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Stop misleading voters on the Referendum Vote, Politicians told

General News Stop misleading voters on the Referendum Vote, Politicians told

The template of the Referendum ballot paper for the referendum voting in the August 2016 elections.
The template of the Referendum ballot paper for the referendum voting
in the August 2016 elections.

Former Diplomat to the Federal Republic of Nigeria who is also Member of the Patriotic Front (PF) Party National Mobilization team Christine Phiri has warned opposition political parties to stop misleading voters on the referendum vote. Mrs. Phiri told ZANIS in Katete that it was worrisome to see the amount of lies been peddled by the opposition political parties to stop people from voting for the referendum.

She said during her campaign tour in Eastern province she has discovered that many voters have been misled by the opposition political parties who want to cause voter apathy by lying to people that the referendum vote was a scheme of rigging the elections by the Patriotic Front (PF) and also a way of allowing homosexuality in Zambia.

She explained that the Patriotic Front party has gone round the country to encourage people to vote (YES) in the referendum as it has seen the potential the proposed bill of rights has in adding value to people’s lives.

She added that the referendum vote was nothing political but aimed at increasing the number of rights and freedoms people of Zambia enjoy and further compel government to provide for its citizens.

Mrs. Phiri further explained that discouraging people from voting for the referendum was tantamount to denying them of their good and casting a spell on their future.

She noted that the referendum vote has nothing to do with political votes that will be cast on the Presidential, parliamentary, ward councillors and council chairpersons as it was meant to accept or deny additions proposed in the bill of rights which are aimed at strengthening the current rights people enjoy.

She urged people of Zambia to turn out in large numbers on 11 th August and vote for the Patriotic Front president and candidates at all levels together with the Referendum for Zambia to continue on its developmental path. She said people should understand that the Presidential election will be held under a majoritarian system which requires that the winner amasses over 50 percent plus 1 vote failure to which a fresh election will be called. She pointed out that people should further understand that failure to have a presidential winner in the first election will be costly for the nation and will derail development as more resources will be lost.

Meanwhile Mrs. Phiri has expressed happiness at the amount of support the people of Msolo in Mambwe district have rendered to the Patriotic Front government. She said on Tuesday during her courtesy call on Chief Msolo at his palace, Chief Msoro thanked President Edgar Lungu for increasing the monthly allowance to traditional leaders in the country.

Mrs. Phiri said the Chief requested her to pass on his gratitude to the president adding that the increment had come at a right time when many chiefs in the country were suffering. She said the Chief in his speech explained that Chiefs in the country had a huge role to play as custodians of the people hence needed adequate support to help them manage their affairs. After her Courtesy call the former Diplomat explained that she late held a meeting at the Msolo palace where 16 indunas and headmen attended to listen to her referendum sensitization massage and campaign for President Edgar Lungu.

She noted that among other things that the people of Msolo were looking forward was the construction of Katete- Msolo road to open a trade route among between the two districts. She however assured the people of Msolo that the Patriotic Front government once elected back into office will ensure that all developmental projects here-marked are started and completed on time.

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  1. You can’t educate backward politicians like Under 5 Kaponya (HH). He’s busy misleading people to vote no in the referendum.

    • Zenj your Kaponya is a danger to society. We’re sending him to the grave on August 11. It’s less than 2 weeks. Keep fuming you wimp

    • @ Scull f*cking and ECL d1ck sucking 1mbecile above

      You d1ck sucking 1mbecile will be surprised. Hague has booking for your thieving murderous Antichrist

    • Zenj, grow up for once…naka zungu kaboza…you are the likes of gerrarra heeree! What’s so wrong about the Bill of Rights, is it just beacuse it was suggested by the PF we should hold a referendum? UPND miscreants never cease to amaze, more so the pathetic presidential candidate on your hopeless party ticket! You never see anything positive coming from thr PF, just like a lot of wacky callers on sky open forum all with the same dung beetle accent!…just plain bitter id!ots!

  2. Thank God many people are starting to realise how deceptive & selfish the opposition parties are. Apart from hate mongering which is planting serious division among our people the same hate is causing them not to recognise what we have achieved as a country. It also hates the opposition to see GRZ proposing to guarantee more rights & freedoms under the bill of rights through referendum. Why should what benefit Zambia hate them so much? God help Zambia!

    • It’s very unbelievable really to hear that coming from some presidential ”hopefull”! That’s a very good question there The Chosen One…Why should that which will benefit Zambians hurt them so much? Simply put the UPND in its totallity is a lost cause! Count me out!

  3. For many years successive governments have been accused of failing to repeal part 3 of the consititution. Now the chance has come to allow this, we start politicking. One educator told me that at one Tonga home he was told that this a PF strategy to rig the election so they were not even going to either yes or no.

  4. Ba upnd balapepa ifyamba or they just dont care about the zambian people. I have read the article and its contents will impact the zambian positively. My question is why mislead the people that cant read and take advantage of them? Hh God will punish you beause of lying to the masses. Nowander businessmen like dagote can refered to as people that have a heart for the people, not you hh just want to make money for yourself.

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