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President Lungu and Attorney General must resign after Constitutional court ruling-Chipenzi

Headlines President Lungu and Attorney General must resign after Constitutional court ruling-Chipenzi

From Left to right: Dante Saunders, MacDonald Chipenzi and Gabriel Namulambe
From Left to right: Dante Saunders, MacDonald Chipenzi and Gabriel Namulambe

Electoral Expert McDonald Chipenzi has described as landmark the ruling of the Constitutional Court ordering ministers to pay back the money in salaries obtained after the dissolution of parliament.

In a statement, Mr Chipenzi said the ruling is the best gift ever four days to the General elections.

“When this issue came first, ministers were advised to stay away from their portfolios but unfortunately they were misled by the Attorney General and President Edgar Lungu,” Mr Chipenzi said.

“It is now incumbent on all the concerned ministers to voluntarily pay back the money to avoid being forced to do so by relevant authorities.”

He added, “President Lungu and the Attorney General must apologise, if not resigning altogether, for misleading the nation on the continued stay of ministers in their respective offices despite the dissolution of parliament. I urge all Zambians to unite and join in the campaign dubbed “Payback the money today.”

The Constitutional Court has ordered Cabinet ministers, deputy ministers and provincial ministers to vacate office forthwith because their continued stay in office was against the spirit of the amended Constitution after the National Assembly was dissolved.

And the ConCourt has ordered the ministers to pay back all the salaries, allowances and other emoluments they have drawn from the treasury since May 12, 2016 when Parliament was dissolved.

Constitutional Court president Hildah Chibomba, who sat with Enock Mulembe and Mulela Munalula said the ministers’ continued stay in office was contrary to the spirit of the Constitution.

“The ministers ought not to have continued in office in the absence of the required provision that allowed them. It is contrary to the spirit of the Constitution. We do order that they should forthwith vacate office,” judge Chibomba said.

The court, however, allowed the Vice-President to continue in office so that there is no vacuum created in the governance of the country.

Judge Chibomba also ruled that the ministers knew that their continued stay in office after dissolution of Parliament was illegal and therefore saw no injustice done to them by asking them to pay back the salaries and allowances accrued.

“They should pay back all salaries and emoluments they have drawn from 12th May 2016 to date. The assessment will be conducted by the Registrar of the Constitutional Court. The ministers knew that they were in office illegally and we see no injustice done to them. We would have agreed with the Solicitor General if the Cabinet ministers were appointed from outside Parliament,” judge Chibomba said.

On deputy ministers continued stay in the office, the court said the Constitution as amended did not provide for the office of deputy minister.

“The office no longer exists in the amended Constitution. We do not agree with the Solicitor General’s submissions that deputy ministers should continue in office. Their continued stay in office after amendment of the Constitution in null and void. They should and shall not continue to hold on to office,” said judge Chibomba.


  1. It’s a little too late now, otherwise don’t worry, visionless Lungu & his PF Bandits of Thugs parading in police uniforms will be voted out, 2 days left only.
    Viva HH, Viva Forward.
    The Skeleton Key

    • The PF are crooked & never trust these bandits who have breached not only the constitution, but also destroyed the credibility of governmental legitimate institutions to cadreism. ECZ, ACC, Dead NBC or ~Pro PF~ police infested with visionless Lungu’s KAPONYANIC violent thugs.
      The PF former ‘mini~stars’ who only know Dununa violence must pay all the monies accrued when they have been mascaraeding to be ministers, when in fact not.
      You can now accept that Lungu is a visionless lawyer who breaches the constitution to illegally feed his gluttonous minions when UTH needs medicine for the patients who are currently sleeping on dirty floors.
      Anyway, 2 days left & vote wisely for Lungu to go back to chawama & dance Dununa reverse.
      Only HH Forward.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Go concentrate on consolidating tribalism in your villages where even a dog can easily be sent to mandate hill as long as it’s tonga. Get ready to bite the verdict of the concourt. PF as set a precedence that the court judgement is final.

