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Father Leonard Chiti tells BBC that President Lungu was legitimately elected

Headlines Father Leonard Chiti tells BBC that President Lungu was legitimately elected

Leonard Chiti
Leonard Chiti

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu was legitimately elected, JCTR Executive Director Father Leonard Chiti has told the BBC’s Focus on Africa.

Fr Chiti told the BBC that according to the election rules President Lungu needed more than 50 per cent to be declared winner.

He said the results were accurate and that the observers and monitors were actually taking pictures as they were posted outside the polling stations which were transmitted via social media so there was no disputing what came through and how people voted around the country.

Fr Chiti said, as an election watchdog, he was very convinced that the verdict was accurate because monitors who were spread across the country had been sending in results as they were being announced at the different polling stations.

However, Fr Chiti described the race for the presidency as tight because the voting pattern divided the country into two as the people of North and East voted for the PF while the people from South and West voted for the opposition UPND.

He said it was therefore incumbent upon the newly elected president needed to immediately reach out to his nearest rival Hakainde Hichilema and offer commiseration which might be a good gesture because it would help the defeated candidates to accept the results and see them as a reflection and as the will of the people .

Fr Chiti further said he was pretty sure that Hichilema would challenge the results by taking the matter to court because he was not happy with the election results and that would not surprise him.

He added that earlier Mr Hichilema had gone to court to stop the counting of the presidential results because he was not happy with the way the counting and transmission of results were done.


  1. Fr Chiti is about to be insulted thoroughly by those on the UPND’s side. Lets wait and see the comments coming shortly….

    • …”and offer commiseration which might be a good gesture because it would help the defeated candidates to accept”…I find this comment strange.

      It’s either ECL works closely with HH here to unite the nation or let the UPND launch their petition. This is a matter of principle and not bitterness. Transparency and democracy need to be seen here.

    • In fact its HH who should come down from his usual high horse humble himself and chose to work together with the majority of Zambians ( not just Chuundu) under one Zambia one Nation.
      He has lost, period.

    • @Laso,
      How old are you? Why would you incite people to insult each other instead of encouraging them to come together and share ideas and vision on how to grow our Country’s economy and create real jobs for your school-leaver cousins, nieces and nephews etc.. back in Zambia? Never forget your roots.

    • we know that you were compaining for pamafi party and vodka chakolwa rungu.thats why you are supporting the results.God will judge you…VIVA UPND

    • the Zed – You beat me to that. HH first has to accept ECL as Zambian President. This arrogance contributed to his loss.

    • President Lungu is and has alwaus been a. Inclusive leader. He has extended his big tent to all opposition. Unfortunately, HH believes unless it’s him in nkwazi, all gestures are useless. Wise politicians embrace gestures of inclusion extended to their base but not this HH. Let Lungu rule and allow HH finish his morning ceremony. He will eventually sober up after realizing that in Zambia we don’t mourn for month and years like West Africans who can keep a body as long as they want.

    • Father Chiti with due respect, who told you that Lungu was elected legitimately? Why are you paying a blind eye to UPND’s cry, the 14,000 that went almost AWOL in Kanyama before Mrs Mwanawasa came. Number of votes cast in certain consistencies being more than number of registered voters? failure by ECZ to make available the form G12 to political party agents. There are a lot of evidence suggesting the exact opposite of your claims father





      “CHRISTIANS FOR LUNGU!!!!!!!!” MY BLESSED hA.S-S>E!!!!!!!

      I THANK YOU!!

    • One of the problems in Zambian politics is that our players lack tact. Most of politicians or those who claim to be politicians are robotic linear knee-jerk responders. They fail to weigh the implications of their utterances.

      I would have said this how the world sees us but I would fall in the same trap by going that route. But I would say, with a fair amount of confidence that that’s how America sees us. This reason alone America and other countries like it will continue to dribble us

    • @Cactus
      Am surprised that you have not seen Laso’s concern.
      He is not calling for insults, instead he is saying there no cause for insulting this father based on what he said to BBC. He however recognizing that trend has shown that some people insult anyone who does notvtow their. I am sure he has in mind the insults that went to carter, KK, au, etc after congratulating ECL. That is what Laso is taking about.
      In fact Laso is simply calling on everyone not to insult.
      Am ware, however, that our understanding is different.

