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Presidential petition case adjourned to tomorrow 14:30, UPND Lawyers yet to serve summons

Headlines Presidential petition case adjourned to tomorrow 14:30, UPND Lawyers yet to...

Lawyers working on the presidential petition leaving the Supreme Court
Lawyers working on the presidential petition leaving the Supreme Court

The petition against the re-election of Edgar Lungu failed to take off and has since been adjourned to tomorrow 14:30.

And lawyers representing Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and his presidential running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba have not yet served the summons on lawyers representing Mr. Lungu since last week Friday when the petition was filed in.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s Chamber has made application for a joinder for Attorney General Likando Kalaluka.

There was no objection to join the Attorney General to the proceedings before Court.

There was heavy police presence at the Supreme court as many people from the civil society and international observers waited anxiously for commencement of the hearing.

However, to the disappointment of the anxious crowd, the lawyers walked out after about 45 minutes from the chambers.

PF lawyer Prof Patrick Mvunga told Journalists that he could not comment on anything because they still had not been served with any summons.

However, UPND Lawyer John Sangwa assured the judges that they will serve the summon to the respondents today.

Mr Lungu is being represented by among others Eric Silwamba and Company, Bonaventure Mutale, Professor Patrick Mvunga and Sakwiba Sikota Central chambers while Shamwana and Company have been retained by ECZ to represent them.

Prof Mvunga outside court
Prof Mvunga outside court

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    • It was a ploy of UPND to thwart the inauguration of President Elect. They for all practical purposes did not meet the 7 days deadline of filing the petition. An incomplete petition. Concourt shall throw this its first sitting.

    • So these UPND lawyers can go to court without serving summons, what ere they thinking?
      Are those not blunders they are already making?
      They seem to be very unprepared for the case.
      There is more deaspiration and panic than readiness.

    • You know what,
      Mushipe may have had very little business of late and longing to have a client.
      Now, here is one rich, desperate and willing client, who pushes her to make money would she be wise to refuse?
      And whatever Mushipe says becomes gospel truth to UPND .
      The problem is that the UPND have been using Mushipe’s emotional intensity as a measure of the strength of the case and their capacity to win it.

    • UPND were busy condenming ECZ for failing to announce results in time ; i hope they will condenm their lawyers for failing to serve ECL `s lawyers with summons in good time too. Can we have a press conference for the same by HH please !! Alikwisa dilaiva please ,bushe aleisa?

      What is the major problem, is it that bola naikosa?

    • The summons were left outside state house, who picked them? What is Edgar afraid of, just go to the gate and receive a summon or court has a right to arrest Inonge for contempt.
      Am loving this case…

    • If the summons were left by the gate there is a risk that wind might blow them away.
      In an event such happens, I don’t expect the president chasing the papers on the streets and roads as they being blown by the wind.
      Running around is not dignified for VIPs. Only UPND lawyers can do that as they rush to beat time for filing in a petition.

    • You are ignorant Mr Nostradamus on procedural law, if a respondent has legal representation the petitioner is supposed to serve the respondent’s lawyer. Do not comment on things you do not understand.

    • @Kizito So imwe you more knowlegable than all those 21 UPND lawyers? My friend I am expert is committing offences. SUMMONS comes to ME not my lawyers. I read them, if I want I represent myself like MIYANDA doees. If not I take my cases to state lawyers to represent me FREE of I go to NGOs to ask for FREE lawyers… probonal whatever you @Kizito call that. How can a powerfull man like Lungu hire expensive drunk lawyers like Mvunga or cheapest MMD lawwyer Sakwiba Sikota?
      We should have seen some unhead of LAWYERS…
      But Edgar thinks like abena Kizito.

    • Today, I have decided to put Zambia first and not any politician. Yes, I support UPND like everyone already knows. However, both PF and UPND have rotten elements. The blind supporters and Im not one of them. If PF messes up, I will say it so. Likewise, I will condemn UPND when they mess up. Im not happy with the violence that is going on in Zambia at the moment. Both PF and UPND are guilty on this.

      Lets hope the situation will stabilize. We are asking for HH and team to term their unruly cadres. PF must do the same and stop the violence. I truly believe that violence would cease if Mr Lungu would put his foot down. The opposition supporters will follow suit when they see that PF supporters are no longer using violence to resolve political tensions. I am not saying that people are not…

    • contd…
      I am not saying that people are not upset nor am I saying that there is no injustice. Im saying that we can dialogue as civilized people. We only have one Zambia.

