The first-ever Miss Africa Zambia pageant to be held on 5th August

Models at the 2015 Zambian Fashion week

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The first-ever Miss Africa Zambia pageant, being organised by Miss Pageant Zambia Trust, is set for August 5 at the Best Western Plus Lusaka Grand Hotel, where 10 models will be competing for the title.
The winner is expected to represent Zambia at the Miss Africa to be held in Botswana in November.
Charity Mwanza, Maria Chibuye, Grace Tembo, Penny Chewe, Louise Chingangu, Lukundo Nambaya, Tina Kazhila, Memory Ndumba and Sheena Kaliyangile are the contestants for the Miss Africa Zambia pageant.
The pageant is being held under the theme “Educate the Girl Child, Stop Child Marriages” and the organisers are hoping that the Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata will be able to officiate at the event being held less than a week before the country goes to vote in the general elections.
“The slogan for Miss Africa is ‘Re-branding and Uniting Africa’. This slogan has become more appealing to Zambia, especially this election period hence we intend to invite some members of the opposition to this event as a way of uniting Zambia especially this period of elections,” Miss Pageant Zambia director Muchemwa Sokoni says.
The Miss Africa pageant has its own particular aims.
“The pageant aims to have a special purpose on the continent as its main mandate shall be to promote Africa as a tourism power house by showcasing the various cultures, lifestyles and most importantly the wonders of the world that are found in Africa to boost the tourism sector,” according to a statement to the Weekend Mail by the Miss Pageant Zambia.

Models at the 2015 Zambian Fashion week
Models at  Zambian Fashion week

“This pageant has been started in Botswana and has been rolled out to countries such as Ghana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria to mention a few. The enrolment of other countries is still on-going. Moreover, the pageant aims to promote unity among all Africans.
“The spirit of unity in diversity has seemingly died among citizens of the African continent as manifested by the recent xenophobic attacks, civil wars and genocides that we have experienced in the past.
“It is therefore of paramount importance that we have social structures like this pageant that shall promote and enhance unity among citizens of Africa.”

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(Daily Mail)


  1. wish you all the best. just make sure PF cadres are not near bye with their pangas or the pf police with their guns

  2. Have respect for our African women. They are fabulous in every way shape and form. You are the very people who condemn them when they are too skinny. This is how they end up having low confidence in themselves. You admire the Donald Trump Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and other pageant groups yet don’t appreciate your own talent. Instead of promoting it you are denouncing it. Show some class and etiquette and never criticize our women. Advertising for married men? So this is something to be proud of and something we condone? A bunch of Kanene’s in sheep’s clothing. In order to respect people, you first have to respect yourself.

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