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PF will also focus on job creation and promoting entrepreneurship-Frank Bwalya

Economy PF will also focus on job creation and promoting entrepreneurship-Frank Bwalya

Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
Patriotic Front Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says the party will continue to foster development after winning the Presidential Election.

Mr. Bwalya says the PF will continue to work and ensure development is taken to all parts of the country.

He says the PF will also focus on job creation for the youths and promoting entrepreneurship for wealth creation.

Mr. Bwalya says the PF is also grateful to the people of Zambia for giving it a fresh mandate.

He says the PF will also endeavour to preach the ONE Zambia ONE Nation Motto in promoting peace and unity in the country.

Mr. Bwalya was speaking in an interview with ZNBC NEWS in Lusaka.

And the clergy and members of the public in Livingstone have appealed to political parties and supporters to embrace one another after the just ended elections.

Council of Churches in Zambia Livingstone Chapter Chairperson Reverend Christopher Mkandawire says democracy demands that there should be a winner and loser in an election.

Reverend Mkandawire says there is need for stakeholders to accept, forge ahead and mend the relationships that may have been strained during the elections so that the nation is developed.

Pastor Charles Musonda from Church of God says there is need for peace now more than ever if the country is to develop.

Pastor Musonda says there is no need to be enemies because people come from the same neighbourhood, go to the same schools and churches hence the need to embrace one another.

And Bible Gospel Church in Africa Regional Bishop, Moses Mbewe has congratulated the Patriotic Front for the victory and has called on everyone to maintain peace in the country.

Meanwhile a Livingstone Resident Misozi Shanzie says those on the winning side should mind the way they celebrate so that they don’t injure those who have lost while those who have lost must accept and start preparing for the next elections.

The National Union for Small-scale Farmers of Zambia – NUSFAZ – says the re-election of President Edgar Lungu is a demonstration that people want to ensure that he continues building the nation.

NUSFAZ Director General Frank Kayula says President Lungu’s leadership has helped develop the country’s various sectors and that he should be allowed to complete what the party started.

Dr Kayula said this in a statement released to ZNBC news in Lusaka

He further said the opposition parties that were not elected should accept the results.

Dr Kayula further urged farmers to rally behind the elected leadership and increasing food production.


    • @1 Friday,under which constitution? Let us wait for the ruling from the Constitutional Court and see what options are available for the two parties to work together to promote peace and unity in the country! As things are it is very worrying that some one whose cadres are rioting has failed to even say a word to calm them down and advise them that as party leadership they were pursuing a legal process that will need to be respected. He is quite while part of the country is going on fire! If indeed many votes were stolen in Lusaka,I think people could by now have started riots and PF could have had no courage to go and celebrate the way they did. So let us wait for the court ruling but in the meantime some one must tell his cadres to stop riots and respect the legal process!

    • We have taught the so called “Intellectuals” and “Rich kids” a lesson that we the Kaponyas and Poor kids are in numbers and we don’t need their intelligent and rich leaders to lead us.. We prefer a person with a humble background to lead us.Kateka ni Lungu.. Go hug a ZESCO transformer if you are too touched.. want a fellow poor man.. Kaili we are used to suffering according to them.. So what is their problem if we continue to suffer? Did we die from last year? We shall survive even if we eat grass and they eat Nshima with beef and chicken as their vegetable.. Am just shocked with the kind of mediocrity exhibited byThe Rich Kids and Intellectuals.. They want to insult us and feel pity for us as if we have asked for their sympathy.. They should take a sit or a chill pill!

    • @bwafyaa! Learn to call a spade a spade not going round in circles. Which someone are talking about, the losing MPs? someone someone someone, you are a coward.

    • @HH Waitaya: stoopidity has no cure; your poverty is self-inflicted. Try stealing with PF to compensate but remember that stolen resources never last as you do not have the skills to grow them.

    • I agree with you…the country is very much divided at the moment…to bring unity to the country .I sincerely believe a government of national unity would be the ideal way forward. Let ECL appoint ministers from Southern, Western and NorthWestern.Will gifted people like Jack Mwiimbu, Mweetwa etc accept to work in a PF government?

  1. @bwafyaa! Learn to call a spade a spade not going round in circles. Which someone are talking about, the losing MPs? someone someone someone, you are a coward.

  2. It is time Zambians started being serious with their affairs: Does Bwalya know that Zambia has an economy of US$25bn in GDP terms and that to create the needed 3 million jobs, PF will need to attract at least US$440 billion in investment and that PF has no capacity to do that?

