UPND has plan that covers everything from job creation to good governance-HH

HH sharing his 10 Point Plan
HH sharing his 10 Point Plan
HH sharing his 10 Point Plan
HH sharing his 10 Point Plan

United Party for National Development (UPND) Presidential Candidate Hakainde Hichilema has said that Zambia’s problems have come about due in large part to to bad leadership; leadership that does not plan ahead and leadership that does not consult and listen to outside views.

In a statement released to the media, the UPND leader said that he has plan that covers everything from job creation to good governance.

Mr Hichilema said that in developing the party’s plan, UPND consulted far and wide, surveying business leaders, engaging academics and experts, and toured the country and listened to the daily challenges Zambians are facing and how government can make their lives better.

Below is the full statement


A President With A Plan

During their time at State House the PF Government has led us into serious trouble. Mealie meal prices are up from K35 to K100, thousands have lost their jobs in the mines, businesses have closed due to the energy crisis, and economic growth is down from 7% to 3%.

These problems have come about in large part due to bad leadership; leadership that does not plan ahead and leadership that does not consult and listen to outside views.

This failure to plan has left the PF Government on the back foot, reacting to events once the damage has largely been done. On 11th August 2016 the UPND is offering something different. We are offering voters the chance to help move Zambia forward through delivery of the UPND 10 Point Plan.

The plan covers everything from job creation to good governance. Our proposals in areas such as education and healthcare are ambitious but they are possible because they sit alongside our commitments to cutting wasteful government expenditure and fighting corruption.

In developing our plan we have consulted far and wide, surveying business leaders, engaging academics and experts, and most importantly we have toured the country and listened to the daily challenges our people are facing and how government can make their lives better.

For my part, I want to use my experience as a farmer, my experience as a businessman and my experience as an economist to fix the economy and get our country moving forward once again.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


    • No meaningful invention has been done outside of an experiment. If the experiment does not deliver the expected results, discard it and remodel. A theory is no good unless tested.

    • HH needs to grow first then he can come and discuss his dreams in public. Looks like their are no elders where he comes from.

    • Kikikiki my young brother is a classic amateur in-chief. See how he is espousing utopia of alpha and omega mantra. Whatever consecutive administrations have done is nothing except the country risks with his utopia.

    • If HH had any moral values he would not have chosen GBM as his running mate. No self respecting Zambian woman should vote for this team!

      Make a stand against domestic violence now!

    • The usual HH arrogance of knowing everything about how to govern a country and run the country even when has never worked in public service.

    • Tell us what that plan is don’t just say that you have one!
      Last time someone said he had a 90 days plan we believed up to the time of his death some people still believed him much to their disappointment!
      Today all we ask is show us your plan otherwise FUSEKI!

    • HI is a big liar, all these promises he’s making will never come to pass. Why blame Pf on high fuel prices and other problems the country is going through? Fuel crisis is a global problem even the developed countries are experiencing the same problem. Stop lying and just say the truth. How are you going to reduce the fuel prices my economist, how are you going to employ every Zambia Mr business man. Tell the nation your plans don’t just say we’re going to do this and that. Tell me then have my vote. Even Obama has no control on fuel.

    • The problem with mediocre minds like Tasila’s mind is that even their expectations from our leaders is mediocre and it is very difficult to teach them and change their attitude. Mediocre mind = mediocre expectations. Amidst hunger and widespread mis-governance, they will still chant “PamaFi”. They also think good progress made by other nations is not possible in Zambia and that what they are seeing today is the best there can be. Very mediocre and it is this culture we want to throw away from Zambia. There’s a lot that the government can do for the poor especially that they are not doing because they are also like “We are Finished” (Tasila) – mediocre. Free education is very possible if for example the wastage of resources can be turned off, if corruption can be minimized, if efficiencies…

    • Free education is very possible if for example the wastage of resources can be turned off, if corruption can be minimized, if efficiencies in running government are improved. There’s much more that can be done. Her father, Chagwa is spending millions of dollars on cadres (some in priestly robes, others with pangas) and running militias instead of investing that money into agriculture to lower food costs and even to provide free education. Does this girl know how much money his father is spending on this? Millions of dollars enough to pay for free education.

    • Mr Dununa, even the developed economy like the US or Canada there’s no free education. Every thing is paid for includes health care. That’s why our schools and hospitals smell like toilets it’s because of policies like the one hh is promising. We need to develop a culture of paying for services as citizens otherwise we’ll be running to the developed countries leaving our own countries going to the waste. It’s high time hh started telling the truth.


