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Lungu Refuses to meet HH to Talk Peace, there shall be No Government of National Unity in Zambia

Headlines Lungu Refuses to meet HH to Talk Peace, there shall be No...

-Patriotic  Front  General secretary Davies Chama (R) ,Patriotic Front Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya during a press briefing at Pf secretariat head quarters in Lusaka
Patriotic Front General secretary Davies Chama (R) ,Patriotic Front Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya during a press briefing at Pf secretariat head quarters in Lusaka

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama says President Elect Edgar Lungu will not meet opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema for peace talks.

Yesterday, Mr Hichilema asked the Church and the international community to organise a meeting with Mr Lungu where the two could meet and resolve pertinent issues.

But Mr Chama told Journalists in Lusaka that Mr Hichilema’s call for peace is not genuine and its only meant for window dressing.

He said the real reason for Mr Hichilema’s call for peace was to project himself as a man who wants peace.

“Following the call by the leader of the opposition United Party for National Development Hakainde Hichilema to meet President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to achieve what he calls “Saving Lives” we wish to state that President Lungu will not meet Mr Hichilema until he abandons his violent ways and chooses to walk the path of peace,” Mr Chama said.

He added, “I spoke with President Lungu this morning and I agree with him that stopping the UPND sponsored violence against our members and innocent Zambians who have settled in Southern Province on suspicion that they voted for the PF does not require a window dressing meeting between Mr Hichilema and President Lungu.”

Mr Chama has since made a passionate appeal to Mr Hichilema to have a meeting with his members and stop the post-election violence especially in UPND strongholds such as Southern Province.

He urged Mr Hichilema to command his members to lay down their weapons.

“We also demand that UPND members stop burning down houses and business premises of our members and Zambians that have settled in the UPND strongholds. We want peace,” he said.

“He thinks by calling for peace, the international community will view him as a man who wants to dialogue over the post-election violence that has been reported in his stronghold. So Mr Hichilema is not sincere in his call to meet President Lungu.”

Mr Chama said Mr Hichilema should not think that Zambians have forgotten about his call for Armageddon.

“We wish to reiterate that President Lungu will consider meeting Mr Hichilema if he stops his violent ways and chooses to walk the path of peace.”

“It is necessary to remind our people what we have said in the past that the UPND has been planning for chaos after the August 11 2016 as part of a well calculated scheme to negotiate for a government of national unity. We think that even this part by Mt Hichilema to meet President Lungu is part of the attempt to start pushing for the same. Mr Hichilema should know that there shall be no government of national unity in Zambia. Our people spoke clearly on August 11th. President Lungu won the election and we are just waiting for the Constitutional Court to rule on the petition filed by the UPND,” Mr Chama said.

The PF Secretary General has since warned Mr Hichilema and the UPND to stop inciting the public saying the law shall catch up with them.

“We are aware of their plans to extend the violence beyond their strongholds including burning markets along the lines of rail. They will not succeed.”

Meanwhile UPND has released the following statement to the media




Attempts by the PF to paint UPND as a violent party to try and discredit their opposition are dishonest.

It is a great shame that Lungu remains unwilling to meet with us to discuss securing peace and unity in our nation, just as he refused to meet in the run up to elections as violence increased. In fact, we are still awaiting a response from the letter we sent to him on June 4th requesting a meeting.

We have made this same request on numerous occasions knowing that dialogue rather than violence is the way to proceed, and that the leaders of our respective parties must lead by example in such matters. At the same time, we have written to our members and officials to put in writing what we have so often said publicly, that we detest violence and that there is no place for such behaviour in our party.

Yet, while our calls for a meeting go unanswered our supporters are beaten for wearing UPND regalia, chased from the markets and driven from the taxi ranks so that they can do longer work and support their families. Is this the Zambia we want for our children? Is this the mark of a Christian nation? When we call for peace these are the people we are speaking for.

‘But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.’ Galatians 5:22

Issued by UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma

Shop keeper Special Sinjese explains to President Edgar Lungu on the burnt down shops at Bauleni Market
Shop keeper Special Sinjese explains to President Edgar Lungu on the burnt down shops at Bauleni Market

President Edgar Lungu inspects the shops burnt down by suspected UPND cadres at Bauleni Market
President Edgar Lungu inspects the shops burnt down by suspected UPND cadres at Bauleni Market

Lusaka Central MP Margaret Mwanakatwe explains to President Edgar Lungu on the burnt down shops at Bauleni Market
Lusaka Central MP Margaret Mwanakatwe explains to President Edgar Lungu on the burnt down shops at Bauleni Market

President Edgar Lungu and Lusaka Central MP Margaret Mwanakatwe inspects the burnt down shops at Bauleni Market
President Edgar Lungu and Lusaka Central MP Margaret Mwanakatwe inspects the burnt down shops at Bauleni Market

Inspector Adrian Chimuka explains to President Edgar Lungu on the patrol bombs which they discovered at Bauleni Market which were used by suspected UPND cadres after the explosion that destroyed the shops
Inspector Adrian Chimuka explains to President Edgar Lungu on the patrol bombs which they discovered at Bauleni Market which were used by suspected UPND cadres after the explosion that destroyed the shops

Shops burnt down by suspected UPND cadres at Bauleni Market
Shops burnt down by suspected UPND cadres at Bauleni Market

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    • Come on Edgar and PF. Man up and show leadership.
      We know that both UPND and PF are involved in violence.
      Just meet and resolve the problems we are facing.
      Stop playing the “victim” game.