    • Father Bwalya, Chiti, Mpundu, all bembaz who will never see any good in a Tonga, no matter the number of times that Tonga cries. The reason why, is having been indoctrinated by that social irreligious society called Catholic Church.

    • So called “Chela”, my friend, YOU ARE VERY WRONG!!! Keep your TRIBALISM TO YOURSELF!!



      I thank you!!

  2. …”and offer commiseration which might be a good gesture because it would help the defeated candidates to accept”…I find this comment strange.

    It’s either ECL works closely with HH here to unite the nation or let the UPND launch their petition. This is a matter of principle and not bitterness. Transparency and democracy need to be seen here.

    • HH can never change and no need to work with him. He lost so is nawakwi and others. Dont abuse courts even if you are regular visitors there. The problem is HH and His campaign team were so much obsessed with state house and they forgot to campaign for his MPs and this is the major OWN Goal.
      Who can support him when he doesn’t numbers in parliament? I was shocked yesterday when nevers was saying the race to statehouse is not over, why only think about state house when you dont have Mps?

    • That the problem with you triabalists, you always generalise and think all others tribes are id!ots…just like HH and UPND does. Look at how they have abused GBM and Nevers, bembas whom they call id!ots all the time.

    • @3Mutuloba, this is what @1 Laso meant! When somebody disagrees with you,you insult them! Try to sit down and have sense! Is it not Fr.Chiti you were praising when he was in that “Grand coalition on consititution”. Now that he has said what have said you start insulting him? He is just confirming that there is no need for recounting because even if GN 12 forms were not there,there is enough evidence from Polling Station Certificates signed by all parties in presence of observers with certificates stuck at public places with pictures taken showing the votes for each candidate. So recount what? So that during recounting you start running around accusing the ECZ again and telling them to stop counting so that atmosphere gets charged again? Let UPND go to court and taste how courts respect…

    • Cursed and lost in the site of God. The priest is advising on how the country can move forward together and you are busy insulting. May you suffer for a very very longtime!

    • We have 10 province’s upnd3 out of 10=7 so statistics shows please don’t just think of bringing conflict in our mother land have u ever been found in a country like Luanda or Sudan if not stop it before its too late

  3. Okay the science sort of defeats me. HH’s MPs accept that they lost and the PF commands close to 90 PMs (Including independents who have their names on the PF member register). How can you govern? Seriously, some times you have to read the writing on wall.

    • Simple, thanks it has been proven that MPs can be hired from other parties. Only two people I know have given up ministerial positions for what ever reasons. The rest accept appointments without hesitation. That question should even arise.

    • Why are UPND supporters very interested in the ConCourt? Is it because they know that the composition is in its favour? UPND has never supported anything PF and ECL have done but they are so excited about the constitutional court. One may wonder looking at the judgements the Concourt has issued so far.

    • UPND will never petition these elections. It will be a huge blow to them if their activities before and during elections are known national wide. The furthest they can go is to file in an incomplete petition so that the court can throw it away and then later say Edgar Lungu has influenced the court. They know that its in their best interest not to petition these elections. They know what they did in trying to win this elections that’s why PF has welcomed them to go ahead with the petition.

    • Ngolwa and unintelligent, I know you two UPND vuvuzelas! You are still stewing from the loss. Wait until CONCOURT rules that ECL was legitimately elected, you will develop brain tumours from having sleepless nights. MISERABLE SODS!

  4. Father Leonard Chiti even the Guadian paper and Mail paper abroad knows that election was not free and fair. There was Massive rigging In Lusaka and Copperbelt. Rigging has become
    normal in some Aftrican Countries. Don’t pretend Father, Lungu stole the votes. The bible says though shall not steal. We leave to God to Judge.

    • Rubbish!!! The voiting patterns in Southern, Western and North-Western can be considered to be very suspicious and most likely they had voting agents pre-mark the ballots for everyone!

