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UPND Cabinet yet to be appointed, document in circulation is counterfeit-GBM

Headlines UPND Cabinet yet to be appointed, document in circulation is counterfeit-GBM


United party for National Development (UPND) Vice-President for Administration and Running Mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said that UPND Cabinet yet is yet to be appointed and dismissed any document circulating as a fake document authored by our political opponents.

In a statement released to the media this evening, the UPND running mate said that the document circulating is counterfeit and the forging of the signature of UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka is a very serious offence indeed and urged people to pay no attention to it at all, as it was not authored by any of the UPND team.

Below is the full statement


UPND Cabinet yet to be appointed

It is sad to see how some politicians are now resorting to divisive talk as the elections draw closer in an attempt to distract people from the important issues.

While UPND talks policies and solutions, what we hear back is personal attacks and statements designed to stir up tribal sentiments.

We want to reassure the people it is not long now until a UPND government is appointed. It will be an inclusive government that works in the interests of all.

It has come to our attention that a fake document authored by our political opponents is being circulated and supposedly sets out several appointments for the incoming UPND government. This is a counterfeit document and the forging of the signature of UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka is a very serious offence indeed. We urge people to pay no attention to it at all, as it was not authored by any of our team.

As UPND we are determined to have a strong hard working government that can deliver our 10 Point Plan for Zambia. We are ready to show that we are men and women of action ready to serve the people. We wish to make it clear that no government members have been appointed; only Dr. Canisius Banda’s appointment to Cabinet has been confirmed, as announced by HH himself.

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba
UPND Vice-President for Administration and Running Mate


    • Who is the Minister of Finance? That is only reason I have been helping UPND. Zambia has been missing one since Mangande.

    • Even kalusa parties have cabinet?? Cabinet in opposition for what purpose?? Busy with scramble for position as if unpd can ever win an election in Zambia. Use.less cabinet


    • so its right for you to forge academic qualifications – Tell us when did u attend college even by nite school


  1. Always on the defensive. There is nothing you accept. Nangu bamisanga Mulenya ba GBM, still you will say ati ‘ Teine ndenya ‘ maybe ni Hakainde ulunya mukwai.

    • Ha! but viliko vipuba konse ka, napa internet lol….entertaining, humor this is why the world need fools.#forward

    • GBM should not have bothered to stoop down and discredit this obvious PF memo. It is the President, not Secretary General of a party, that appoints Ministers. Also the President will complement his choices with 8 appointed MPs if he wants to bring in unelected talent. This memo does not bother with such subtleties because it is all about tribe, a speciality of PF.

  2. That’s how you deal with campaign propaganda instant response!….Kudos GBM! The Sataless PF has no plan or program to run on. They have no serious issues against their opponents. So they are resorting to shaming, false stories, violence and tribalism. You have to beat them in the air, on the ground, word for word, man for man, and point by point. Or else the republic will continue to be in the hands of those without care or clear governing strategy. Zambia we can do better!!!

  3. Clearly GBV and his fellow idiyots are not ready to rule. You don’t have a cabinet up to now? No wonder you are United in Purpose for Next Defeat

    • These monkeys would be real random rulers. We don’t have time for these mangwams. This cult of cannibalists, sexual preditors, wife batterers and Boer thugs is not fit to rule our beautiful country.

      In fact their Kaponya (HH) is not fit to live amongst us, that’s why he’s bound for the grave on 12th August 2016. We are making funeral arrangements and his coffin has already been manufactured in Ndola.

    • Kudos, you sound rather desperate and immature in your comments. You have stooped to that low level you can’t even engage them on ideas only without being disrespectful. Take it easy mate as you sound way worse than the people you are condemning.

    • I urge you all to see the petition 100 reasons why Kaponya (HH) should not rule Zambia.
      https : // fb. zambiasentinel. com /fbreason/public/list-reasons

    • #Ch1ka1a kudos its good that vag1na that vomited you is rotting in a grave and no more of your typical will be produced.

    • I agree with Kudos 100% this guy has a diploma in Finance???? when did he go to school . All he knows is stealing and battering some hule called wife . . .

  4. You see GBM has taken it upon himself to respond to the circulated ‘cabinet’. It tells you he will not accept for his Bembas to be sidelined. I am sure he was very upset when he saw that list and must have had a very interesting phone conversation with HH. This HH/GBM partnership is going to be very interesting to watch if they win.

  5. That’s what we want @my Zambia .This country belongs to all of us.Abash PF trible cabinets.In UPND we shall balance no more tribalism.Viva HH viva GBM.

