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I am ready to turn draconian to protect peace-President Lungu

Headlines I am ready to turn draconian to protect peace-President Lungu

President Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu in Mumbwa during the Meeting with Chiefs - Picture  by Eddie Mwanaleza
President Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu in Mumbwa during the Meeting with Chiefs – Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza

President Edgar Lungu has warned that he is ready to abandon democratic principles and deal sternly with what he called trouble makers in order to safeguard national peace.

In what could be his sternest warning to his opponents ahead of next week’s elections, President Lungu said he is ready to use draconian means to protect the country’s much cherished peace.

President Lungu told a rally in Mufulira on Monday that Zambia has a well-known tradition of peace and tranquility which should be protected.

He said he has intelligence information that the UPND is planning to cause havoc if they lose the elections.

President Lungu added that he has already given strict instructions to heads of security to clamp down on opposition elements causing trouble ahead of the election.

The Head of State said it is meaningless for Zambia toc continue enjoying democracy when some politicians are abusing it through hate speech and violence.

He said as much as he respects democratic principles, he will not sit and watch some opposition leaders cause havoc in their pursuit to enter State House.

President Lungu said the UPND is sponsoring violence in the country through what they are calling Operation Watermelon.

He said Operation Watermelon is an evil strategy aimed at causing violence and panic among Zambia and prevent them from participating in next week’s elections.

President Lungu said no one will invest in Zambia if politicians continue to perpetuate bloodshed adding that the opposition should respect the presidency.

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    • Carlos you have no idea what the word means Google it or see what’s happening in Turkey…ba opposition mwaya sana

    • Your cadres are the ones always attacking innocent people. Dont preach to us about cherishing peace. You the worst president Sir. The worst.

    • Lungu and PF this country belongs to us all. If oppression is what you know best, go take over from Mugabe.

    • The same usual rubbish from this dull Lazy Bum Edgar who is supposed to a Head of State; he hardly even understands what these selfsame democractic principles are, if he did he wouldnt be instructing secruity wings.

    • Dear Kach, governance is not about threatening citizens with opposing views. A leader in his position needs to have the ability to bring people together to the table and dialogue. There will always be those who don’t believe in his ideas. .its their right. His job is to convince them. Ba Edgar’s language of threats is just alienating more people.

    • ATASE TEPAKUTUMPA aka ka mambala ka chakolwa te??
      Waona presidency ni anyoko te??? We pushi wa muntu te!!!!
      Wa mena amasako ku mukoshi te???

      Vote WISELY 11/8/2016!! Vote ZAMBIA FORWARD!! VOTE UPND!!!
      Abantu baya!!

      #MURDERERChagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

    • Lungu is really an imbecile. He falls in the medical category of people with severe intellectual disability.

      Read again what he said in his usual furious and obnoxious statements showing that he is a first class dullard. He said he will not chose democracy over peace.

      What is this imbecile from Chawama saying?

      This clearly shows that he has no clue that democracy is a regime system in which the supreme power is vested in the people guided by a set of ideas and principles about freedoms and rights.

      And when you respect people’s rights and freedoms then you have peace.
      You cannot trample on democracy because you want to uphold peace as it is impossible to have peace without democracy.

      If you want peace, then promote democracy, and by promoting democracy you are promoting…

    • people’s rights and freedoms that result in peace.

      This is why we always say that Lungu is an imbecile because he does not know that peace is an occurrence of harmony that is characterised by the lack of violence or tension behaviour, and this peace only happens when you have democracy the mother of all freedoms and rights that beget peace.

      In simple terms, promote democracy a precondition for peace and then peace will automatically fall in place because everyone will respect people’s freedoms and rights the cause of peace.

      That is the reason intelligent and wise people say that democracy is the institutionalization of freedoms and rights that effect peace.

      The republic of Zambia and its citizens can only reap peace if we have democratic political structures that give rise…

    • peace not the other way around.

      Anyway, forgive this imbecile. He was as usual drunk when loud mouthing those statements.

      In all his election campaigns Lungu is threatening people.