    • If there was need to rig, we could have done it in remote Muchinga, remote Mwense, distant Kaputa, inaccessible Chilubi etc not Lusaka where you European monitors. As for the papers you have mentioned, these are fed information by reporters who are Upnd inclined just like the Post. Others it’s because they think HH will introduce capitalism which will heavily support investment at the expense of zambians.

  5. thats is what is saying HH is most likely to go to court , read the statement clearly donot insult people at all

  6. Ba Chiti, you have embarrassed your organisation? How do argue that taking photos of already aggregated results equates to correct due process? Is this a cope out or an attempt to mislead the world? If ECL won clearly, why is it that the observers were excluded from some aspects of the process? ECL has a lot to account for having peverted the democratic process. You can campaign for jobs without having to sell your people!

  7. I am actually surprised that the most ardent critic of President Lungu and his policies – Father Chiti has come out and declared that indeed Lungu was genuinely elected. This speaks volumes and I have immense respect for Father Chiti as he has remained objective – calling a spade a spade. This will not stop Father Chiti from attacking Lungu if he disagrees with his policies and that is how we must live in a democratic nation. 3 cheers for Father Chiti


  8. Guys don’t waste your time, is it the first time UPND has claimed that votes are stolen? In the by-election they claimed the same, we are used to their style of crying.

  9. UPND please accept defeat and let’s move on. Next time MIGHT be your turn! I hear you’ve postponed filing in your petition; please just drop it and focus on re-strategizing for 2021. Your performance in Southern, Western and N/Western Provinces was extremely outstanding and PF was beaten pants down; just build on this significant success.

    • @14,Umwina Nkana,while you are right to advise them to drop their petition and I don’t agree that their performance NW,South,West was any success! Even their voters have now seen how they failed! This vote was all tribal bcoz I do not see any reason why people in Western Province who received so much attention from PF in terms of improving infrastructure could vote like that! Same with Southern! NW may be a bit justified but even them they have just been recruited into tribalism because lack of development there started a long time during the Mushala insurgency. At least in the 5years of PF in power something has started happening like connecting all districts to the national grid!

  10. Father Chiti is very correct look also at the consolidated number of Mps…PF has 96 UPND 48 and Independent 12…

  11. Integrity is doing the right things when others are not looking. HH should swallow the pride and accept this heart felt defeat because all the organizations which were involved in monitoring these elections have clearly stated that ECL won and that elections were free and fair. Unfortunately according to UPND all these organizations which monitored the elections ain’t telling the truth including EU and AU. Of course minor irregularities were involved and such are part of elections in every country because perfection is hard to attain.

    • @16 Mwiponta Mukabwela, you are right! HH thought by righting letters to these organisations then they would come with miscontrued perceptions and support his failures! He was inviting diplomats for lunches, let him just invite them for dinners now and get advice on the way forward!

  12. As already mentioned Fr Chiti has not spared Lungu and his PF on any issue be it consititution making process, social wellbeing of zambians and good government. For him to say this it means all Upnd claims are wag wash.

  13. This does not come as a surprise. Fr Chiti and Frank Bwalya are very very good friends. Remember Frank Bwalya was also a fake catholic priest before he formed ABZ and hurriedly dissolved it in the face of economic gain from the PF. This disgraceful priest does not mention the 14000 votes stolen from the UPND in Kanyama. The grabbing of ballot boxes by PF thugs in Kabwata, the exaggeration of Lungu’s votes in Lundazi, where what he got alone is more than the number of all registered voters!
    He does not mention Chavula’s rigging including his collusion with Kasaro, Priscilla Mulenga Isaac and Judge Chulu. He conveniently blinds himself to Lungu’s last minute change of heart over the recounting of Lusaka votes before being announced. He closese his eyes to Kaiser Zulu and Mumbi Phiri’s…

  14. possession of pre-marked ballot papers outside ZAF. An the list goes on… If this Chiti guy was an authentic priest, he would at least have mentioned the shortcomings of the electoral process and the need to redress them. Fake men of gold like this Chiti will facilitate the degeneration of our country into chaos for lack of objectivity and neutrality. Shame on you Chiti. Just join your friend Frank Bwalya in PF instead of masquerading as a priest. You are definitely an advanced JUDAS ISCARIOT.

