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Tasila Lungu says she never challenged HH to a live TV debate

General News Tasila Lungu says she never challenged HH to a live TV debate

Tasila Lungu spotted at a PF event
Tasila Lungu spotted at a PF event

President Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila has refuted reports that she challenged UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to a live TV debate.

In a statement, Tasila who aspiring for a ward seat in Chawama under the PF ticket said it has come to her attention that statements have been issued and circulated on and off line directly attributed to her ostensibly challenging Mr Hichilema to a debate.

“I would like to set the record straight here and now by categorically refuting any authorship of the statement (s), either officially or unofficially. Please treat the statements as a hoax,” Tasila said.

“I nevertheless thank you very much, especially the people of Chawama, where I am contesting a seat as a Councillor, and also thank you for the unwavering support you have continued to give President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as he takes his development campaign across the country ahead of the 11th August polls. God bless you all.


  1. This bitch is lying. She has just realised that it was stu.pid for her to belittle a presidential candidate such as HH by challenging him to a debate on television. You can even tell from the weakness of this statement that she did actually think she could debate with HH. This is what happens when power gets to the head of presidents’ children. They forget that power belongs to the people who pay taxes that they eventually abuse by leading lavish lives in state house. She is supposed to be humble and respectful to the general citizenry who mistakenly put her father as president of Zambia. Other wise her father is a sworn conman who plundered his client’s money when he was a practicing lawyer. He was debarred after this incident and only reinstated dubiously before being appointed as…


      LET HER ASK HER DRUNK DAD TO STAY SOBER FOR AT LEAST JUST 10mins SO THAT HE CAN AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGE HIS INTRODUCTION, thereafter he may go to sleep or “Take a swig” of jamieson that he will have smuggled into the studio, like we saw with Jonas “Shikachewi” trying to hide his bottle on the floor from the cameras!!!


      #Chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  2. There is a lot of impersonation going on as a practice of the media to sell their stories as well as detractors to gain points quick before they are caught up. We see some recordings being put up when there is a bona fide proof of act so let’s have that for Tasila as well in case she is not telling us the truth. If she is however, journalism will have finally sunk right under the sewer cesspool.

    • The problem is we now have lazy ‘journalists’ who can’t even confirm a story before publishing it. They just sit in offices waiting for phone calls and e mails about breaking news. Hopeless chaps.

    • We will copy and paste the pattern of voting for southern province, why should we vote for HH when tongas don’t vote for us? we can’t accept a situation where nega nega 18,000 and Lungu 0 Hmmmmmmmm olo ni tribalism nifi kwena, chachilamo this time it’s nega nega formula all the way mwana

    • Extract from Postzambia.com Story, Lungu’s day of prayer flops

      Ironically, President Lungu, his finance minister Alexander Chikwanda, Katuba PF candidate Jonas Shakafuswa and others quickly started dozing even before the National House of Prayer advisory board chairperson Bishop Joshua Banda finished reading the short list of dignitaries present in his salutation.

      Media-happy ex-priest Frank Bwalya, who is now PF deputy campaign manager, was not to be left out of the dozing irony as he joined the tired VIP officials in the shutting eyes exercise that coincided with the church programme.

      The dozing officials occasionally opened their eyes to the sound of the clapping supporters, but quickly retreated to slumberland when the clapping died down.

      For the moments when President…

    • For the moments when President Lungu was awake during the service, he was spotted struggling to find the Bible verses that the speakers were calling out to read and he would then give up and start listening.

    • I do not think Tasila anticipated the sh!t storm that hit her after she made those careless remarks. Hence the borrowed retraction from one Father Fimo Fimo.
      Politics is not for the faint-hearted and not for those with fragile egos.
      And even less for over-protected political non-entities like first daughters intoxicated with the trappings of power.
      There is a farkin sh!t storm out there girl, and you do not have the balls to get into it – so stay well clear of the arena and let the big boys play.


    • You can tell that the statement was actually created and issued by Frank Bwalya on Tasila’s behalf!! That man is not worth being human let alone being a “Father” at one time. The chap is worse than the devil!!

    • Chilyata, on what do you base your assumption? I would argue that Frank Bwalya’s statements are usually long and full of åoliticized nothings, whereas this one is quite short and pretty much to the point. Frank Bwalya would have gone on to say things like, “certain opposition blah blah who are blah blah..” No sir, I do not agree this is Bwalya’s production. Maybe written for Tasila by someone, but definitely not Frank.

  4. Assuming this Statement is truly from Tasila, this correction was necessary. It is also a fact that a number of WICKED Journalists in Zambia are behind the outbreak of misinformation, hate speech, manipulation and deceit. The Journalism profession has been invaded by WEAK SOULS that have turned wicked.