      When will he intelligently talk about what he will do to identify the social and economic needs of our people, and how he will seek to create strategies that will address these needs in ways that are practical and in the best interests of the dejected Zambians over the long run?

      Anyway, an imbecile will always be an imbecile with no messages to enchant the electorate because of his astronomical level of imbecility he is suffering from.


    • The online dictionary defines “draconian” as: (of laws and their application) excessively harsh or severe. The synonyms for draconian are listed as : harsh, severe, strict, extreme, drastic, stringent, tough; cruel, oppressive, ruthless, relentless, punitive; authoritarian, despotic, tyrannical, repressive. And democracy, as we all know, is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. In other words, this guy is promising to suspend the people’s government and become a despot in the name of peace. That’s what all dictators do. They cite “law and order” as a pretext for their brutal dictatorship, and try to convince people that it’s the only way to preserve peace. The only problem is… you can never trust such a person, who believes that he can switch democracy off…

    • (Continued)… and on at his own whims. In fact, it even raises the question as to whether he understands what democracy means in the first place. It’s democracy that gives Zambians their liberty. The Zambians cannot sacrifice their liberty in the name of peace. The police and the army are there to maintain law and order, without one man threatening to use them to his own advantage. We all want peace in our country during this election cycle. And if some lawless people arise to cause trouble, we want our police force to deal with the situation and maintain law and order— but of course in a democratic way. What we don’t want is a man promising us tyranny, in exchange for peace, at the expense of our liberty and democracy.

    • Its the Tonga version of a gorilla war… HH must loose we do not want any more bloodshed in Zed. GBM and HH love violence too much. GBM even has credentials as a GBV master

    • @ kach

      Speak for yourself. I prefer to die as a FREE man and not live like you as SLAVE of a corrupt convicted embezzler.

  1. Your excellence, if the perpetual loser and his cartel continue causing violence and advancing fear in PF strongholds, we are more than ready to join hands and show this Kachema and the cartel that bachepa sana! Sometimes I even pitty these T0ngas because if they really knew how deadly the people of Copperbelt and now the majority in Lusaka are, they would not even dare insult you, beat innocent people and destroy people’s property. You have on several occasions preached peace but this has been misunderstood as a sign of weakness especially by HH and UPND.
    HH’s strategy is to cause fear and hope that people in the PF strongholds dont turn up in huge and massive numbers on 11 August re-elect you back in State House but sorry, we are far ahead of them and they will reap what they sow. We…

  2. cont’d
    HH’s strategy is to cause fear and hope that people in the PF strongholds dont turn up in huge and massive numbers on 11 August re-elect you back in State House but sorry, we are far ahead of them and they will reap what they sow. We are waking up early, like inseba or bees and give you President Lungu A RESOUNDING YES VICTORY so that they die of acute blood pressures.

    • Namulusa fye ba PF your turn out everwhere is poor because Lungu has been rejected even in your so called stronghold.


  4. If the evidence is already before you Mr President, why ain’t you taking corrective measures to prevent further occurrence of violence?
    Why are the Police complaining of cadres directing them if they have the instructions?
    Why are you failing as a president to call your opponents and make peace. Show the country that we are more stronger united than divided?
    Why do you continue to threaten the opposition if they refuse to accept the results?
    Why is your language so aggressive as opposed to all embracing?
    Why do you cadres continue to make use of tribalism, hate speech. Just read the comments right here?

    • I cant agree with more,he is always threatening and from what i understand operation watermelon is no different from the donchi kubeba,you are green on the outside(PF) and red on the inside(UPND) its also a defensive mechanism,,,,

    • The President is openly threatening to destroy our hard earned democracy and he wants us to re-elect him? Who does he take us for?