    • THE SKELETON KEY not 2 days to go but 43hours to go , Pf and lungu is vision is Dununa reverse on mumbi phiri

    • Stu,pididty at its worst. The courts had previously ruled that it was legal for the cabinet to continue. Doesn’t make sense to create a vacuum in the government. If this is the case the constitution should be amended by next parliament. What crime has the president committed to warranty his resignation? Emotions running amok

    • Breach of constitution. Lungu must be impeached. Lungu is trying to follow M7 and Rob of Zimbabwe without realizing that these guys built there support over decades of ruling and have done some good in past. Further, these dictators have their own support base. He on the other hand, Lungu’s past record and current record is very bad – rampant corruption with evidence of Finance Minister looting during the day while he has strangely become rich when the masses are suffering. Further, PF was the late MCS and the late MCS was PF. Lungu is riding on someone else’s hard work and instead of working hard in the past 18 months to prove to people he is quality. The incompetent president focuses on enriching himself and creating a criminal band that has brought violence in the country. Anyhow,…

    • This has been typical of PF governance style full of reversing policies, now reversing salaries and allowances to the government confers. Even campaigning is being done in reverse through the dununa reverse song. This is what happens when the leaders has no vision.

    • Emblezzer lawyer Lazy Bum Edgar thought handpicking judges would give him favourable decisions….the constitution is there for reason…no wonder he was kicked out by LAZ as he will always be a rotten apple.

    • The constitutional judgement in the matter concerning ministers was just a prank to lay the foundation for dismissing any contentious post election complaints.

      What powers does this court have over the ruling party cadres. I m sure right now the judges under so much pressure from the like of Kambwili who Lungu will not retain as minister if he rigs the elections.

      The poor ministers are *****s, they have been used and dumped to prop up Chagwa and his UMHOZI KUMAYA gang.

      After the elections Lungu will appoint mostly his people from Banda’s camp and the majority ministers holding key positions will be from the Eastern province.

      Those ministers who are wise should come out now and do themselves a favour by exposing all Lungu ‘s rigging schemes and save their face.


    • McDonald Chipenzi, WE DON’T RESIGN IN AFRICA. examples, ZUMA, MUSEVENI, MUGABE, our DPP, even YOURSELF at fodep refused to resign. the word resigning does not exist in black people’s lives

    • You can not blame the Attonery General because he publicly confessed that it would be illegal for the ministers to stay in office. His boss overruled him taking advantage of the fact that the ConCourt was yet to be set up and judgement would come either very close to or after the elections.

    • What made you take this long?? anyways well done. also suspend Lungu and HH for violence. both leaders have failed Zambians. we have other candidates who can contest.

    • This is the most stupid ruling by these Bantu botatwe niggers.
      There is a provision in the new constitution about handing over to the next minister. who is this person to hand over. We are not surprised by the tribal ruling. The truth is that Government will appeal anf this ruling will be thrown out.
      Brace for another super tribe after ECL. Am sure it will not be a Tonga or any other inferior tribe but again and again it will be a bemba or easterner NEVER NEVER NEVER A TONGA MAFI YAKWE

    • So ba Game mulelwisha ukumituka ayi? I can only humbly request you go back to dununaling Kudos ku bokosi. No one is angry with you here but Kudos must be annoyed coz his open a$$hole is getting cold waiting for you 🙂

    • Dear friends
      Just imagine if Zambia had nuclear warheads and PF leadership had oversight over those. Zambia would have instigated a regional conflagration leading to annihilation of an entire civilization due to mental indolence. If a leadership cannot not see glaring failure in an issue as simple as the issue of illegal ministers who drew so much cash and resources from the national coffers, thank God we have no nuclear warheads here!

  2. I remember telling my friends how schupiti our lawyer president is when he failed to cite the clause in his Jemason amended constitution and they laughed, teeapa his foolishness has been laid bare for all to see. Atiii am also a lawyer, yes a chibuku failed one.

    • Its you love hunger, poverty & suffering!
      Iza Kunyokola Njala iwe mambala. Wali ishiba economy mwaiche iwe pompwe?
      My advice to you in 2 days is that you must vote wisely for HH & UPND if you want to enjoy democracy, freedom of expression & rule of law. Change is important in life, so vote wisely Forward for HH.
      The Skeleton Key
      Viva HH, Viva Forward & Viva UPND.