  1. A cheap 10 point A4 sheet of paper?

    What can you cheap charlatans tell us?

    Some of you would rather go campaigning instead of assembling for prayers for peace as we gathered yesterday.
    UPND You don’t even have a manifesto. (HH) killed Mazoka and then he killed the original UPND manifesto

    Kaponya (HH) and his Boer thug mafia clan Scott Mmembe, Charlotte GBM and Miles are just cheap, fake tenderpreneurs without an alternative to what we have already implemented under the able leadership of Edgar Lungu and previously the Late MCS.

      There’s lots like You Kudos in you sinking P.F, party who “Bwetuka” without facts or evidence. Recently another non qualified G00n Mumbi Phiri accused Mama Kaseba – Sata, & son Mulenga of murdering Late President Sata. This is without fact or evidence, similar to the lie H.H. stole privatisation money. This is why P.F, has always been a failure. Surely if H.H, embezzled privatisation cash, you should prosecute, & send him prison, otherwise it proves again you are a useless party only interested in eating, & fattening your wallets like Chagwa has just done!!
      The difference between science & witchcraft is science will show you evidence to prove it works.
      P.F, IS JUST FULL OF CHARLATANS, & WITCHDOCTORS, you including Kudos.

  2. Haleya Haleya you speak the same and sing the same song. Fix it? Bring a true campaign message bwana! Hulelusa Hulelusa!

  3. What has caused the economic problems that Zambia is currently going through?
    None of the above.
    All the reasons that HH has mentioned are not even economic but political hogwash from HH s desperate but futile bid to become republical president. He says one thing today and another tomorrow, and the voters are confused as to where he stands or what kind of person he is. For example, Why doesnt he continue with his laughable line about bringing back Anglo American to revivebthe mines and reemploy all miners? Have you noticed how quite he was and hiding his hogwash economic “theories” during the ADB meetings in Lusaka? Insonu tapaba ba HH!

    • If PF had developed our tourism industry and manufacturing industries we not be in this mess.
      We know you PF think it cant be done and the only way is copper selling and borrowing to build roads and stealing by over pricing on projects but the UPND say we can develop other sectors…..

  4. Even the common man on the street knows his mealie meal economics better than HH. And the crossborder traders also understand their dollar economics better than HH. What an economic failure HH is proving to be!

  5. HH and UPND have got a Plan or a Vision but Lungu and PF have nothing. Lungu does not understand what Governance and Accountability means. All he knows is how steal money, beat and kill people and rig elections. We must vote out this visionless thug. Forward with HH,GBM and UPND.

    • Banda – So, tell me something — the acclaimed economist laments the mealie meal price at K100 from K35, so if the price remained at K35 then how much was a bag of maize going to sell?

  6. What I have seen PF cadres do not understand anything…! Somebody is explaining what he want to achieve, please feel srry for many zambians who suffering now and need help from better leadership, surely not through Edger Lungu…!!

  7. Voting for HH is voting for destruction. This chap who wantonly privatized Zambian companies is being sent on political retirement on August 11 2016, no doubt.

    • And voting a second time for a convicted fraudster who has managed to bring inflation from 7 % to 22% and blame the whole world would be the end of zambia economically.

  8. The title of that posting is “A president with a plan,” yet he is just reacting to PF and throws down no clues about what that plan is about and how he will implement it. This is all cheap lies about a plan that is non-existent.

  9. PF cadres,listen to what the man has to say before you make your blind comments.PF rule has been a disater.Even the kwacha rate is a big headache.Lungu says he just prays when it depreciates for it to appreciate.Real economics… kikiki

  10. His friendship with gbv is the reason I will not vote for HH…….as a woman I feel offended that instead of choosing the academician Dr Banda who apparently seem to also fear God,hh went ahead to pick on some one who batters women.All my fellow women in Zambia lets teach upnd a lesson and it will for ever send strong signals to men who beat up women.If we vote for upnd then we have legalized GBV.

    • Then vote for lungu who frees rapists and child molesters from prison only for them to Reoffend.

      Even the chief advisor of lungu kaiser zulu just assaulted a woman at long accers filling station just because he is close to lungu.

  11. Every election is unique. In 2015 we saw how southern voted for HH against other leaders whereas hh was being fairly voted for outside southern. Next month’s elections are about southern and the rest. We want to make people from south to realise that tribalism doesn’t pay. The sooner they change from their habit of only voting for their own the easier will the rest start to respect them. Last year they voted on tribal lines and looks like they are repeating it this year. Good thing is Zambians have mastered them and we ‘ll teach them a lesson this time.