  5. Look up draconian in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

    Draconian is an adjective meaning great severity, that derives from Draco, an Athenian law scribe under whom small offenses had heavy punishments (Draconian laws)1876 (earlier Draconic, implied from 1640s), from Draco, Greek statesman who laid down a code of laws for Athens 621 B.C.E. that mandated death as punishment for minor crimes. His name seems to mean literally “sharp-sighted” from the above statement it is clear that the prayers you undertook are in vain Mr President because God is love and as a follower of Christ you need to love one another imagine Mr President what Jesus did to Judas Iscariot despite knowing that he was going to betray Him, Jesus continued loving him. Tone down and preach reconciliation Sir

    • @Kambya
      You have taken a good tone to advise Lungu BUT Lungu confuses Zambia to say Zimbaremabgwe (Zimbabwe). Lungu thinks he owns us. No sir we are free moral agents and owe no man no allegiance. We work hard and do not do well under threats. There have been opposition parties in this country since 1990 in the second phase and NEVER have we EVER heard a president threaten citizens of this concept called Zambia. Many of us are adults and we could careless what you do to your own kids BUT to US…Lord have mercy and HELL NO.

  6. President Lungu campaign and give a clear strategy, a great plan of what you want to do, where you want to take the country, and competencies you possess to accomplish your dream for mother Zambia, if any. Where do you see the country in 5 years Mr. Lungu? Thats what we want to hear! If you can not provide that type of leadership sela abanobe babombeko! We are getting sick of your false intelligence based campaign of going around the country threeatening violence on the opposition. Violence begets violence. You can use it to stay in power at your own peril. Now you want to carry out genocide on UPND in the name of protecting peace, common give me a break! Zambia does not belong to you alone and power is a temporary trust. This violence you are threatening on the oppossition will one day…

    • ….knock on your own door. Ine nalema na aLungu and his mediocrity. No style, no quality. Zambia we can do better!!!

    • Wakamba Boi uziba, indeed as a nation we can do better it really breaks my heart that we haven’t heard if these guys have a strategic plan for the nation,we really can do better if we educate ourselves and give each other knowledge in depth that we are all Zambians then we get get this ship sailing by concentrating on wealth creation and attending to social and economic issues that our country can really make use of now.#Alutacontinua

  7. As days get closer to the historical day of 11th August, the president keeps saying so much by saying so little – a very confusing message. The concern in any election world over is wether it was free and fair – before, during and after the elections. International and local observers will have a say on the credibility of the outcome as will many political agents and supporters. The 2015 results were too close (ECL 807,925 (48,33%) and HH 780,168 (46.67%), a difference of 27 757 (1.66%) ECZ statistics. With a 50+1 clause every vote counts thus the valid concern over blotted poll registers and illegal voters. It is the watermelons in security wings who have been supplying at most times, very reliable classified information. God willing, and with our votes, UPND will come and FIX things…

    • His soldiers and Police officers are against him still. Even when he turns his cadres to be soldiers will he manage to fight trained soldiers? It is simple to say it but when things turn aroung Lungu will be a destitute in other countries seeking refuge. He doesnt have to abuse Power. There have been powerful rulers like Gaddafi and their ending is so bad. Its better to live in peace and when people have rejected you its fine dont be emotional.

  8. If Mugabe did it why can’t did it. If Museveni did it why I can’t did? The bible says if you say I will kill, you have already killed. From the tone of your voice you have already introduced draconian laws and just awaiting to implement it. Some of them are already working i.e ignoring court orders to prevent private media from publication.
    We had KK who had strong opposition from FTJ, then Mwanawasa who had strong opposition from MCS and Lupiya Banda from Sata never, never did they issue such statements. This is the beginning of lawlessness. I’m getting so scared by the day each time this man speaks.

  9. How have the prayers you conducted performed? This is all we can get from those prayers MR. Lungu sir. Where are those pastors to advise their man not to get to such extremes. Is it because the moon did not surround the sun after the prayers? God can’t be mocked and will always expose you.

  10. This is what fear of losing does. Lungu is now acting like a would buffalo. All these threats are meant to divert attention to Lungu’s Election Rigging manoeuvres. Very soon all independent media and internet will be banned to allow Lungu Team of riggers to implement their plans. Lungu will not accept free,fair and credible elections becoz he will lose. Like in Uganda he is now trying to cause chaos in the electoral process. The going is tough for him hence he is losing his temper. Zambians, we have already made up our minds Lungu has failed and he must go. On we 11 August we are going to vote and seal Lungu and PF’s fate.Forward with HH,GBM and UPND.