    • Only those that have many wives have hunger. You know yourselves and its because of the VUKA-VUKA in your blood which you have inherited from you fathers at birth. stop the practice and you will start thinking normally.

  3. Chakolwa cant resign lets all just wake up early in the morning on Thursday and terminate his service he is the worst thing to have happened to Zambia and how I wish he was born in the Kalahari desert.VOTE UPND VOTE HH. LETS ALL HELP EDGAR CHAKOLWA KALOBA WRUNGU THE GUY WILL DEFINITELY BE A HIT IN CHAWAMA BARS NA DANCE YAMULOLO.

  4. Ba PF we know that you what to close the internet in Zambia , during the elections . Ba UPND if you get into power please start investigations stating from FTJ admirations all those bandits who have been stealing from as power Zambians who cant even afford buying breakfast for our familys

  5. Hungry UPND chaps queuing up to eat in government! It won’t happen. We have already decided to vote back Edgar Lungu back into office. Lungu is a courageous man, he brought in this new constitution to enhance the separation of powers and we seeing positive results such as this ruling by the constitutional court. Vote President Lungu, for better governance.

    • Totally agree with you cyberjz, on 11~8 which is just 2 days left, the democratic & majority people will Dununa Lungu including his PF bandits back to Chawama in reverse.
      Vote Wisely Forward people, only HH is a Here of Humanity for best economic growth.
      Viva HH, Forward only in 2 days.
      The Skeleton Key
      Forever Forward.

  6. Cage that Chagwa on Friday, all the ministoors involved should be put in cells, or they are not educated Chagwa instructed them to stay with him. Next should be ECZ to be caged for malpractice..

    • My advice to Lungu-

      Leave NOW and you will probably be able to enjoy the K23 Million that you have stolen from the Zambian people.

      Hang on at any cost, including violence and rigging, and unconstitutional means, and you will end like Gaddafi after the elections when the IMF and SAP show Zambians exactly how bankrupt the Nation really is, and how your corrupt and incompetent government has looted the country.

      And read some Shakespeare! Preferably Macbeth! Then consult your sangomas.

  7. This ruling also shows just how incompetent our Solicitor & Attorney General are! Both must resign immediately.
    The only competent one is the DPP who Lungu wants to get rid of. ECL is used to mediocrity!

    • I do not believe this to be a case of incompetence, but lack of integrity on the part of Attorney General. This what happens when people are not appointed on merit.

  8. ZP is called Pf now ? Pf using ZP like thugs cant even arrest those illegal ministers , it was illegal even there president cant not understand a simple law even a grade 8 knows more then the president .

  9. ECL should be disqualified by Kufuna, Chulu and Isaacs Lungu, because of those mass killings of innocent Zambians

    • You mean Mr “AKAMUNOFU???”


      #Chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  10. Jacob, PF includes Guy Scott, GBM, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata, Bob Sichinga etc, these are part of the PF thieves during the last five years. What are you saying? UPND top brass is full of former PF, who store from Zambians. The current PF top brass are even better. So PF is a better devil than UPND. so we would rather vote back PF for now. Wait and see on Friday.

    • At least the people you’re mentioning have refused to be part & parcel of the now tribalistic, violence & visionless PF of Lungu.
      GBM, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata & Nalumango have shown maturity & integrity of not allowing rotten tribalists which is overwhelming in the PF of tyrannical Edgar ever hung-over incompetent president without professionalism.
      The above mentioned people are unifiers & not the divinising PF which is now having a tyrannical, despotic & dictatorial visionless Edgar.
      Vote wisely dear for HH! Viva Forward & Viva UPND.
      The Skeleton Key.
      Its Bye bye violent PF in 2 days, is kuyabebele visionless Edgar with his PF hooliganism.

  11. I may dislike Lungu for many mistakes but lets not create a power vacuum or a constitutional crisis just for political gain.

  12. ROY Mwenya starting from 1994 admirations until this year , all those BANDITS getting into office making there family’s rich and sending them overseas for better educations on tax money and 10000% corruptions .

    • Wait for tomorrow’s ruling on gbm case disqualification. Don’t cry because this one will even affect your tribal leader.