    • Afroscorpion you are writing Bull$hit. Tongas must learn to accept defeat and accept that they are not the best brains. They have been rejected. The petition to the Concourt is a petition of the defeated. One third of HH vote came from Southern Province, PF will show the court how tribalistic UPND and its leader are and there after they will be finished. Starting from Masebo to Mucheleka , none of the defectors won a single seat. As we speak and write HH has employed cyber bullies to insult anyone who is not from his tribe.

  15. Muppets always think that the only intelligent beings are those that support their party/opinions. Some people are so blinded in their support that for them a credible elections is one which declares that their preferred candidate got 100 per cent of the votes.

  16. HH and UPND realised that he had lost the 11 August elections way back before the voting day and that’s why he kept on playing a mind game of saying “I will not accept defeat” but how sure was he that the Zambians already voted for him? He is on record for accusing the ECZ on the choice of company to print the ballot papers, he even went to lie that the same had used premarked papers in Uganda, shame. When the mind blowing results were coming in from very remote and rural areas in his strongholds, ECZ was doing a great job but when reality of Copperbelt and ad Lusaka results poured in, it was rigged votes, so HH must not take Zambians for granted because when they react, they mean business. ECL won cleanly and with dignity period!

  17. What do you expect when Priests have been bought with few bottles of wine and have their villages with universities build? they can’t see injustice or rigging although evidence is there. HH should continue to unite with GBM and Mumba because Lungu’s reign of deceit will be short lived. the creator of those who have perished under Lungu like Mapenzi will bring justice to Zambia. the courts will remove Lungu

    • @23 Kachimba..for you any one who says anything contrary to UPND is bought!? Your thinking is like that because your strategy has always bee about buying people! You cried rigging all the time putting into question everything starting from the new constitution which has even provided you with some life support for some days before your final demise to the all preparation activities the ECZ and the Church were making to make the elections a success. Your HH had promised Armageddon and refusing to accept defeat! He delayed elections announcements and yet twisted the story all the time that it ECZ doing it. You chased trucks and frustrated preparations yet you complained about late voting in some areas! Chiti was your darling in opposing the new constitution now he is villain for saying NO…

    • …continued ..he is a villain for saying NO to bogus claims for someone’s victory! Stop this holier than because the petition may just unearth a lot of your malpractices that may render you irrelevant in the future political dispensation! I wish the petition could be broadcast on radio and TV so that viewers can also judge for themselves who the real trouble makers are. Kenyans did so to silence Raila Odinga and to avoid mobs going to court. The nonsense we are hearing mobs planning to throng the court can be avoided by telling them to say at home or go the stadium to watch the proceedings on big screens because we do not want disturbances to public order!!

  18. How can an entire Father say elections were fair and free when people were killed, some committed suicide. What kind of men of God are these who don’t have feeling for life. You better call your a different name because fathers are soft hearted. You are disgrace to be called a father! Maybe it is the father of lies we ready in the Bible. The petition must go on and whatever outcome it will change the face of Zambia. Why Zambia just surrender and accept a Tyrant establishing an Empire in a democratic country like Zambia? Why? Don´t complain when persecution will come because you have accepted it.

  19. @afroscorpion
    Don’t lie.
    Where did you see those ballots you are talking.
    These are the same lies that FODEP willingly and purposefully embraced.
    The intention is to cause so much negative rumours to bring doubt on the credibility of ecz.
    In fact it appears the guys who were rigging were UPND because how did they organize those 14000 ballots all for one person batched together. Because no one could have the time and space to sort and put together all those votes for one person in the presence of monitors.
    And what was Maureen mwanawasa doing in the bin? How could guess that that bin could contain ballots.
    What was she looking for in the bin?
    Guys, stop a little and allow a bit of thinking.
    “II found 14,000 ballots for UPND in a bin”, aah please, please!!!
    And you think father…

  20. @afroscorpion
    And what was Maureen mwanawasa doing in the bin? How could she guess that that bin could contain ballots.
    What was she looking for in the bin? Is she a bin picker?
    Guys, stop a little and allow a bit of thinking.
    “I found 14,000 ballots for UPND in a bin”, aah please, please!!!
    And you think father chiti and JCTR can fall that? For your information JCTR has not only high intelligence and research capabilities but also a lot of integrity. They will not behave like FODEP.

