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Lungu’s statement for UPND to accept elections results worrying-Mapani

General News Lungu’s statement for UPND to accept elections results worrying-Mapani

UPND Chairman for Rural Reconstruction and Development Moono Mapani
UPND Chairman for Rural Reconstruction and Development Moono Mapani

The opposition UPND has expressed concern that the recent statement by President Lungu warning the opposition to accept the results of the forthcoming general elections is worrying.

UPND Chairman for Rural Reconstruction and Development Moono Mapani says the party will not accept to see the PF manipulate the results.

Mr. Mapani says the voice of the people should be heard through the ballot and not intimidate the opposition with stern action in an event that the results are tempered with.

He says the opposition cannot accept the results when they see that the results are manipulated.

Mr. Mapani says the strong statement by President Lungu is testimony that they are planning to rig the elections and that is why they are warning the opposition in advance so that they do not act when the election results are manipulated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mapani has expressed shock that the Law Association of Zambia has u-turned on the issue of holding the referendum alongside the elections after taking a firm stance earlier that the referendum be held independently.

He says the reasons given by the LAZ are weak just because the exercise is supported by President Lungu.


    • Moono, surely the law will take its course if you and your Under 5 HH decide to cause anarchy in the country after losing. Why should you ONLY accept the result if you win and not the other way round. Your tribal politics has made you lose these elections…This time around other tribes will vote like our brothers and sisters in Southern Province – 99% in the South will vote for your HH and the rest of Zambia will gang and vote against your HH…So from this set up how on earth do you dream of your under 5 HH to win with MPs only from Southern Province.

    • It’s a pity that after the death of Mazoka, MHSRIP, HH transformed UPND into a party of the Tongas for the Tongas by the Tongas and at the same time expecting other tribes to support it and vote for it. It will require a complete restructuring of the top UPND leadership with HH out of the picture for UPND to regain acceptability across the breath of the Zambian political landscape. HH is too tribal and he has failed our brothers and sisters from the South – the reason why he has found comfort and company in the other tribal characters like GBM

  1. If Lungu rigs these elections UPND, Election Observers and people of Zambia will not accept the results. The elections will not be declared free,fair and credible if they are rigged. A rigged election will produce an illegitimate govt which will not be recognised by the International Community. Lungu cannot force HH &UPND to accept rigged election results. Its in Lungu’s interest to ensure that ECZ delivers a free,fair and credible elections. Lungu’s govt invited Observers to these elections and what Observers and Opposition parties say about the outcome of these elections matters very much. Lungu better be aware of this.

    • @2 Moya, You must be a robot remotely configured with a utopian Groupthink chip. The real world operates in totally different ways. Otherwises, the world could be on fire everywhere you turn to. Go ask Raila Odinga in Kenya, Afonso Dhlakama in Mozambique, Nana Akufo-Addo in Ghana or indeed the the opposition in the Gabon. They will give a dossier of good Lesson Learned. Good lucky!

    • @ Junior Citizen:
      Why don’t you just shabby this nonsense of yours right in your Ar.se and coil your monkey tail instead of making yourself a king of id,iots!! Mother Fu.cker


    • Read the mood, UPND is losing clean and PF is getting a resounding victory. We told you UPND that violence, insults does not win elections. There is no mood for change in Zambia apart from the dreaming of UPND leaders who have also brainwashed their members. UPND and HH have badly failed to sell their agenda as an alternative to the current. All you can do is insult. Well, now the time of reckoning has come. The people you were insulting are going to vote on 11 August. Tribal voting will be defeated again. VIVA One Zambia One Nation. You insulting people from other tribes and forgot that you need their votes!

  2. Aisha, When does an election become fair and acceptable to your party Group-think? Zambians hope to hear you guys start saying “the voice of the people has been heard through the ballot” even after taking a rebuke in the booth. This business of singing same chorus for over 6 national elections that they are rigged before the vote is cast deflates your members who on the voting day find no reason to translate their rally turn up into actual votes. There can only be one winner and concerns raise them in the constitution court. Burning Zambians and the country may be too risky an option for your selves. You can learn from Al Gore who never burned America after losing the 2000 vote with few votes in Florida. Consider trying another leader after this election defeat. Sometimes change…

    • @Senior Citizen, you are just a weak soul who cannot see injustice because you are a beneficiary of the WICKED PF SYSTEM!

