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Margaret Mwanakatwe becomes first candidate to win Lusaka Central on a Ruling party Ticket

Headlines Margaret Mwanakatwe becomes first candidate to win Lusaka Central on a Ruling...

Margaret Mwanakatwe
Margaret Mwanakatwe

Margaret Mwanakatwe has become the first candidate sponsored by a ruling party to scoop the Lusaka Central parliamentary seat since the reintroduction of multi party olitics in 1991.

Since the reintroduction of plural politics, the Lusaka Central seat has only been won by opposition candidates.

Ms Mwanakatwe beat UPND Candidate Charlotte Scott, who was contesting a seat long held by her husband, Guy Scott.

Meanwhile , the Patriotic Front (PF) is on course to dominating the 156-seat Parliament with at least 87 constituencies secured in Thursday’s elections.

The polls have also seen some hitherto big names failing to win their respective contests while some constituencies have settled for independent candidates.

The PF has scored massive victories in Eastern (15), Luapula (14), Copperbelt (16), Muchinga (10), Northern (12), Central (9) and Lusaka (9) provinces. It has also won one seat each in North-Western and Western provinces.

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has dominated wins in Southern Province, Western Province and North-Western Provinces


    • “Reaping” it is right definition for using illegal means during campaign?
      You should have used “raping” Constitution instead. It is more appropriate!!!

    • I thought she was illegal minister and campaigned with government resources. All Mp who won were in a illegal cabinet and used government resources. That’s a crime offence and used government machinery on there behalf.

    • In Zambia it looks the consitiution and laws are not important or powerful, 3 months illegal in cabinet ministers and used government machinery for free and won . Who would lose ?free leakage

    • Well done Margaret well done PF
      You have done it again and scooped 2016

      I don’t know how UPND supporters can think they have won with just those few provinces. They are mad

    • Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe.

      Another TUMBUKA woman has made us proud.

      PF is not tribal. This is a TUMBUKA from Eastern married to someone from Munchinga Province.

    • MWANYA BA Styopet PFools for selling out the country. For u it’s just a game about winning but for some of us who suffered & lost loved ones when IMF/World Bank was last here. Damage to be done by another 5 years of Pama-Fee will take 1000years to rectify.

      Visas for IMF Officials are being processed.

      Continue dancing Dununa Reverse as the following happens:-

      1. Wage freeze
      2. Kwacha bleeds to it’s real value
      3. Fuel subsidies are removed
      4. Farming input subsidies are removed
      5. Electricity subsidies are removed
      6. Civil service retrenchments
      7. Govt expenditure on health, education will be cut
      8. UNZA & CBU fees will be increased
      10. MORE Looting by politicians
      11. More violence against any opposing views, i.e. death of our hard-earned democracy…

    • Surely how can you celebrate her triumph when this lady has a clear history of borrowing taxpayers funds and not paying back…what type of generation are we raising? I hope this contested as these were illegal ministers abusing GRZ resources whilst campaigning: I hope what I am hearing about no re-contesting seats is true once nullified as we will flush out a lot of rubbish in the system.
      Where is this country going…really laughable “Christian nation” my foot,one of the most morally corrupt country in the world.

    • Congrats sis on a sweet victory! You have thrown UPND and its cartel in a political quagmire irredeemable by any means.

      TRY LOVE

    • CHARLOTTE, challenge THIS FALSE RESULT!!!!!


      PamaFI ARE UP TO NO GOOD!!!!
      NO EXCUSES HAVE BEEN PRO-OFFERED, they will be making them up as we go – such as “BLACKOUTs”, unfortunately for them, it is not RAIN SEASON, they can’t blame FLOODS ETC, ETC!!

      I THANK YOU!!

  1. Ifyo tubeba UPND with HH as its president will NEVER rule Zambia. Umuntu ni Lungu. Chagwa we voted wisely you will beat this bitter man with his vice GBM

  2. ZWD: How can the 80+ PF and countless councillors and about 40 UPND MPs be fake when they are already cerebrating?

  3. Bati this lungu…
    In ordinary life he is a convicted fraudster…..

    As president he he steaks $2.3 million in his fist year

    Campaigning he illegally uses public funds with illegal ministers……

    Voting he is stealing……is there no end to the man’s illegality and stealing ??

    • Your bitterness, hatred and the pain you are feeling right now are literally jumping off my computer screen. You need help, serious help my friend. You sound like those psycho Americans that go to a school or shopping mall on a shooting rampage. I suggest you don’t go outside your house and phone in some help.

    • I live a life of luxury.

      It is the poor zambians who will suffer.
      Now if Lungu wins I can buy more plots because with the comming IMF squeeze the suffering zambians will be selling everything to survive.

      Houses and plots will be cheap and plentyfull with your doomed economy.

      So I still win on your stupidity of voting lungu.

