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Homosexuality ruled out of Bill of Rights


Germany Ambassador to Zambia Bernd Finke to part of youths who had displayed placards denouncing homosexuality outside Kapiri mposhi court
File:Germany Ambassador to Zambia Bernd Finke to part of youths who had displayed placards denouncing homosexuality outside Kapiri mposhi court

Law experts in the Ministry of Justice have cautioned people who are spreading false information on the proposed Bill of Rights that it has enshrined homosexuality.

Senior Parliamentary Counsel, Kevin Mweemba, dispelled the rumours in Isoka district of Muchinga province yesterday during the ongoing country wide sensitisation campaign on the referendum.

Mr Mweemba explained that under further and special rights a person who has attained the age of 19 has the right to choose a spouse of the opposite sex and marry.

He challenged Heads of Government Departments, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) civil society and church leaders to explain in depth the need for voting for the referendum on August 11, 2016.

Mr Mweemba said people should be realistic and just turn up to vote on August 11 .

He stressed that the Bill of Rights has eliminated early marriages as one will be allowed to marry only when she or he attains the age of 19 years or above.

And Isoka District Administrative Officer, Gershom Jere, has praised government through the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services for sensitising the people in the district.

Mr Jere said people now are equipped with information on why they should vote for yes or no in the referendum.

He said the question for the referendum is already set … “Do you agree to the amendment to the constitution to enhance the bill of right contained in part 3 of the constitution. Of Zambia and to repeal and replacement. Article 79. Of the constitution of Zambia ?”

A team of lawyers has been on a marathon referendum sensitisation tour of Eastern and Muchinga provinces.


  1. But why? Zambian homosexuals exist like it or not!!!!!
    Africa has 54 countries and more than a billion people. At least 250 million Africans are BORN GAY!
    If you say being gay is not African, you don’t know your history.

  2. Thousands of the planet’s species exhibit homosexuality, 450 of them having been documented fully so far.

    Only one species, religious Homo sapiens, exhibits homophobia.

    That places practicing religion firmly in the ‘unnatural behaviour’ category, no?

  3. “I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this,” he said, condemning the use of religious justification for anti-gay prejudice.

  4. I am a 30 year old SAME GENDER ORIENTED Zambian male. Yup, I prefer the same sex sexually but I live a “heterosexual life” I was forced to marry a woman just to hide my true sexual orientation.

  5. Christianity is a religion of Middle eastern origin taken on by Europeans and force fed to many of its colonial subjects.
    It’s one of the biggest and painful ironies when I hear Africans talking about how unafrican homosexuality is and citing a white man’s religion to prove their point.

    • and its a dying religion in the west where access to real information is greater than these third world countries. that is why christian groups have mobilized and moved here to spread their hate, hypocrisy, prejudices and intolerance. Death to man made myths called religion and long live scientific fact and knowledge.

  6. “At least 21 cultural varieties of *same-sex relationships have long been part of traditional African life*”

  7. Guys do not justify the abnormal and say its normal. south and north poles attract while like poles repell (physics). Positive and negative attract each other (chemistry). manje ku bantu ati its normal. Ni kalibe kuona galu imuna kukwela imuna inzake.

    On a lita note, ati running mate wa refurendum nindani?

  8. Whether you like it, agree or disagree, there have always been and will always be SGL (Same Gender Loving) people in every culture and part of the world. Some cultures may be more accepting than other but the fact still remains.

  9. ” Don’t judge a man unless you have walked in his shoes” The only way you would be able to understand any of this is you born gay yourself…. and believe me it could have been you!

  10. There is nothing immoral in a person loving another person, be he or she of same sex or opposite sex. Besides, it is absolutely none of your business. Look after your own immoralities and otherwise, go to hell.

  11. In Uganda, amongst the Nilotico Lango, men who assumed ‘‘alternative gender status” were known as mukodo dako. They were treated as women and were permitted to marry other men.