  13. Only western leaders resign when such things happen. African leaders would never resign very selfish, they will hold on to power even when there are killers, killing the people who voted for them to be in power what a shame.

  14. Tongas r realy desperate. What do u want, Govt coffers to buy calves???? It won’t hapen. In this election yo hh is going back to his 18%, which is the population percentage of Tongas & their Buyas (& a few disutioned pipo). Watch the numbers, won’t b long now.

  15. This Chipenzi is dull, why should ECL resign! So every time the court rules against ones opinion that person should resign? How dull is that. This is why this court is there, to settle misunderstandings and help with interpretation in such issues. There is no law broken here there was just a misunderstanding in terms of interpretation. This joker can go to sleep or focus on things that can add votes to his party, there is no mileage to be made here, move along chipenzi!

    • @chance given… I am as dull if not worse than Chipenzi. I demand that LUNGU SHOULD resign…..

    • Moreover even ECL stated that we leave the matter in the hands of the Constitutional Courts to help on the matter. If it finds that the move was wrong, well and good, and shall be respected. Then the Constitution itself does says nothing about resigning but just rescinding the decision and paying back.

  16. Let’s not waste time on legal matters regarding Lungu. On Thursday August 11, 2016 let’s wake up early to go and vote for HH and UPND Team. We want to give HH an early Xmas by giving a 70% landslide. We don’t want a Run Off which crooked Lungu would try and manipulate using violence means. Zambia Forward with HH,GBM and UPND Team.

  17. Breach of constitution. Lungu must be impeached. Lungu is trying to follow M7 and Rob of Zimbabwe without realizing that these guys built there support over decades of ruling and have done some good in past. Further, these dictators have their own support base. He on the other hand, Lungu’s past record and current record is very bad – rampant corruption with evidence of Finance Minister looting during the day while he has strangely become rich when the masses are suffering. Further, PF was the late MCS and the late MCS was PF. Lungu is riding on someone else’s hard work and instead of working hard in the past 18 months to prove to people he is quality. The incompetent president focuses on enriching himself and creating a criminal band that has brought violence in the country. Anyhow,…

  18. It is an unprecedented but welcome ruling which will please all law abiding citizens and scholars, This is a warning to those who aspire to public office to read well, understand, interpret and respect the laws of the land and leave an honourable legacy. What happens next is up to you Zambians. Vote wisely on Thursday and God bless Zambia.

  19. This is a useless thieving Government. So what is the ***** going to try and cheat Zambians this time? These guys shouldnt just pay back but be arrested for obtaining money through trick.

  20. Serious corruption started in MMD era were even HH benefitted from privatization and the roots continue growing deeper and deeper as time goes by. It is still gaining momentum with the adverse effects widening leaving common Zambian vulnarable and looks like it has been accepted as normal because all the systems are rotten.
    This is how the virus of corruption can do to the country and requires concertated efforts from all citizens to say NO to the vice. Not even HH and UPND can cub as claimed when he has personally tasted the sweetness already.

  21. This is a stage managed judgement meant to hoodwink Zambians about the nonexistent independence of the Judiciary. I feel we are being prepared for worse judgements in the near future. I am smelling rat here! PF were quick to accept the ruling which is not like them….

    We shall wait and see if their independence is indeed genuine.

    • Lungu studied and practiced law and I am told he also practiced chewing clients money. Is this true ba MONKO?

    • @monko what an imbecile you are. If someone passes maths why would you assume that they can’t speak good English? What has tribe got to do with the subject matter? You’re so pathetic that I feel like vomiting.

  22. Country men and women, the constitution allows ministers to continue in office. This is to ensure that there is no break in the delivery of service by the executive arm of government. Government is at all times expected to run.

    I have heard assertions that the ministries can run under the leadership of permanent secretaries in the absence of the minister. Articles116 (2) provides as follows:

    “A Minister shall be responsible under the direction of the president for the policy and strategic direction of a Ministry, Department or other State Institution as assigned by the President.”

    This clearly indicates that the above function is the preserve of ministers and not permanent secretaries.

    It is therefore my considered view that the constitution of Zambia allows ministers to…

  23. Kabwili said taking the matter to court was abuse of court process and government was entertaining no room for debate.