    • How long would it take one person to count 14,000 ballot papers? FOURTEEN THOUSAND! Most of us in our daily lives never have to count more than 20 sheets of paper. Imagine one person counting 14, 000? How long did it take the first widow to count all those UPND ballot papers?

    • @Peace for Zambia, good observation! These guys think courts and credible organisations act on hearsay. They even found ballots outside ZAF as they claim? Who can be that reckless if he intended to commit a crime. They have been so pre-occupied with rigging bcoz that is the practice they had planned and had used in Jan’15 and in this election in Southern,Western and NW. By this time even Maureen Mwanawasa is scared about the lie she peddled that is why she quickly congratulated Lungu. But she will be called to testify and be cross examined! I would not be surprised if she is one of those trying persuade her party not to petition fearing the can of worms the petition may open! Nawakwi has made points on the examine the votes from Southern,Western and NWestern!

  21. This snake oil salesman is a sad excuse for a man of God. He wants his portion of hte corrupt wealth. Who eve ngive this moron a mike

  22. Looks most people think HH is looking for a job to earn a living. The guy is just looking for explanations on a few things, clean the system and give real meaning of democracy in Zambia. Very soon he announce his retirement from politics and someone else or other political parties will come into limelight and challenge whoever will be the PF candidate in 2021. Remember 5 years from the mountain will not be easy to climb for PF because most voters will have only read about MMD with PF as the evil to remove.

  23. It is a known fact that Hazalusa Hagain is a chronic loser! No one must be surprised by the result! The guy, like all his supporters have been building pies in the sky which they all know they couldn’t get. The violence this party and the tribal inclination of it is further proof that all peace-loving Zambians will NEVER vote for tribalists.

  24. This father is now like frank Bwalya. Soon he will drop the father name.

    G12 certificates were missing from 3/4 of lusaka polling stations. These are the signed copies that tally the results , now what photos is this father talking about, is he trying to say photos of all individual votes were taken ? Who would have time to take thousands of votes at polling station?

  25. Does HH need to lie in order to find answers.
    Why cook evidence?
    I can assure you here that some of the people manufacturing the so called evidence will be found wanting.
    And don’t be shocked if you hear that some of the complainants committed treasonable acts.
    The sane courts they want to run to they will wish to run away from.
    Those who think my conclusions are thoughtless you can mark this, and watch this space.
    It is an offense to falsify evidence, I can imagine especially when it revolves around presidency.
    Anyway, we wait to hear.
    The support HH had on Thursday last week, he will not get again after his petition bid, watch this space.
    Careful with public opinion.
    People are not like company shares, which belong to you until you decide to sell them.

  26. PF never allow defectors in! The finished: Guy Scott and wife, Kilometer Sampa, Mulenga Sata, Nevers, Maureen, GBM. They thought Zambians can be hoodwinked! UPND will begin to crack soon but the “Wamuyaya” leader will continue to have a delusion, like his supporters that one day a miracle will happen! It will never! Masons cannot rule in the Christian country of Zambia.

  27. Yes, he may argue that some people will never leave him, true.
    But what HH needs now is not primarily maintaing his followers but adding some because those he has were not enough yo make him win.
    Now, with this move he is creating a job of having to keep people other than adding.
    I tell you HH has not handled this election properly for his future prospects.

  28. Only people who are delusional, and have been seeing “Ghosts” from the beginning – ghosts who were to rig the elections from the beginning can think the election was rigged. The criminally intercepted trunks and non of them were charged! Southern Province despite being a receipient of the PF’s goodwill and development voted 99.9% UPND. When the PF government begins to form government they will have no person to choose from and you same delusional tribalistic group will begin to cry “tribalism” because you want people from your tribe to be chosen into the cabinet when you clearly have been insulting the president! When chosen they become suppliers of gov classified information to Dog Watchers in Zambia and other disgruntled elements government classified information! You amaze…

  29. He has repeated the suspense and uncertainty Guy Scott created after the death of Data, may his soul rest in peace.
    I hope it is not Guy Scott advising HH on the matter.
    I have a feeling this is the work of the cartel. Let us see how far they can go.