  12. In the Tarime district of the Mara region in northern Tanzania an age-old tradition involves women marrying women.

  13. The devil really wants to confuse Zambians by denying them knowledge about referendum & bill of rights. He is trying to justify abominable & unnatural act as BEASTIALITY to scare Zambians from completely outlawing this distasteable act through referendum. Devil will always say BAD when it is GOOD. He is unsettled because the enhanced bill of rights is premised on Christian values. My fellow Zambians by voting YES to proposed bill of rights in the referendum you are promoting Christian values including Biblical concept of marriage of 1 man & 1woman & kicking the devil where it hurts most. God Bless Zambia!

  14. You are all in foreign lands… go home and tell the people in their faces instead of blogging shiit on here..

  15. MoJ, ECZ & some NGOs well done for work you’re doing. People need knowledge about bill of rights & referendum. They need to know that GRZ will now be obliged to guarantee us more freedom & rights including education, health, environment, dignity etc. Sadists who are hurt for selfish reasons to see GRZ commit to Zambians in this way don’t want Zambians to know about or participate in referendum yet referendum is more important to Zambians than general election. However because we are Christian Nation God is revealing the TRUTH to us. God Bless Zambia!

  16. if you love women so much why do you use them as punching bags in your country? I think ANY man who abducts, rapes, and/or beats a girl/woman/wife should be castrated and then dumped in a hole.

  17. if you love women so much why do you use them as punching bags in your country? I think ANY man who abducts, r a p e s, and/or beats a girl/woman/wife should be castrated and then dumped in a hole.

  18. There is nothing wrong with being gay. It’s not unnatural. It’s not immoral. It’s not harmful. Sexual orientation is not in any way a moral issue.

    But laws and actions which victimise people for their sexual orientation are a cruel, immoral and unjustifiable form of persecution. This law brings shame on all those who have brought it about.

  19. This is what happens when people use religion as a lazy excuse for their own prejudice instead of challenging it.

  20. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation, like heterosexuality and bisexuality. Nothing perverse or liberal about it.

  21. Shame on religious zealots of all stripes who take a perverse delight in inciting hatred and violence and hiding behind their interpretation of ‘what god wants’.

  22. Why are black Africans still behind the wisdom and conscience of others of enlightened minds in the world? Why are you violating the human rights and freedoms of others?

  23. The vocabulary used to describe same-sex relations in traditional languages, predating colonialism, is further proof of the existence of such relations in precolonial Africa. To name but a few, the Shangaan of southern Africa referred to same-sex relations as “inkotshane” (male-wife); Basotho women in present-day Lesotho engage in socially sanctioned erotic relationships called “motsoalle” (special friend) and in the Wolof language, spoken in Senegal, homosexual men are known as “gor-digen” (men-women). But to be sure, the context and experiences of such relationships did not necessarily mirror homosexual relations as understood in the West, nor were they necessarily consistent with what we now describe as a gay or queer identity.

  24. This intolerance has been imported to Africa by the American evangelist / fundamentalist churches. People who say “it’s not our culture” should think about it – is swaggering and yelling with a microphone in a church “our culture”? Or even going to church for that matter

  25. Could you be exist, if your father was a gay and your mother was a lesbian? Go through the bible and tell us where it is written that a man should marry a man and a woman to a woman. Was God a fool to tell Adam to marry Eve? Was Chiluba a fool to declare Zambia as a christian nation? Then as christians let us follow the bible and live like christ’s life.

    • Yes Chiluba was a fool to declare a Democratic country a slave to his religion. This should have been debated in parliament and agreed or disagreed upon. Chiluba is not god. That declaration was unconstitutional. How has the declaration helped Zambia?

    • On a different note short crook -“Kiluba” was a hypocrite for declaring Zambia a “Christian Nation” duping the blind docile Zambian as usual, whilst his hand was in the till ripping off the same vulnerable Zambians he professed to care for.
      Ma rubbish. If there is a hell, “Kiluba” is now dancing a tango with the Devil.

  26. Do Zambians know that due to a law inherited from our coloniser oral sex is illegal in Zed? But how are you gonna arrest the culprits? Why is it an offence when two people have agreed to do it? Think deeply before you answer

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