  24. THE court is pure pro HH wat has gone wrong when the same court said the the ministers can continue,stupid court we can allow these tonga judges to manipulate us come 11/08/2008 that judge will be raped.The is not science so there is no hard and fast rule which can make is scientific there for that there there opinion VOTE PF AND ECL THEN U WILL NOT GO WRONG WITH THESE *****S CALLED TONGAS LOOK AT CHIPENZI IS QUICK TO GO TO THE MEDIA NAD DENOUCE EDIGAR FOR WAT,the law is not scientific proven

  25. The constitution of zambia allows the ministers to continue so to me this is jst drama from the so called learned pipo,these lawyers the cant solve analytical hence they jst dream and pass the judgement in there on understandig since there is no prove scientifically,mind you law is not a science.

  26. Unfortunately our opposite is too slow to react they think they think everyone is on social media….if they were smart they would have calculated by now how much we have paid all these empty tins from May 2016 and made comparisons.

    • That’s exactly why you keep losing eletcions becasue you are always on social media when others will be out there very early and voting for Lungu!

  27. 116. (1) The President shall appoint a prescribed number
    of Members of Parliament as Ministers.
    (2) A Minister shall be responsible, under the direction of the
    President, for the policy and strategic direction of a Ministry,
    department or other State institution, as assigned by the President.
    (3) The office of Minister becomes vacant if—
    (a) the Minister is removed from office by the President;
    (b) the Minister resigns, by notice in writing to the President;
    (c) in the case of a nominated Member of Parliament, the
    nomination is revoked;
    (d) the Minister dies;
    (e) another person assumes the office of President; or
    (f) the Minister has a mental or physical disability that makes
    the Minister incapable of performing the functions of
    that office.

    • “..The ministers knew that they were in office illegally..”

      How could the Ministers have KNOWN (see @Mutinta above) without the INTERPRETATION (not proven scientific fact) by you the CONSTITUTIONAL COURT? In my view, it is our constitution which has not been crafted carefully, too many lacunas. The Queen’s language has done us bad…

  28. I love politics if you can’t see beyond your nose then, do not comment. This is part 1 wait for part 2. I rest my case.

  29. Edgar Lungu is the simply the worst president that Zambia have ever had. Pretender of God fearing, humbleness. He and his ministers will pay back to the Zambians what he has stolen from the state coffers including sale of govt vehicles and property in 2 days time. HH 2016

  30. The only way to recover our monies country men and women is to vote out PF on 11th August otherwise allowing them to continue will destroy our country.
    Can you image how much money we have lost in terms of allowances,fuel,airtime,accommodation,rentals and other things.If Lungu is a humble man why does he not acept advise.
    He was told not to hold referrendum along side election but went ahead.
    No ministers when parlaiment is dissolved but went ahead.
    No printing of ballot papers in dubai but went ahead.
    This problem does not affect any tribe but Zambia as a country this party is up to no good

  31. PF are afraid of losing because the extent of their fraud and abuse of public money will be exposed.

    This late ruling by these judges shows how lungu has compromised every structure in GRZ.

    The you have the kaponyas bloggers cheering on the continued abuse of public funds by PF.

    No less than $50 million of public funds has been abused for campaigns by the PF illegal ministers from when parliament was dissolved.

  32. Why do Tongas carry a certain hate, you can even see it on HH;s face? As long as one is Tonga will never support other tribes but they want fools who are cheated to support them. I have worked with them all my life only 1% is cool, even Chipenzi I smelt was Tonga.

  33. These thugs won’t resign on their own. They have no morals to dictate they do the honourable thing by resigning. Impeach the president for breaching the constitution


  35. Tonga tribalism will be defeated on thursday. Chipenzi is speaking in his capacity as Tonga. Why has this activist failed to condemn tribal voting in southern province? Chipenzi are you aware that if a cow born in southern province stood in an election with a bemba person, the cow would win provided the contest was in southern province?

  36. There must be some element of truth in the conspiracy theory that ECL wanted to appease these ministers and their deputies to avoid more defections ahead of the polls. Unfortunately for him this has backfired big time. It could well lose him the election.