    • You guys are not telling the truth. What were the PF lawyers doing at the court if they have not been summoned? The truth is the UPND have petitioned the court to ask President Lungu to step down before the case can proceed in conformity with the constitutional requirement.

    • Too many dumb people on this site. In this day and age, how can a person support a president who has no regard for the constitution. No wonder Zambia is such a messed up country.

    • CIA , MI6 and the Chinese government have information on who gave the instruction to burn Bauleni market. If PF thinks it can blindfold Zambians into believing that UPND is responsible for burning the market then they are kidding themselves.

      Our senior security people have got the videos showing PF cadres being given instruction to begin to cause chaos and then accuse UPND. Phone calls for all PF minions including Lungu’s are tapped. Statehouse and all places where PF convene to hold dark meeting we are there thanks to technology.

      Its surprising that PF cadres petrol bombed UPND offices in CB under the instruction of Kambwili. Has any PF cadre been arrested for that? NO and the world is watching.Every time PF has accused UPND of committing atrocities, it has backfired big time…

    • All the evidence will soon be in the public domain as soon as PF and Lungu start persecuting UPND members on trumped up charges.

      By the way only f00lish people can give meat to a crocodile and then jump into the water to swim with it. This applies to all those helping Lungu to stay on in power against the dictates of the constitution.

      Lungu is the crocodile and most people helping Lungu are the f00lish ones. All dictators like Museveni, Mugabe , Kagame have had their close allies killed or miamed to avoid challenging them. This is an open secret which f00lish men and women choose to ignore.

      The first casualty in all this Emmanuel Mwamba, followed by all ECZ officials. They will be purged one by one to reduce the likely hood of blackmailing Lungu.

      To think ECZ officials will…

    • Lungu is the crocodile and most people helping Lungu are the f00lish ones. All dictators like Museveni, Mugabe , Kagame have had their close allies killed or maimed to avoid challenging them. This is an open secret which f00lish men and women choose to ignore.

      The first casualty in all this Emmanuel Mwamba, followed by all ECZ officials. They will be purged one by one to reduce the likely hood of blackmailing Lungu.

      To think ECZ officials will have their jobs after this mess is total f00lishness.

      Remember what I say has always come to pass.

      VIVA UPND and the HH team.

      By wanzelu

  1. UPND filed a petition with mala fide. It was not ready, had no proofs and no grounds for the petition. It for all practical purposes falls beyond the statutory 7 days window and was used by UPND to stall the installation of President elect.

    Shame on UPND kaponyas.

    • Musekeli you are right. After going through all the figures published by the ECZ, I HH and my mate GBM finally concede defeat.
      Lungu uli mwaume

  2. To use the famous phrase from one Jay Jay. ” This is laughable”. They spent two weeks telling us how they have a water tight case and how they have overwhelming evidence and yet they can’t execute the basics?

    You mean the under 5 syndrome has hit the UPND lawyers as well? Why delay in servicing the Summons on your opponents’ lawyers. To quote RB ” Mubisa chani imwe ba mambala?”

    Serving a summon is a basic function and why these Under 5 lawyers are failing to do it in time is really surprising after assembling a team of 20 Law firms to get the presidency for the under 5. If am a UPND supporter, I wouldn’t bet my house on this case.

    • It will not be over untiil EDGAR start behaving like a man. If he is as holly as he claims, then let him STEP-DOWN, and handover power to Inonge or PF decide who to lead them. David Camerron did it! Even Pope Benedict resigned!!
      Zambia will honor and respect EDGAR for life if he simply just did that TODAY!

      Bringing in those abena RB lawyeers abena Sakwiba Sikota, etc ma rubbish, that case will go on and on to January, Then there will be a tribunal to probe the ConCourt Judges, and PF will bring back their Judge Chikopa… more and drama.
      Ba Ester talk to your husband, STEPDOWN Edgar, look now even the Kambwilis start getting heart attacks.

  3. It is now clear that HH is a victim of his handlers. HH does indeed have cruel handlers and is failing to extricate himself, we must try to answer the questions of who these handlers might be and why they do not have confidence to come out in the open and publicly proclaim their interests. Could these be chiefs from southern province or the mining conglomerates that gave HH campaign money on condition that he wins? UPND is a personality tribal cult and it seems no other minion even GBM can sustain it without a Tonga president.

