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Routine verification of Ballot Paper Account Forms in Lusaka Progress well

General News Routine verification of Ballot Paper Account Forms in Lusaka Progress well

MANY Zambians turned up to vote in the 2016 General Elections. On the picture is a Zambian patriot Rodina Maluma casting her ballot paper at Chuundu Adult School polling station in Choma yesterday.
MANY Zambians turned up to vote in the 2016 General Elections. On the picture is a Zambian patriot Rodina Maluma casting her ballot paper at Chuundu Adult School polling station in Choma yesterday.
Lusaka District Electoral Officer -DEO- Alex Mwansa says the routine verification of Ballot Paper Account Forms which started yesterday Saturday, 20th August, 2016, is progressing well.

Mr. Mwansa said the exercise which has also attracted monitors and observers, is expected to end on Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016.

He said the verification of Ballot Paper Account Forms is a normal process under the electoral Act No. 12 of 2006.

Mr Mwansa said all stakeholders, observers and monitors are invited to witness the verification exercise which starts at 08:00 hours at Nakatindi Hall.

This is according to a press statement issued by Lusaka Province Elections support center coordinator Brenda Katongola.

However, yesterday in Livingstone, the post-election verification of ballots paper account forms exercise was temporarily halted.

The UPND team led by one of the party’s Legal Counsels, Fred Chunga, requested for the suspension of the exercise in view of the petition that the party has filed in at the Constitutional Court.

ECZ – Head Office, Livingstone District Electoral Officer, Vivian Chikoti, informed the stakeholders of the suspension, awaiting further instructions from the ECZ Head Office.

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  1. We show catch the thief. This won’t end with nullification. We are going to call for criminal justice. Stealing of votes is a serious crime

  2. So how they going to verify the lundazi votes, these guys were being asked recount the votes, but due pressure Chulu was shouting figures without even thinking… Being made a fool on national television… Now they say it’s routine,and if they discover that no one got more than 50%, what are going to do???

  3. PF has continued with wrong doing! What verification of ballot papers for a matter that is in court? Isn’t everything not supposed to be verified under the supervision of the court?

  4. Correct the court should supervise the verification and all those tampering should be cited for contempt we should also show which party is involved so they should be disqualified if there will be a rerun

  5. When God is in control they will be caught stealing again. God does not slumber. They thought they were clever. Whatever is done in darkness will be exposed no matter what. Stop stealing and repent, then God will heal your Land. Power is in wrong hands God help us.

  6. Under5 party indeed NIMWE BA CHUMBU MUNSHOLOLWA MUKAFWA NO BWAIMA! TEBUMBi IYO? BUKAITEMWE KANO NIMWE…! I wish you good luck and learn to accept a winner or loser. That’s the name of the game.

  7. Sounds like good practice, at least criminals will be exposed looking at pvt and referendum results

  8. We know that the cartel wants to take over.there will be cival war in Zambia if the court nulifies the elections.Those judges will be in trouble.Some UPND were saying we have a Tonga Chibomba,Sitali and Mulemba as our Judges.They know that Chibomba wants HH to be a president.They are determined to put the country on fire in order to send HH in state house by all powers.UPND has 4 Judges in constitution court.(Chibomba(Tonga),Sitali(Lozi),Mulembe(Northwestern),Mulonda(central-Kaseba’s relative).Cartel is now celebrating.Watch the space before Zambia goes on fire.Already Tongas are beating bemba and sengas in Namwala and other parts of the country.The will of the pipo should prevail.We want peace and not tribalist to take over Zambia by force.We warn the constitution to be very careful…

    • @OP Warning, that is utter rubbish. When HE ECL appointed those jusdges, he knew very well the origins of all those people. Leave the Honourable Judges to do their work. Don’t accuse Judge Chibomba falsely, that is ddangerous iwe kaponya. Who told you that all tonga’s support HH?

  9. HE ECL appointed those judges of the constitution court on merit, but they are going to use tribe to bring HH into power. Nullification of an election will not be allowed and Zambians will not rest quitely while a president goes to state house through non-ballot means.

    • You only win an election on free and fair turf. No corruption, bribery, violence and intimidation. Article 45 is explicit and requires ECZ to run a transparent and credible election with simple means of voting, counting and verifying results. That is our Constitution and yardstick for all elections in Zambia.

      The Army is sworn to defend the Constitution. Make no mistake.

  10. What are they verifying? And why?Nullification will be done if it is proved that those elections were rigged. Why don’t some of you people understand simple things kanshi? No one will use tribe to get a preferred outcome. Our greatest prayer should be for justice to prevail and peace to continue.

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