    • Like I said, stay inside your luxurious house today as you sound like you might be a danger to others due to your bitterness and hate. If you really think the likes of GBV and Sampa can turn Zambia into a paradise you certainly need your head testing. If it was not for HH’s inconsistencies and desperation to get into state house, some of us would have voted for him. I never voted for PF when GBM and Masebo were members especially given their dubious records as highlighted by the ZAMBIAN WATCHDOG. If HH was more principled and discerning he would have garnered more votes. His disloyalty towards Caniscious Banda and his sycophantic behaviour towards Mmemmbe was nauseating in the extreme. His lack of judgement has cost him the presidency – a certain Tsvangirai comes to mind.

    • HH is not intelligent, he is not a strategist, he is pompous, he is arrogant – if he were not, he would have given himself a fair chance in this election. But no, through his dullness he does not even realize that his inability to accept ECL as his president cost him a lot of votes.

  4. Lusaka central endorsing mediocre has she paid the loans she owe to Barclays Bank and don’t complain when she use your CDF to pay her loans.

  5. If this Son of Satan Edgar Kaloba Wrungu Chakolwa wins which is unlikely to happen then just know that the theory of going to hell when you die will be no more because you will be already living in hell.

    • Hatred will consume you man even HH who is Mason is respected by Zambians because he is a leader though he has personally decided to be party of masons.

  6. Lusaka Times, how many votes did each contesting candidate get? We want to see the differences. She has won by how many votes? Report is incomplete without the numbers.

  7. Anxiously waiting if will continue living in mini hell created by one clueless Edgar Chakolwa Wrungu or change has finally come under the able leadership of HH who will turn Zambia into a paradise on earth.

  8. No matter who wins, HH remains a giant upon giants.

    UPND took on PF that was using the whole GRZ machinery and funds to win, every thing from ZAF to police to fully funded ministers using all the trappings of public funds.

    We salute you UPND.

    • Ha liar, even last year when ECL was an outsider and a novice in Presidential elections with your ‘Scotty’ in charge of all the govt resources and frustrating him (Edgar) at every turn, you still failed to beat him. So what makes you think it wiould be easier this time given the advantages of incumbency?


    • If HH loses it will still be a loss even those who failed exams in the years before they used to get GCE certificates.Those terminologies like “giant” is just to make feel better.

  9. I know common sense is not common in UPND. Let me help you understand something if PF has won more sites in parliament than UPND at as now. Then seriously how do expect the president to fail. Come on people zambia is not made up of western or southern . Zambia is bigger than those two provinces. Sheeeeeee and listen.

    • This is a hollow victory for lungu.

      He is not the natural choice of the zambian people.

      He only managed to win with illigalities and public funds used illegally.

      His mind is on stealing not ruling.

  10. IF One Clueless Edgar wins Zambia will be turned into a full blown hell and brace yourself for extreme hardship no food,no job,no medicine ?,no schools. Please lord our God protects us from this evil called ECL we pray that all his rigging schemes fails Zambia has voted and Zambia has rejected him.WE PRAY ALL THIS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD WE ALL SAY A BIG AMEN.

    • God forbid. To the contrary God is raising Josephs and Esthers to rescue the economic destiny of this great nation. In the same manner politicians are not the ones who feed USA but ordinary citizens the same will happen in Zambia. You either join in to be part of this exciting season or you begin waiting for the 2021 elections. Even if HH had won he would not have been bringing meali meal to your house and no one should expect that from Edgar Lungu. Each one of us must engage in work to secure a comfortable living for our families.

  11. Iwe Presdo, I think tauletontonkanya bwino. You think Zambia is only made up of Tongas te? Listen to common sense please

    • @18.1 Do you know that the most powerful country on earth, the USA – like it or not, has a huge debt over its shoulders? $10 billion debt to a country like Zambia is nothing my friend. If you want to sound smart talk about loan utilization and accountability. We are seeing something on the ground from that debt by the way – ask the Namibian President. Let us talk about accountability so we make sure that the borrowed money is not stolen or misapplied.

  12. What has cost UPND previous elections is their disposition to blame others for all the defeats. This has weakened their ability to be introspective and learn some crucial lessons that lead to taking corrective measures and changing strategies. Also pay attention to the voice of the masses and not to your self-appeasing analyses. Importantly, do not take seriously those fake opinion polls from Muvi TV (or worse still from overseas pollsters). And please don’t blame me now. God bless Zambia.

  13. Lutuku Presdo you are a nincompop! You have never been to a war zone, just because you are not in the country you think you are safe bro! Mind your language Zambia is a peaceful country by the way why waste my time who are you no registration card how luck you are that you are abroad had it not been that your wife is a nurse you would have been languishing in Cairo road selling Post newspaper don’t wish that to happen. Put up or shut up simple.