    • Halusa Hagain is truly a child. He and chief Katubi GBM have hailed unpalatables to ECL and refused to recognize him as president all this time and Halusa Hagain wants to meet with him? Talk about delusional! ECL has been above the fray when it comes to these two children Halusa Hagain and chief Katubi. See you in Concourt losers.

    • Baulen is a PF stronghold so Lungu is responsible.Lungu will one soon beg HH to forgive for his dark deals.He is putting Zambia on fire.We shall give him some sweets since he wants to fight he will dance to pelete.What an opportunity lost.

    • HH is not President. He had no shots to call! That attention ho needs to sit down for a sec!

      Lungu will not negotiate with terrorists.

    • Hecky Hecky No! I thought you have overwhelming evidence the ECL lost. This serpent thought Zambians will be in the streets causing chaos because he lost. Sorry! The Zambian people have been very consistent. They don’t like you! Give it up already and concentrate on your businesses. It has nothing to do with you being Tonga, it’s your personality they abhor and there is nothing you can do about that!

    • This is where I get disappointed with our leaders. They are as stubborn as a mule. Sorry for using that comparison, but you get the point. Mr Chama, dont you think it would be would be better to meet face-to-face with HH instead of each side acting holier than the other group. Both PF and UPND are not innocent in this violence issue. No need to go into details cause the images, videos and other articles of insults are there for all to see. If I were you, I would accept the dialogue, call a number of chiefs from across the country and get to the bottom of this.

      PF leaders have said despicable statements against the opposition and in also, the opposition leaders, especially HH’s team, have also done the same. You are right, HH must travel to his strongholds and physically speak to his…

    • Now Edgar start promoting the thing. Why didn’t he visit PEOPLE in Namwala? What’s more important between utujirijiri mu ka temba mu Bauleni and people speared in Namwala. Edgar take that chick Magerete on a date to Namwala.

    • Good question. All weekend I was hearing of the chaos as anyone deemed UPND was kicked from the market place. There has even been an ugly door to door campaign by useless foot soldiers intent on verbally abusing those found to be of North Western, Southern and Western origin.

      No point in acting like one does not hear the terror rising on the ground and playing like PF is innocent. The thugs of Zambia are having a field day in the guise of PF. I reckon they are just thugs and using PF to cover their crap. ED should speak against ALL violence. Ah my poor little Emerging Dictator has his hands full…

    • NO gov of national unity please. HH has been rejected several times and why should he use short cuts to power. ECL should not even bring HH near him. He is so desperate and he can do anything for that. He has lost finito.

    • contd…
      ….HH must travel to his strongholds and physically speak to his supports to stop this nonsense. Equally, PF leadership must do the same. PF has ZNBC and other public media to publicly condemn the violence. HH’s supporters are not rioting for the sake of it. They have real grievances that should not be taken very lightly. They are not kids, they can reason, they can read, they can see.. Does everything has to be about politics, who is right and who is wrong? Tell me, do you think HH’s supporters are happy to see their leader being attacked by practically all state owned media outlets plus a few private ones? They dont need HH to tell them anything. Equally, its not fair for ZWD to be that insulting PF leadership and biased.

      In fact, PF, as the governing Party has more…

    • contd…
      In fact, PF, as the governing Party has more responsibility to resolve this. Be the good guys and go on ZNBC and condemn the violence from both sides. Then UPND team must also do their part to their followers.

      This is what I say to both sides; the petition is in the ConCourt. We should all refrain from making statements that seem to be either intimidating to the Judges or trying to influence the outcome. What both PF and UPND leadership must do is to prepare their supporters to respect the Judgement and to accept whatever the outcome will be. The opposition party claims that they have the evidence of rigging and election malpractice. Let the Court decide whether or not that evidence is strong enough to judge in their (opposition’s) favour.

    • Apologies for a few grammatical errors, I didnt proof read.. Too busy with other work related projects.. I hate politics, really.. Just make some sense out of what I wrote..

    • Let Tonga Impis vindicate me now if i was political when for months right here I debunked all preludes of UPND plan for a GNU. They know they had no national constituency to realize a winning mandate and way of appeasing hopeless impis post election. There is no constitutional grounds or moral reason to shove on throats of Zambians a needless bloated Government just to appease a tribal course. It’s a winner takes it all and loser looks to the future period. Let’s talk on ending ethnic cleansing in Namaka and not how to collude on government structure.


      JUST GO TO THE CON-COURT!!! THAT IS WHERE WE WILL MEET – mu yopa chani?????????

      I thank you!!

    • Only a FOOL can believe that HH can can sink so low to call for a government of national unity with PF thugs and imbeciles.

    • You know what, I think the Constitutional Court should expedite the disposition of this frivolous petition so the President Elect can deal with these lunies more firmly. I am sure this was part of their calculation when they insisted that the President should immediately step down. They want a vacuum in the Presidency so these thugs can do their dirty work. How desperate can people be really?

      Now you asking the President to meet with you and talk “peace” when you shaned and pompously refused to sign onto peace initiatives before all this mayhem started. Instead you promised us armageddon, and armageddon we are getting from you. So what is NEW you what to talk to the President about? Until you simply fulfilling what you promised you are going to do if you lost the elections? I think…

    • continue…

      … what you and your ‘chidumbo’ VP need is to be arrested and sent to Mukobeko so you two SADISTS can think about the f00lishness of your violent strategy. “KADANSA” (HH) please you are NOT the President. Accept that!

    • Bauleni is a strong hold of a known party, Zambian we must stop playing with fire. HE President elect, all that is needed is to ask both your party and UPND cadres to stop the nonsense both are doing. Stop the issue of threatening and start building the bridges before the gap between the two parties get too wide for anyone of you to close down. PF cadres and the talk going on in town about one particular tribe is not building this nation at all. Let us all talk peace and love, surely Mr President you want to lead a united country and not one where people as for sir names before greeting each other or offering a job for that matter.