  4. UPND notified the concourt of their petition and it is not their duty to summon PF lawyers. Concourt is the one who should have communicated to PF lawyers so the 7 days does not hold water. So the case has to proceed.

  5. This is the nonsense that comes with Grade 2 drop outs as running mates. They have been yapping loudly that they will prove their case but have failed to serve summons and will only serve summons today. Total failures and they are wasting everyone’s time including their own. I will not be surprised to have the case thrown out on first hearing. TOTAL RUBBISH AND BACKWARD THINKING.

    • Mwenda everything is accurate but the last detail was that he quit school at break time

    • HH has been proven incapable of facing tough decisions. Money or loyalty? He went for money, which was a very big mistake. Intellectuals within upnd lost confidence in him and he is reaping it. Petition is going nowhere. This is the time for him to hand over leadership to someone else. Viva Banda.

  6. Wasting time,accept defeat so that the country can move on.You are seeking attention and sympathy from others. You are rich like king Solomon.You are the best economist in the word with magnificent brain like Bismarck, therefore help your country even if you are not Zambian president.People will appreciate and love you

  7. i hav faild to figure out wat ths moron wants. we ar tired of ths gimics wat z wrong with hh gbm. leav lungus tim pliz let hm continue developing this country u hav no intrest all u want z to rule by all means

  8. Picture of UPND lawyers running to file the petition at the Supreme Court buildings on Friday afternoon comes to mind.

    Reminded me of old tv police drama series Serpico, the guy used to run…

  9. The court needed to warn these chaps that the course would be thrown out if they miss the deadline and as them to bear costs for wasting courts time! The claimed fraud and overwhelming evidence which means they must be have had everything ready to go! Yesterday they were advised to serve summons,they failed and even today. They are holding the country to ransom and should thus be penalized so that the country can move on!

    • Exactly! Dodging and diving to try and derail the case. Are they so DISHONORABLE that they cannot even accept the summons?

      ECL and Gogo Wina should be cited for contempt.

    • Ignorant fool. Stop yapping if you do not know anything, who told you that they are supposed to serve to ECL and Mama Wina directly when they have legal representation.

  10. Mushipe may have had very little business of late and longing to have a client.
    Now, here is one rich, desperate and willing client, who pushes her to make money would she be wise to refuse?
    And whatever Mushipe says becomes gospel truth to UPND .
    The problem is that the UPND have been using Mushipe’s emotional intensity as a measure of the strength of the case and their capacity to win it.

  11. This is incompetence at its highest level. How does this under 5 party explain to Zambians how they came up with all these fake claims? I hope by tomorrow, this petition will be thrown out. Accept defeat and we need to move on as a country.

    • Verse: 2 Chronicles 20:17
      ‘You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you…’
      – Some battles are battles that we were never meant to fight.
      – Some battles belong to the Lord and are better left with Him.
      – Our responsibility is to stand in faith and watch what He will do.
      – When HE fights the battle, the outcome is guaranteed.

      PRAYER: Lord, forgive me for trying to fight battles that actually only You can handle. I declare that I trust You, I will take up my position, I will stand and I will watch and see what You will do. Amen.

  12. Total Drama – This is a lost battle, don’t fight from the top UPND, go back to the basics such as ECZ and clean up the processes and procedures, look at the root cause. Those lawyers are cashing in, HH & GBM can not perceive that. On top of that you campaigned against the referendum but now you are exercising the same rights. Mulesuma uku muleputilila…

  13. Just let the case be dealt with. Most of you are in so much of a hurry to be dismissive because inherently you have no sense of democracy, the rule of law or the respect of processes. Yet we hear you making proclamations on top of the mountains on how you want Zambia to develop – or indeed claims that it is going in the right direction. With the mostly negative sentiments I read on this matter, I dread what is in store for the country because what I note is political retrogression that invariably affects the socioeconomic situation.

    • Negative comments???
      You know, ‘negative’ is relative.
      If you plan to go west, anything going east will be negative.
      On the other hand if you meet other people going east, please note that anything going in your direction is also negative to them.
      And don’t laugh at those going in the opposite direction to yours. They may not be wrong – you simply have different views. Actually be cognissant that you could instead be wrong, or neither of you.
      This idea that “my view must prevail because it is the only right view” is a misplaced idea. In fact it usually leads to disappointments.
      I wonder how people who say they are trying to push for democracy would hold that idea.
      Ati it has to be me, “if I win I will accept, if I lose I won’t accept”, oh!!!