  11. @jkPHD
    Stup1d id10t, we mwana wambwa we, is there any comparision between President Lungu and your kachema? You chaps are jealous that Zambians have rejected your so called rich and successful man four times using the ballot and he is losing again for the 5th time on 11 August.
    What you dont know is what we know that politics is not for Satanists and self imposed stup1d twits like HH. When the the chap destroyed our mines and industries and pocketed the money through privatisation and sent our parents to early grave, he thought people would easily forget, hey? Do you T0ngas have a clue how our Copperbelt towns where until this HH destroyed them? Do you want us to react in anger and show you that you basically have NO right to even step foot on the Copperbelt? Do you know what…

    • Go back to Congo where the rest of you theives belong……and take your usless copper mines with you. Thieving dogs.

    • These are tu ma same people calling themselves christians, but when they blog resort to insults and name calling. There is no difference with their leader. They thought Zambians will fall to their cheap propaganda of prayer when things are bad in the country. God forbid!

  12. cont’d
    Do you want us to react in anger and show you that you basically have NO right to even step foot on the Copperbelt? Do you know what it takes to be a miner and yet you think you can insult the President like that? You should start counting your days because we shall deal with you, mwembwa mwe!

    • You president is a convicted fraudster and you are are mostly thieves in CB and PF.

      Go back to Congo where you belong with your fellow thieves.

    • @Ndine
      Makaka, styopeti, bloody imbwa yakantu! We are not going anywhere, we are here to stay. And since you cant coexist with us, you are the one to GTF out. Charlatan, bigot, you should have stayed in the condom or better yet, he should have wanked himself to sleep the day you were conceived. Stooopid bigot!

    • @Kopala for ECL
      You surely can do better in debates than call fellow humans “mwembwa mwe” Canis familiaris (dogs). With that kind of language you lamentably fail to distinguish yourself from the scoundrels who call those they disagree with all kinds of animal names. Even if Mr Lungu was your father or brother, I still believe calling others DOGS is taking loyalty to an individual too far over political differences. There is life after August 11 and PLEASE DESIST FROM TAKING ZAMBIANS FOR GRANTED.

  13. Why do you only see the opposition side and not your side Mr President? That’s where you are going wrong. See trouble makers on both sides, that’s what makes a good leader. What makes you think your cadres are trouble free when they are the ones who are worse with violence. Whoever loses should accept defeat not only opposition should accept defeat.

  14. If cadres can fail to debate on merit by calling others stupid, is it the fault of their leaders for failing to teach them what their government intends to do (policy) or it is a sign that these are actually their instructions i.e Insult, use hate speech, tribalism and violence.

  15. Fact, no African President has ever given power to the opposition after only five years in office except Rupiah Banda and if you recall, even other Heads of States were questioning his actions. So ba UPND, dont live in your wild dreams, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY and if you want go and hung yourselves, you cant win these elections and just forget it!

  16. I look at Esther Lungu I see a heartless woman who is ruthless dull and can kill for material stuff. Otherwise how do you explain Lungu’s killings of women and Esther continues to support. Esther should be advising the husband that she loves him and she wishes them to enjoy peace after state house. But what do we get instead ? A silent voice that looks away to the cries of women suffering day in day out. Zambia is under very dangerous people. When the president is not sober you get a benefit of having at least a sober First Lady. But for Zambia state house residents are both cruel people. Redeem yourselves next Zambians or blame yourselves for the spell and curse you will pass on to the next generation if Lungu manages to force his stay at state house.

  17. Kopala For ECL – Which CB are talking about? There is no CB for PF but Zambians. To assure you only the likes of Michael Sata and Fredrick Chiluba could hold CB that strong not ba Lungu twapapata please. If under such great men CB could not go on fire what about ba Lungu. Please find something else to say if you have nothing.

