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Friday, February 21, 2020

PF has constructed 650 clinics and over 30 district hospitals-Kambwili

General News PF has constructed 650 clinics and over 30 district hospitals-Kambwili

Minister of Information Chishimba Kambwili says Government has constructed 650 clinics and over 30 district hospitals since ascending to power in 2011.

Dr. Kambwili says no party has had such a record within its first five year in power hence the need to give the party another term under President Edgar Lungu.

Addressing thousands of Kabwe residents at Kawama grounds this afternoon, Dr. Kambwili also revealed that government has also constructed over 100 secondary schools and 68 primary schools across the country since assuming office.

He has since called on electorates in Kabwe to vote for President Lungu and PF candidates in Kabwe Central where Kabwe Lawyer Tutwa Ngulube is standing, Syndey Mushanga in Bwacha Constituency, Prince Chileshe as Mayor and all councilors.

And PF National Chairman and Minister of Justice Ngosa Simbyakula says the candidates that the PF has settled for are able to deliver to people’s expectations.

Meanwhile former Kabwe Central MP Captain Austin Chewe has thanked government for accelerating development in the country.

And Immediate past Kabwe Central MP James Kapyanga says he did not leave the PF despite not having been adopted because of the PF is key in rolling out national development.

And the Copperbelt University Students Union -COBUSU- leadership has endorsed the candidature of President Lungu saying he is the only hope for Zambia’s development.

Outgoing COBUSU President Humphrey Mwenya says national development cannot be achieved in a short period hence the PF needs another 5 year mandate to continue with its development.

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  1. Inflation at 22%, massive unemployment and unparalleled corruption and mismanagement by PF is what people are seeing.

    • Brought by HH due his untrustworthy selling of the state companies. Your HH will the stern for the rest of his life

    • Kambwili and PF are great liars.

      You have not built 650 clinics – you have only built 127 small health posts

      In the same manner, you have not built 168 schools – BUFI

      And for your info, between 1964 and and 1969 saw real massive developments much more than you will deliver- NOT only social infrastructure but real real real development, roads, hospitals, clinics, schools, entire townships, industries etc – including free education.


    • Kambwili should just go back to Mpatamato and fight with Akakunkubiti ka Mayor of Lungu. This is a bad ending of PF, with lies??? where are those 30 hospitals, ok then just give us list from Barotseland, give us a list of hospitals from where Inonge comes from….. muleshenteka abantu imwe ba in-coming PF-president Kambwili.

    • Tongas can defend their desperate HH. UPND is a Tonga party period. So whether you bring in economy issues or your assesees is what you will reap on 11th august. We shall cane your assesss

    • If Zambians make a mistake of voting Lungu, they will experience unbearable hardships. IMF will impose hard conditions on Zambia for them (IMF) to offer any financial help.

  2. PF in Kabwe just forget.In bwacha you have done nothing.Mushanga is un salable.PF Kuwayawaya.You cheated us about Mulungushi textile so forget.Its HH and Chibwana chabe.

  3. Lonely VOICE – Unfortunately, he knows what is awaiting them on Thursday, this week! PF is going forever – they have caused terrible suffering to Zambians!!

    • Which Zambians are you talking about? If you are a lazy bugger thats your problem. I am a Zambian and under PF I have managed to build a mansion for myself and my family.
      Pf nafuti nafuti

  4. Kambwili why did you not remind the residents of kabwe that lungu and PF have reopened mulugushi textiles , not even a mention ??

  5. Pure lie Ba Kambwili. Your plan was to construct 650 health post (not clinics) and you have only managed 230 health posts. One of them is the prefabricated shelter opposite Chibelo Basic School in Kabulonga which has no running water and staff and patients use pit laterines.

  6. Construct health post without properly trained staff or equipment or even medicine. Its like buying a luxury car that doesn’t work and you just keep it at home – very useless pathetic failures. That is a very small crowd and even the cars behind can be seen. Kambwili I would suggest you start your relocation process so you can go be with estranged online wife. In any-case, you have to abandon Lungu next week as he begins his court process to explain to the Zambians his actions.

  7. Kambwili explain $33.8 million Ministry of Health scam involving Thrust Capital! Clinics smeared with corruption by your Ministry of Health. Management stealing medicine from their own people selling for half price to neighbouring countries. Explain the point of constructing clinics and hospitals if they can’t aid patients while people are dying? You have failed to maintain and refurbish UTH to proper standards, what more new construction? What is the point of having schools when lectures and retries salaries are not paid on time? A quick reminder, PF has not paid University of Zambia’s Research Union their gratuity and retirement packages since 2010. Explain how these so called infrastructure will benefit the general public at large when you lack financial management due to corruption.