    • The issue of Government of National Unit is Davis Chama’s assumption. It is sad that leadership at this level can just say whatever comes to their mind or based on hearsay. Please PF show leadership, even when this is over, if you fail to act as state men and women this country will fail to come back to its original setting of trusting each other, but one built around sir names. That is not what a leader in a part about to form government should sound like. Recall each of the leaders HH and Lungu do have a big following a fact which must be treated with respect. It is for this reason no one should underplay the influence each of the two leaders have. It only makes sense that the influence from both ends in channeled positively for the good of our country Zambia. The current rhetoric is…

    • Its time to part ways with Zambia. Lets split the country in half NW, SP, WP and half of CP can go our way and the rest can remain in Zambia with Lungu as their leader. Lets go back to Western and Eastern Rhodesia. I know which side would develop faster. Good by Zambia, we had our good moments together but this relationship has not worked out for us.

    • HH is a coward and a sore looser! You have lost for the 5th time. Groom someone else in UPND so you can have a little dignity left. The ones causing trouble is UPND because HH is telling them to fight whilst he runs away from the violence.

    • UPND & HH are stu.pid. They refused to sign the peace deal recently for vey childish reason. They take the elections verdict to Con Court without the consent of the 1,860,877 majority voters. Now they want to meet the same man they refused to sign a peace deal with, the same man the call a thief of votes. Their thinking is shallow and questionable.

    • I have just named my two DOGS, one is DAVIES, the other is CHAMA, very easy to call them both at the same time ain’t it?? “Davies Chama”, oh oh oh here come my little lovely dogs, asking where their namesake is!!!! Not to worry dears, we will go hunting for him, then you can have a taste of one of his thighs!!!

      I Thank you!!

    • Suspected UPND cadres is the only stories on ZNBC and all state media. Mulekwatako insoni bane. Is this the first time UPND has lost an election. Those are planned projects by PF. I am PF but this nonsense by the leadership must cease now!

    • PF did it just to frame opposition these guys have dirty games?? its a shame that they come up with such tricks to fo.ol zambians. just to make a move to show people he is still the president.

      He does not look confident enough. His body language tells some worry, either he has no vision again or having nothing to offer the country.

    • HH and the entire UPND are wild-dogs suffering from rabies… who think that Zambians are so stupid-and can’t see what UPND and its leaders have been saying and doing before, during and after elections…HH has committed political suicide and this is his political demise…

    • It’s only in African politics that political parties view each other as bitter bloody enemies with only one goal—shoot each other on sight. This is not what civilized politics in a democracy is meant to be. No wonder wars never end in Africa. Look closely at the elections in the USA. While hard and personal words are used sometimes, all the candidates, however, know that they have to put country first above politics. Ben Sanders, challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, had a large following. When it came time for him to bow out of the race, he did it gracefully and rallied his supporters to start backing Clinton. In 2000, Al Gore challenged the Presidential results of the race between him and George W. Bush in court. The whole thing, however, was done peacefully,…

    • (Continued)… with each party knowing that they had to put country first above personal interests. When the election was decided in Bush’s favor, Al Gore accepted the outcome peacefully, and congratulated Bush. Maybe he personally didn’t agree with the results, but he put country first.
      But that’s not what happens in Africa. It’s either someone wants to cling to power at all costs, or someone wants to get into office at all costs, regardless of how many innocent lives are lost in the process. African politicians need to learn to put country first, put their over inflated egos and self interests in check, and know we are all fellow countrymen, even though we may happen to have different political views, and that we’re all supposed to work for the good of our country. If we see…

    • (Continued)… things this way, it makes sense that we can call a meeting to iron things out amicably, prevent violence, and maintain peace in the nation. The general public also needs to pay attention to self serving politicians who don’t care about the well being of the nation. It’s easy to identify them. They want to REMAIN in office, or they want to GET into office by any means necessary, including through bloodshed. We should, however, refuse to be used by such politicians, because it’s us who will lose in the end. We should all be out promoting peace and not violence. Meaning wherever you see signs of violence, you stand up and condemn it, even if it’s being perpetrated by your political party. So whatever the Constitutional Court decides, that should be final for the sake of…

    • (Continued)… the peace of our country. If the court rules in favor of PF, we should all accept that, or if it rules in favor of UPND, we should also be ready to accept that. Peacefully. For the good of our country. God bless.


  1. Come on Edgar and PF. Man up and show leadership.
    We know that both UPND and PF are involved in violence.
    Just meet and resolve the problems we are facing.
    Stop playing the “victim” game.

    • It would only make sense if the dissent from UPND was not deliberate. HH have always looked at ECL with scorn. We all very well know that if it were late MCS in charge all these antics we are seeing from HH wouldn’t be there. Why did HH decide to go and campaign alone in southern province? What about those dark corner meetings he was holding? What was the message given to the selected few?

    • Nawakwi offered to mediate those 2 guys HH & Edgar, she will let them physically fight, but I don’t want that happen.
      Seriously where is Ba Goddy MIYANDA??? If Miyanda is one visit the “violent” places, people will stop.But mudala MIYANDA lets us down mwee.
      Give Ba Goddy one of those campaign elicopitors he will go from Bauleni to Namwala and reconcile citizens.


    • Lazy Bum Edgar will show his leadership at a Catholic Church near you by kneeling on the floor and pretending to be humble!!

    • “…we have written to our members and officials to put in writing what we have so often said publicly…” Hollow and clearly lacking sincerity.