    • @HH Techilema! PF’s original campaign strategy was to pit Southern Province against other province by stoking up tribal sentiments. This has evidently failed. Iam surprised that you are reverting to a failed plan. Iam from Eastern province and I will vote on the basis of who is better placed to move this country forward. My relative ECL has obviously failed. Why don’t you attack the 10 point plan that UPND have put forward instead of attacking the person? It is true that PF’s lack of focus and planning has led us into this mess. This is not surprising when ECL is still confessing that he has “NO VISION”. Just the other day, he was telling us that he was running the country on “Sata’s vision”. This will not do. It is still a confession that he has no vision. Visionless Lungu!

    • HHtechilema to hell with tribe iam Bemba but iam voting for HH.Na kana insala yachilamo under Lungu.

    • I am from the East and last year I voted for HH. He surely ain’t getting my vote this time. Most of relatives are also revolting. All the best to those voting for under 5.

  12. Dagote the renown economist in Africa is being appreciated because what he does is very beneficial to mankind.What are riches if even the school in your village Bweengwa which empowered you with education is falling apart and you can not even contribute a pocket of cement ? As Zambians don’t we have the right to know the source of these riches ?

  13. This Kaponya (HH) is just a lunatic.

    A pompous dull chap who just parrots a few economics and accounting principles. The bankam has never even been a ward councillor not even MP. What does he know about running a nation this parrot?

    He ascends to power by killing people. Look at the Massonic poisoning of Mazoka for which we know he’s responsible. Look at the way he celebrated Sata’s death 2014 in Nega Nega dancing the whole night thinking his time had come

  14. The experience has to be relevant. There is no doubt that both HH and GBM have amassed personal wealth. But at whose cost and who has benefitted. GBM built a Milling plant but the cost of Mealie meal went UP. HH has a lot cattle but he exports his meat and the price is very HIGH with very few Zambian can affording his meat.
    Dangote built his plant and cost of Cement went DOWN on the copper belt and a lot more Zambian benefitted.
    That is the Kind of experience we need and that has been shown already by ECL in his initial short stint.


  16. Hh cant tell us about good governance when he cannot even practice that in his own party by going for a convention.

  17. Beating who ? Nikani yamu chikwati , get a life Dear Women ! Some of you looked down on Sata and us in the streets voted for him .If Sata can be sanctified GBM will also be sanctified .

  18. The experience Lungu has is misrule, mismanagement and misgovernance. Lungu has ruined our lives and must go. Besides he has no vision so he does know what he has done and what needs to be done. All what Lungu knows is how to steal govt funds to enrich himself and his friends. A whole President looting govt coffers to finance PF Election Campaigns and for private purposes. The man has no idea what good governance and Accountability is all about. Viva HH,GBM and UPND

  19. fyakunya fye ifi alelanda ruining the government is different.
    what you think is totally different.
    just continue making noise you will never win

  20. What does HH know about leadership. So he thinks people wouldn’t have lost jobs in the mines if he were president? What kind of a person is this? Is Lungu the reason why we have load-shedding? Please HH shut up. You are embarrassing your followers.

    • They might have lost jobs on the mines but they would have found other jobs in the tourism and manufacturing industries which UPND have been telling PF to prioritise but instead PF were concentrating on overcharging us for roads to enrich them selves, even the PF ministry of tourism were all busy stealing money from road contracts and forgot to develop tourism.

  21. The caption on the photo should have read, “HH preparing for an exit from the helm of his party after his sixth loss next month!”

  22. Ba boss you are just wasting your time and energy kateka twalisala kale ni LUNGU. 11th August 2016 tukalamuchitafye confirm. Kindly go to hell with your rubbish 10 whatever plan. To run a country you do not need 10 point plans. I think even Tasila Lungu is much more intelligent than this self proclaimed economic mis-manager. Even rearing cattle , you need more than 10 points.

  23. In 5 years PF has ruined the economy, another 5 years those backing PF will be grazing on grass in the fields with goats and cows. In reality PF is broke, they have no money and the reason we are experiencing people not being paid salaries. Corruption and money mismanagement is a serious issue with PF. No one is disciplined even if caught stealing or plotting to steal as in Chikwanda and Chama’s case. This is a clear example of why Zambians love and condone misery. The same people saying ni Lungu chabe probably have nothing while Lungu is half way around the continent in a jet using their money. Lungu has no clue in how to run a successful government.

