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UNIP urges Zambians not to vote for tribalists, as Police thwart UPND cadre attack on UNIP rally

General News UNIP urges Zambians not to vote for tribalists, as Police thwart UPND...

Opposition UNIP leader Tilyenji Kaunda arrives at Supreme Court to file in his nomination papers in Lusaka

UNIP leader Tilyenji Kaunda

UNITED Independence Party (UNIP) vice president and Tilyenji Kaunda’s running mate Njekwa Anamela has urged Zambians to desist voting for leaders who are campaigning on tribal lines and promoting regionalism.

Addressing a Public Rally at Namatama grounds in Livingstone on Monday, Mr Anamela said Zambians had an opportunity of voting for a party that promoted love, peace and harmony on 11 August.

He said leaders who wanted to use violence to get to State House did not have the interest of the nation at heart, but only wanted to go there to misuse and steal the national resources for their personal gain.

“We have seen and heard their messages when campaigning, their message is all about promoting tribalism and regionalism and I must say that it is very shameful. Please don’t vote for leaders who don’t understand what governance is all about because you need to have experience in governance for you to know how Government operates, so only trust a political party that has a track record of governance .

“Don’t vote for chancers and leaders who were in the forefront selling and privatising Zambian companies at the expense of amassing personal wealth,”Mr Anamela said.

He said once voted back into power, UNIP would make sure that the wealth of the nation is given back to the Zambian people and make sure that development gets to every corner of the nation.

Mr Anamela said the Livingstone City Council was not performing to the expectation of the people because previously the council was being run by corrupt councillors from a named political party.

“Livingstone City Council has failed to perform to your expectation because you put selfish and corrupt chaps as your councillors and they just spent their whole tenure stealing and sharing plots.

“Livingstone residents, you have an opportunity to put young and vibrant youths from UNIP as your councillors and Member of Parliament because they will put service before self,” he said.

The UNIP vice president also said that his party pledged to transform the agriculture sector as the mainstay of the economy and would abolish the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).

“As UNIP we shall do away with the FISP programme because it has disadvantaged rural farmers, small scale farmers will in rural areas will be given more farming inputs so that they are viable.

“We also want to recapitlise Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia and come up with more fertilizer producing factories so that we empower our farmers,” he said.

Mr Anamela further called on Livingstone residents to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum and avoid listening to politicians who were spreading lies about the exercise.

Meanwhile, UPND cadres in party regalia attempted to disrupt the UNIP rally but their mission was quelled by alert police officers from the nearby Mbita Police Post.


    • The only leaders i have heard championing tribalism and regionalism to the extent of amplifying it are from PF, major culprits include; Kabwili, Faza, Mumbi, Sunday,and the drunken master himself. The pf are shamelessly openly doing so because they have nothing positive on their menu to give the Zambians.

      I have never heard HH champion it, his message is one Zambia one people. HH is a gentleman.

  1. Why Waste time with this UNIP Party? Sometimes Cadres are a let down…I hope they didnt try to do this and its only a ploy by UNIP and PF….Seriously? Disrupting a UNIP meeting …coz I cant even call what I saw on TV a rally


  3. Any sane Zambian cannot vote for the UPND because they seem to be an extremist party not different from Hitlers Nazi Germany. Just look at the way they are behaving, the insolence, even without instruments of power. Just think of it where they will have the institutions of government on their side, this country may go up in frames. ECZ you hear me

    • There not corrupt. Yes they have to be deployed so that they protect the peace that Zambia enjoys from you, bena Hitler Hichilema

  4. KKKKKKKK..UNIP doenst even know the chief Tribalist PF Chishimba Kambwili and Commander in Chief of Tribalism Lungu.

    How can sum1 vote for such a party that cant state facts plainly as they are.


    • I was in line at the Post Office but when someone with a Tonga name came the guy (Tonga) behind the counter ignored me and went ahead to serve this girl until I shouted at him to follow the queue. That’s how tribalist our brothers are

  5. You are right Ndanji….no wonder they are called underfive’s umuchinshi tabakwata and they choose what they want to see. What impact has their demi god ever made in Zambia in comparison with unip.

  6. ubwafya UPND is a tribal party.For them they appointed GBM to woo bembas to vote for them then damp them.These chaps in southern province are beating up bembas.What a party of real tribalists.HH should jst resign bcoz he came into politics thru tribalism.Not only that he sold mines and became rich after benefiting from the privatisation.UPND cadres should challenge me where HH got his money if it’s not thru privitisation.Ifwe kukopala teti tuvote uyu kabolala.

  7. some of us may never reach that age. Mind you, HH and Lungu will both be in their seventies in the next three elections. they are only 7 years younger than KK when he left office in 1991, 17th October. KK was 65.5 years when we kicked him out. ECL will be 59 years 252 days while HH will be 54 years 37 days on election day. Both would have reached civil service retirement age – two years ago. UPND should change from fresh blood requirement to madaala tolerance.

  8. It seems a lot of Zambians think that if one person from their tribe is President, then that tribe is the one ruling Zambia. I personally don’t believe in that kind of perception because to believe so would mean that what ever under development we have suffered over the past 52 years coupled with the rampant corruption that has been embraced by more than 50% of the population would have to attributed to the tribe that has produced the most presidents in Zambia. But obviously this is not true. A president is an individual with their own blue print and thats why he is voted for by all Zambians. Any failure by any government spear headed by a given president is a failure to be embraced by all. If Edgar has failed, the real failures are Zambians regardless of where your village is. It is…

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