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Konkola Copper Mines prioritises employee health


Tom Albanese, Chairman of Vedanta Resources Holdings
Tom Albanese, Chairman of Vedanta Resources Holdings

Konkola Copper Mines Chairman Tom Albanese says the health and safety of employees is a top priority in the company because healthy employees are more engaged, productive and have a higher morale.

Mr. Albanese, who is also Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KCM’s parent company, Vedanta Resources Plc, said the health of employees is of critical importance as the company seeks to drive Vedanta’s 50-year vision to continue mining in Zambia.

Speaking to several employees at the KCM Head Office in Chingola, Mr. Albanese said: “we have a 50-year vision for this company. We need you to be healthy to help the company realise the vision hence the need to implement such wellness programmes that promote the health of the workers.”

Mr. Albanese urged employees to live healthy lives by engaging in exercises and maintaining a good diet.

The health initiative will involve employees walking at least 10,000 steps every day to keep fit and getting involved in sporting activities such as football, netball, volleyball, cycling and others.

Mr. Albanese noted that the current challenges facing the company as a result of poor global economic fundamentals, especially low copper price, and a nationwide power deficit would not stop KCM from pursuing its goals to increase copper production through various initiatives, including cost reduction.

“We will prevail despite the challenges we are facing. Together we can do it. We will come out stronger. That is why we need you to be healthy and have strength in your body and in your mind,” he said.

And KCM CEO Steven Din said during the launch that the ‘Nchingilile Ubumi’ campaign does not only encourage employee fitness but also creates a platform for team building and social interaction.

“Initiatives such as Nchingilile Ubumi signify the importance of team building and working together for a common cause. KCM management hopes that such activities will have a positive impact on individuals as well as the organisation,” Mr Din Said.

Mr Din said it was imperative for all employees to remain steadfast and focused on increasing production.


  1. All this a PR window dressing by the sly rats called Vedanta Resources Plc…Zambians we need to wake up and keep up with current affairs. Remember that Vedanta and KCM had challenged the jurisdiction of the English courts to hear and adjudicate the claims by Zambian residents in relation to KCM’s operations in Zambia last month.
    Vedanta and KCM are currently examining the Court’s judgment and considering all options including an appeal of the Court’s decision…all these cosmetic PR stunts like replenishing the already polluted Kafue River with fish and this sudden interest in employee’s diet will be used to strengthen their defense.

    • balishiba ebo babepa. our dull leaders. A true leader is one whose interests are those of the people. he is ready to lose his life for the people. noti these leaders mu zambia. Maybe KK those days, aba shala bonse ni bakaboke. just drinking and stealing. they will blinded once again by these creepy neaderthals with their bewildering manouevers!!!!

  2. …50 year plan..?? what a blue lie….welfare of employees is the least on their priority list…that address was just a cosmetic…he deliberately avoided to emphasise on safety of the employees because is almost none existing….majority of employees walk to and from work…they cannot afford a car not even a bicycle because of slave wages…10,000 steps to them wont be a new thing, they already cover that involuntary…what they need are good salaries to enable them buy and eat healthy food to last for a month….to the next payday….for the majority, their salaries only last 2wks or 3 wks to the utmost…

  3. Albanese, can you please refresh our memory. What the High Court Judge in England said about yours, Vendata and KCM credibility?

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    Throughout my career I have worked efficiently and developed my capabilities to apply myself and my skills productively to achieve positive results both personally and professionally.
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  5. Rubbish! Please deport this exploiter back to his European council estate. There are hundreds of Zambians who are better qualified and multi lingual who can do a superior job as chief executive of a Zambian mine!

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