      Kakoma, how many members have you written to?

      And the audacity of calling the President-elect simply as Lungu is as distasteful as it is disrespectful for a person (party) who is pretending to extend an olive branch for peace. Please stop quoting the Bible.


  2. Let the police find the perpetrators we should rebuild those shops but we shall levy every working adult the area direct from source…guy and charlotte after losing at the ballot you want to win at arson?

    • How and when did Bauleni become an HH stronghold? Ejigar just does not know how to be President. He cannot control the Police who shoot to kill.

  3. Let those hungry diplomats that were feasting with HH send these photos back to their capitals and see how they man has embraced the loss at the polls….

    • @Demetirs, in fact that is what they have been working for! For Zambians to have lived peacefully all these years is a pain and puzzle for them that they have wanted to solve by looking for a greedy selfish individual to cause strife and then say “you see Africans cannot live peacefully together”!

  4. PF machinations to smear all the filthy they are doing on the opposition. We all know your tricks ba PF and your Edgar Lungu and you pretend to be god fearing, whilst practicing the opposite, my foot. Mukapya imwe, elo mukalungula, ne misango yenu yabushetani mwapena nokuya mukufisamu mu ma chalichi ati muli bena kristu, kwisa ? Lesa muletufya alinokumulambula. Inside your hearts, you are devils but outside you pretend to be men of God, atase.

  5. Lungu forced UPND cadres to Be violent by stealing their votes. By stealing their votes People must react of you steal their votes.
    Let Lungu not think The situation Will settle “of” The concourt declares him winner. – we are waiting for judgement then we take it from there.
    We knows he stole our votes and he knows he is a thief!

    The solution is bring back our vote.
    We dont want Lungu!!! Period!
    Why is He forcing himself on us?
    And please leave HH & GBM alone!

    • If you have any proof to that please take it to the constitutional court! Why is it that 7 provinces are not so distressed as the other 3 provinces about the alleged stolen votes?

  6. Go and hung in hell for thinking ecl will meet with the freemanson. Wait for the ruling on your petition and retire to the village kikiki

  7. HH has the opportunity to call upon us as his members to calm down and legally re-organise ourselves to start mobilising for 2021. We are almost there. TIME FLIES. What is five years anyway???? As can be seen from those who lost nominations in the USA. They are busy re-organising themselves. Not name calling BEMBA THIS…., TONGA THIS….., LOZI THIS……, NGONI THIS……., ETC. OF WHAT VALUE IS IT TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND OUR DEAR ZAMBIA??

  8. HH is a violent person but pretends, what he says in public is different from what he says behind closed doors. Why didn’t he go to Southern province to stop his supporters from attacking non Tongas! Now that it has backfired, he wants to pretend to want to make peace. You don’t know this guy HH, ask Richard Kapita about him. When Daniel Munkombwe last year said it’s time for Tongas to rule, he never condemned it and it cost him the easy election since Edgar Lungu was then not ready. Now again, his supporters have spoilt his chances if there is a re run. That is HH for you, not intelligent as he wants people to believe him. Even GBM is better than HH. Tongas are not bad people, it’s HH spoiling their name, he is using them for his personal ambitions, the sooner he leaves politics the…

    • @ James I agree !!! The problem is that hh is liar and just wants attention from the international court. What he forgets is that Zambians are the ones that votes. Anyway he chances of him becoming the president of Zambia is slowly demeanishing.

    • @ James Kalalika nd
      Which re-run naiwe? ECL won the August elections and this petition is no surprise to many of millions of Zambians because HH and the cartel have been humiliated and thrown in the political dustbin.
      Are you the only Jew who doesn’t know what this Under 5 was saying that he won’t accept defeat by ECL? Just in case you don’t know that for the US, UN, EU Africa Union, and other global leaders to congratulate HE ECL on this great victory, it means their intelligence in Zambia Did their homework and are fully satisfied that President Lungu won by the free will of the people? Am very sure that HH was briefed that ECL was headed for outright victory hence those desperate attempts to disrupt the announcement of the results. Zambians retired this novice on 11 August and…

  9. The pf Party has been able to attract the best musicians and musclemen, I wonder why they can’t find the best PR team.

    • @13 Chainda! Walasaa, very right!! That is what I wonder!They have support, they have had a good case but they keep confusing noise making to “communication” ! Even the President cannot find a way to explain things coherently to let people know where we are going as a country!

  10. That’s why yesterday I said that HH and GBM masaaka sana how do you expect to meet the President of Zambia and at the same time you have taken him to court… there is no logic in what HH is saying… If HH were a credible person and not selfish he would have first have respect for other people and tell his cadres to stop the violence… but the problem with HH and UPND is that they were may be bewitched when they were young to always blame other people and believe in the same lie as gospel truth…

    • Know how to separate issues. Why wait for con court when we can halt violence now? PF under ECL has never shown magnanimity over national issues. They always want to paint the picture that UPND is the problem as if UPND members are not Zambians. Why can’t the President address all Zambians as a nation without being partisan all the time?

  11. I am disappointed by ECL for refusing to meet HH to discuss peace it clearly shows lack of leadership on his part an absence of Christian values in him as a person. A leader is like a father who can not disown his child because he has done something wrong as a parent we are supposed to set a good example by calling the child and explaining to him what he has done wrong so that he can follow the right path in future. But by saying that the child should meet his friends and tell them how to play without injuring themselves what have you solved? It’s like telling a blind man to lead another blind man, show them how to live in peace and you’ll get the kudos. I really fear for this country if this is the type of leadership we will continue to have for another five years. I voted for ECL but…

    • What are the terms of reference? You don’t just call for peace talks when clearly it is your people advancing anarchy! Let HH first address his supporters who are involved in these bad vices, then it will be seen that he is sincere with the move. Otherwise, all he is trying to do is just for his own selfish good and not for national unity.