  18. Presidential contenders should refrain from declaring themselves winners even before we vote. Let them just campaign on issues. The ruling party should keep sontaling epo babomba while the opposition should tell us what they would do for this country if voted into power. It’s that simple.

  19. This is a time when you should be giving us hope about the exchange rate,the price of food and things like that and yet you keep us wondering what your plans really are for mother Zambia.Surely it has been and it may continue to be your time Mr.President,nothing to offer but yet still in power.God bless you.

  20. Oxford dictionary definition of draconian: (Of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe: the Nazis destroyed the independence of the press by a series of draconian laws.

    Basic fact: you CAN’T in the same breath use terms such as draconian and peace. You can’t preach peace and in the same breath disregard democratic principles.

    “From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks…”

    • You are spot on. His language worrisome. The other time he was on TV he referred to Franklin Tembo Jr as an ordinary person. “I even have time for ordinary people like you”. I was left speechless.

  21. Edgar nimbwa nomucila pamatako
    Mumbwe.Edgar think he’s the sole owner of Zambia and his useless family ka.
    Ati humble ,u are the most evil person of all time.Time is ticking koswe iwe wetha u dance ,u fake prayers just prepare to go back to Chawama
    Sick and tired of your mediocre
    All the people will desert u on the 12th

  22. What Lungu is to continue rigging. His utterances amounts to rigging because this scares away would be voters. In fact, who is promoting violence? All the cases that have been reported so far point to the violence that is being witnessed in the country while the main opposition, the UPND is always the victims. Who are you lying to Edgar? It’s you and your PF Party who are violent and now you want to blame the humble UPND! Just yesterday your stupid cadres attacked GBM’s rally in Matero and you apportion vilonce to the victims! Drunken thinking.

    • Real men and good politicians don’t scare their electorate. The argue points not what you are doing. If you are popular like you say, why do you keep scaring all and sundry? Your behaviour is only synonymous to Mussolini and Hitler because that’s exactly the same way very they came into power in 1919 and 1939 respectively. We are tired of your threats! That’s not being a good Statesman!

  23. @jkPHD
    @ Ndetila nati
    Copperbelt is a bedrock and cornerstone of PF and just in case you didnt know this, its an extention of Luapula and Northern Provinces and NOTHING WILL CHANGE THIS FACT, NIKUMWESU, thats were imitoto shesu bonse shashikwa, so HH and UPND dont even dream that because you have been dribbled by Fat Albert you can get these Copperbel and Lusaka, kiss my f00t.
    Has any T0nga chap heard of the fumes called Centre in Kitwe and what it has done to us? So if HH want to test us, let him and the cartel know that we can deal with them BIGTIME and you will regret the day you thought about the so called Water Melon operation.

  24. How can you be so sure of winning bwana Lungu? He who believes in violence shall end up in silence, you cannot be so sure , you have rigging plans!

  25. As long as Lungu stole K15m, shot inflation to 22%, borrowed $10 bn, took bread past K8, saladi K80, ubunga K90 etc….aleya!!!

    Belo yalili ngilingili….PF out!!!

  26. awe umo alefwa na bp organise a cardialogist for GBM heart attack 9 days ninshi twa dununa nakabili

  27. Zambians will turn up in huge numbers to vote ECL and PF back in office. They will turn the so-called operation ‘water-melon’ to operation ‘lemon water’ so that HH and UPND taste the bitterness of defeat for the 5th and 6th time respectively in succession. What a pity!

    • ….PF is the curse equivalent to zanu pf of Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

      And look at this shameless dictator spewing toxic threats as though he can enslave all Zambians….we shall dununa you reverse Chagwa to Chawama.

  28. This man is becoming unpredictable, one day he is the humble man asking for prayers, the second day, he is not desperate to remain in power, the next day he turns into a draconian.
    Wooo, people this should tell you something if not a warning. Even you PF people, you should be concerned as well, I am telling you. This is not just about August 11th Aug, you are embarrassing someone who would possibly lock you, even as a PF. This is how dictators start, and you are just opening the doors for him, before you come to realization, it will be too late.
    A person who is ready to abandon democratic principles???? I would think twice.