  8. Yes Ba Kambwili it very very true that no other Government carried so much development within its first five(5) years like the PF.It is true & agree.But isnt also very very & very true that NO.1:no other government conctracted a single Eurobond within its entire political career.NO.2:No other Gvrnment borrowed 3 consecutive Eurobonds in all their entire lives(Chiluba stole & took credit but it was never near £2B Eurobonds).NO.3:no other party developed Zambia within five years with all but borrowed money,from China thru Europe to America.NO.4:no other party brought the kwacha to K10 per dollar-non at all.NO5:no other party development Zambia at 3% only per year.

  9. NO.5:no other party took inflation from 7% to 22.5% three times more.NO.6:no other party destroyed the mining industry as you people have done,We thought Chiluba was the worst criminal Zambia ever had,but thanks to you Kambwili and your Edgar becos from this thur,you are going to erase the Chiluba bad history.Chiluba will now become another hero because you worse than him by far.Zambians will always remember you as the Zambian economy killers,The Corruptions builders.Your children will suffer the worst than you cos no one will want to employ anyone with the name of Kambwili or Lungu.Your faeces ll still be smelling for atleast next 2 generations.Namunya obubi sana bafikala imwe bapamafi.

  10. Really laughable…you got a loan from Indian Exim Bank used Indian Contractors to put up Prefab Clinic Posts and without shame you brag that you have built them…what a bunch of empty tins we have!!

  11. Prefabricated clinic, no running water, no toilet, chimbwili , just shut up, and this meetings you are attending, first you pay them, it’s embarrassing to say the list. Operational water melon at work, even in living stone it is the same , you will be shocked, watermelon is at work.


  12. may I humbly add No: 7- no other party has inherited $3 Billion in foreign reserves and blown it in 5 years. Yes ba PF you ARE one of a kind

  13. Kambwili why are people in Sowezi being forced to pay K5 before being attended to by a doctor? How can PF construct a clinic with no toilets which should have been a priority on the floor plans. This is unsanitary knowing people have to answer the call of nature. Is it because Kambwili tan.ya or ta s.unda? How can PF deny Solwezi residents health services? Is this really moving forwards or backwards? The Zambia Compound clinic has had no toilets since 2015 and PF is claiming development. Ephraim Mateyo what is your stance on this? Employees and patients have to rely on neighbours to answer the call of nature? This is the very reason we say: “PF Has No Vision.” They: “Lack Leadership.” Even a 5 year old could have told PF the very first thing you need are toilet facilities. Vote wisely!

  14. Residents in Solwezi were told PF would take 5 years to construct a toilet, the very reason they were being forced to pay K5 before seeing a doctor or being prescribed prescriptions. Now imagine a mother of a very sick child with no money being asked to pay K5 or the child dies! Imagine a mother of a sick child with diarrhea having to look for a washroom. Imagine someone with cholera, dysentery, trachoma, intestinal worms, going to use a neighbours washroom. That is an epidemic right there that can wipe out a whole town. PF we know you don’t care about Zambians. You don’t care about babies, children, youth, mothers, grandmother to everybody unless they are in your circle. Money Lungu chartered a private jet could have build 20 fully equipped clinics with over 100 working toilets.

  15. … why put a picture for Chingola rally..there were no camera men in Kabwe..??..building Clinics Schools roads is the easiest thing any govt can do especially with borrowed funds….akantu ni keeping the inflation in check…lowering cost of living for general populous, youth employment, standard services especially in hospitals, schools..providing clean water….curbing corruption, improving GDP, avoid yeh waya budget deficit…etc

  16. Kabwili’s rally was shown on tv during news you still need pictures, and yes they borrowed to develop our country at least we can see where the borrowed money is going only UPND can not see despite using the same roads when going for campaigns. shame

  17. I dont think someone with five senses can endorse Lungu from Copperbelt Universty.
    No wonder Late Mwanawasa says zambians forget easily.

  18. Ba upnd kwena muli ma hypocrites! Ushikongola ninani? Some of you are still owing money you borrowed over a year ago! Even USA yalikwata inkongole! Ama civil servants balakongola over no wonder bayport, blue finance, izwe loans etc have flourished! Even airtel ila mikongwesha Siliza airtime big time then you want to ridicule PF? We have a plan as Pf to ask for debt cancellations nafuti nafuti filya bachitile abene Magande! If mmd did it we can also did it! Sinkongole za anyina wanu!

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