    • Peace lover, uli kapuba. Christian values do not encourage arrogance and disrespect to those in leadership. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” does that ring a bell in your empty tin? Your lover Hichilema commands so much hate and disrespect for the man he is asking to meet.

  12. Stop being childish ba PF just meet HH if you have bolls and talk peace.You cowards like talking a lot.If don’t seize this opportunity they will be no any other since you want to fight we shall beat you hard until you accept that you are weak.Its cease- fire for now lets talk peace.Take or leave it.

    • It is not “just meeting”, such a meeting will yield nothing. Why does HH want to meet ECL now – a man he has scorned and refused to accept as President of Zambia since 2015? Like somebody has already asked, “What are the terms of reference?”

  13. PF, talking like they are in the opposition. Well, guess they are exercising how they will be behaving when they are completely out of government

  14. No why meet a person who only yesterday his running mate said let’s fight. First let HH put his house in order and then he makes peace with zambians by accepting the results and then we know that he means well.

  15. Chama and Edgar are being selfish and childish at the same time. We have always advocated for these sharks to meet and dialogue and show their (small fishes) blind followers that it is not about fighting but dialogue. It is not about going to church on sunday and raise hands very high so the cameras can see you. Chama advise your boss to man up and face his opponent for dialogue to stop the violence. You all have violent cadres anyway!

  16. If KK were Tonga we could have seen the elements of “animism” and cannibalism in a tribalism party in 1991 after the big man’s loss to Chiluba!

  17. Dialog with wolves? @The Observer you are joking! Leave Under 5 alone! He is not a factor in Zambian politics. He will lose again five years from now! Please don’t give him a chance for publicity nor an ear while he has not shown leadership to his defeated tribal party by telling them to stop hooliganism. In fact, next time he will be trounced badly! Watch this space. This is the end of this tribal party.


    • @Chisenga
      Well said. The president elect should trade carefully. There is too much hate in this HH guy. I don’t trust him just on that account too!

  19. @11 Prince, you Tongas from your contributions amaze me! Like your tribal chief you demonstrate a low IQ! No wonder you will never win an election because you organize stuff and reason on Tonga lines.

    Just thinking. Don’t consort with evil (the red devil). How do you meet with the President-elect after so much hate and ego eccentric attitude you have exhibited over time. Let HH positively engage with his supporters verbally. If he is a true leader(shepherd), his goons(sheep) will here him. Can the police watch the movements of GBV-M. I don’t trust that hooligan- he may be responsible for all these unrest in the land.
    I hope the concourt hurries in its adjudication of the petition so we can get back to normal.

  21. Well done Mr President…it’s about time you start using your big stick…they should start showing respect for the office of the President….
    I thought HH said they have enough evidence to overturn your election victory…manje bayamba kunyengelela sensing defeat and their silly petition being thrown in the dustbin….
    Edgar stand your ground and show them you indeed the President elect…..no time for silly meetings with the devils that are preaching hate….

    I had great respect for HH but not anymore

    Edgar Lungu 5 more years

    I thank you

  22. My criticism goes to HH handlers….bumbling all the way.

    They know that ECL is egocentric and will use any opportunity to pass the buck and humiliate his nemesis. Yet UPND foolishly allow HH to ask for the impossible. A meeting with Edgar.

    Firstly, there is a petition in court. Next, there is ECL embattled and occupying Presidency illegally.

    Ba UPND are you serious of meeting with Edgar?

  23. We don’t want our President elect anywhere near the devil HH….yes the devil HH
    Light and Darkness can not be in the same place

    Good job Mr President

    2021 Vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  24. Vote stealing has brought a lot of problems. The bible says thou shall not steal, there are consequences when you break Gods commandments. You reap what you sow.

    • Compare and contrast when the two men went to cast their ballots in their respective polling stations! While the PF presidential candidate charmed his supporters and almost everyone chanted his name the UPND presidential candidate caused commotion and wanted to manhandle and innocent polling official. It tells the whole story.

  25. If the people that are PF and supported PF were diplomatic, we could all rally behind them because we could all see that they stand for something.
    All I see is character assassination, playing victim, eating tax payers money, and pretending to be God fearing.
    I wonder, what does PF stand for, a better Zambia for each and everyone of us, or a tyrant government that destroys everyone and everything in its path?

  26. Who’s causing havoc in the South and West? Is it not the UPND? The UPND Strategy has lamentably failed. HH and GBM were hoping to see the violence which was deliberately started in their stronghold spread to other parts of the country. This was engineered in such away that the mayhem would quickly spread the rest of the country. The UPND would then have used the country wide violence to justify their claims that people were protesting against the PF for stealing the victory. I am glad that this violence is localized and limited to UPND stronghold.

  27. It’s by the fruits of their trees that we shall know them….now everyone knows who HH is…..devil worshiper…hater…naysayer….prophet of doom and gloom

    And for you Mr President please no more Mr nice guy….and shake that humbleness out…15 million Zambians depend on your decisions that you make on every day basis…it’s about time you start showing authority…..
    Remember you can only eat rice with the devil on the same plate using a very long spoon…..