  14. This victory is premature. She is one of the illegal Ministers who used state resources to campaign and besides this win is rigged. This win should be petetioned if HH becomes President. Time will tell!

  15. Zambia is polarized between Greater Barotse land and Kola/east tribes split sharing the wretched of urban suffering poor whose soul trades for a meal and chitenge and booze.

    • Where exactly is greater Barotseland? Is Kasempa or Mumbwa, or Monze part of it? Why exaggerate the extent of historical Barotse influence? Do the Nkoyas and Mbundas agree that they are part of Loziland? If the Lozis were so mighty why did the Kololo defeat them and impose their language on them to the extent that the old Luyana language is now dead?

  16. I see the mp results are readily available but somehow the presidential results are having a problem, whats up with that.

  17. # desperate KBF read before you participate I was replying to someone who is bitter and hate incites violence, if you had read properly you wouldn’t put me in an imbicile category. Bless you

    • Typical of Pf kaponya’s I was referring to the theory you believe in of hell where people suffer not inciting war,have not mentioned war in my comments mind you I m also live in Zambia and my family is in Zambia anyway even your One clueless president at one point accused GBM of planing to kill him when said I’m coming for Chakolwa’s throat.

  18. I think HH needs to be commended for putting up a spirited campaign and explaining to electorates his vision of what he intended do once in power. However, it is now clear that the urban voters in the Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces which represent 33% of registered voters on roll have rejected UPND. In 2011, Sata won because Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces voted for him and all he needed was minimal penetration into Eastern Province a Rupiah Banda stronghold. HH should blame himself for not addressing the issue of GBV and giving GBM a free hand in insulting. UPND PVT is in absolute disarray; HH should prepare to concede defeat instead of relying on people with poor numerical skills. Secondly none of the people that defected to UPND have won a seat. This is a total whitewash. Sontapo has…

    • The heavy weights such as Mwamba and Scotch Whiskey who failed to deliver a thing. In his desperation HH failed to see that they were nonentities, all he could see was their Bembaness. How could he embrace Sampa, when the Watchdog was telling us that he was number one in chewing the Euro Bond money, was a serial womaniser and had the cloud of Ruth Mbandu,s murder over him? DESPERATION and lack of principles are not attractive traits in a would be leader.

  19. Any educated person now realizes that most Zambians are too ??##!! to articulate issues that affect their lives and that of their children. Here are some examples (not in any order)
    – Mwanakatwe – borrows money meant for poor people -> does not pay back. She is voted for
    – The husband (Dr Mwanakatwe) – works as CEO for the always loss making Zamtel . If there was no money in telecommunication industry why do we have MTN, Airtel and Vodafone competing for the same business right here in Zambia. In Zambia and Africa you never leave your position no matter how poor you perform whether as president or CEO of a company. I believe we need to change our mindset.
    – Economy -down from 6-7 to 3%, inflation 21-22% still people think the president is working 🙂
    -National debt dramatically…

  20. You have to admire the UPND fundamentalists Lutuku and the other one Splaka wakuti wakuti, even when they are facing defeat (by a big margin) bakali bwata bwata about UPND yao and the (not so) great leader HH! Munthu wamene analuza 5 times but they still have their noses up his you know where. If the truth be told and if UPND as a party had any democratic credential whatsoever, HH should have been fired or ejected after his loss in 2008. Even now, it would not surprise me if tries to cling to the UPND leadership!




  22. Since most of these bantustans do not see how hh keep on losing elections,they will still continue supporting him till 2021 when his 6th straight loss will be massive!!!upnd must understand that many voters in zambia will never vote for hh till he dies!!!almost all upnd dreamers told the world that hh will scoop lusaka and copperbelt due to poor pf economic policies.BUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED?UPND HAVE LOST ALL CB AND LSK URBAN SEATS!!PF IS MUCH BETTER IN OUR EYES THAN UPND!!!3 or 4 provinces will never win hh the presidency!!!

  23. These so called upnd educated supporters living abroad cleaning toilets cant face facts. We here at home are having a blast and life is indeed good. ECL all the way!

    • Respect people who have made the hard choices to travel and see the world from a different perspective. No matter what job you or they do, all jobs are needed and must be respected. Like a human body, all body parts are necessary.
      On you point two. It depends on what good life means to you. Lack of accountability, corruption, leaders with criminal records, massive illiteracy on growing population (71% of 16M), mono economy (copper only), 20+ inflation rate, no clean water in the capital 52 years after independence, governing like … the president has directed bla to build a university at x and directed the police to arrest y. Because of massive unemployment people live in lock-down at night. I can add more.. but tell me what you think buddy

  24. Thank God for the Constitutional court it reminds me of Herman in the bible who prepared Hang place for Mordecai the Israelite only to be hanged by the same sonta epo wabomba you commissioned the constitutional court which will surely sort you out

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