  24. The problem in Zambia is we celebrate poverty and being poor…. Doing well and earning a better life above average is usually a recipe for resentment, isolation and worst still being called all sorts of names with most people just waiting to see you downfall. the way Zambians look forward to someone’s downfall makes one wonder if that lifts them up!!

    • Jean kapata who has run down the tourism industry which was supposed to be one of the biggest employers and GDP contributers.

      She has resorted to issuing hunting licences and organising Street parties in livingstone while tourist arrivals continue till drop.

      These are the ministers lungu puts in key ministries. They do not know what they are doing.

  25. Jean Kapata was in Livingston saying UPND copied and pasted their findings especially the 10 point plan. She claims it was plagiarized by UPND. Can HH please respond to Jean Kapata or better yet have a debate with Ms. Kapate so she can articulate on why she thinks UPND took their material. One has to backup their claim and in this case I would like to see Kapata explain their version of the 10 point plan and what it will do for Zambians and how she will explain the planning and strategy behind it, implementations and policies. Its not just about opening one’s mouth but taking action. As we say: “Put your money where your mouth is.” The article is in Lusaka Times in case you are wondering.

  26. I feel for these under 5 party supporters. How can you have an amateur in the name of HH as president? Surely he thinks running a government is the same as managing a ranch. Bwana HH take a challenge to debate with Tasila and l think by the end of the debate, you will be buried to the history of this great nation.

    • Lungu it seems can only debate about defrauding widowers for which he is aleady
      A convict.

      He even dodged a BBC interview.

  27. HH and GBM are a serious danger to our country and if Zambia wants to experience the worst of their lives, let them vote for them. Just see how these guys whilst in opposition have been insulting and demeaning President Lungu, what more when you make a mistake of giving them power?
    HH and his running mate GBM think they ate bigger than Zambia and no wonder they think they can resolve all our challenges by themselves a thing NEVER heard of anywhere.
    We all have travelled, been to school and in good jobs but what they say don’t make sense at all. Why bring back Anglo America which run away and left miners dying in the cold?

  28. HH, please stop lying because you are making us vomit. How can you create jobs when you are against infrastructure development? How can you reduce mealie meal prices when you suggesting that Government should buy a 50kg of maize at K150? How can you create jobs for the youth when you are against a progressive referendum?
    Please think Mr I know it all otherwise this is the last we shall here of you on political scene.

  29. So Mr Know It All, what exactly is the message that you want us to take home? I mean you have been all over and we cannot see your message. Have you looked at the simple and straight forward message of ECL and other competitors like EN? Very simple for the common voter to relate to. Shows the lies of HH. Lelo ni Anglo American, mailo you cannot guess what lies he will come up with, especially when it’s a statement, those issued by HH………..
    …Kikikikikiki…..awe mwe!

  30. HH is such a politician that even cute Tasila can challenge him to a debate…..now dont get me wrong, I actually think that cute Tasila has more brains packed in her small head than our HH, unfortunately.


  32. Tasila has brains of a cow. What does she posses? Nothing! She came when she heard her father was president. What has she contributed to Zambia? Nothing except pocket money of poor Zambians. If we are pushing for a debate then let Lungu be the one to start followed by his daughter. HH did not refuse and debates give us people a clear indication and picture including an opportunity to pick the candidate of our choice. Lungu cannot be chickening out the way he does. Either he lacks effective communication, is not a team player or simply dull. I have noticed he always reads when it comes to serious issues and never looks at his audience. Communication is not only by the mouth but eyes, one needs to engage his audience.

  33. ZAMBIANS Wake up..HH, Maureen Mwanawasa, Miles Sampa, and several other Zambians including DeePak Patel, Milupi, Chitalu etc. have been listed in the MOSSACK FONSECA documents just released. Zambians are being vindicated

    • Who believes that cheap PF propaganda ?
      See More worthy news……..

      Zambia: PF Lawyer Banned Over Client Funds

      Southern AfricaZambia

      PATRIOIC Front chairperson for the committee on legal affairs Edgar Lungu has been suspended from practising as a lawyer with immediate effect on allegations of misappropriating money meant for retirees of Lafarge which was formerly known as Chilanga cement plc.

      This is according to a letter dated July 30, 2010 and signed by Law Association of Zambia(LAZ) honorary secretary Musa Mwenye and copied to all relevant institutions and individuals that deal with lawyers.

