Kariba Dam
Kariba Dam

Nineteen Zambian Fishermen have been arrested in Zimbabwe for fishing on lake Kariba Zimbabwean side, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

Siavonga District Commissioner (DC) Lovemore Kanyama said the arrest of the nineteen Zambian fishermen come to light on Sunday the 31st July, 2016 at night.

DC Kanyama revealed that six rigs (boats) were confiscated by the Zimbabwean law enforcement Agency on account of illegal fishing in Zimbabwe.

The Siavonga District Commissioner has however expressed anxiety on the prevalence, affirming that the number of Zambian fishermen arrested on the Zimbabwean side of Lake Kariba is now cumulative.

He stressed the need to find a solution as soon as possible to avoid congesting Zimbabwean Prisons with Zambian fishermen. DC Kanyama said fishing in Siavonga is a major industry and people in the area count on fishing to sustain their families.

“Another 19 zambian fishermen arrested last nite 4 fishing on lake kariba zimbabwean side,6 rigs (boats)confisicated.solution has to be found or else prisons in zimbabwe will be full of zambian fishermen.Fishing is one of the major industry here,my office is disturbed with the increase number of these arrests” kanyama lovemore said

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  1. Jay Jay, probably it may not be a case of lawlessness on the Zambian side but a question of our friends on the other side not willing to co-exist. I dont think the border on the waters is clearly marked for all to see and it is also possible that fisherfolks from Zimbabwe do cross into the Zambuan waters from time to time and get away with it. The DC should bring this issue for discussion between the two governments at higher level bilateral meeting to find a lasting solution. Saying there is lawlessness is like surrendering our brothers to be dealt with by the Zimbabewean authorities even before we find out whether they really crossed the imaginery border line. The so called crossing could also have been induced by strong wings prevalent during the winter season in the lake area.



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