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Police launches probe on Cops posing with UPND posters

General News Police launches probe on Cops posing with UPND posters

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has revealed that an inquiry file has been opened over a Post Newspapers front page story which showed five men wearing police officers and posing with UPND campaign posters.

The story headlined Cops Protest alleges that about 22 police officers sought to be interviewed at a private location and five of them volunteered to be photographed displaying UPND posters, saying the police was the most affected government institution by the PF abuse.

The story further alleges that the police officers said they are sick and tired of this stupid abuse of officers by PF cadres now where our superiors cannot even defend professionalism in the police service anymore and that they have since joined the UPND Operation Watermelon, describing it as a protest move against their abuse by the PF government.

But Mr Kanganja told a media briefing in Lusaka today that the Zambia Police Service has never been partisan and will always remain impartial.

“It is in this regard that I am urging all peace loving Zambians to desist from bringing Police officers into politics. I am referring to today’s post newspaper edition No 7221 which has paraded purported Police officers supporting a political party. An inquiry file has since been opened,” Mr Kanganja said.

“I therefore, wish to assure all Zambians of our commitment to a peaceful, fair, credible and violent free election. Let the people of Zambia have trust and confidence in the Police. This is their institution mandated by law to protect life and property, preserve peace and maintain law and order, Ensure the security of the people of Zambia and Up hold the bill of rights.”

And Mr Kanganja has disclosed that the assertions by UPND senior officials namely Mr Garry Nkombo and Ms Silvia Masebo and the Post Newspaper of foreign nationals having been registered by the Electoral Commission of Zambia as voters have been found to be false.

He said on 13th May, 2016 a report was made by Mr Nkombo and Ms Masebo at Woodlands Police Station to the effect that over 500,000 foreigners had been registered by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)as voters.

Mr Kanganja said this according to their claim was a ECZ calculated act to rig the elections in favour of the Patriotic Front (PF).

“On 5th July,2016 the Nation would recall that the Post newspaper edition No 7200 carried a story with a headline “ECZ SOURCES EXPOSE GHOST VOTERS” in which the paper published 207 names of people purported to be foreigners but registered as voters by ECZ. The edition indicated that 178 were Malawians while 29 were Tanzanians,” he said.

“Considering the seriousness of the allegations as made by Mr Garry Nkombo and Ms Silvia Masebo and a story carried in this edition of the post newspaper investigations were instituted. After thorough investigations the 207 names as published in the post newspaper Edition No. 7200 have been found to be Zambians nationals from Chief Chanje Chiefdom Rukuzye ward in Chipangali constituency.”

He added, “To our great disappointment the details of the people published in the post newspaper edition were collected from residents of this same ward by the village Headwoman Katamanda whose real names are Alaina Phiri after being engaged by two women who were introduced to her by headman Mbobo, whose real names are Mr Tumeyo Mbobo Phiri a UPND chairperson for Rukuzye ward in Chipangali Constituency after being promised to be paid K2500 after the task of which a down payment of K500 was made. The Headwoman thereafter engaged two of her subjects Mary Manda and Lena Nkhoma to execute this task.”

He said when approached by the investigation team Headman Mbobo acknowledged having introduced two women who were later identified as Mrs Caroline Zulu Munyumbwe and Mrs Chona Malata both teachers at Katete Primary School who were conducting voter sensitizations workshops for the UPND at a church building in Mafuta Village, to Village Headwoman Katamanda.

“The investigations team further interviewed the people from whom voters cards were collected and their details of National Registration Cards were compared as also found in the provisional voters register for Chipangali ward Constituency and were found to be the same.”

Mr Kanganja said arising from the findings of this exhaustive investigation, Headwoman Katamanda Alaina Phiri and Headman Mbobo Tumelo Phiri have since been charged and arrested.

He said the duo were arrested and jointly charged for the offence of illegal practices relating to the poll, Contrary to Section 87 (1d) and Section 88 of the Electoral Process Act No. 35 of 2016 as read together with Section 21 (1c) of the Penal Code Act Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

“The duo appeared in court on Friday 22nd July, 2016 and are remanded in custody. A man hunt has also been launched for the two female teachers currently on the run. As regards to the 29 Tanzanians allegedly registered as voters by ECZ our investigations have established that they are Zambians registered as voters in Mbala and Mpulungu.”

He said the assertions by Mr Nkombo, Ms Masebo and the Post Newspaper of foreign nationals having been registered by the ECZ as voters have been found to be false.

“We are warning people involving themselves in such illegal practices that they risk being arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the Law. All those that could have participated must surely know that the long arm of the Law will eventually catch up with them and they shall be brought to book as their action has the potential to compromise the security of our nation.”

