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HH promises to fix Youth Unemployment

Headlines HH promises to fix Youth Unemployment


HH Ready to Fix Youth Unemployment

A government serious about job creation is a government serious about supporting local business and investing in youths. Yet the PF has only created jobs for itself, while its mismanagement of the mining and energy sectors has seen thousands made unemployed.

Youth unemployment is 5 times higher than for older Zambians. Many of our youths have become frustrated and disillusioned with the broken promises and empty rhetoric of politicians, fuelling unrest as they look for solutions elsewhere.

I am ready to fix it. Under our 10 Point Plan a UPND government will invest in our youth so they have employable skills through skill training initiatives and mentorship programmes. We will invest until every child is in school, through bursaries or other financing mechanisms. We will pay for this by cutting waste at State House and fighting corruption by ensuring the full autonomy of the Anti-Corruption Commission.

We will break down the barriers that stop youths from succeeding, such as difficulty accessing credit, and we will give our youths contracts, from supplying furniture to schools to making uniforms for public sector workers.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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  1. that is way you are not going to win. UPND bola naikosa kuwaya waya fye bakamba. nyooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • For real, HH will fix the unemployment rate of which visionless & violent PF of Lungu with his anarchist cadres created.
      Viva HH, Viva Forward, Viva UPND.
      HH, the visionary leadership not the utukunkubiti PF bandits of visionless Lungu.
      Vote Wisely.
      The Skeleton Key


  2. I fix even what has already been fixed, and I will fix every Zambian in the end. Ubufi. If you win you will definitely start saying PF destroyed everything, I need another term to fix. Are you saying they have not done anything? Sometimes you needed to point their successes and we were going to know that you have truth and mean well to us. And you haven’t indicated the source of funds to fix and fix and fix. Remember, you condemned borrowing. For the first time your own people at least a big number have started to reject you. You will see for yourself. Its too late you can’t change the strategy, Zambians are clever people.

  3. @poison Tree
    Such vision is poison to you PF minions, you’ve become accustomed to mediocre such that ConCourt is even guiding you on the credibility of your tyrant leader. Anyway, well meaning Zambians are ready to fix Chagwa at the polls

  4. To the PF kaponya supporters any one that says they will fix the current situation is lying.

    To them nothing can be fixed and all is already being done even if inflation is at 22%.

    Abuse of public funds and corruption is normal to them and part of life.

    Time for zambia to change leadership.

    Vote UPND.

  5. I will assend to heaven
    I will be like the most high
    I will this I will that I will fix this I will fix that.
    Is Upnd a one man show kanshi? I can’t support an idea of one man. I would rather support a group with a collective plan and vision than a party where one person is highly esteemed as the saviour.

    Vote wisELy. Don’t vote fullisHHly. Few hours left.

  6. How are you going to do it. That is the message we want to hear, not text book examples. Thats why we need people with minds like Sinkamba who are practical. Come 2021, am voting for Green Party.

    • It’s all about good governance with vision.

      PF have spent $10 billion borrowed money on infrastructure, no one says we don’t need infrastructure but you do not put all you eggs in one basket at cost of ignoring other sectors like touarisim manufacture and agriculture.
      If these other sectors were taken care of will would not have 22% inflation. And lungu would not have panicked and illegally employed ministers to campain for him after parliament costing zambia no less than $50 million.

      But PF concentrated on infrastructure because they were stealing.

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