    So Mr HH bring in your evidence to concourt tomorrow and start preparing to pay back GBM his $1.6 million dollars plus 60% interest…we know the deal

    Edgar Lungu 5 more years

    I thank you

    • @Bobochani
      Kumulu kwalepa napo panshi pakosa…bola naikosa…this is definitely the beginning of the end for UPND….kubutukila kuli Lesa because the devil has let them down big time

      Edgar Lungu 5 more years

      I thank you

  28. This a yet another sad day in the land of work and joy……. difficulty to side but we can see how things are turning up….God help both men……if they both behave like that how on earth will bloggers treat each other worse ordinary Zambian

  29. This has never happened in our Country why now? When the wicked are in power things go wrong. When Levy was in power the Country moved forward.

  30. Seems HH and GBM are trying to feed two birds with one grain; continue with the petition and hold talks with Lungu. Either withdraw the petition and discuss with Lungu or let the courts decide. HH and Lungu must denounce violence without issuing threats. UPND supporters just like PF are being beaten in different parts of the country. Both HH and Lungu have the power to stop this violence, they should stop this childlike behavior. Southern Province is for all Zambians just like Eastern Province.

  31. This is so funny! Lungu went to church but he is refusing to seat do and reconcile to ensure their is peace in the nation. That’s really hypocrisy. Bible on one hand and the “gun” on the other hand.

  32. HH you are contradicting yourself. You take someone to court before the ruling, you want dialogue. Think about the following things; black Friday, your party ? regalia ( red), Armageddon, all these speak volumes. Colours mean alot and Armageddon is God’s war hence you were equating yourself to God and that’s blasphemy!

  33. Just looking at the pictures of people displaced by HH’s cadres right in his village, leaves you in no doubt who is the violent man. It is so embarrassing for HH to.be exposed in that manner that to save face he wants to divert our attention from Namwala xenophobia by burning markets in Lusaka. HH fans violence and then asks to meet President Lungu “in order to stop the violence:”. Madness or satanism or both?
    But let me warn HH that the people of Zambia gave authority to their President to protect them from evil. HH should not complain or run away to Europe when the law visits him. Its just a matter of time.

  34. What excites me about Zambians is that even.those who voted for HH are so disgusted with him that they are in thevfotefrpnt of ca?ing for him to.be locked so that the country moves forward. HH you now have one choice, to.forget the elections and move with.us, or spend the rest of your life serving jail term for treason. Choice is yours. Your dipporters may riot when you are locked up but that will.be only for a few days before they forget and move on with their lives..

  35. HH must know.that the only reason he is not where he should be by now (behind bars) is because of the petition, but he must not push his luck too far .because we Zambians can only take so much. We have a President in.place and we can.instruct him to act.

  36. KaLungu is a coward!
    A Christian and humble servant of the people of Zambia could have gone to the meeting and shame the devil in HH.
    Now the devil will continue to be worshipped by those who can’t go to a round table.
    uopa chain iwe humble mambala?

  37. The President and ruling party don’t know what’s going on, and they don’t know what to do except the same campaign talk from 6 months ago. It’s truly terrifying. A recipe for disaster

  38. My sister voted for HH but she wants HH to be locked up and charged with treason

    Edgar Lungu 5 more years

    I thank you

  39. HH and madumbo fat Albert, are the most annoying Zambians.
    Time to show them that they are in actual fact nothing, and all those who support them are id1ots too.
    Time to use the big stick Mr. Lungu. Time to get rid of some of these imbeciles.
    We have had enough of these self centred buffoons.

  40. These mother fuc.kers – they think we are kids who can be fooled by this created scene to cover Edgar’s fear of the Con Court!! We are coming for your sick oesophagus/throat Edgar and finish you off! Idi.ot!

  41. HH and his UPND are in a political mess by petitioning the integrity of the Electoral Commission of Zambia. If Judges have been bought by rich men or the Cartel to discredit ECZ in the eyes of the world, however it is the very integrity of Zambian Courts that is at stake.

  42. This is dispeakable pretence at its max. This is a political comedy. This depicts a situation as if UPND is the only party that has ever committed any political violence in the land of Zambia and they deserve to die. We have seen semilar situations, even worse , to the extent that UPND members are beaten, stripped naked or even killed, has anyone heard Lungu condemn this violence by his cadres? Instead he is organising prayers for peace!!! Shame on you hypocrite !! Being in leadership he should lead by example yet he has been heard motivating his cadres to perpetuate this same violence as well as encouraging the police to ‘sort out’ the oposition. violence and intimidation are best weapons known to him. Its not surprising that violence has scaled up to such alarming degree. Where in…

  43. Chiefs Must Go!

    For every hacking at the leaves, there is but one strike at the root! Tribalism in Zambia has reached a fever peach, and we cannot cure this scourge by merely yelling declarations such as “One Zambia, One Nation”. We have to deal with the root cause, the source of tribalism, the institution of tribalism, which is the continuous existence of tribal leaders we call chiefs.
    I say Chiefs Must Go! Tomorrow may be too late, the book may close!
    From time immemorial, these tribal leaders continue to exist as a negative force to civilization, we can talk about selling of slaves, signing up for colonialism and protectorates, colluding with colonial masters through indabas to oppose freedom fighters and independence, the list is endless. They are at the centre of all things…

    • @musonda,

      You have a good point. No man can serve two masters!

      Who do we owe our allegiance to? Our Chief or our Nation? And when they are at opposite sides?

      Keeping them is a recipe for disaster.

  44. HH now wants to talk peace after disrespecting ECL? No ways. Thanks my smart Presido ECL for refusing. Let HH and his people down weapons first. And let the petition be concluded first. He went to court and he should wait for the ruling before any further discussions can be held.