    • We really do not need Guy Scott. These people from countries like Scotland that couldn’t even vote for independence from the England are useless.

  30. Yaba these Red idoits! Give us a break please twanaka! Rigging, kanshi how the hell did those alleged premarked ballots get into the balllot boxes? Didnt these idoits stop every truck and found nothing? Awe this kevel of stuiipiditi cannot belong to a Zambian?

    • You should be the kind that is just there to get what you don’t deserve Terrible and you are just as Terrible as your code name. It is very easy to tell that you are the ‘Natolafye’ type and clan. Cant you make sense? Are you also a beneficiary? Zambia will rise and we shall see where you will take the Range Rovers, Land Rovers, Jaguars and your various identities that make it so easy to spot you. You should just go fishing because that is all that you have where you come from.

  31. Truth be told. African problems can only be solved by Africans. The so called EU and US have their own top priority agenda, right now they own our Copper and IMF will came to increase the debt york even further. Why would they want to change that status quo? We are exactly where they want us to be as ’21 century slaves’. Those of you celebrating, ask yourselves a simple question, could they accept such an election in Europe or US? And BTW Kabila will soon do the same in Congo to continue the supply chain of raw materials. Africa this is your century, wake up people.

  32. This man’s comments just prove he is ignorant of the FACTS and of the LAW.

    Thank God he is a priest and not one of the Judges that will actually decide on the merits of the case that will be presented to the Courts.

  33. All the Lungu satellite organisations, that draw salaries from the PF including ‘Christians For Lungu’ were articulately infiltrated as genuine observers.Fr Chiti worked co-operatively with them
    His reputation is irrevocably tarnished and he will go down in history as One of the chief architects ofZambia’s disintegration.Trouble with some Zambian priests these days is that, they forget the noble purpose for which they join priesthood, that’s why we now have all these hungry people claiming to be speaking the truth. Guaranteed, Edgar Lungu will soon be called Pastor. For now Wait for the courts to decide the fate of this country, you can’t make judgements on this blog…

  34. Ba Father Chiti. bushe kanshi nemwe kuti mwafumya ubufi bwakula uyumusango? Chipesha mano. Bushe chinshi chilechitika kuli Bashimapepo shinonshiku?

  35. Ba Father Chiti. bushe kanshi nemwe kuti mwafumya ubufi bwakula uyumusango? Chipesha mano. Bushe chinshi chilechitika kuli Bashimapepo shinonshiku? What blasphemy!

  36. The priest is Bemba. The fact is, Zambians are going to suffer some more, not just economically, but even psycologicaly because no other language will be spoken in zed. If Bemba’s sit next to Lozi’s who are speaking their Language, they will demand that Lozi’s speak their Language. A Language of thieves, thugs and Bitches.

  37. The Fatherless Chiti with all the respect, due to, are you talking like that because of the money you are eating from PF thugs Deep in your heart are you truly saying the truth and God is your witness People of God speak the truth and the truth will set you free……. Please if you went to a school and you were schooled at the catholic School define the word for me legitimate…. in relation to Lundazi announcement of results by you ……… Thief Justice

  38. That’s how KK ruled these people for 27 uninterrupted years. Zambians are so gullible.

    True heroes like Kapwepwe & Nkumbula died depressed & dejected becoz the same people he were fighting for rejected them bcoz they were too blind to see a despot in KK.

    I’m so lucky to be able to see through FTJ’s lingua, KK’s humanism, Lungu’s humbleness.

  39. Yaba even this father Chiti is now compromised, There has never been time in Zambia when the so called men of God have become compromised than this time. please God help us from these crooks who are hiding in your name. shame

  40. Both VJ and father Chiti have shown concern how the voting pattern went. The Country was literally split into two. With the South and Western voting UPND and East and North voting PF. The Country is now a country of two halfs, South and West (Dundumwenzi) and East and North (Dununa Reverse). Hahaha!

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