    • What democracy is in your party UPND. No convention for HH for 11 years you must be a joker or grade 12 failure, give us break.

  14. A complainant will never summon a defendant, its a court where a complaint has taken a complaint. Guys, Guys how ignorant are we Zambians? Fools will remain fools in zambia. Zambia has been sold to the dogs. Ba MMD CHIEF BOOTLICKER you will keep on licking your boots in poverty if at all u have any boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bloggers take it easy. Lawyers are at one of their historical moments. Delay is gimmick to have el lawyers dancing to upnd tunes. Just read the constitution 2016 then you’ll understand why

    • They better play the right music.
      And HH and GBM should not encourage the tunes to long because they actually be be the audience of the said tunes.
      Remembers that layers charge based on many factors, time being a major factor.
      And so, having known the asset declarations during presidential momination filing in, they know there much still available sharing, so they will use Mushipe to show a lot of fake emotions in front HH to raise his hopes. Meanwhile they know that, ah – akuna!!! The matter ain’t going nowhere.

    • That’s your opinion Bwana, but don’t you think that they might as well not have any sufficient evidence to have this petition fly? You are saying what you are saying because you are UPND. Its written all over our faces to which faction we each belong. HH is so hungry for power and is not ready to bear the shame of losing this election, if anything I have even lost count of how many times the brother has lost. If you push too hard you might end up getting hurt. We are meant to believe that the lawyers that UPND has in place are well vested with Knowledge about the Zambian laws and all, are you telling me that they all started off going to the Supreme court putting on those nice suits knowing too well that they were ill prepared for todays program?

      What a shame.

    • They better play the right music.
      And HH and GBM should not encourage the tunes to long because they actually may be the audience of the said tunes.
      Remember that lawyers charge based on many factors, time being a major factor.
      And so, having known the asset declarations during presidential momination filing in, they know there much still available for sharing, so they will use Mushipe to show a lot of fake emotions in front of HH to raise his hopes. Meanwhile they know that, ah – akuna!!! The matter ain’t going nowhere.

  16. Chibs you right man…
    This chaps should be reported to LAZ for professional misconduct as Fr. Frank Bwalya stated.
    Let them just drop the case, we want to celebrate for the second time please, I can’t wait… PIPIEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee

  17. The country need to go forward, remember that God is seeing ur hearts. A warning God is slow to get angry but if he gets angry of troubling his people you u will regret. Please if there are no grounds late the President go ahead.




  20. These Douche bags will lose this case and all the same HH and GBM will pay the legal fees. This implies whoever hired them is also a Douche bag!

  21. @Mundetelele

    What a piece of sombre quote!

    Surely which court can rule otherwise when a party in power amassed 100 seats in parliament against 50!

  22. We have just had a glimpse of how HH intended to govern this country cry wolf and fail to serve a petition. I wonder what economics HH studied and to think he has an MBA?he is a slow coach in politics. A true business man knows time is money he knows that you count your costs and reduce your losses. That is not the same as buying cattle employ a herdsman as they multiple and then say am a successful business man. Its not the same as getting a consultancy from a corrupt fellow tribesman and then giving two privatization ‘options’ knowing they are flawed so you get fees. This is the real world the lawyers demanded a down payment GBM isn’t ready to part with anymore cash and mushipe cannot argue this case so you are stuffed. Do the right thing before you go bust

  23. K500,000 per hour for just meeting some old jerks at court….once in a moon_ ifintu ni lungu by hook or crook.

    • I am glad my livelihood depends on the millions that have to eat and be accommodated. I am free of need to be a political party sycophant i.e. I am financial independent.

      So this case of HH/GBM v ECL/Inonge is pure entertainment and the drama get interesting as the intrigue unfolds. Its not possible that learned State Counsel Sangwa does not know who and where to serve the summons.

      Now enter, one Likando Kalaluka SC…..oh my word. What is the AG doing in this mess after his press conference on the constitutional basis of transition. Sebana wikute…..? I hope not. Young man, jump ship and do not mess your career and reputation.

    • Yeah, the type that waits until the Constitution is signed to make a morsel of ‘observations’ on the content..!