  45. This is a plot on the part of PF to bring hatred against the Tongas, the people that were being targeted were not other tribes but PF members. But PF and ZNBC and Times of Zambia show a headline that its tribal.
    This is a ploy on PF to sway voters from voting for UPND in case of a rerun. This Man ECL is the first president in the history of Zambia to create sucj choas and you foolish Dunnua reverse followers who have no food on your table are just following blindly wake up

  46. UPND & HH are stu.pid. They refused to sign the peace deal recently for vey childish reason. They take the elections verdict to Con Court without the consent of the 1,860,877 majority voters. Now they want to meet the same man they refused to sign a peace deal with, the same man the call a thief of votes. Their thinking is shallow and questionable.

  47. Edgar Lungu at it again. The master minder of evil happenings in Zambia. He thinks he is smart and yet we can see through him. We have a dictator in state house watch his space. He became President of PF through force. Now he has stolen votes to become the President elect. He closed The Post and now MUVI TV so that he can propel his propaganda through the medias he can control. Have a closer look at his closer allies- Museveni and Mugabe. The two worst dictorors in Aftica. Zambia wake up this man does not mind blood shed to retain power.

  48. This country needs healing. There is so much hatred from both camps, hatred which can only take us backwards. Leaders on both camps need to show leadership and resolve this issue. Strategies to paint the opponent “black” at this fragile time will not help our country. #peaceforzambia

  49. HH is very immature in his dealings … I find it strange that Zambia has people who can support the violent acts of UPND, even when it is more that clear to them that it was planned for (Armageddon)! Why do you chose to think using your anus fi UPND mwembwamwe!!!




  51. Well done Edgar Lungu.The so called peace talks yield nothing at the end of the day. The two leaders can agree to end violence but the real perpetrators on the ground are those ruthless cadres. How I wish our President-elect could have shown the same “concern” when that young lady of Chawama was gunned down by police by visiting the funeral house.

  52. What kind of trash do we have at plot 1 kanshi? He refuses presidential debates twice, refuses interview with BBC, refuses this that………………and now refuses to meet opposition leader. How is kambwili?

    • Trash is what is in the heard your stupid god and leader HH who wants ukusensela lilya kawa! He should learn to tame his dogs and tongue!!! Just shut the fu$##ck up if you have nothing to write about. The idi00t messes up by failing to show leadership to his st**&&d puppets, and then f000ls like you without insoni want to support the trash! Mwembwamwe!!! You think you are in the majority bamakaka! Atase!!! What good comes out of being interviewed by media? … being misquoted???…and so what???

  53. May God bless Lungu and congratulations your execellence for your re-election as president of this country. Those insulting Lungu are purely offside. Bola naikosa kanshi kulapangafye ama offside. Let the tongas continue chasing the Bembas, they will not catch them. its like chasing the wind. Bembas cannot be fooled and used by HH and GBM. They are intelligent. GBM ABOMFYA ULUFUMO PAKUTONTONKANYA.


    • HH should have avoided the death of that young woman in Chawama had he shown leadership by taming those *****s who decided to start fighting running battles with the police! Problem is that UPND

  55. HH go to SP and WP and talk to your cadres who have displaced Zambians from other provinces. Can the government please move the affected people in Namwala to their home provinces. HH you have refused to attend prayers and peace talks, which church have you invited for the peace talks, SDA? You have now realized that the international community has seen your f00lishness. We know you, you just want to play to the gallery. Who do you think you are to be ordering people around? You went to concourt, wait for the verdict. HH this is your own mess don’t involve other people. Mr. President please do not relent and meet HH, he likes to move with hordes of cadres who will bring confusion so that in the confusion UPND will doctor your water or inject you.

  56. The facts still remain the same.HH came into politics through tribalism.He has taught most tongas that some pipo in Zambia don’t want a tonga to be president.The man is a danger to the society.Ngos and international communities have now realised that indeed this man is big danger to the peace of Zambia coz of his hatred against other tribes.Genocide can be experienced in Zambia if HH remain in politics.He came thru tribalism and now we are reaping the fruits of tribalism.Have u ever seen Zambians beating other tribes for voting for a particular candidate?nooo.Now it’s happening and UPND cadres are busy defending it.Bembas,Ngonis and other tribes are living in fear in southern province.Most pipo have come back.schools won’t open.school Children maybe mascaraed in southern province coz…

    • You are the one who f%#%xks your Mother. Ubutotoli is what is in the heard your stupid god and leader HH who wants ukusensela lilya kawa! He should learn to tame his dogs and tongue!!! Just shut the fu$##ck up if you have nothing to write about. The idi00t messes up by failing to show leadership to his st**&&d puppets, and then f000ls like you without insoni want to support the trash! Mwembwamwe!!! You think you are in the majority bamakaka! Atase!!! What good comes out of being interviewed by media? … being misquoted???…and so what???

  57. school Children maybe mascaraed in southern province coz they come from other tribes.The man loves power and wants to rule.God should help us otherwise we in danger.HH is doing everything possible and telling Tonga pipo that it’s time to rule Zambia.What a tribalist leader ever experienced in Zambia soil.Zambians love each other and don’t hate tongas but HH is trying to build the case from that and insight good tonga pipo.some are blinded but others have realised that the man is too bitter and dengerous to peace.The same HH wants to split Zambia into 2 so that he can rule in Northwestern,western and southern.please we need a good person to lead UPND otherwise HH always thinks about tribe.Nowonder he appointed GBM knowing very well that GBM is not a presidential material but wanted only…

    • HH will pay for his sins ….galu yakntu! Zambians has seen what this dog is made up of!!! Days are indeed numbered!!!