  34. how HH will fix it? lets be realistic here,on the 11th august we are voting for both president and referendum but our highly educated HH has advised zambians to vote no to referendum, a few clauses that protect us zambians,against future problems like marraige should be between man and woman,do you want homosexuals in our streets,HH hasn’t shown great leadership even in what he does,for example we all have heard storys of his workers being mistreated or underpaid,bp ex employees still fighting for thier funds from a company HH owns to the selling of mines which HH has never talks of,voting for HH could be worser than,brexit vote, you only realise what you have done just a little too late

  35. and we are so greatful for upnd u turn towards prayers but it would have shown a great signal to other upnd supporters if HH and Gbv did attained, but they were too busy for prayers and chose to send mr banda who seems to be chocked financially,hence making a puppet out of a man,im just happy that now everything is underway, little by little upnd supporters have started getting into hibernation under the pretence of operation watermelon aka donchi ngobambire which is satsfiying few red regalia members,and when they see pfs crowds they shout out ati operation watermelon,wind of change, mmmmmm are you sure

  36. Q: What is HH’s plan to restore jobs for miners who were retrenched?
    A: HH will recall Anglo American to come and reemploy the miners. His RM confirmed this plan recently so they are serious.

    Mr HH, we know that this hogwash cannot work as a plan, so it is safe for the people of Zambia to believe that none of the other nine plans of HH will work.

    1. We know that Anglo retrenched more than 100,000 and has colossal debts.
    2. We know that load shedding is not caused by a defective Chinese machine at Kariba dam as HH thinks but low levels of water due to poor rainfall in previous years.
    3. The collapse of commodity prices including copper on the international markets has affected currencies and inflation in emerging markets including Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Venezuela…

  37. 3. The collapse of commodity prices including copper on the international markets has affected currencies and inflation in emerging markets including Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Venezuela etc to various degrees.
    There is not a single reason that HH or Spaka like lilo says which is true. Sadly these two underfives know it too but think that they can cheat us!

  38. What we have seen so far from HE President Lungu is selfless, strong, tested, caring, truthful, and prayerful leadership. The majority of us love ECL and feel far more comfortable under his leadership than we would ever be under HH.

  39. Show us that plan or would you want to go with it to your grave like wizards do without leaving their formulas behind?

  40. While I agree that PF has failed lamentably in governance and giving proper leadership to the country, what I see as the causes are not the party per se. Our country will not get anywhere without a leader who will be willing to sacrifice his presidency by addressing the moral degradation being brought about through a very poor constitution. One has o admit that ECL has done a little bit to address that, but it isn’t enough. What we see because of the constitutional crisis, is a lack of respect for institutions and an abuse of power. Sadly, although I am hopeful that HH will form the next government, I do not believe much will change because he has brought on board the same people who shaped the PF policies. Are these the only people our country has as credible leaders? HH look elsewhere…

  41. Yes Mr HH, these plans will work well at your farm and not for Zambia. Do not lose it. In fact I would advise you to give a copy to as many people as possible – the electoral shock will be so severe that you might lose your plan if you keep it yourself. Getting to state house is not anyhow, it is with people of calibre – GBM for Vice – President? Supporting the law breakers like the Post Newspaper, and at the same time vying for the highest office in the land?


  43. Stupid hh…. useless Under 5 leader,honestly speaking you want to talk about leadership which in your ka party you failed to do so example of mr c.banda you failed to organize your members to assist him with rental, the deputy secretary who died left behind a wife and kids on the funeral you promised to open up an account to support them….to is day you have done nothing…
    So if you can’t show leadership in your under 5 party…..it’s impossible to do that at National level….Remember bible teachings you will know them by their fruits…oh sorry you’re a freemasonry.

  44. Secondly you and chiluba sold companies belonging to the state….i doubt your claim that you’re a economic manager….Yes you have studied economics but man you are evil,wicked and extremely selfish why iam saying so privatization the process was not handled with professionalism…You as the chief executive director of the all process and as a economist what you should have done is to advise the then government to remain with 40%-50% shares in every company that was sold. .but because of your selfishness you gave it a blind eye
    Today you are standing everywhere promising Zambians that you will create employment How!
    For me i will proudly vote for people that are able to implement…The pf government has done a lot of capital projects from the last five years is awesome…

  45. Personally i don’t believe in talk but doing the talk…..its not just what we say mostly its what we do.

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