  24. Incompetent opposition lawyers; deliberately no doubt for attention seeking purposes and for a chance to waylaying inauguration. This case is waste of time and HH is seeking a ‘CON’court decision! Look at this way:-
    Presidential Election:
    LUNGU, Edgar C, PF:- 1,860,877
    HICHILEMA, Hakainde, UPND:- 1,760,347

    The total number of votes cast: 3,781,505
    Number of votes rejected: 85,795
    Number of valid votes: 3,695,710
    Total Votes Rejected 85,795
    So which votes is HH Claiming? Are they the Total Votes Rejected 85,795? Because even if they gave him those, he will not win! It’s not possible that president Lungu would be given HH’s votes! Impossible!


    • LAZ should bar these lawyers for HH. A lawyer must assess a case before taking it on. If it looks hopeless they are to reject it and not waste court time. In thus case the whole country is on standby. We have no president, as it were. How can thus not be a treasonable offence!

    • You guys the delay is caused by PF. They only appointed defence lawyers on Monday because they were busy preparing for inauguration. Why do you think PF lawyers are not complaining about adjournments?

  26. The way people are making comments, one would think they are lawyers. Why are you all assuming not serving ECL’s lawyers with summons is synonymous with the petition being invalid? You think your Chagwa wouldn’t be celebrating by now

    • It is invalid actually, because there must be a Respondent to the petition otherwise it’s a one sided court case challenging another who has not had been given the Right to respond! Until the other party has responded, the ConCourt can’t consider this case as valid.

    • I think you missed, share were you?
      Chagwa already celebrated the victory.
      Why should he celebrate now as if he is winning now?
      ECL is just allowing them to share their money with the lawyers as they have requested through the courts
      Once they are done, innoguration will take place and he will tell them ‘sela tubombeko’.

  27. ADVICE TO the lawyers representing ECL:
    SOME OF the lawyers on the petitioners bench have a history of
    tempering and messing around with evidence. I have in mind the case of one
    murder accused matthew mohan whom they tried to help flee the country
    but he was re-arrested and sent back to jail. There is also the Zambezi
    Portland cement issue where these lawyers fraudulently altered ownership
    of the company into another company’s name owned by an indian.
    Zambezi Portland was only restored to the Ventriglla family who were
    the rightful owners when PF came into power.
    Please watch these lawyers, they can temper with election materials if
    left in the custody of the court.
    If they an shamelessly rig votes in dundumwezi, a rural community to
    have a higher vote of +37,000 whilest a…

  28. 14 000 balots for HH in a bin in Kanyama, a person voting 6 times, 29 000 votes in Lundazi instead of the 24,000 that were cast is indeed a watertight case which red lipped mwiimbu bragged about but what buffles is that all this crap of evidence is not included in the pettition and the menopausal witch Mushipe is quiet. Under five party indeed.

  29. People make comments without knowledge. Some of the Lungu lawyers were only assembled last nite so papers could not have been served coz these lawyers were not known to UPND Legal Team. Lungu does not want to handover power to the Speaker of Parliament and is using delaying tactics to avoid the actual Petetion hearing. He is trying to drag matters until the 14 days expire and some how avoid a Concourt judgment. Clearly these elections cannot be said to have been free,fair,credible and transparent. Lungu is looking for technicalities to avoid getting to vote counting,tabulation and announcing the Election Winner. ECZ would have to explain processes and procedures followed. A vote recount will show malpractices and irregularities on the part of ECZ. Wait and see. This will embrass Lungu and…

    • There you go again with your lies. Bonaventure, Eric, Mvunga were in court yesterday so what do you mean that pf only appointed the lawyers late in the night.
      Ubufi mulenashako.

  30. There are failures by the PF Government in the last 5 years. It’s disingenuous to pretend otherwise. But if Zambia is in a crisis it is totally man-made. If people who have lost an elections i.e. HH and GBM can concede defeat magnanimously, a lot of the violence and fear happening in Namwala would not be happening. All evidence shows that HH held hostage by his handlers is keen to put Zambia on fire so that an elected government is replaced with a constitutional illegitimacy. HH wants Dr Matibini to take over because he Dr Matibini is a tribal friendly entity. Which elected government welcomes the intrusion of unelected third parties?

  31. In short or layman language,… HH has no evidence…by the way this not Lungu’s case/…it is HH vs ECZ

    Lungu was not the one counting vote neither did he declare himself a winner. ECZ declared Lungu President Elect…

  32. Oh God! What next headline are we going to read tomorrow? Life must go on. We need a government in place. Atase, just four people wasting our time!!!!

  33. You bloggers, what Prof Muvunga told you is not the real reason for the postponement. The real reason is, UPND Lawyers have asked Constitutional Court to Order Lungu to step aside before they can commence trial.