    • @ Socrates, your are very right about the WICKEDNESS in Zambian Journalism. Even Lusaka Times is part of this Network of WEAK SOULS who have brought WICKEDNESS to the Journalism Profession! It is Lusaka Times that started this story!

    • Its just too much support for UPND country wide not LT stronghold or watchdog. UPND are everwhere Remember the Watermelon strategy. Work with them as if you are part of them but you are UPND inside.

    • She would have cleverly backed out after noticing the reaction from most readers. This is no different from the approach Trumps Team took after the speech plagiarism reaction. A fictional Team member took responsibility and resigned. No one even knows this person. Tasila being very familiar with American politics has taken the same approach by fictionalizing the author when indeed it was herself who issued the statement, and thus avoided responsibility. Clever move to the gullible, I must say

  5. Correction was necessary because without it, Tasila was going to be seen as an arrogant and uncouth person. Having said that, truth be told: her father, Mr. Lungu, is not a competent President! That is why we are searching for a replacement. We hope HH will be competent. But if he will not be, we will remove him as well and continue our search for a competent leader until we find him/her! Our country deserves better! We must rid ourselves of mediocrity!

    • cant agree with you more,if he is not competent we will remove him and continue our search…..problem is very few people think like this.

  6. She has just realized her stupId mistake. Refuting vichani? Dimwit!!!!!! Wanting to eat at the same tables as elders! Blah!

  7. No, no, no, no, for those pushing for a debate HH will come with his daughter, let her come with her daddy too. Daddys /daughters debate wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  8. That statement was fabricated and issued by Fr Frank Bwalya – the devil merchant of confusion, disorder and death in the State House!! Lungu may be a bad leader BUT Bwalya has been a curse on him. He has literally destroyed even the little decency had in the beginning! I dont even know what made Lungu to appoint such childish ***** to be his deputy campaign manager!

  9. How on earth can an empty headed person in Tasila Lungu ever be considered for a debate with arguably the most intelligent person on the political scene currently and one of the most intelligent people Zambia ever produced. To even think of anything like that is an insult to all intelligent people dead and alive. Actually, Her father’s worst nightmare is hearing anything to do with a debate between him and HH. As an intelligent person, I feel insulted by whoever made that kind of stupid suggestion.

    • Point of correction. Your god hh is not the most intelligent and wealthiest person in Zambia. He is not even the the most educated amongst the presidential candidates. Just look for other cheaper ways of praising him.

    • @HH Techilema, arguably means it is up for debate but it is a qualified opinion. @The one is entitled to that. Also one of the most intelligent means that there is probably a list of the most intelligent in random rank or ordinal rank. We need to make intelligent conversation on these blogs without demeaning others based on a lesser belief that humility is an assault.

    • @Kalok. Thanks for the interpretation. I share your view on having a system that regulates who goes for important decision making in government. Our system is indeed too porous and it’s being abused by politicians resulting in our country remaining behind in terms of development. I don’t think our country should be where it is right now when we almost have all the resources needed to move forward as a nation

  10. The earlier story was originated by Stephen katuka of Upnd to show us how much insults he can utter against the first family. We all read that it was only upnd charlatans who were head in the entire story and how they undressed the young girl to a point of wraping her .

  11. I listened to HH on Kwangu last evening and discovered that I share at least one thing with him, the love of Reggae music, especially by Peter Tosh.

    He said, on the Show, that he never calls nor talks to Edgar because he does not drink with him and is therefore not his friend! Why? Because Edgar said Guy Scott is not his friend because he does not drink with him…

    He also smiled broadly!!!

  12. hh, one of the most intelligent people in Zambia, my foot. I watched him being interviewed by Kwangu Liwewe yesterday on Zambezi Magic, the guy can not articulate issues, just waffling about. He talked about his life being in danger, hh there are countries where opposition leaders just disappear or they are just hanged. Actually hh is very dull.

    • @lipila, did you also hear the part that he never used to ‘laugh’ in his earlier campaigns because he came from the Corporate world where ‘we were always serious because of …meeting deadlines’ and never used to dance because he was SHY…?

      He went to school without shoes (ouch) for his first three years of school…
      (A well rehearsed line)

  13. @HH Techilema.
    I think you failed English language at Grade twelve (12). How do you fail to interpret some very straight forward uncomplicated English statements like that. Firstly I never said HH is the most intelligent and wealthiest person in Zambia. Neither did I say that he is the most educated among the presidential candidates. That’s something you just said and not me. Read what I wrote and ask someone to interpret for you if you can’t. Secondly HH is not my god. I don’t worship human beings. I think you’re saying that because you worship human beings where you come from. Recognizing a man’s capabilities and good character does not mean you worship him.

