also joined by over 600 celebrities including some of the biggest names in acting like Jennifer Garner and sports legends who are in the baseball and basketball hall of fame. Portia seems to be putting Zambia on the map and everyone should really listen to her new song that can be downloaded free on all global media stores.”

Portia with her Husband Brandon Clark
Portia with her Husband Brendan Clark

Her husband Brendan Clark also sent a message.
“To all my friends in Zambia… she [Portia] is an independent artiste living in Perth, Australia and just returned from the USA where she released her new single,” he wrote.
“The song was released to raise awareness for the amazing work that Starkey Hearing Foundation are doing, Starkey also committed to a US$5 million dollar pledge to providing hearing to the hearing impaired in Zambia this year. Just think, where would we all be without our hearing?”
Portia was a year ago in Zambia and performed at City Lodge (formerly Smugglers Inn) alongside Dr Dre’s son Curtis Young.


Listen to a snippet of the song HERE

“So the world may here” is available for purchase on Amazon , Itunes and other online music stores.




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  1. She is very good! If look are to go by the first image accompanying this article (with white hair) does not do her justice…I misjudged her singing ability based on that.

    I will definitely be getting her music. Not because she is Zambian (I doubt she promotes herself as Zambian) but because her music is good. She sounds a lot like MJ Blige.

  2. Mr LT Editor,
    You has slept on the job again. There is a world of difference between an “ARTIST” and an “ARTISTE”. The beaut is an Artiste. On the other hand, I am, an Artist.

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