TWO Namibians nationals have died while four others have sustained serious injuries in a  road accident in Livingstone.

A female Nyare Muza aged 40, of Kavango region in Namibia died on spot whilst an unknown male died at Livingstone Central Hospital after sustaining a head injury.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Godwin Phiri said the accident occurred in Livingstone on Tuesday at 15:20 hours along Nakatindi Road in Simoonga area.

He said yesterday that the accident involved a Nissan minibus  registration number BAB 58 driven by Davies Chandila, 46, of Molite Township in Livingstone.

The accident happened because of a mechanical fault involving a tyre burst and in the process the vehicle overturned.

Mr Phiri said the two bodies were taken to Batoka Mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

He said Frank Muyenga,35, of Dambwa of Livingstone sustained multiple cuts on left leg and had bruises on his back.

A 4 year old boy Deon Mwandu,  of Kavango Region of Namibia sustained bruises on elbow and left eye.

Mr Phiri said the motor vehicle was extensively damaged.

Meanwhile, Mr Phiri said a pedestrian was seriously injured on Tuesday at 19:00hours at house number DSV 50 dambwa.

This involved a Toyota Corolla registration number AJC 6660 driven by Chrispin Nyambe, 42, of Molite Township and  Chattel Muulu, 8, who was inside a house.

This accident occurred due to the  inexperienced driver whoo rammed into the house and the child who was inside the house.

The child sustained a deep cut on left hip and cut on right leg and is  admitted at Livingstone Central Hospital.

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  1. he accident happened due to inexperience? This not tells is the cause of the accident. LT wake up


  2. I agree with you, bane; this reporter needs to be learn Communication Skills before writing such incomprehension and incoherent syntax. Let us have some standards.


  3. With this kind of writing, legalizing it, the way Green party wants means it will be worse. Anyway I support green party


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  5. The driver was overspeeding. Accidents should not always result in deaths. if the driver was going at 60km/h or 70km/h, there would be no need to overturn even with a tyre burst if one is a competent driver. Condolences to the bereaved family


  6. @REAL WISDOM. He accident happened due to inexperience? This not tells is the cause of the accident. LT wake up. Ba kolwe balaiseka ifipato.



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