    • @Senior Citizen and 2016 Kolopa, Lungu and your good selves should not take people for granted. Zambia doesn’t belong to Lungu but the people of Zambia. They are the ones who will on 11/8 decide who will be their President. Lungu shouldn’t attempt to play with fire. In Ivory Coast Bagbo tried to play with fire, he burned his fingers.

  3. All the signs are there that PF wants to rig these elections (PF Media bias against the opposition, dubious selection of company to print ballot papers, PF violence, PF abuse of state resources etc)! Rigged elections do not represent the will of the people. Citizens should not accept results of a Manipulated Election. The opposition should not accept the results of a rigged election. Rigging elections is the same as a Coup and therefore should be treasonable. Truth be told: PF has failed to organize credible elections! It is very shameful!

  4. Why should upnd take part in the elections they are not confident about. Who is forcing you to participate? Simply boycot if you think they won’t be fair. And exactly were so you place other contenders. This just proves a point that this party is still immature. When a huge crowd of people attend your rally doesn’t mean that they will vote for you. We know that you are basing your victory going by the number of people attending your rallies and sorry to remind you that not everyone is voting for your party. Attending a rally is not the same as voting. Stop counting rally attendees please but wait for the ballot results.

    • I used to attend satas rallies but ended up voting for RB. Also applies to others who were busy chanting RB slogans but ended up voting for sata. Upnd should know this truck by now. To them if you attend their rally automatically you vote for them. That’s under5 thinking

  5. We Zambians are going to rise in street protests if our rights to vote are denied by disenfranchising us. After voting we want our votes to count and elect a govt of our choice. If Lungu is going to cook election results and declare himself a fictious winner then he can expect civil disobedience on the streets. If Lungu thinks he will use the army to suppress us then let him go ahead. Most Zambians are prepared to spill their blood to protect their votes. Lungu should know that rigging elections has serious consequences and he risks starting a civil war in this country. The writing is on the wall!!

    • Just ensure proper monitoring of results, don’t fight senselessly even when your leader genuinely looses. If HH wins he must win cleanly and if Lungu wins he must also win cleanly. So just ensure you have proper credible PVT. but you sign on all papers for each polling station before you send your PVT results otherwise you will end up in jail.

  6. This story of election results is really becoming boring! I think that the Head of State should also refrain from talking about it at every rally, I find no sense in it. They have their manifesto to talk about but they keep talking about irrelevant things that only build tense atmosphere in the country! Let’s campaign peacefully.

    • No, the Head of State should not stop talking about it. Until the results of the elections are announced, he has the mandate to maintain peace in the country by any means as mandated by the Constitution. Therefore, an overzealous opposition leader cannot just stand up and say there will be chaos in the country if he loses, and you expect the President to keep quiet. No.

  7. Senior Citizen is very much on point. I shadder with sympathy when I hear upnd supporters threathening violence after losing.
    Try it after the elections and jail will be your next free rental homes for years.
    just because the majority dont support upnd dont mean elections will be tempered with.
    you under 5 cadres.

  8. The way Senior Citizen used to bootlick RB it’s obvious why he now bootlicks Lungu – they are two faces of the same corrupt coin

  9. And Senior Citizen should one day Google what Groupthink means, it applies more to the living in denial of sitting governments

  10. Guys,
    My intelligence on the ground in Mazabuka, Lusaka, Chisamba, Chingola and Mansa indicates that numerous people who were staunch UPND supporters, are now showing allegiance to PF. They are using mobile phones to influence others. I can see a PF win

    • @Munene, PF has no chance in Western Province. If you are arguing, ask your relatives in Senanga where I’m or Mongu where I was the other day. There is a red revolution here bwana!

    • How can Pf stand no chance in wp after putting up heavy infrastructure development. Unless you talk of tribal chance but be assured that Pf is bagging wp votes and 50% sp votes. People are now coming to civilised world in those places.

    • You will cry again unless you stop being tribal. Zambian are teaching HH and UPND that tribal voting does not pay. UPND is losing and disbanding thereafter because it does not unite but divide Zambian. UPND and HH has sent a very strong message that they are tribal by the way things are going on in SP. No UPND leaders, especially Tongas are discouraging its cadres to stop what they are currently doing there. Other provinces are looking with disgust and waiting for August 11 to make a statement against this kind of behaviour.

