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UN Secretary-General congratulates Zambia on peaceful elections


United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon addressing Parliament
FILE: United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon addressing Parliament

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki Moon has congratulated the people of Zambia for the peaceful and orderly presidential, parliamentary and local government elections, as well as the referendum on the Bill of Rights, held on 11 August.

According to a statement released to the media by Zambia’s First Secretary for Press and Public Relations Permanent Mission at the United Nations Mr Chibaula Silwamba, a message from the Office of the Spokesperson of Mr. Ban stated that the Secretary-General recalls Zambia’s history of peaceful elections, and the democratic transition he witnessed when he visited the country in 2012.

In this regard, the Secretary-Secretary reminds all parties, especially political leaders and their supporters, of their responsibility to reject violence and to refrain from the use of inflammatory and incendiary language.

He also reminds them to resolve differences or disputes through constitutional means and in line with international norms and standards.

Mr. Ban says the United Nations remains committed to supporting Zambia’s democratic governance and sustainable development and will continue to work closely with the African Union (AU), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Commonwealth and other international partners in this regard.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on Monday 15th August, 2016 declared His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, winner of the presidential elections after he amassed over 50 per cent of the total valid votes cast, in line with the new Constitutional requirements.

President Lungu scored 1,860,877, which is 50.35 per cent of the 3,695,710 total valid votes cast. He defeated eight other presidential candidates.

Under the new electoral laws, the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) [No. 2 of 2016] Article 47. (1), elections to the office of President shall be conducted directly, under a majoritarian electoral system, where the winning candidate must receive more than fifty percent of the valid votes cast, and in accordance with Article 101. President Lungu obtained 13,022 votes above half.

President Lungu was on a joint ticket with Her Honour Mrs Inonge Wina, Vice-President of the Republic of Zambia, as his running mate.


  1. Well,well… this! I hope this is true bcoz that would mean that one of the electoral processes went reasonably well and then we can wait see and what happens. But it appears congratulations for Lungu are still awaiting the legal process from the constitutional court. We hope it goes well to help us resolve the impasse!

    • Did HH get a response for his complaints from the UN after writing to the SG? It only shows that everywhere its now realized that HH is a cry baby…The final blow will be his rejection by the ConCourt in 12 days from now.

  2. We have taught the so called “Intellectuals” and “Rich kids” a lesson that we the Kaponyas and Poor kids are in numbers and we don’t need their intelligent and rich leaders to lead us.. We prefer a person with a humble background to lead us.Kateka ni Lungu.. Go hug a ZESCO transformer if you are too touched.. want a fellow poor man.. Kaili we are used to suffering according to them.. So what is their problem if we continue to suffer? Did we die from last year? We shall survive even if we eat grass and they eat Nshima with beef and chicken as their vegetable.. Am just shocked with the kind of mediocrity exhibited byThe Rich Kids and Intellectuals.. They want to insult us and feel pity for us as if we have asked for their sympathy.. They should take a sit or a chill pill!

  3. If HH didn’t write to the UN Secretary General Lungu could have taken advantage to brutalise the innocent citizens he is suppose to protect.He was scared that’s why he complained about HH writing to UN. Otherwise it could have bad news to Zambians during voting time.

  4. Guys,
    I had a long discussion with my wife here in Toronto last night.
    We have agreed to come back to Zambia, following President ECL’s victory.

    • no the fact is there is no menial hospital aide job for you anymore now that teh Syrian refugees are arriving in Canada. That is the real reason you are returning to Zambia.

  5. Even the UN general secretary honestly doesn’t know whats happening. . The have been 14 confirmed deaths,over 50 casualties,over 60 incidents of property damage and 1 confirmed rape in line with these elections.some of which this website has confirmed stories. SILENCE THE VIOLENCE

  6. Zambians are very lazy and passive people and that is why their destiny will always be to remain in the 14th century. They know the election was rigged in favor of the alcoholic who has no vision for the country but they do nothing. Mugabe and Banda will use their lap dog lungu to destroy the country. Zambians have no one to blame but ECZ and themselves.


  8. It’s understandable why Upnd is acting like this. Imagine from 2001 they have tried and if it was a girl born that time she could be a mother this time.

  9. Shame on the UN and shame on the corrupt Jonathan Goodluck. Lungu stole the election . PF and their Bembas cohorts will keep Zambia backward. HH should call for strike throughout Zambia. The country should come to a standstill.We need an effective government. Banda and Mugabe cannot rule our country

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