The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) says it has introduced Inland Severance to curb the continued importation and circulation of second hand underwear in the country.

ZANIS reports that ZABS Head of Marking and Public Relations Hazel Zulu said that the organization has engaged its inspectors to inspect large retail shops and there warehouses in order to try and curb illegal smuggling of second hand underwear into the country.

Mrs. Zulu noted that Zambian borders are porous and smugglers use other routes to import second hand underwear into the country.

She pointed out that the prevailing situation has compelled ZABS to introduce the inland severance to ensure that the smugglers of second hand underwear are made to face the law.

Mrs Zulu explained that ZABS will be penalizing owners of the second hand underwear found in big retail shops and warehouses 15% of the value of the goods as well as confiscate the illegal bulks of underwear.

She said ZABS is targeting the big retail shops and warehouses in order to stop the second hand under wear from reaching the market.

Mrs Zulu disclosed that ZABS is working closely with the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RATSA) and the Zambia Revenue Authorities (ZRA) to intensify patrols so as to curb the smuggling of second hand underwear into the country.

Mrs. Zulu said that government prohibits the sale of second hand underwear in the country and that ZABS is working hard to sensitize small retailers on the dangers of second hand underwear to people.

She appealed to the general public not to buy second hand underwear as it is a health hazard.

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  1. 50 years after independence the country still imports used bambas and knickers? Nama pitikoti yonse? Kwena ni pa zed zoona!


    • Zoona- get people used to second hand stuff and everything including ideas will be second hand. I blame government and its second hand school curriculum


  2. thats not hygienic universal 2nd hand clothes are go visit Japan and America(thrift shopping)…thou the quality of 2nd hand items in Japan is extremely high and highly regulated with 3 to 6 months warranties ….but non of this countries allow selling of used underwear this shouldnt even be a discussion today



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