And on the shooting of a UPND female cadre identified as Mapenzi Chibulo on 8th July,2016, Mr Kanganja said investigations are still ongoing.,

“I wish to once again regret the loss of life and wish to inform the nation that this is a serious matter that requires thorough investigation. The investigations are still ongoing and at an opportune time the nation will be accordingly informed. I would like to appeal to all citizens of Zambia to shun violence and remain peaceful before, during and after elections.”


  1. Tiye nayo nayo,next will be the army.At the end of the day you wake up and realise there is a coup.Lungu out by force if dont want to leave by peace.We as UPND wont even have to touch you.Your own Cops and Soldiers will do a dont kubeba coup on you.Leave now,run now when there is still a grace period.

    • >Kanganga should be arrested and reported to the ICC for shooting into a crowd after August 11. Mapenzi’s family should sue the Zambia police and also the Zambian government for murder of their daughter. They should do it now and not wait for the elections. They should also setup a Go fund me account to raise money from within and without Zambia for legal expenses. This is a worthy cause and I am willing to litigate this case at ICC for them, pro bono.

    • Kikikikikikiki,keep on dreaming. I hope your wishing for a coup hasn’t come after you’ve realised that ECL is winning in the first round………pwa ha ha ha ha.


    • Dear IG it has taken you too long to come out professional as this. That is what is expected of your office. However, the loss of life cannot take this long to be investigated, this is what leaves a lot of people shaken in their tracks. Please remain steadfast during this delicate time for the future generations to enjoy as well the fruits of being Zambians. When a country is not doing fine economically or politically we are all affected, hence the need for justices and respect of human rights, especially the right to life.


  2. Kanganga should be arrested and reported to the ICC for shooting into a crowd after August 11. Mapenzi’s family should sue the Zambia police and also the Zambian government for murder of their daughter. They should do it now and not wait for the elections. They should also setup a Go fund me account to raise money from within and without Zambia for legal expenses. This is a worthy cause and I am willing to litigate this case at ICC for them, pro bono.

  3. Zambians Zambians come on who are unprofessional police interested only in money. The problem with UPND you doing it like it’s war just get on with peace and no normal thinking Zambian can trust the Post news paper. This paper is as bitter as UPND leaders who can’t reason.Come on fellow Zambians let the Post pay it’s Tax and stand for the truth for once. You see no where in the world will someone be wrong in everything . But let’s give credit where one deserves praise. Mr lungu has shown that he is not bitter so whatever happens you casing yourselves with this hate. For these cheap cops I don’t have kind words for them. They are cheap and if motorists were to turn on cops who collect money for there pockets am telling you half of them will be in prison. Love and peace to well…

    • Who told u that hh z bitter? get matured u ruthless & shallow minded Zambian.really u don’t have heart for mother Zambia,your claims are baseless & useless.

  4. Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja should not waste time on investigating the police as these just like headman Mbobo, whose real names are Mr Tumeyo Mbobo Phiri a UPND chairperson for Rukuzye ward in Chipangali Constituency who after being promised to be paid K2500 after the task of which a down payment of K500 was made. Started illegal things. Probably they just applied computer technology

  5. In your dreams ba UPND those alleged cops are few disgruntled tongas who has a perception that only their own can do things better

    • It amazes me how PF calls everyone in UPND “tribal” when PF is the one that constantly uses tribal insults and tribal stereotypes to justify their claims. Who exactly is being “tribal”?

  6. Political adivisor you the man. Let haters rot in hell. They say they are doing it for Zambians. Just how? By lying to us useless Post and UPND. Pay tax for the Post newspaper Mr HH and Mr GBM so that we show you that the Post News paper will die a natural death. UPND and Post Newspaper behaviour is that of a dog that can’t just see another dog with a bone regardless of how much it has on its plate.

  7. Please look careful at the pictures. Even a blind person can see that the picture is fake. Remember that picture in the post where the president was seen with a lady… Ba Post please dont be low again eshi!! we know you want your paper to be sold.

  8. Please Boss Ba Kanganja why are you wasting our time you usually know the police officer who killed Mapenzi but you keep on delaying and pretend to be investigating Shame on you and you are have gone in the history of Zambia as the waste compromised police IG in our Nation and sister Mapenzi’ s blood will always be haunting you in your life. God never takes pride on the killings of his people you will surely feel the same pain that parent for mapenzi feel even your officers now seem to be confirming your incompetence.

  9. Ba so called political adviser what are you advising and to who is your advice intended. it appears you are not living in Zambia for you to pretend not to know what PF has destroyed our nation but even when you outside there is no country which is not aware of how your PF has messed up our country shame with your ignorance.

    • who told you that our nation is messed up. our nation is shape, read the news wide wide. then you will understand what the world is going through .