  37. GUYS WE NEED TO DEFEAT SOME TONGAS ON THURSDAY WHO BELIEVE IN TRIBALISM.The chaps can’t appriciate anything PF does unless it’s HH.We donn’t need tribalism in Zambia.HH should be retired.Nega nega voting will be history on thursay.Ku vota pantu aba tonga nabasamwa saana.They are busy threatening us .We need one zambia one nation not one tribe which loves power.tekwesha bane pantu mukacula.vote PF chapwa.Courts are there to settle the desputes and it’s not the president.Why should some tongas expert the president to do?He gave the new constitution they complained and now same court which he created rule against Lungu they are happy.

    • The dirty tribalist theives trying to hang on to power by inciting tribalism.

      No bembas will be prosecuted, GBM will protect bembas.
      only theives of all tribes will have to account for their abuse of our money.

      Vote UPND for the end to stealing and progressive zambia based on the rule of law.

  38. you foolish PF idoits since when have Ministers continued after Parliment is dissolved. To you its okey to do wrong things, you killed my sister, undressed my other sister in front of the Vice President has your ECL and police aressted the PF cardes or Policeman who shoot the bullet. No because we are dogs as someone of you are calling us. Mind your language not all UPND members are Tonga but this shows how low your thinking is, if your President trained as alwayer can fail to read a simply provision in the Consitution not surprised you PAMAfi (PF) can reason.
    Pay Back Our Money. Deputy Minister its from the time the Consituation was amended that is 4 months. Pay back our month.

  39. We hope we shall also accept the ruling of Zambian court on Monday. PF has accepted UPND should also accept on Monday.

  40. MacDonald Chipenzi is not an election expert but he is a shameless UPND cadre who misappropriated funds at FODEP and the donors forced him to resign or they were going to stop funding FODEP… He is lucky that the donors never pushed the case to the police… The problem with UPND is that if you are a criminal or thief and you support their party then you are clean…

  41. Do you think it will be fair to give PF another 5 years ? YES 62% NO 30% NOT SURE 8% PROVINCES COVERED Lusaka,Eastern, Western, North Western, Central, southern . Northern and Copper belt. Muchinga and Luapula not covered.

  42. The ramifications of this ruling are too serious and will perhaps mark the end of PF as we know it should they lose power on Thursday.

    For the nations there are serious questions to contend with. These ministers were in office illegally post 12 March 2016 and Deputy Minister as early as January 2016. The ruling has retrospective effect. These deputy, provincial and cabinet ministers official decisions are void ab initio. And that is where the problem lies.

    What is the impact on agreements, decisions or commitments made by these Ministers on behalf of the State. What of the loans and expenditures sanctioned by one senile octogenarian AB Chikwanda and happy reckless spending Mvunga? Those they employed? Contracts and payments they made? Funds they released to PF…

    • ………Those they employed? Contracts and payments they made? Funds they released to PF campaigns?

      What of the looming tsunami of election petitions on each minister and deputy that may get elected. The gravemen for all petitioners will be use of illegal resources including govt vehicles and facilities (phones etc).
      We may end up with no mp from the previous govt. And this is a major blow to democracy.

      What of the liability and misfeasance of public officials arising from taking instructions from these illegal ministers who effectively are now non existent? Where does this leave Berlin with his crusade against the Post?

      The birds have come home to roost. Lungu played pool with his arrogance and now the humble one has put this nation is proverbial hot pepe soup!!

  43. If christians are still misnterpreting the contents of the Bible, who is the Constitutional court and ECL over the new cnstitution? Angels?
    Mr. President may have been wrong or right, he is human, but that changes nothing as regards our position as his supporters.
    Come Thursday morning, we are giving him another fresh mandate!
    I can’t smell any wind of change anywhere apart from the areas we all know, this is what makes it very very difficult if not imposible for my mbuya HH to win an ELECTION. Looking forward to a day when credit will be given to the rulling government of the day, for postive developments NOT ONLY condeming even what anyone with eyes is seeing. By the way, these insults on elders(The PresidenT) on this site amaze me, you don’t trade what is good with insults,…

