Court hammer

A 39-YEAR-OLD man of Lusaka has begged the Matero Local Court to dissolve his three-year old marriage, saying his wife has been threatening to squeeze his manhood.

This is in a case in which Ganizani Zulu of George compound sued his wife, Tasila Njobvu, 30, for divorce.

The couple got married in 2011 and they have no child together. Bride price was not paid.

Zulu explained to the court that problems in their marriage started in 2013 when Njobvu started working as maid coupled with coming late in their matrimonial home.

Further, he said that every time she returns from work, Njobvu would start watching soap operas on ‘Zee World and Telemundo’ adding that she has also stopped preparing meals on time.

“The other problem we have your honour is that, my wife comes late in bed; now she expects me to warm our matrimonial bed,” sending the court gallery into laughter.

He added that Njobvu was also in the habit of rushing to pull his manhood whenever they have a misunderstanding.

Zulu complained that despite elders talking about the fate their marriage, but to no avail.

“I think we are better off separating because I don’t see any signs of change because she has no respect for his own husband,” said Zulu.

But in her defence, Njobvu denied claim threatening to squeeze Zulu’s manhood.

But Njobvu told the court that she still loves Zulu.

“The problem with my husband is that he is very suspicious, at one point he came to insult my boss alleging that I’m dating him, I’m just lucky that he didn’t lay me off, “she said.

Passing judgement, Magistrate Mumba upheld claim for divorce and ordered the pair to share the properties acquired together.



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    • Our courts’ decisions depend on how much weed the magistrate or judge has had on a particular day. However, ball-pulling almost always ends up in divorce…


  1. how can the court disolve the marriege when the other is still willing for reconcilliation? very bad judgement.



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