  29. Ukutupa ba swine, so mulechitilefitu kumufolo pakuti ECL ngalandako you start blaming him, stupid *****s. He stated a long time pleading with your dem god to stop being a nonsense but no what ever HH & GBV does is ok. the president is trying to protect you *****s from being killed you even blame him for that. you can go to hell all of you ba swine, bana bansanya imwe.

  30. You have lost my vote Mr.President.GMB and Nevers Mumba wanted to have a rally in Chipulukusu in Ndola but your cadres blocked roads with logs and tyres but no word was said.
    You have the constitutional power to protect every Zambian but it looks like you are taking sides.PF are free to do all the criminal activities but you are mute.Every Zambian is watching what is happening in our markets,stations,streets and you have this courage to bring violence in this country.
    Everybody has the right to defend themselves and this is what the opposition are doing just defending themselves.
    Any 11th August is just next week.

  31. This is a sign of a person who is desperate and scared. This man will cause war in this country just because he and his corrupt commanders of the ZAF want to remain in power. What are they scared of, is it the US$6,000, 000 that was transferred on 20th July into the personal account in Hong Kong from BOZ Operations account.
    Edgar Lungu has no democratic principles to abandon and he is behind the trouble. This trick was used before by FTJ when he arrested Kaunda and RB for fake Black Mamba. If he has information why not arrest them now, should you wait for elections. It simple means that Lungu knows the outcome will not be in his favour but will rig, he expects people to protest this action of rigging.
    President Lungu you are already a draconian who is going to destroy the country’s…

    • There’s this persistent lie from Guy “fantasy” Scott that Colonial Zambia was run like Sweden & then everything turned upside down once the Whites left on 24th October, 1964. It will take a major culture shift for Zambia’s intellectuals to realise that our future no longer lies with the West, but Zambian businessman and women get given access to huge government contracts. HH, UPND and Guy hate what I’ m writing. I don’t give a damn. We need to learn from China – sustain the current PF industrial policy; all of the useless HH, Sampa, Guy talk and “capacity building” will take us nowhere. 50 yrs after independence, HH still wants Zambia to still depend on “development advisers” & they are set up to depend on them 50 yrs into the future. This is the nonsense Zambians must reject on…

  32. On 11 August, after HH’s defeat, thats the last time UPND would be led by a T0nga because the Bembas and cartel have seriously crafted and schemed to take over UPND. Those with eyes have seen but the kachemas are blind to this truth. An extra ordinary convention will be called to elect new leaders to try and contest the 2021 elections assuming UPND will even last some months after this impending defeat.
    I see FDD becoming the second largest opposition to PF very clearly. UPND is useless to say the least.

  33. So what will happen if Lungu and PF are the ones who will lose the elections? He’s been issuing threats about the opposition accepting the results, does this mean he is so sure it will be him who will win or what? Or is himself willing to accept the will of the people?

    That is what dictators do and say, arguing they are the only saviours turning into dictators to save the country and for the sake of the country as if they are the only ones who ‘love’ the country more than anyone or there is no one else competent enough to run the country apart from them… dictators the world over from our very own KK, Mugabe, Amin, Gadaffi, Sadam Hussain, etc, they always argue, I would rather sacrifice democracy for the sake of people. But he is forgetting that the two are not mutually…

  34. continued…

    But he is forgetting that the two are not mutually exclusive… without democracy, there can be no peace (and justice), and without peace (and justice) there can be no democracy. So what is this guy on about? His rhetoric these days indicate he is the man on a mission to rig this election and he’s trying buy the consequence instability by threats ahead of time.

  35. Don’t vote for people who take too much whisky. It damages the brain. They can put the country on fire. How does he know he has the support of the whole army. This is recipe for coup.