  58. The only sensible thing Dr Guy Scott has ever said is that UPND is a bantustan party and true to his words it just come exactly the way he said it. Now I know why he is called Doctor

    As for the violence, it is alienating UPND as it is viewed as a violent party which wants to have the Presidency at all costs. It is not all lost that Hakainde Hichilema will not be president of Zambia but it wont happen at his command but at God’s appointed time.

    I would urge all genuine members of the UPND in their own small way encourage co existence with people who carry divergent views and from NON bantustan tribes because if they want to rule one day, they will need to win the hearts of non UPND members by portraying Love and Unity.

    At the rate you are going, I can assure you that you can…

  59. I hate people who hind their evil motives by using God, stop doing that because God will purnish u with yr evil motives stop using God. In Zambia there is too much religion one leg is in the world and the other leg is in church. Please stop teasing God because u are putting a curse on yourself. The Bible says my people will perish because of luck of knowledge indeed a lot of Zambians are lucking knowledge on who is a christian and a born again christian?

  60. HH always eats tribe,dream tribe and speak tribe. we need a good person to lead UPND otherwise HH always thinks about tribe.Nowonder he appointed GBM knowing very well that GBM is not a presidential material but wanted only to intense bembas.He thought bembas will vote for UPND coz they have their own.GBM went northern and other pro bemba dominated areas that Lungu has not given u a vise president but i’m a bemba and UPND has done that.he campained on tribe just like HH did in southern province.These two chaps HH and GBM are tribalists.Thank to the bemba speaking pipo who denounced tribalism.We expect the same thing to happen to good tonga speaking pipo.GBM and HH are not solution to Zambia.We still have intelligent pipo in southern province and northen province.

  61. Just some years ago when we experienced the same violence,Mr Sata(RIP) used to address his members and teach them the danger of practicing it and they obliged why can’t HH follow suit. Our relatives are not only refugees in southern province but they have also lost their property.In case you don’t know Tumbukas,Nyikas,Lambias,Namwangas,Mambwes, Ngonis,Chewas are in majority as their recent vote showed. For UPND to win it needs them as well. Remember not all those tribes you’re victimizing supports ELC.

  62. Violence needs to be condemned all the time. how many UPND members have been killed or assaulted before elections? Why were UPND members and sympathizers fearing to wear UPND Tshirts in Lusaka before elections and after?

  63. Lungu is not a president as per constitution he signed.
    Remember what Gen.Miyanda said about this amendment of constitution.
    Lungu is in power illegally. Nowadays we dont have the security Army or Police to enfforce the law.
    Lungu,Lungu you will be arrested this is treason.

  64. UPND supporters with all sincerity, is it possible that your lawyers don’t know where state house is or where to find PF lawyers. On the other hand the two days they have met at the court why didn’t they give them the summons and the related documents? Zambians don’t be cheated. UPND have not evidence whatsoever. The evidence they relied on was what Mwaliteta was sent to steal but thank God he was caught. The other evidence was to have the court get the election materials from ECZ then UPND would have produced Watchdog PVT which ECZ would have failed to challenge because by then the election materials would have been in court custody. Thank God the court refused to get election materials from ECZ. Nomba kula ochafe ama market yaba kaele.

  65. When a wicked man rises to power there is chaos. Edgar Lungu will go down in the history of Zambia as a the worst and vision less leader. God save Zambia

  66. Mr. HH please stop with the VICTIM MENTALITY ACT and LEADER UP. Where were you when your minions in Western Province and Southern Province were busy destroying things and transferring their low self esteem on other(harassing others? WHEN YOU WHERE IN UNIVERSITY STUDYING ECONOMIC ,DINT THEY TEACH YOU THAT SELF PITY DOES NOT YIELD POSITIVE RESULTS…


    • You are as bloggers we need to develop a level headed platform for peace and not transfering physical anrchy to electronic one, no!

  68. If HH has gone to court to petition the elections then he should wait for the outcome of the Concourt. This kind of cowboy pressure is indicative of the plan that these guys (UPND) have always harboured, to go to state house at any cost. They (UPND) already rejected the outcome of the election long before the ballot papers were printed. Any one can read that. And now while the issue is in court you start talking peace and meeting the incumbent leader what for? in the background you are sending criminals to destroy people’s livelihood.
    The Concourt should speed up the disposal of this case so that criminals can be seen for what they are? If this is the Armagedon they have been promising they have not seen it and they are big jokers- They should try it elsewhere not in Zambia.

  69. This arson should stop regardless of who is causing it. Perceived PF attacks on people wearing UPND regalia or any other party regalia is regrettable & should stop. People wear these regalia not that they support such parties but because that is the only attire they have in their wardrobes. Many people who have no means of buying clothes help themselves with these irresponsibly distributed regalia by all parties. If these parties were responsible they could have been distributing none partisan ordinary clothes & selling their party regalia to their bonafide members. The recipients of none partisan clothes will still appreciate such parties & support them to their victory. ECZ should ban this regalia for ever because people are judging their popularity by amount of money spent or quality…

    • ECZ should ban this regalia for ever because people are judging their popularity by amount of money spent or quality of their regalia but not quality of their , leadership, brains and ideas.

  70. The same hooligans HH has created in various parts of the southern province will haunt him if he becomes president one day. He will fail to control them. These are lessons the world has taught us, ask the greatest nation on earth the US they will tell you.



    I said it a million times we were better off with another candidate, but because of your greed and foolishness some of you even believe the useless petition is going somewhere where only YOU AND HH KNOW! This is my very last time to associate with vagabonds with such mediocre calibre. You have betrayed the people of Zambia who had hope in UPND governing this country. The Con Court issue is an academic exercise, the game is all over like it or not “hard-hearted goons”. BB, Kalomo

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