  11. At every stage of this election preparation,UPND has been accusing PF and ECZ of planning to rig an election but they have given no proof. These days they are not even talking about PVT which should come and compare with ECZ,election monitors and other parties participating. They seem to know that the PVT system will stare at them with the truth so they have started scare mongering. Please show cause why think election figures will be cooked!Zambians hardly fight for a politician to enter state house. Mazoka was more popular than HH at a time when people wanted MMD out – he lost and no body fought except for the 1st day of election results.Now there is a Constitutional Court so use it for that purpose and spare us violence. PF has had MPs in most areas,those with some independents are…

    • …continued..PF has had MPs in most areas,those with some independents campaigning for Lungu so how do you expect him to loose when this time he has had time to run an organised campaign country-wide??

  12. If you think international election observers are going to protect your ballot decisions, then you must be living out of this world. Despotic regimes know that other than perhaps the French, all other Western Countries are just paper Tigers who would helplessly watch the will of the people being circumvented without any serious consequences.

  13. You Moono stop these reckless statements statements that only seek to psych your boss’s appetite for power. We are all saying no one will rig elections. Just send your representatives as you did when ballot papers were being printed. You know how many where printed. Station your observers at KKI to see to it that no more ballot papers come in. If you or observers went shopping to Dubai when ballot papers were being printed don’t blame Lungu waumfwa! Also make sure that your observers are positioned at all polling stations. There is no voter box transportation so everyone has a responsibility, opposition and ruling parties to ensure that they guard their votes. One thing you, UPND should know is that you can also rig election results, so if you intend to rig by cheating or posting false…

  14. Roads already contracted by the previous regimes have ended up to be Pf’s developments nothing else to Sonta, when people were getting killed and everything has gone quite on the accused. We can’t go back and most of you that are supporting PF have already forgotten or maybe you are children to illegal ministers?

  15. everyone should accept Zambians decision of august 2016 and no monkey business like Armageddon no sense nor gym practices

  16. There is a problem with you people in UPND Lungu has said accept the results. This means losing or winning. Accept results whether Lungu or HH wins simple. Are you ready for a loss UPND, or you are just ready for a win. I feel pit for you. Lungu has said if I lose I will accept results but it has never been said by HH that if loses he will accept

  17. Mr Moono Mapani (tonga man) your tonga party upnd cannot win in 2016 because its only popular in 3 or so provinces.your fellow tongas in southern will give upnd more that 90% votes,then maybe 70% or so in western and n/ western.but all your votes from these 3 provinces will be cancelled by PF’s votes from only 3 provinces namely;Eastern,Northern,Muchinga,lets add even Luapula!!meaning votes for PF from Lsk and CB are for winning.i cannot add central here because the difference between pf and upnd there wont be much!!RECALL ECZ ANNOUNCED 6.7MILLION REGISTERED VOTERS AND CLOSE TO 5MILLION VOTERS ARE IN PF STRONGHOLDS!!hence,concluding that PF is surely winning 2016 elections!!

  18. Watching African Magic on Dstv, the bandits with guns trying to abduct an Igwee are all dressed in Upnd regalia. Coincidence?

  19. Badala don’t be deceived by crowds your rebel leader hh admitted in chingola when he told women to give their men sex that people attend his rallies but don’t vote for him this time will not be different no ba tonga you are too tribal thats why our friends can’t vote for us lets forget running this country, this election is about proving who are in the majority. ECL is winning clearly. The st.upid thing of saying you will not accept the results should stop because it is too insulting to the voters.

  20. I am interested in UPND informing the electorate why they think the referendum is not good. Is due to constitutional issues, is the content of is it the context? They are not being truthful to explain this. I think really, HH and UPND have been caught napping on this one just like the 50+1. They demanded this to be done so years ago. They thought ECL would fail to honour their demand so that they could use it as a political tool to fight Lungu. But ECL so their motives and took the sting from them by giving in to their demands. Now they are swallowing their own words, without shame. Now I understand why Sata called HH an under 5 politician. He doen not analyse things seriously before talking and acting.

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