    • HH’s fear of Edgar Chagwa Lungu is that since coming to power in 2011 PF has upset the existing neo-colonial order in Zambia. HH, Guy and Sampa have a vested interest in maintaining the old order where ordinary Zambian businessmen are relegated to owning grocery stalls & seen nowhere near grand contracts. HH should stop fooling himself, Zambia’s poor are also having a debate about their future – the verdict will be loud and clear on 11th August, 2016.

  36. There’s this persistent lie from Guy “fantasy” Scott that Colonial Zambia was run like Sweden & then everything turned upside down once the Whites left on 24th October, 1964. It will take a major culture shift for Zambia’s intellectuals to realise that our future no longer lies with the West, but Zambian businessman and women get given access to huge government contracts. HH, UPND and Guy hate what I’ m writing. I don’t give a damn. We need to learn from China – sustain the current PF industrial policy; all of the useless HH, Sampa, Guy talk and “capacity building” will take us nowhere. 50 yrs after independence, HH still wants Zambia to still depend on “development advisers” & they are set up to depend on them 50 yrs into the future. This is the nonsense Zambians must reject on…

  37. Kopala For ECL – My brother do not be so hateful. Don’t debate Tongas debate issues. You are so emotion and one can easily ready from your written speech. I wonder what you can do if you met your opponents. Sober up and show love.
    We want issue based campaigns not Bemba this or Tonga that. If we take this route we will regret because we will end up with a non performer in state house. But I repeat my word only great men like Chiluba and Sata had that charisma to win the hearts of the people of Copper belt, Luapula and Northern Provinces not aba bashala like it or not Edgar will never get the same votes as Chiluba or Michael would do. Katele would have been another influential man had it not been for his cases otherwise kulibe my brother.

  38. We are not interested in your rhetoric why do you always deceive Zambians that violence is being perpetuated by opposition. we know that You are the architect of violence why pretending God will surely flash you out of the higher office and you will not realize it then only after handing in power that’s when you realize.

  39. I think Lungu will win the elections. Most women say they will vote for him. Thats how most dictators control african countries. Through women control

  40. I am confused! Your party is the one that started this violence. You let PF Cadres attack the opposition. I remember one incident where HH had to run for his life after he was attacked. I remember seeing a video of him escaping via the root top. This I have never seen in my life as a Zambian Citizen! You are a disgrace to human race.

  41. Which peace will he protect? There is no peace in Zambia. The only thing he really means is that he will unleash violence on the people of Zambia who will vote him out.Lungu knows that he is loosing this election even if the opposition may not get the 50+1. In that event that’s when he will declare a state of emergency and arrest HH, Guy Scot, Fred Membe and even some Catholic bishops. Lungu will do so to protect his lust power not zambians because every one will raise up against him. Was Lungu there when PF won and Rupiah wanted to refuse giving power but the people of Zambia were already on the streets each with 10 stones to crush anything in sight?

  42. “Protecting peace” is just another name for license to abuse power and the “fixing” of political foes by Lungu.

  43. Draconian is an adjective meaning great severity, that derives from Draco, an Athenian law scribe under whom small offenses had heavy punishments (Draconian laws)


    • Whether you like it or not, you will have ECL as your President for the next 5 years. Learn to live with this reality, or else you will die of bitterness.

  45. By interfering with the duties of the Ploice, you are the causer of violence Ba Kateka. The Police is not impartial and professional under your rule. You are play acting. This is not Holywood. Your prime function which you swore is to proctect Zambians and mentain peace and you are not doing so. Do not pass the buck but take responsibility. Zambia is bigger than all of us. The power you have is temporal and should be used to protect all of us. Goodluck Jonathan lost elections because he failed to protect Nigerians from the threat of Boko Aram. Francious Hollande is under fire for failure to protect the French citizens from the threat of terrorism. Please understand and perform your duties deligently.

  46. Lock ’em up Mr. President! The want power at all cost! They are paranoid and delusional and that is why they see any vehicle on the road as carrying ballot papers! What a bunch of ….! Hazaluza Hagain want to appoint Je Je as his hit man cadre of UPND!

  47. Acts 4 : 29

    “And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness …” there that’s my prayer

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