    • Oh! OK. I just made a comment above. @The one, I liked your assertion above and I believe it was made in humility and qualification of opinion. I like debate openers like that. Having said that I am hoping that we will strengthen certain governance entries in our constitution so that those who really shouldn’t be where real decisions are being taken must not be there. Here I do not subscribe to meritocracy but I believe our playing field has been too open to chancers over the years resulting in quite some degenerate decisions of national import being made.

  14. Instead of enjoying the article, you start assessing the writer, what a shame to the so called journalist… Wake up.. spoon fed reporters..

  15. Tasila must not play her father’s game. It is dangerous and keep away from that.
    Let her confine herself to her level.
    She can explore all areas in life but in a better way.
    She is at liberty even to join upnd and experience politics differently.
    She should have contested under upnd. I am sure she wishes to have contested under upnd.
    Politics should not be enmity.

  16. I understand Tasila is a step daughter to the first lady. If she is, the first lady should expect problems in the invent of Lungu dying earlier (I am not wishing him dead). It is just the same when Mwanawasa died, Maureen’s step daughter, Miriam, sprang up from nowhere to demand equal share of the property. We had no issues with Kaunda’s two children or Chiluba’s 11 (eleven) children save for Castro. We had also no issues with Sata’s over tewnty (20) children excerpt one who was threatening to kill journalists. In the case of Rupiah Banda, it was Mr Banda himself who was pushing his own children to commit crimes because of his love for money. We have issues with Lungu’s daughter, Tasila, with her lack of respect for other people. This new statement of refuting her own story is an…

  17. cont’d – This new statement of refuting her own story is an advise from one well mannered PF wiseman or woman, certainly not Lungu because he did not see anything wrong with what she said, with his low reasoning capacity.

  18. Too late beach,Even the ward you standing on in Chawama have already known you for how disrespectful you are.Zambians like to be respected,and if a politician cant show that,they will bye pass you.So i think that Chawama is now bye-passing her.She is now living the consequences of her careless salty mouth.But unfortunately,not even 100 apologies can save her.The damage is already been done.She must just accept the suffering that will haunt her from now onwards!!!!

  19. And just so you know Iwe kamwana kalibe ulemu,before we didnt know where to classify you cos we didnt ve much info about you & didnt want to judge you.But now you ve made our job even easier–We ve put you in the same grouping of Mumbi Phiri & Dora Siliya.So its Dora,Mumbi & Tasila.You all ve the same dirty mouth.You stink.And for u Tasila i think u ll be worse than the other 2 in future cos u are still very young.If u can ve guts to utter such nonsense now,what more when u ll be Mumbi Phiri’s age?what will u say about KK when u ll be his age?

  20. Please Zambia leave tasila alone,she is not the one who wrote that.some journalist taking advantage of the current situation,spare her

  21. I think Tasila came with that high all mighty I am from the US kind of attitude and was taught a lesson. Never look down at people for that matter your own people. The mistake she made was changing her LinkedIn profile thinking it would go unnoticed. Bad mistake young lady! There are far more educated people than you in Zambia and you don’t even come close. Most people may update their LinkedIn profile is they have a new job or get a promotion but to change half of your profile and add 2 or 3 universities never listed comes across as fraudulent. We had the pleasure of taking a snapshot of your previous version in case you want it.

  22. Its neither here nor there, HH is lying flat on his face in this campaign. Desperate but defeated. The GBM bemba factor has not delivered the expected results but done the opposite. Bembas in muchinga and Northern and even luapula are reminding GBM that HH called them monkeys in a maize field do they want to know what has changed but GBM has no answers. Go to Kopala HHs campaign has yielded ice, because of too many lies by HH. Ask yourself whether you hear anything of late from Elisha Matambo the UPND chairperson in Kopala. Apoarently campaignscstarted well but HH has created ice for himself by going to bed with Mmembe and appointing GBM as running mate.

  23. For those who may mot know, that is why HH wants to discourage the referendum. Why? He does not want a high turnout in PF strongholds which a referendum may bring. If the turnout is poor in PF strongholds it gives HH a chance like last year because in his home base, the turnout will be very high for their son regardless of referendum or no referendum. So PF voters, if you want to counter this and defeat HH, please turn out in huge numbers like100% and you will be assured of victory for ECL and PF.

  24. If you don’t like HH, why can’t you find your own forum to discuss ECL, you are so annoying when you show your ignorance by commenting on HH without reasoning and facts. Please get it right, your hatred about this man (HH) though painful, will not change anything. Although I live outside Zambia, my God, I have seen what we have never seen and heard what we never thought we would hear. Change is on it’s way. You like, you don’t , you detaste the man or love him, there is nothing else that will stop his Presidency.
    Do not waste your time showing you hatred for this God fearing man, a true Christian in deed and action, he has build schools from his own money, supports so many people, employs so many people and you have never heard him bragging about it.

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