    • @ Socrates you are very right. Zambians are not serious! In fact to create the 3 million jobs, Zambia’s GDP will have to grow from the current US$25bn to US$215bn. PF has no capacity to deliver such results! We can bet! They wouldn’t even know where to start from given their corruption and lack of integrity!

    • The problem is that Chakolwa and PF have no intellectual capacity and experience to turn around the economy. They will continue blaming the “globo” as they lose control of the economy. It is the scenario of a daft bully who steals toys but does not know what to do with them. Wait and see how hard working intellectuals will be hounded out of govt jobs, including BoZ, so that their unqualified relatives take over.

    • Socrates. How many jobs have you created in your life time? Lets be honest with ourselves as Zambians. Most of us want to be employees and not employers. Lets think outside the box. Zambia is our only country at the moment. Each one of us has a responsibility of creating at least one job. Think about this: If only 30% of Zambian population had two employees each, we would have solved at least 90% of unemployment in this country. Lets be positive ladies and gents Zambia has a huge development potential and we together can do wonders for our beloved country.

  3. PF has had five years to create the 500,000 promised jobs. How many did they create?

    Just more PF LIES. You people have no clue on how to revive the economy, and are just trying to dampen expectations that will never be met.

  4. As if hh has a clue, he’s got no idea on how to run a country. When one is seeking for a job, the employers will ask for one’s CV, in that cv one should state their experience partnering to the job the want, if one does not have the experience for the job, the employers will say that you don’t qualify for the job. So this is what happened in zambia, the zambian people (employer) wanted someone with experience and the chose ecl which is a good thing. You don’t hire someone without experience, we don’t do job on training for this position.

  5. IMF is on the way to Zambia. We thought Mwanawasa had killed this SNAKE called IMF. Today we are being told that PF flew to New York to beg this SNAKE to come back.

    JOB CREATION: What job creation is he talking about when 1st thing IMF is gonna do is retrenchments in Civil service, ZNS, privatization of ZESCO & TAZARA etc.

    PROMOTING ENTREPRENEURSHIP: With a weakening Kwacha, high inflation & interest rates will be almost 100% per annum. We have had bitter experience of IMF Structural Adjustment Plans. All taxes collected will be going to IMF for repayment of $1.9Billion IMF loan. Just one default will send us into Zimdollar blackhole.

    Please don’t force this bitter pill down the throats of poor Zambians. They deserve better.

  6. Marie-Anne
    What is your input to Job creation. How many Jobs are you going to create at your individual level? IMF is a fund that supports Governments BUT does not stop individual Zambians from being employers. Dont talk about issues that you have little or no understanding. IMF does not stop Job creation. Dont tell me that people will not be allowed to open business ventures, farm, open shops, start Taxi/Bus business etc. You should be contributing to employment creation than waiting for IMF.

    • With IMF subsidies go and what follows is prices going through the roof (triple digit inflation). Job creation becomes a thousand times harder because you need to have a business with customers who won’t be spending because of the hardship. IMF introduces austerity measures and people tighten their belts. People with money stuff it under the mattress because banks lower interest rates. Those with no money struggle to survive from day to day. I have lived in a country where they had IMF running things. It was dire! IMF is not just a fund (they want you to think that’s just what they are)…it’s an economy, a negative one at that. The PF government is putting Zambia in at least a decade of hardship if IMF is in any way involved. Zambians tighten your belts. Buy a lot of foreign exchange…

  7. Yes Please focus on Job creation and Entrepreneurship as this is part of developing the Nation and its People.

  8. IMF conditions are not very pleasant, just ask those that grew up in the Kaunda/Chiluba SAP and listen to how SAPPED the whole nation was. IMF teinobe, privatisation leads to stream-lining of operations, in other words, shedding of the workforce. Cutting of GRZ expenditure on social programmes, meaning shortage of medicine, schools, food relief and above all, retrenchment of civil service. All this leads to contraction of the economy, so the jobs that Frank Bwalya is dreaming about will not be seen until we have hit rock-bottom but by then a lot of people would have crossed to the other side prematurely. God help us.

    • Exactly. IMF is not about job creation but redundancies in order to reduce expenditure by the government. With SAP (Structural Adjustment Program they call it) privatisation, removal of subsidies, increased taxation and job cuts will be introduced. A higher interest base rate by the Central Bank of Zambia will destroy all chances of any kind of financing of startups by banks and lending will drop. Farming will be hit by higher fertilizer, seed and transport costs so anyone starting that needs to be wealthy already. All this means Zambia will need to forget about any form of wealth creation. Kwacha is in trouble. I predict that by this time next year it will be K20 to $1 minimum. I wish this wasn’t going to happen but it will.

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