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Jean Kapata accused of sending PF cadres to attack MMD Campaign team

Headlines Jean Kapata accused of sending PF cadres to attack MMD Campaign team

Soustaine Phiri explaining the attack this morning.
Soustaine Phiri explaining the attack this morning.

MMD aspiring Candidate for Mandevu Constituency Mary Phiri has accused past area MP Jean Kapata of sending people to attack her campaign team which was going round announcing the holding of a rally in the same area.

Ms Phiri said her campaign team was attacked on Friday by known PF members who were led by local government candidate and former councilor Christopher Sakafuswa , who has since been reported to Mandevu Police.

Ms Phiri wondered what sort of a mother and  grandmother Ms Kapata was as she is in the forefront of instigating violence when she should be emulating the President who has continued to preach peace everywhere he has gone to campaign.

She explained that Ms Kapata has instructed youths from her party to undress her when they meet her and that the former MP has also called her several times threatening to harm her when they meet.

“The past two days Ms Kapata has been holding meetings with the youths and all she has been telling them that if you find Mary Phiri beat her up, undress her and grab her material. She knows that she is not on the ground that is why she has resorted to violence.

“The President is preaching peace wherever he has been but it is so unfair that a woman, a mother who is suppose to campaign peacefully, a senior member of the PF should be telling people to attack me and that I should not campaign for the President,” Ms Phiri said.

She added ” telling youths to undress me is just dumb because when am undressed ,  she is also undressed, she is a woman, a mother and grandmother like me.”

Ms Phiri also called on President Lungu to be wary of some of the people he is working with because some of them are de-campaigning him as a person whose interested in seeing him return to State House would not be tearing his posters and T-shirts from people campaigning for him.

If  Shakafuswa undressed the women who were campaigning for the President ,  who will be affected by the act?

And Soustaine Phiri the driver of Ms Phiri accused Mr Shakafuswa and his group of stealing  a phone and K500 meant for fuel.

Phiri said it was unfortunate that people who are supposed to be protecting the name of the President were the ones attacking people.

He said he has reported Mr Sakafuswa who is also the son to Katuba PF candidate to the police for assault as well as for the items that have been stolen from him.

Damaged posters of the President on the MMD campaign van
Damaged posters of the President on the MMD campaign van


  1. Meanwhile opposition UPND immediate past president Kaponya (HH) also known as Kalusa has died after a humiliating defeat by PF at the August 11 polls.

    Mourners were led to the funeral house in Kabulonga by the new UPND president Geoffrey Mwalya Bwaamba.

    Meanwhile State House has announced that there will be no national mourning since Kaponya (HH) was a con man who sold state assets to himself.

    And GBM has said that the party will continue to be United in Purpose for Next Defeat (UPND)

    • Kaponya (HH) is survived by a wife, 2 former first ladies, former UPND first lady Mutinta Mazoka and a prostitute from Chongwe.

    • Wait I will call your Lungu over that abuse of power and abuse of women and worse abuse of God’s name.

    • Mr Kudos,
      Many out there are trying their best to preach and practice peace and avoid violence and hate speech. The prayers arranged by the Church on 24th July, 2016 is such a good example. What is so difficult in you heeding the noble call from the Church and the Republican President ECL? Is it in your blood to just have so much hatred and violence against UPND and HH? Why wish others to die? Lets unite and accommodate one another as one Zambia one Nation regardless of political affiliation.

    • You are evil @skull Mr Kudos. God has already punished you as an individual, your Chakolwa president and the rest of your ka-organisation called of. I will remind you on 13th August, 2016. You have already lost this election.

    • Ahhh ba God’s Creation, so it’s okay for you call the President names ya? back to the sender..God has already punished you as an individual…

  2. And an escaped mental patient calling himself Kudos has escaped from Chinama Mental hospital. The police have insigated a search so that he can resume treatment for his deranged condition, but they have also assured the public that he is completely harmless and is just another mentally disturbed *****!

    • Kudos hasn’t escaped from Chainama. He is still there and sad enough is he is constantly a Chainama case 24/7. He is so obsessed with HH lossing an I hope Lungu will watchout. This is a kind of fella who would blame ECL for his condition after Aug 11. Keep all guns and knives out of Kudos’ reach or he might take it on ECL.

  3. How can people in this day and age fail to articulate? Instead of focusing on the topic on hand we jump to attack people not involved. This is talking about violence and the person in question is your failed Tourism Minister of Arts Jean Kapata. Are you trying to say we want this uneducated minister to come back and run the economy she has destroyed? She is sending people to undress another woman in public view? This is unacceptable and a lack of respect and dignity for others. We definately would not pay to see Kapata naked even if we were paid to. Lets focus on respecting and protecting women’s rights. Respect people while they are conducting their campaigns. Jean is a real criminal no wonder she thinks tourism is killing wildlife to pocket money.

  4. U re a disappointment Jean kapata for mandevu u haven’t done anything for this constituency no water roads re pathetic

  5. This is the area of specialism for one very dull cadre called Jean Kapata …not Ministry of Tourism, this is the selfsame reason the sector is in utter decline

  6. Jean kindly point were u have worked in mandevu. U have been here for a long tym but there is no sonta for u shame

  7. That is how Jean Chi.to.to is – terribly ugly both inside and outside!! We told you, Shakafuswas are losers and cursed by the demons of the people they killed – there will always be confusion wherever those demons are involved! Look at what they are doing to PF in the name of Lungu.

    • The same shame GBV has taken to the Unproducctive Party Now Dead..someone warned that HH will be battered when he loses these elections AGAIN; not by anyone else but the famous serial Kaponya the fat sack who is his running mate..Geofrey Bwalya Bwaamba! Jean’s acts are kindergarten jokes…wait, akamiposhemwitwe ba kwindi!

  8. Is the ECZ investigating this clear breach of the code of conduct?

    Or will they do NOTHING becauseJean Kapata is PF?

    A useless toothless election manager? Or will they show us they can actually do the job?

  9. President Lungu’s cadres strangles to hide the truth in Mwinilunga
    This evening the PF cadres were trying to refute the facts that their thugs have come in Mwinilunga to intimidate and cause violence despite evidence of the matter. They are going round announcing that it is a fake story. Meanwhile it is reported that the police have transferred the thugs that were picked to Solwezi. We are sure they will be released there or they are already released. It will be difficult for the people to believe that the PF party is a peace making party as they claim. They are like a man calling a dog with a stick in the hand. Surely even the dog knows that action speaks louder than words. If a dog can sense danger what more with a man who reasons, do the PF cadres think other people can’t read between…

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