    • Kabiye uko. Have ever seen a Tonga vote for another tribe? This time ni Wako ni Wako. Replica of Nega Nega. We shall vote for our relative Lungu fullstop. Copy and Paste Tonga way of voting

  6. while are opponents are talking about tribal(kambwili) and name calling (lungu)we in upnd are explaining how we shall implement our ten point plan,this statements sounds like one who has a degree in political science with minor in theology.bravo GBM.

    • It doesn’t matter. This time ni Wako ni Wako. Us Bembas we shall vote for our tribal cousin Edgar Lungu not fi Tonga party no.

  7. UPND’s Hallucinations
    Pwahahaha! UPNDestruction pseudocabinet. LMAO, gentlemen, we are allowed to joke, but this one a serious joke in the dream. Just reading the statement above, makes me wonder what Michael saw in you to make you Minister of defence. Nauseating indeed. Yours is a Ministry of Violence, Wife battering and Dreams never come true.

  8. Twice now this GBM guy (call him what you like) has impressed me with his eloquent and mature media statements. Last time I thought perhaps someone else is writing these statements for him but they are a real departure from the usual immaturity of Zambian political statements. Obviously he has flaws like his much publicised violence against women but he sounds mature.

    As for Kudos, so you mean you guys in PF are already expecting the win for UPND so much that you expect them to have a cabinet ready to govern from Day 1? How could they have a cabinet when they haven’t won yet, knowing cabinet is appointed from MPs? Or you meant the ‘shadow cabinet’ which they already have.

  9. Ba Lipota what is on this cabinet that he is refuting? Please give us complete stories not just making us smell the relish!

  10. Wonders never cease. GBM claiming a document is a counterfeit! I thought he is a champion in using these from the time he started deeping his hands in public money. Why has it taken so long to dispel this list & how come it is not the alleged author of the list denying it? Why also assigning the most untrustworthy person in UPND to disclaim it? I suspect God is trying to tell Zambia something here. God Bless Zambia!

  11. 1. Fake cabinet like his certificates.
    2. The meeting was held in Choma and you were not present badaala ba GBM…..mbubo ndalumba.

  12. Why would HH count chickens b4 the eggs are hatched?HH is still campaigning hard and busy putting measures into place to protect the vote. HH is dealing with unrepentant PF liars and thieves bent on rigging the very elections. HH,GBM & UPND will continue to campaign until the last day but invest more time and energy in securing the vote. Forward with HH,GBM and UPND. Stay all vigilant and alert against PF election rigging machinations!!

    • So far all allegations of PF planning to rig the elections have been proved to be wrong. HH, GBM and UPND are on a fruitless mission to find ECZ and PF at fault. Even harassing innocent truck drivers in Livingstone in the name of securing the votes. Wasting time bane. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  13. Counterfeit means a fake copy of the real thing, so then badaala ba GBM is confirming that there IS a real list of cabinet. He knows its there but he does not know who is on the list and wonders who will.be more powerful between him and Jack Mwiimbu the prime minister.

  14. Koma bantu ba mu UPND bakonda ma ‘official statements’. Sometimes it is better to just ignore something rather than being on the defensive all the time.

  15. He has to deny but the truth is that the UPND Cabinet will be 95% Tonga whether you like or not GMB. You have been used like toilet tissue badaala. They know all about your fake qualifications and will send you packing on that.

  16. GBM please stop dreaming Tate.try 2021not now.GODs GRACE is on lungu come NINE DAYS to go.
    You can’t challenging GOD,weather you luck it or not!!!!!!!!!
    Did you watch the turn up rally in Mumbwa.?

  17. Picking a cabinet is more about enabling the country to rally behind the president in persuit of development..so competence is all over zambia ….so zambians will be in cabinet……

  18. “Only Canicius Banda’s appointment to cabinet has been confirmed”. This arrogance of thinking you are already in government will cost you the election. You are currently not even leading the PF in polls and a lot of work has to be done. I think August 11 will be very interesting.

  19. Where is this manguamu called Kudos found. I want to locate this coward. The cabinet of any party is non of your business. This election is for FDD. PF and UPND are wasting time.

  20. Even last elections they did the same.Satanism has also got cabinet?
    shame UPND you will never form any canet to run this great nation of christianity.you always dream anyway its good to dream coz no dead person can dream like you have been.


  21. UPND Cabinet
    President – Hich….
    Vice – HaaGBV
    Finance – Hamu…..
    Foreign – Siam…..
    Home – Haabul…..
    Agriculture – Hic……
    Youth & Sport – Mweem…..

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