    The law is very clear, that is why PF is panicking now strategising to institute the state of emergency.

    Watch the space, the conc.court will send orders and Lungu will vacate office before they begin.

  34. Hoooooooooooooooooooooo Elyo lwanya, guys do know why they have not served the summons? it is because they are not paid once HH and his friend pays a down payment they will hand over the summons. who would like to work for nothing? since there is no strong case.

  35. Drink lots of water, eat fresh veggies and get regular excercise. Don’t want any bloggers succumbing to high blood pressure irrespective of your position in this matter. Legalese is a language lawyers understand well. Sometimes it looks like fun and games. It could be if not so serious a matter. My guess is a summons will be served and the game will play on with many twists and turns. Hold tight to your seats. Not for the feint hearted…

  36. Don’t be deceived that Lungu won’t fight this battle. Lungu is fighting the God of helpless whose blood he has shed through his Kaizer, cadres and PF cadre police. God himself will fight those who want The murderer president to continue butchering innocent Zambians. Bane God will deal with lawyers who want to protect evil and he will deal with Christians for Lungu who should have been giving a word of rebuke for the evils that his government has has done but because they love money they are afraid to ungu that God is not happy with him and his cadres and his cards police and his political advisor thief and his his other minister cadres thieves

  37. “Because of the large amount of the funds expended in the election process , and in the physical construction and remodeling of my house, and because the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations reneged on the arrangement for financing my campaigns without due and timely notice, it is the decision of the Grand Master that we seek to recover those financial damages in a court of law. “

  38. Many in the occult are of the persuasion that nonetheless 2016 will be the Year of Light, 5776 in Jewish reckoning, when their long awaited Prometheus Prince will be coming. They have placed their faith, hope and devotion to such a ‘messiah’. They believe that he will come down from the heavens to have humanity partake of his divine ‘light of illumination’ and wisdom. This would be what the Bible, to the contrary, tells of the AntiChrist that he will bring to the world in the Last Days a false light. He will be the cause of having all of humanity delve into the darkest period of its history – a ‘Doomsday’ judgment instead.

  39. Thiese are the sadiest and most interesting elections I have witnessed. Thank for PF for not going ahead with inaugration the interesting parts could have not been seen.

  40. This is not a civil matter. UPND put a petition to Concourt as per constitutional requirements. It was done in Public and PF was aware.UPND should not be in t th e business of delivering sermons. PF have no grounds to win. Numbers dont lie. The ‘cooked’ figures have been published already. They cannot unpublish them.

  41. These upnd lawyers are just buying time so that they put their house in order.
    When the were rushing to court they had not gathered their evidence. They were just relying on watch dog hence wasting of time.

  42. Mutembo wants to join the gravy train, so his colleahues on the HH side are waiting for him to join them and share the free loot from these rich fools. Remember that Mutembo is in a mess with DBZ, Zambian Airways etc and so he needs some money to start his life afresh….kikikikiki…

  43. Apparently, HH lawyers have put up a petition with a massive amount of evidence but no witnesses to back them up in court. Even Maureen has refused to be a witness
    ………kikikikikiki…..I am laughing once again.

  44. HH was given a “massive amount of evidence” by his “supporters” and he paid a fee for each piece, but when the lawyers checked each piece it turns out to be fake evidence. However the lawyers will still get their retainer fee and the hourly rate for prep, they are only ones witha a guaranteed payment. HH has a guaranteed loss now running into a few million do?lars

  45. Zambians are gullible nincompoops!!! You have a president who breaks the law, does not respect the constitution, hires thugs to rough up innocent people in their own homes, pretends to be humble God-chosen president for your country AND YET, You insult HH who is the only credible leader you can ever rely to turn around your country???? You are used to being boiled from the start!!! You have been poor for too long and used to being poor!!! Stay with your poverty!!! No one will help you until you grow a thinking brain!!! Die in your poverty you swines!!! Don’t ever bring your begging bowls to Western countries!!!! That Lungu has his children schooling abroad, he eats well and sleeps well!!! Where are your children schooling you dunder heads!!!! Where do you sleep?? No one is gonna help you…

  46. Zambia is a failed state with all the ba kaponyas who have no love for their brothers and sisters just because of these elections.They are determined to kill their own brothers and sisters just because they don’t come from the same tribe. Shame, this has not been the spirit of Zambians. We are being ruled by wicked leaders.

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