  10. If it was other media i would believe the story but not the post, when was the last time they reported about something positive happening in government or the nation of Zambia? Did they pay them something? or maybe those police men are from southern because most people from southern provine are royal to UPND and HH but his time to rule Zambia is not after this August 11 election.

    • No you cant believe. But Chishimba kambwili did the same thing shouting the Post when he was said that the PF will loose if they are not careful. He said tonnes and tonnes of rubbish words againt the Post, he only became quiet after an audio was sent and played in circulation. Its not all Zambians who thinks like you ba pf who have hate for post because it talks about the truth. Truth hates remember?

  11. First and foremost CONGRATULATIONS to these men and women in uniform, you exemplify policing! A policeman works to keep community safe and should do everything possible to be trusted by ALL, including owners, readers and sellers of the post newspaper, and of course including the opposition leaders and members. The police serve all these constituents, and for a IG, or a drunk to think this violates policing, he need mental exam! And this current IG is NOT qualified to be where he is.., the statement attributed to him above sums it all. Time is not your side, but for the men and women in uniform working for the people will be vindicated on August 11!

    • Only that there is no audio Post would have played for you, but just wait. These are facts so you cant see how lungu is using them? Next time are the soldiers doing that because PF is oppressing them.

  12. Upnd don’t delude yourselves. The post will do anything to discredit Lungu. Besides you claim that the ZP is not supposed to be partisan, but you accept this nonsense. It means if you were to form government, you will not be “different ” from the Pf

  13. We have seen or with our own eyes where PF campaign vehicles drive at break neck speed , zig zag! PF cadres are law to themselves, many of there vehicles have no number plates, its either there is Lungu 2016, as a number plate!, shilepusana na Ba RATSA or police patrol vehicles, nothing is done to them. We are not kids, PF have lost it out. yesterday we are told PF cadre fell to his death, in Lusaka. It is reported that the guy was dancing on top of a moving vehicle, we all know that it’s a traffic violation to stand without support on a moving van. So all these are cooked up stories. All criminals are hiding my PF regalia, they know that they are untouchable. You rarely see this kind of behaviour in the other parties. Let this farce of an election pass, so that we strategize against…

  14. All civil servants doing unprofessional work say they fear to lose their jobs! What is a job in a sea of such unemployment. There are only 800 000 Zambians in some employment against an eligible population of 6 million. What happened to the universal principle that “YOU CANNOT OBEY AN UNLAWFUL ORDER”

  15. Let this farce of an election pass, so that we strategize against IMF, when America, USA sneezes everyone catches ai cold. Let us not forget that IMF is knocking on our door SAP is coming!! It seems all have gone to sleep, why is it that we have a horde of people physically fit queuing at MP’s offices, could it be that there are being bribed with government resources? After elections what next, such people must ask themselves such questions, chitenge and K 50 can not make me sell my soul to the devil, be it PF, UnPd or FDD wish. We soon start hearing at try play lotto to better your lives, credit given to FDD for their empowerment agro scheme.

  16. Out of all that ba IG reported on, it was the very last paragraph that broke our hearts. The cold blooded killing of our young sister Mapenzi, doesn’t need sophisticated forensic protocols to be commenced. Ba Kanganja told us that a rubber bullet was fired. The medics tell us two bullet wounds pierced Mapenzi’s head and one lodged in her stomach. Finshi fyashupa over this innocent girl’s inquest kansi??? This girl’s murder is likely to be compensated for this August, refer to the outpouring of grief and huge crowds at last weeks UPND rally in Chawama. God is indeed watching – Patricia)

  17. The post, the post at it again, we know you can do anything just to save yourselves, you think that if HH wins you won’t pay tax, no matter what you are doing now or may think of doing in future the thing is you will ending paying our money. You think that HH will let you scotch free if at all he wins this election of which I doubt at the end of it you will pay. The same goes with UPND no matter what you do, parade the police, beat people, insult everyone even kill that will not take you to state house.

  18. Even the USA this would be termed treason. Yes a policeman like any other citizen can vote for a candidate of their choice, but this (fake ) cannot be tolarated.

  19. let them b investigated we can’t risk our lives and peace we have enjoyed just bcos of upnd and tribal hh. let them b arrested cos they know their duty is to keep peace

  20. Mmembe should stop his desperation by Photo shopping an image of a genuine hardworking policemen. Damaging their integrity. No professional Zambian policeman or woman who ever pose for a picture like that. The message to our gallant men and women in uniform is that they should remain resolute and defend the Zambian democracy as they have done since independence. They should not fall for these desperate tactics from Mmembe. His time is over.They are a reason why Zambia remain an excellent example and beacon of hope for democracy in Africa as they have always behaved a manner benefitting them especially in these times.
    #Mmembe and the Post have fallen

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