  44. The excitement from UPND supporters is really worrying. It appears based on hate & nothing else. This was merely a difference in opinions & court ruled 1 way. That’s reason why ConCourt was established & there will be many decisions in future. You can’t expect GRZ to resign every time a decision is made against it. You’re not even ashamed you were opposing this very Constitution & establishment of ConCourt yesterday. You should just accept that this is victory of democracy facilitated by President Lungu who’s more visionary than any one in UPND when he pushed for new Constitution & now referendum on Bill of Rights which you are opposing. God Bless Zambia

  45. UPND’s Chipenzi is fishing from a dry rock. UPND tried to discredit the ECZ by fermenting lies about 500,000 Malawian voters when the Eastern Province has about 770,000 registered voters. The Party also tried to cry for help through a letter addressed to the UN Secretary general who is well informed by UN staff based in Zambia.

    It is too late to manufacture more lies or cry in desperation. HH, GBM and their followers should just work a little harder to win the voters sympathy by advancing credible policy matters. Lies and baby cries will not redeem UPND from the ultimate downfall on 11th August.

  46. For the sake of democracy, let the Zambian people formally evict ECL from plot 1 since we only have a few hours to do so!

  47. I am waiting to see these losers disappear next week! They are the most hateful group in party politics I have ever seen in decades! The have a medal in losing!

  48. Chipenzi did your father divorcer your mother when she cheated on him and you are the product of that cheating?

  49. Every PF cadre that writes here mentions Tonga,It really gives you sleepless nights,it really hurts deep in your souls and evokes the strongest of hate revealed in your murdering of Tongas.Yestarday`s merciless violence ,stoning and almost killing of UPND cadres is the results of these evil feelings.

  50. You have brought this hate to us.We can easily reciprocate and bang!your ass start smelling,zambia set ablaze ,no winner

  51. Following the constitutional court ruling, the PF former ministers and their deputies who will be re elected will have their Parliamentary seats nullified by the courts through petitions for using government resources during the campaign period, thereby giving them undue advantage over their rivals. So it means that if Lungu were to win these elections, by the end of the year he will have no ministers left due to nullification of their seats for they cannot re-contest after disqualification. Given this scenario, Lungu and Wina will have no choice but to resign. Lungu cannot foresee these problems because unfortunately he is not an intelligent lawyer. I am given to understand that he never defended a single case successfully for his clients when he worked as a lawyer. So he is better off…

  52. So he is better off losing these elections than wining them to avoid being subjected to more humiliation and embarrassment.

  53. Mapenzi a proper tribalist who does not read properly between the lines can make mileage out of the court’s decision! Mapenzi can you get back to your village to organize tribal politics because I know that is your agenda!!!!

  54. One is seriously given to wonder what type of lawyer we have wielding the instruments of power in our corridors of state today! It is clearly apparent to any average minded person that the Constitution of Zambia Act No.1 of 2016 Article 7(2) Lungu relied upon to illegally keep PF stinking parasites leeched to our coffers is actually subject to the provisions of the Constitutional (Amendment) Act No.2 of 2016 Article 72(1) – a Member of Parliament shall, except the Speaker & the Deputy Speaker, vacate the seat in the National Assembly upon a dissolution of Parliament & Article 116 (3) (e) – The office of Minister becomes vacant if another person assumes the Office of President. There is therefore no excuse for this blatant & costly ignorance of the law, he breached the constitution & all…

  55. AG had advised the president it was illegal for ministers to occupy public office after dissolution of parliament….. this just shows that the president must have ignored Dr Simbyakula’s (Justice Minister)advise too…..so what made ECL ignore all advise!!!!….. are we heading towards former president Banda way of ruling ignoring all protocols that Mwanawasa implemented….this is sad….vote wisely tomorrow please

  56. Why is Lungu even contesting the election? There are enough grounds to impeach him even when he wins, lol. He swore to defend the constitution, as president, which he did not understand.

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President Lungu has responded to concerns about the poor state of Mutanda/Mwinilunga road. And government says plans to reconstruct damaged sections to motorable standard have...

I have now been Certified Covid-19 Negative-Lusambo

By Bowman Lusambo After weeks of anguish, sickness and pain, I am delighted to announce that I have now been certified Covid-19 negative. The...

Chamber of Mines should put the interest of the Zambia First-ZRA Chief

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda says the Chamber of mines should put the interest of the country first before issuing...

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